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    Supercharger - Erie, PA

    Oh, no! I was going to depend on the jerky outlet charge when I drive up to Vermont this summer.... I only see dealerships along the route in Plugshare.... darnit!
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    Unusual collision warning

    I don't think so - they were turning VERY far away - at least 2 lanes' distance....
  3. L

    Unusual collision warning

    I was driving to work today, slowing down to stop at a stoplight on a 4 lane road, no one in front of me, and the collision warning alerted suggesting that there was a car there. There were some cars executing a left turn crossing in front of me, but they were quite far away. The only thing I...
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    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    I've been getting that red line intermittently since I upgraded to 7.0 - doesn't seem to correlate to anything being on or off in the car.
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    Audi A3 e-tron

    I had seriously considered the A3 e-tron - I owned an A3 years ago and it was one of the best cars I've owned in my life - great size, fun ride, great storage space. But what got me about the e-tron is that the battery range was just out of what I'd do on a day when I just commute to work and...
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    Pulled the trigger on a new 70D!

    Congrats! I got my 70D almost 3 weeks ago - love it and you will too!
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    What Do You Do During the Wait? Anticipation ~

    I obsessively read the forums, refresh your myTesla page hourly, and watch every tesla related YouTube video... That's how I spent the time... :)
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    Pick up day but with some strangeness

    According to my DS a lot of the cars to his location randomly changed to Norway delivery today. Computer glitch.... Wonderful car, love it to pieces, but unfortunately on the 2 hour drive home a car in front of me tossed up a chunk of truck tire on the road and it hit the side of my car - long...
  9. L

    Pick up day but with some strangeness

    I know the car's there - have been in contact with my DS this week - no chance that it got sent elsewhere - I'm sure it's just an amusing computer glitch.
  10. L

    Pick up day but with some strangeness

    So today's T-Day for me - picking up my beautiful new 70D this afternoon - but something kind of strange happened - I just took a look at my MyTesla page, and my pickup location changed overnight from Ohio to the Kristiansand Service Center in Norway... I'll try and say hi to Bjorn while I'm...
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    70D, let me tell you how it feels to drive.

    So great to hear - I'm picking up my new 70D a week from Thursday and i had a tiny bit of buyers remorse for not getting an 85 or 90d- I realized that the times i need the tiny bit extra range will be few and far between and even though the 70d is the slowest of the Teslas, it still edges out my...
  12. L

    Issues trying to listen to an audio book on my MS (MP3)

    How do you listen to audible? Download it to your phone, audible app, or can you play audible books right from the webpage?
  13. L

    In Production back to Confirmed

    I got one of those emails too after my car started production - and it still finished production in 3 days. Must be a glitch in the emailing system. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Owner story: Why I Will Never Buy a Gas Car Again

    Great write up - stories like yours keep me warm through the long cold night of waiting for delivery!
  15. L

    Rear Seats the same 2012-2015?

    Thanks for the follow up - I will be getting my new 70D in a couple of weeks and was looking at seat cover options. Very helpful!!
  16. L

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Woo Hoo! Just changed to "in production" - was 19 days from confirmation to production. Much better than the 35 or more days my DS was telling me it was going to take. Estimated delivery September-late October.
  17. L

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    What at annoys me is that they're not being honest about the production estimates- if they want to build the high end cars first, fine, that's they're right as a company. But don't give the exact same delivery estimates off the bat and then change them. I'm turning in a car this week on the...
  18. L

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    well, what do you know? I just checked mytesla page and my 70D ordered 7/23, vin and confirmed on 7/30 also just got changed to the same range- when I first ordered it was early September, then got changed to just September.... I'm pretty annoyed that they haven't started building it after 2 1/2...
  19. L

    Long wait for RWD 70

    I have been waiting 2 weeks for my 70d to start production and my Ds suggested that it will might be as along as 10 days more- frustrating to see the 85s and 90s start building even though I ordered before them... I was really hoping to have my new ride before i have a long road trip on the...
  20. L

    98726 vin P90D in transit

    Wow that's great! I ordered my 70d a week after you also coming to the Midwest and I'm still waiting for it to get off the queue. When is the ETA? Comgrats!
  21. L

    Bluetooth transmitter

    Great, thanks! Hope it works out!
  22. L

    Bluetooth transmitter

    Has anyone found a bluetooth transmitter that works? I'll be getting my new 70D in September (yippee!!) and I would like to use my old-school iPod - I have a ton of music in the apple format so it wouldn't be easy to transfer it all to a USB thumb drive. Nor would I like to have to purchase a...
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    Center console dividers

    You can find them here: TeslaMore - Model S Accessories - Model S Accessories : Center Console Organizer
  24. L

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Order Date 7/23 Confirmed with VIN 99232, in production queue 7/30 Hopefully will go into production any day now (I'm assuming refreshing the mytesla page repeatedly gets it built faster, right? :tongue:) Delivery in Ohio, "September" (was "Late August" when I placed my order)
  25. L

    USB Media for Tesla - great deal

    I picked up one of these this morning for $29 - great deal if you get it!
  26. L

    Model S going to the dogs

    How about a roof rack for the luggage? I'll be getting my 70D in September and I have 3 18-20 lb dogs - most of the time I'm just taking 1-2 of them to classes and shows, but when I have all three it will be 2 in the back 2 crates (19"h x 16"w x22" deep) and another in a seat belt harness in...
  27. L

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I ordered my 70D the day after you did - mine is in the production queue too! My vin is 99232! Delivery was "Late August" when I ordered and is now September - here's hoping it will be earlier than predicted - I've got a road trip the week of Labor day and would love to have the new car for it!
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    Will Tesla honor this referral?

    Hope it does for you, too! :biggrin:
  29. L

    Will Tesla honor this referral?

    I was able to get one credited to my 7 day old order yesterday - emailed my DS and he just asked me to send him my friend's referral link. Can't hurt to ask, right?
  30. L

    Who & When will we get Model S VIN 100,000 !

    I just got my vin number for an order I placed on 7/23 - 99232 - getting close!!
  31. L

    Alliant Credit Union Financing Update

    I've been pre approved with the 1.99% apr deal for 72 months- trouble is that it's only good for 30 days and I'm likely to get the car a month from that. The Alliant guy tells me the 1.99 deal will expire at the end of the month and go up by half a point. Apparently I can hold this deal by...
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    My Tesla P85D INSANE acceleration reactions of friends and family

    Nicely done video! Thanks!
  33. L

    Geneva, Ohio charger

    Thank you for supporting Tesla drivers! I hope to be driving through with a brand new 70d in September and your chargers will make the trip that much easier. Ill be certain to stop in and support your business!!
  34. L

    Supercharger - Erie, PA

    I'm hoping to get my 70d before I take my yearly trip to Stowe Vt over Labor Day week. An Erie Supercharger would make things tons easier - otherwise I need to stop at the Jerky outlet in Geneva OH where there is a free destination charger to top off a few miles to make the additional 160 mi to...
  35. L

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    That's great you got it in a month. Placed my order for a 70d on Thursday and hoping I'll get it before I take a trip to Vermont the week of Labor Day. You've given me hope!!
  36. L

    Common Accessories/Aftermarket Changes

    Awesome! thanks!!
  37. L

    Common Accessories/Aftermarket Changes

    Ohhh - I like that smilepak! Where did you get that?

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