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  1. Keeper

    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    I’ve had my M3P for just over 3 years with 23k miles on the clock and my rims are as in as perfect a condition as they were when I picked the car up - it can be done 😊 And I love my MP3 too!
  2. Keeper

    Front windscreen defogging

    As an adjunct to this post - my windscreen is constantly filthy inside (not misty), as if the filter (if there is one) isn't working. Does anyone else have this experience and is there a cure?
  3. Keeper

    Wiki Your first UK Tesla MOT? Checklist before the visit.

    Had my first MOT on my M3P 2 weeks ago at Kwikfit. It Passed with no problems - still on the original tyres. The guys there were knowledgeable. I waited while it was done. £45. Taxed the same day. £0 Marvellous :)
  4. Keeper

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    My subwoofer has appeared on the sound mixer for (I think) the first time, since this update. It was set to off when I discovered it. I’ve put it to max and man, this is a whole new dimension to listening to music. Am I the last one to discover it, I’ve only had the car for two and a half years! :)
  5. Keeper

    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    Really like the update. Sentry Mode Live Camera is awesome. Tidal seems far superior in sound quality compared with Spotify (I'll decide in a month if I will switch). Blind spot camera is great too. I don't mind the new UI. It's like everything - you get used to it.
  6. Keeper

    Alloys (disappointed)

    38k - that’s excellent!
  7. Keeper

    [UK] 2021.32.x

    The Immersive Sound Auto has definitely improved my Spotify experience :)
  8. Keeper

    M3P 2021 ride quality on UK roads?

    Surprisingly because at the time it was believed that the 20” wheels and tyres were noisy and uncomfortable - mine are not. My car was built in the USA and was an early shipment. No complaints - just love everything about the car and it’s philosophy.
  9. Keeper

    M3P 2021 ride quality on UK roads?

    My M3P is surprisingly quiet - at all speeds, and the ride quality is still excellent. It is getting on a bit now but still no rattles or squeaks either. All in all - very pleased.
  10. Keeper

    Window trim issues!

    no such problems with the “chrome” trim - ahhh, the good old days! 😎
  11. Keeper

    Parking Assist Not Working [not Autopark]

    I have an issue with my sensors too. The rear passenger side corner sensor didn't warn me that I was too close to a parked vehicle while reversing in a tight parking area. Consequently I've now got a few scratches on my bumper. Got someone to test them when I was sat in the car and no warnings...
  12. Keeper

    Starlink UK

    I cancelled. No Port Forwarding at the moment so no viewing cameras on the iPhone. I’ll sit it out for the while.
  13. Keeper

    Octopus Go random Billing

    If you’ve got the time and patience try adding up the Octopus daily half hourly consumption total for a day and see if it equals the total daily consumption that Octopus state. Mine have varied with a +20% difference on one day. All the days that I have checked the total are greater than the...
  14. Keeper

    Battery Drain Overnight.

    My car never sleeps. It shows P for parked but no zzz (on TeslaFi). Do I have to sing a lullaby at night time to it or what’s the secret. I’ve got sentry mode turned off at home too!
  15. Keeper

    What are people's thoughts on the Mustang Mach e?

    Like the Ford but I'm increasingly being drawn to the Jaguar I-Pace. I like the external styling a lot and the interior is definitely winning me over having sampled minimalist. Leather and binnacles (+HUD) appeal now. I read that sales are on the increase too. :cool:
  16. Keeper

    48.26 UI Changes - thumbs up or down?

    Ask the car to “Show tyre pressures” - works every time for me.
  17. Keeper

    48.26 UI Changes - thumbs up or down?

    Can’t see the point of looking at a lovely picture of the car that I’m sat in while I’m driving it. It’s gotta have been configured by a young right handed IT person with 20/20 vision who is sat in front of a screen in the comfort of his nice stationary office. It’s not great in my opinion.
  18. Keeper

    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    Software Update installation 2020.48.26 now occurring
  19. Keeper

    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    Got a software update pending but for the first time the Wi-Fi won't connect - Happy Christmas
  20. Keeper

    One week of ownership, opinion. M3LR

    Probably been said before but for Spotify track selection using voice command I get a 100% success rate by requesting “play” artists’ name followed by track name. Doing it it in reverse often goes nowhere.
  21. Keeper


    I spotted a white 2021 M3P pulled over in a lay-by by a plain clothed black Police BMW 5 with the full flashing lights on the A31 at Farnham, Surrey this morning. They had probably hacked it down the long sweeping Hogs Back dual carriageway - a notorious place for police activity. Bet it was...
  22. Keeper

    Tesla All Weather Protection Kit [mudflaps/ppf] - Anyone in the UK Been Contacted?

    ordered: Mud Flap and Splash Guard Kit QTY: 1 £0.00 Well done Tesla - it's the little things that count! :)
  23. Keeper

    It’s a Tesla.... & I’m misting up

    Check for discolouration of the roof liner after you wash the car from water ingress. I experienced almost continuous misting of my windows after I took delivery of my car. Eventually I noticed damp patches on the roof liner and occasionally water beads running down the the inside of the rear...
  24. Keeper

    Anyone want to swap roofs? Interesting service appointment

    This roof certainly looked good when the Model 3 was launched but that was all of the roof. It does look a bit odd being only 1 panel. You could always ask them to match the rear glass to that panel replaced. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get the rainbow roof. As with other things the...
  25. Keeper

