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  1. 7racer

    Loud "thump" while charging and other times

    my S did the thump FWIW
  2. 7racer

    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    stock spoiler installed about 2 weeks ago...waiting for badge
  3. 7racer

    12v wire tap for Radar Detector

    well damn, just tried it today an no work. Should have read the comments in the youtube video where they mentioned that was a low voltage wire. BLAH. Any links on how you hid the wiring. Going to do the spade plug thing.
  4. 7racer

    Radar detector for model 3

    for this running radar detectors, are we sure there isn't a loss in sensitivity due to the front windshield. I just read the manual the toll tags still need to be mounted to the right of the mirror mount....or is that not true anymore?
  5. 7racer

    12v wire tap for Radar Detector

    hmmm ok. thats just a really weird accessory to have a constant 12v to it. Seem to be a source of vampire drain....maybe. It's already too late as I ordered the mirror tap. I should know pretty quickly when I get the car tomorrow and the parts later this week
  6. 7racer

    12v wire tap for Radar Detector

    hey long time Tesla owner, (roadster, S, X...etc) looking to mirror tap this...why can't you just connect it to the mirror dimmer here and use a mirror tap? Should take all of 15 mins...or is this constant 12v which would be weird for a mirror. You can easily see that he gets access to the...
  7. 7racer

    Shocked by the new Roadster rolling out of the Tesla Semi!

    Put in a deposit! Will be. Ice to replace my original roadster that got totaled. Excited!!
  8. 7racer

    PVD black chrome DFW?

    oh yea...but a slightly different color. The guys at the service center says its their current fav.,
  9. 7racer

    Carbon Fiber Rims

    I was just about to put in an order for those for my GT-R.... but they don't seem to take advantage of what CF is good for that is strength and light weight. While Carbon Rev uses a "proprietary" method to make their wheels they don't use an autoclave so its not a light dry CF piece. They...
  10. 7racer

    Carbon Fiber Rims

    just got off a nice chat with the guys from ESE. Sounds like they will be shipping some wheels soon. Anyone have any updates?
  11. 7racer

    100KW battery upgrade now available $20k

    How do we go about getting in the list to upgrade?? My SC didn't know and suggested an email to sales.
  12. 7racer

    Ultra White Seats

    try a clay bar
  13. 7racer

    Vendor Model X Full Windshield Spectra Photosync

    you don't happen to do house calls....to Dallas Texas do you?!?!!?
  14. 7racer

    SEAT COLORS.... White issues?

    you know the white isn't leather right?
  15. 7racer

    Rear spoiler ?

    I have some of the problems as posted. Good to find this thread. But this has been happening for a while...not really sure which firmware it first started occurring. My spoiler does move to the correct positions when at speed and speed >45. However when parked, the spoiler doesn't retract all...
  16. 7racer

    What ball mount is everyone using for the Bosal tow hitch?

    ok I got it worked out. Ended up running to Lowe's with the receiver in hand trying them to see if they fit. I found the Reese 70628 to fit. It has the right rise for my trailer so worked great. You can see the first picture with the model number. Second picture with my hitch that I...
  17. 7racer

    What ball mount is everyone using for the Bosal tow hitch?

    I was curious for the people already towing with the tow package. From this thread we know that the X uses the "Bosal" European tow hitch system Tow Package vs. Accessory Hitch I purchased a Reese ball mount which has the right rise for my trailer...
  18. 7racer

    any idea what these rims are?

    no uptake...
  19. 7racer

    Best Bike Rack for Model X

  20. 7racer

    Best Bike Rack for Model X

    I have a Thule, but plan to sell if for a Kuat. Consistently gets rated one of the best racks out there. The only thing I don't like about these are that they are heavy and not the easiest to store. Would love to see Tesla finally release the one they demo'd to compare Products | Küat Racks
  21. 7racer

    Next gen Roadster

    I am!
  22. 7racer

    Model X parcel shelf

    damn...didn't get that with my Sig X.
  23. 7racer

    White leather Question

    yep...but didn't know if you went to do the final config if it said it was only available to sig owners since I think some sig people are still holding on orders..
  24. 7racer

    White leather Question

    White isn't exclusive to the sigs anymore is it??
  25. 7racer

    Where do you store your sunglasses?

