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    Guy wires generator to charge while driving.

    I can't imagine this is fake. This guy has built up a reputation as a very innovative, creative and skilled engineer. One of his previous projects was to add jet engines to his Tesla. Check out his Youtube channel. I think he, too, was disappointed with how little electrical power the engine...
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    Mileage on MSLR

    The lifetime (~6 months, ~6000 miles) average consumption on my 2022 MSLR is 299 Wh/mile. Assuming a 96 kWh battery, this means I get 321 miles of range with a full battery. My commute is about 20 miles each way, mostly highway, but often in traffic.
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    Performance of Refreshed MSLR vs. others

    Regarding range numbers: I don't feel misled by Tesla. I don't see why their EPA numbers aren't accurate. It's just that the EPA test itself doesn't translate to real world driving as most people do it nowadays. At freeway speeds of 65-70mph I get fairly close to the EPA numbers. I'm sure that...
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    Performance of Refreshed MSLR vs. others

    Tesla quotes 3.1 seconds 0-60 with rollout for the M3P, but without rollout for the MSLR. This roughly translates to 2.9 seconds 0-60 with rollout for the MSLR.
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    Performance of Refreshed MSLR vs. others

    I agree with @cmarshack. I also own a Palladium Long Range, and when I bought it I was between it and the Model 3 Performance (I owned a Model 3 Long Range with the acceleration boost before). I wanted the Tesla that is quickest off the line and that I can afford, because it is so much fun. I...
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    Performance of Refreshed MSLR vs. others

    It's been the same with the Model 3 Long Range vs. Peformance. See here and click "Learn more about range and performance" on the right.
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    Model S 2022 - charging door does not open if pressed - normal?

    After several weeks at the service center (mostly because they were waiting for parts) they eventually fixed the problem. Almost. The charge port door now opens with the charger handle every time, regardless of the car's sleep status. But it still won't open when you press on the charge port...
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    2022 model s matrix headlight patter

    I have the same uneven light pattern on my Long Range from March '22. SC told me there will be a software update at some point, but no ETA. Besides the vertical dark spot, the horizontal dark stripe that's visible in your picture just at the bottom end of the vertical dark spot annoys me quite a...
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    Anyone install the Hansshow yoke wheel in a new Model S?

    Great! That's exactly the configuration I am looking at. I've been hoping Tesla would offer a wheel alternative once they start shipping in Europe, but there haven't even been rumors about it.
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    Anyone install the Hansshow yoke wheel in a new Model S?

    Did you get normal or Nappa leather?
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    Is There A Traditional Owner's Manual For The Model S?

    The PDF version for the refresh Model S is here: https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/models/en_us/Owners_Manual.pdf
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    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    I have a MS LR as well, mine's from 3/22 with the stock 21" wheels and Michelin PS4 tires. I can't imagine I'm having traction problems given that the same wheels and tires do 2.2 seconds to 60 on a Plaid, and I've never heard the tires chirping (as opposed to the BMW i4-M50). I've never gotten...
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    M3P VS BMW I4 M50

    Just a small detail: I'm from Stuttgart and can tell you that while Porsche and Mercedes are headquartered in Stuttgart, BMWs are from Munich.
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    Model S 2022 - charging door does not open if pressed - normal?

    The service center thinks that replacing the charge port ECU will fix it. I have an appointment in two weeks and hope that this will get resolved then.
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    Model S 2022 - charging door does not open if pressed - normal?

    It never worked by pushing on it or with the charger handle. I've been opening it with the key fob. It also works from the screen in the car as well as the app.
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    Model S 2022 - charging door does not open if pressed - normal?

    I have the same problem with my refresh refresh S with the new lights and charge port. The door won't open when I press on it (regardless of where), and it also won't open when I push the button on the charger handle, regardless of old or new mobile charger, even superchargers won't open it. The...
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    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    @mscott: Yours is another MSLR that's around 3.4s 0-60. Tesla promises 3.1 seconds. I have yet to see a Dragy result that gets even near that. My best was 3.41s 0-60, measured with the Vbox Sport. Has anyone seen 3.1 seconds yet, without gutting the car?
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    Can I sell my brand new tesla to someone the day I take delivery?

    It's noteworthy that when selling stock to buy the car there's a potential capital gains tax for the gains of the stock sale. Plus, there is an additional capital gains tax if the car is sold for more than it was purchased for.
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    Gap in light pattern of the matrix headlight

    I have the same problem with my MSLR from March '22. Besides the vertical notches, there is also a dark horizontal stripe right below them, which doesn't look that bad in the image, but on the road it bothers me even more than the notches. I hope that a software update can fix both of these...
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    An honest review of the yoke

    I've managed to get used to it enough that it hasn't caused any accidents yet, but I think it's stupid. I hate the on screen drive selector and using the scroll wheel to enable/disable autopilot even more. If Tesla ever offers a wheel/stalks aftermarket option I'll put my order in immediately.
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    Model S Refresh - Push Center to Honk on Yoke?

    Yes but if you do that you don't get an angry horn sound but a weird stutter instead. I have no idea what the point of that is.
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    2 simple things that should be standard

    A simple picture taken the moment the car's headlights flash, sent to the app would go a long way.
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    SR+ owners. did you upgrade rear heated seat features over the air?

    My kids are in boosters too but they love their "setback heaters" as they call them.
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    Autopilot dangerously reducing speed on highways

    It would be less dangerous if the slowdown was more gradual rather than abrupt enough to create the risk of getting rear ended.
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    Removing Adapter + J1772 From Charge Port

    I use the key fob to unlock the charge port. It's a long press on the trunk open button.
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    If it's true that due to binning us AWD non-P owners won't ever be able to get a full performance unlock due to binned motors, how about these options: 1) Get the performance software installed for a fee, but at the loss of the motor warranty. This is exactly what happens when you install an...
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    Model 3 Motors on the Tesla Parts Catalog

    Mine's a Model 3 LR AWD (non-P) Build date 4/19 Location: San Diego, California VIN: 364xxx Drive Unit: 1120980-00-F
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    SR+ 0-60 and ¼ mile times

    I would love to see other people's Dragy or Vbox measurements. Are there any SR+ out there that actually do 0-60 in 5.3 seconds (without rollout)?
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    SR+ 0-60 and ¼ mile times

    You're making a good point regarding the SOC. It around 80% when I did the test runs.
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    SR+ 0-60 and ¼ mile times

    I did a few 0-60 runs in the Model 3 SR+ with my Vbox. Software version 2019.8.5. HVAC off, windows closed, temperature around 65, dry and level road, new 18" OEM Michelin tires, nobody else in the car. These times are without a rollout. With a 1-ft rollout they would be 0.3 seconds faster...

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