    [UK] 2020.44.x

  26. Keeper

    Poll for most annoying aspect of your model 3

    *Other: When its raining and opening the boot - the water that rolls off of the boot lid onto the rear window and then cascades down into the open boot (aka "the trunk"). Californian car design at its best! :rolleyes: [hopefully now fixed in the latest revamp]
  27. Keeper

    model 3 performance Wh/m rate

    8600 miles 299Wh/m
  28. Keeper

    Key card not needed by Tesla SC

    Service mode is stop owners playing around with the car when in the workshop. It was explained to me as a safety precaution because they had found people were honking the horn, playing with windows and doing other things remotely whilst work was being undertaken. At the wrong time this could...
  29. Keeper

    Window Damaged the Chrome :o(

    Think of what will be seen if a scratch like this occurs on a dechromed trim piece? That’s possibly going to look awful depending on what’s underneath.
  30. Keeper

    Insurance renewal

    Had a 15000 mile a year usage with LV last year but did actually slightly more than half that so i reduced my miles to 10000 and this took my premium to well below £300 so I added a minimum breakdown cover for the year which includes puncture and flat battery and still the premium is still sub...
  31. Keeper

    What do you miss about your previous car?

    It only Bongs 4 times as you pass through the speed limit. Its a reminder that you are now above the limit. I like it coz its annoying and that's what's needed.
  32. Keeper

    What do you miss about your previous car?

    Put the speed limit Bong on. That will either slow you down or drive you crazy. I've now got it switched on coz PC Plod didn't like my speed in a 30 zone recently.
  33. Keeper

    Charge Port Cover

    I took a 3D printed plastic CCS cover and recontoured the top edge with a hot electric soldering iron, This means i can have it in place while I have the type 2 connector inserted in the charge port. I have the cover tethered to the type 2 lead on a small bungy so that it is always ready when...
  34. Keeper

    [UK] Premium Connectivity Progress - pre mid July 2019 orders

    Me too. Its working. Free Unlimited. Well done Tesla!
  35. Keeper

    Model 3 colour choice - I’m indecisive!

    Tesla launched the Model 3 with a brilliant silver colour which looked stunning. I can’t understand why this colour is not now an option. I hope they introduce it so that I can order my silver Model Y with the dechrome and uberturbines. :)
  36. Keeper

    FSD / AP Rewrite - turning the corner?

    Not sure I’ve got the b***s to fully use my FSD, no matter how good it is. It’s the other road users without it that I worry about. The roads around here are probably too congested for it to become a stress free experience if that’s what it’s supposed to achieve.
  37. Keeper

    [UK] Premium Connectivity Progress - pre mid July 2019 orders

    I'm going to raise a service request on this one also. My advise would be that if you raise a service request make sure that you take a pic of the Tesla service request page showing time and date of request and the same again with any Tesla Service response. If what happens normally, Tesla...
  38. Keeper

    [UK] Premium Connectivity Progress - pre mid July 2019 orders

    Is there strength in numbers? Should we be forming a sub-group or something? I too notified Tesla of my disappointment of them reneging on their contract and said that I was considering my options. But being just one - I am sure they just laugh!
  39. Keeper

    Auto Wipers are awful

    Thank you so much for the excellent picture but unfortunately the car was having none of it at the time - fortunately it sorted itself out. I haven't used the car since so assume its cured but I should add that I have owned the car for over a year now and experienced all kinds of window wiper...
  40. Keeper

    Auto Wipers are awful

    Yesterday, the first 20 minutes of my journey consisted of my wipers doing intermittent wipes. No rain or anything. Tried every combination of activating, deactivating, shouting but they would not turn off. I gave up trying, ready to reboot when I stopped but eventually they stopped. But it was...
  41. Keeper

    Auto Wipers are awful

    I wish there was a position “0” so that you could actually turn them off! That would be helpful I think.
  42. Keeper

    Ride Quality M3LR

    Can't comment on the M3LR but the ride quality in my car is superb! I was anticipating a much harsher ride with the 20" wheels but in fact these, presumably together with the lowered suspension, makes it one of the most comfortable cars that I have owned.
  43. Keeper

    [UK] Premium Connectivity Progress - pre mid July 2019 orders

    I lost my Premium Connectivity this morning - 2 days after the notification of disconnection and in breach of my Purchase Contract with Tesla. o_O. What to do next?
  44. Keeper

    Mystery Car

    I bet it's not taxed and insured!
  45. Keeper

    Steering wheel screen

    Just out of interest and as we are on the subject of speakers, I seem to remember reading that when the Model 3 first immerged that there was talk of an aperture or something in the rear parcel shelf to let the bass from the sub woofer through for cars fitted with Premium Sound System. Was that...
  46. Keeper

    First weekend drive shenanigans + a restrained rant

    There is only one reversing light.
  47. Keeper

    [UK] 2020.36.x

    D ditto
  48. Keeper

    Free premium Connectivity ending

    I got my email today informing me my Premium Connectivity ends in 2 weeks time. I previously received an email to say that it was being sorted out for those that had it included in their price I.e. not complimentary. I will let it expire and wait in anticipation for their proposal.
  49. Keeper

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    either that or it's the chain gang and breaking a few rocks by hand for road surfacing!
  50. Keeper

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    I got caught speeding. :eek: There were about 10 cops and 3 or 4 police vehicles. They wont make much profit from my ticket! I did give myself up peacefully as you do, didn't want to embarrass their vehicles! ;). Meanwhile whilst I got my ticket from what looked like a 12 year old female...

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