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    Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    Just picked up my girlfriends brand new model three last week, looks great alongside my model Y performance. Little bit disappointing however to open the frunk and see this…. We have an appointment to address it at the service center in a couple of weeks but one would think that would’ve been...
  2. S

    Frunk latch

    Thanks all!
  3. S

    Resize visualization?

    Is there some secret to getting this to happen? I can’t figure out how to resize visualization area of the display… Thanks in advance for your replies to this
  4. S

    Frunk latch

    Why does the frunk lid not have a secondary latch? Every car I’ve ever owned has that safety latch that has to be released after the main latch. I always thought this was a law. Do any of you know why Tesla doesn’t have to have that?
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    Caution charging @ delivery

    After your commiserating comments here, I dropped by the Service Center again today and spoke to my actual rep (with whom I was communicating through order and delivery). He apologized and said how I was treated was unacceptable. Thanked me for reporting it to him, said he'd relay it up the...
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    Caution charging @ delivery

    I picked up my brand new model Y performance last Friday. Love the car of course, but I would like to offer the following cautionary tale: When I arrived at the Tesla delivery center, my car was sitting out front all brand new, shiny and welcoming, with my name on a piece of paper on the dash...
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    TeraFactory Austin Texas Preliminary Build Schedule --- Substantial completion ****

    Apparently construction on the Austin Giga/Tera/WhateverFactory has gone to 24 hour three-shift construction. I think they are a little bit behind schedule, and I wonder if Elon is doing his best to beat the Rivian to market?
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    Public release is 2020.40.8, FSD is 2020.40.8.11. Are we all training the system?

    Thanks so much for the replies- very helpful to my understanding. So, logic would point to the car being able to do better on more familiar routes, or at least routes that are more heavily trafficked by teslas. It would be great if my individual car would learn from me, ultimately mimicking my...
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    Things We’d love to see FSD try-

    There are so many! •Busy four way stop intersection with everybody arriving simultaneously •Being in a pack of cars waiting at the light when emergency vehicle approaches from behind and everybody has to scoot over to let him pass I could go on....
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    Why is FSD not transferable to your next Tesla?

    I think this is why Tesla’s going to push for a subscription model going forward
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    Public release is 2020.40.8, FSD is 2020.40.8.11. Are we all training the system?

    Something basic I’m not understanding… In the beginning my understanding of autopilot was that if a Tesla in autopilot encountered a situation it couldn’t handle properly (for example the car keeps trying to take a particular exit on the freeway because of line following, or that guy that got...
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    Teaching FSD

    Thanks for the replies!
  13. S

    Teaching FSD

    I’m new to the forum here so pardon me if this has been suggested before but wouldn’t it be cool if I, as a Tesla driver could teach my own particular car how to drive? I know the cars teach each other, kind of, but what if our car could learn directly from us? There are places on my regular...
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    Blog Tesla Unveils Tabless Battery Cell That Boosts Range by 16%

    Yes… What’s not clear to me is cooling for the new battery pack design… I didn’t see any mention of that. I did hear them say heat is way less an issue, has it allowed them to actually not have to have liquid cooling for the batteries?
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    What started you investing in Tesla (@Jackl1956 thread)

    I’ve always been interested in cars and kept up with technological developments. I was aware of Tesla when the roadster came out, then in maybe 2013 I was on vacation in Manhattan and, looking for something to do, suggested to my then wife that we stroll over to the nearby Tesla dealer to test...
  16. S

    Blog Model X to Carry Astronauts to Launchpad for ‘Demo-2’ Mission

    I wonder if they said “Cool... we get to ride in a Tesla!”?
  17. S

    How efficient is regen?

    PS Hello, Denton! I went to NTSU in the late 70s.
  18. S

    How efficient is regen?

    That's what I was wondering- there are likely losses in the electronics for the plug-in charging- which is more efficient?, also with a 4WD EV, would it work to just spin 2?
  19. S

    How efficient is regen?

    I'm asking because I was wondering why a recharging station couldn't simply spin the rear tires (like a dynamometer) to use the car's built-in system to top off the battery. Could be a universal charging station for any EV with regen.
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    Carriers of MXs spotted over Pacheco Pass ?

    Last Monday three trucks loaded with Teslas passed me heading Eastbound (I was Westbound) over the Pacheco Pass (CA152). Not 100% sure, but they looked like Xs. Could be the ones spotted in NJ? Can't wait for one to arrive at the Seaside SC!

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