    the new space on the inside of the door
  26. 7racer

    Ditch the extra key fob

    I get this too...can't quite figure it out.
  27. 7racer

    Falcon Wing Door Slowly Dropping

    I thought they would be cool initially but now that I have had them, they are awesome and 100% functional. The extra room it gives you is worth the complexities of the door. Not only that it works great. like with anything new, there are growing pains, but it seems to get worked out better...
  28. 7racer

    Front Passenger Door Not Operating

    Try opening it with the button on the screen an d closing it with the same.
  29. 7racer

    Front Passenger Door Not Operating

    I have this same problem and schedule to bring the car in. When I mentioned to them, they said they are going to order a back up latch incase that's it. My auto open is sporadic. Sometimes it works great...sometimes not (for passenger) Also when it auto closes it doesn't always show locked...
  30. 7racer

    Perpendicular and Parallel Parking in X

    weird, mine works flawlessly in my X as in my S.... if there is anything I can do to help verify let me know, but I drive like I usually do around parking spaces and the "P" shows up. Maybe the size of the car is bigger so it's more selective of the space?
  31. 7racer

    Popup on forums

    nope happened today, and doesn't happen to other sites I visit.
  32. 7racer

    Model X Launching Electric Boat

  33. 7racer

    Test Report: Towing the Bowlus Road Chief

    Great post and info!! It's great to see the X being used like this. First electric vehicle that can tow!!
  34. 7racer

    Popup on forums

    I just posted a complaint in the forum feedback thread. I think if the owners really want advertising traffic they need to do a better job filtering out crap like this. Otherwise it will start people ad blocking more defeating their intents with ads in the first place.
  35. 7racer

    Model X 22"wheels Exchanges about 10-15% range for enhanced handling.

    This. Changing tires is easy. Getting a forged wheel that is closer to weight of the cast 19' would probably make up most of the difference.
  36. 7racer

    Popup on forums

    I know this has been discussed about the ads and respect that. But it makes it hard to justify turning off my ad blocker or paypaling a donation when you surf the site in mobile safari only to have a full redirect to a webpage that says your a winner for a new iPhone!! Total spam!
  37. 7racer

    Tow hitch options for X?

    just a couple things about getting a tow hitch for the X...in the manual it basically states you need to get one at the same height as the hitch or a rise of .75" also, anyone who has attached their hitch, mine a bit "fiddly" There is a locking ball that when you turn the release knob it...
  38. 7racer

    Preference: manually shut front doors or depress handle?

    I do the same, but I find it curious that the car doesn't recognize to autoclose the passenger function since it has the ability to do so.
  39. 7racer

    Blind Holster for phone

    damn, I didn't get any of these.
  40. 7racer

    Black vs. Obsidian Black Metallic

    i have the obsidian black...it looks more metallic in sunlight...but thats about it.
  41. 7racer

    2016 Model S Refresh Mega-thread

    hmmm rumor mill a humming Upgraded Tesla Model S rumored to arrive next week
  42. 7racer

    Auto Presenting Driver Door

    mine is pretty close to flawless. That is it opens when I approach. It also seems to know if I approach from the front of the car and it will open the door partly, then when I go around the partly open door to the other side, it seems to sense it and open it fully. HOWEVER, I do get those...
  43. 7racer

    Firmware 7.1

    just updated last night to 2.15.80 not sure if it's an issue with the firmware or anything else but notice that in auto headlight mode, the headlights are staying on even in super sunny Texas days. The lights always seemed to cycle appropriately on and off prior to the last update. I did...
  44. 7racer

    Firmware 7.1

    yes as far as I can tell.
  45. 7racer

    One Lap of America in a Model S

    Hey Brian, just saw your co-driver is from Plano! Thats just up the street from me in Dallas! Is he a Tesla mechanic? Curious about the background.
  46. 7racer

    One Lap of America in a Model S

    looking at the course map, this is VERY doable for the S!!
  47. 7racer

    One Lap of America in a Model S

    One Lap of America
  48. 7racer

    One Lap of America in a Model S

    kort, with all due respect...that's not what OLOA is. Its a mix of track days and transit days all accumulating to the fastest time. It's REALLY hard on the car and the drivers. First there are only two, one usually drives, the other mechanic. Both help out. You are only allowed street...
  49. 7racer

    Radar detector options?

    I figured he meant X since it's in the X forum. Why the coating isn't found in the X who knows...

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