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  1. pan

    Is it possible to leave FSD beta and return?

    @newberry94005 If you ask me the question, let me add more information. I paid for full FSD with the purchase of the car. I'm only interested in leaving and returning to the Beta program. I've been impressed with the improved ability of FSD. However, with updates of roughly once a month, a...
  2. pan

    Is it possible to leave FSD beta and return?

    I’ve been on FSD beta for over six months. Although I’m happy with the beta, the pace of new updates is slow. Lately, new non-beta software updates include new features I’d like to try. If I canceled the FSD beta, could I rejoin the beta program easily?
  3. pan

    Plaid jumps and undeersteers when sharp turning at 3MPH

    In late July 202q I took delivery of my Model S LR. It had the same bump/thump issue in the heat of summer
  4. pan

    Oh! So close Model S

    RESOLVED The solution was simple, and at the same time, it took some serious thinking and a complete understanding of the handle system by Daniel of Tesla service. I'm very impressed with Tesla's Service. They were quick to respond and find a quick solution with a brand new handle design. The...
  5. pan

    Oh! So close Model S

    It started after an adjustment to the door handle. The first time it happened was in my garage the second and third time also in my garage in front of the tech. The tech did something he thought to fix it. The next time occurred while the car was in drive but stopped at a red light. After that...
  6. pan

    Oh! So close Model S

    I did get my car. It's in my avatar. Unfortunately, it's now in service for a very odd fault. The left rear door opens spontaneously.
  7. pan

    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    Try downloading the PDF from your account at Tesla
  8. pan

    Model S Delivery Hold Week of July 19 2021

    2021.12.25.5 was downloaded. That upgrade also provided the auto direction selection. That works very well. (I only have 200 miles). It does require more extensive camera calibration.
  9. pan

    Model S Delivery Hold Week of July 19 2021

    My car was released from hold and delivered on 7/27. No credible explanation was available. The car is fantastic with the exception of the yoke and it's overly sensitive buttons to accidental pushes. I've inadvertently turned on blinkers, windshield wipers and horn several times. The yoke...
  10. pan

    Model S Delivery Hold Week of July 19 2021

    July 6 was my committed delivery date. I had State Farm add the new car effective that date. Next week I go into an awkward period where the new car has not been delivered because of the containment hold and the thirty-day insurance grace period will come to an end the following week. I now have...
  11. pan

    Model S Delivery Hold Week of July 19 2021

    I just got a third delay to delivery most recently from this Friday, 7/23 to 7/28. The newest date is tentative. The hard-to-believe reason for the delay according to the delivery person is the store doesn't have a list of items to check prior to customer delivery from the factory. The store...
  12. pan

    Model S Delivery Hold Week of July 19 2021

    My car arrived at the Tesla store on the morning of July 16. Two hours before delivery I got a call there will be no delivery because of the hold. Oh no! So close. Although I've got a new place holder delivery date of this Friday, I've got doubts it will occur. If you look at the avatar the new...
  13. pan

    Screen Protector for Model S (Plaid + LR) Refresh 2021.5

    If you don't mind cleaning fingerprints off once in a while you may not need to protect the screen. I'm about to receive my third Model S( 2015, 2018, and next week 2021) and have not had any scratching of the screen. I've even carried 2x4 in the car. They never touched the screen.
  14. pan

    Oh! So close Model S

    Back in March, I decided I wanted to replace my 2018 Model S 100D. A great car. I wanted something new. I placed an order for a long-range Blue with 21" wheels for a new 2021 Model S. I guessed that delivery would take a while. I wasn't disappointed. The car was originally scheduled for August...
  15. pan

    which stopping mode is safest for rwd winter snowy day driving?

    I'm a skier and live in Colorado. I travel the mountains regularly in the winter. I seek out bad weather just because skiing in fresh snow is best. I never, ever switch away from standard acceleration and regen. Once you learn to have a gentle touch with the accelerator, feathering the pedal is...
  16. pan

    Tesla changed the center bore on their wheels?!

    The most likely case is the purchased wheels don’t meet the standards of Tesla wheel dimensions. Could that be the reason they were for sale?
  17. pan

    P85D to 100D

    I went from a 2015 P85D to a new, at the time 100D. The 100D is barely slower, except on launch. Don’t really miss the P100D.
  18. pan

    How to Charge past 90% for Long Trips

    When I'm on a road trip and will visit more than one supercharger I leave the charge limit on 100%. My reasoning is if I'm delayed in getting back to the supercharger in time I'll just keep charging. If I do reach over 90% the battery will only have that max charge for a short time. Usually, my...
  19. pan

    Tesla only?

    Like the others I've done long distance trips with no issues. I find superchargers more frequently then I have to go.
  20. pan

    72A charger availability

    I have a March 2018 build 100D. It has the 72A charger.
  21. pan

    Why hasn't anyone put the 22 inch Model X turbines on a Model S?

    I only wish the roads here were smooth enough to use 22" wheels. There is so little rubber any rough surface has the potential of causing bubble sidewalls or destroying the rims.
  22. pan

    Battery charging for Model S

    For three years with my first Tesla (P85D) I would come home plug it in. Anytime the car is in the garage its plugged in. We have gone on numerous trips of two to three weeks and always left the car plugged in charging at the normal rate of 90%. By the time I traded the car in for a 100D it had...
  23. pan

    12V battery issue fixed by software update

    The original version of the software was 2018.10.2 soon upgraded to 10.6. The solution came with version 2018.12 which the Denver center forced to my car within minutes of my contacting them.
  24. pan

    Wifi connectivity issues with NEW MCU

    I’m surprised you weren’t updated to 2018.12 before you left the delivery center. You should get a software update to at least this level soon.
  25. pan

    Wifi connectivity issues with NEW MCU

    According to Tesla support the power off button on the setting page is not like a reboot. They described it as putting the car to sleep.
  26. pan

    Wifi connectivity issues with NEW MCU

    If ou have the new MCU2 and the latest software 2018.12 you still cannot reboot th center console. According to Tesla that capability has not been implemented.
  27. pan

    12V battery issue fixed by software update

    As I left this late morning my one week old 100D (MCU2) showed the "12 V Battery Replacement Warning...". I called local Denver service center to start the repair process. They offered was to send a Ranger out and they would call to set up a convenient day and time. Within 20 minutes of my call...
  28. pan

    New MCU model issues, anyone?

    2018.10.6 is out and fixes most issues with WiFi, rebooting and Trunk/Frunk opening from phones
  29. pan

    Software Update 2018.10.6

    I also downloaded 2018.10.6. It adds Frunk/Trunk opening from phones. Most importantly it does fix the boot problem with MCU2 cars and allows the car to connect to WiFi. Just confirmed that with my car 100D 2018. One note of caution, when I tried to reboot the center screen both the instrument...
  30. pan

    Supercharger - Cheyenne, WY

    Sorry for the long delay in replying. I don't hang out here much. I tend to stay on the other forum. We did talk in Loveland mid afternoon
  31. pan

    Supercharger - Cheyenne, WY

    Eclipse day. 7:25am. Full up in stalls with three Model S waiting
  32. pan

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Tesla is truly astounding in how they manage customer issues. Last night with one phone call they did their best to solve the problem over the phone. It was escalated to higher levels of technical assistance without any urging on my part. Once they reached the point of the end of things they...
  33. pan

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    This is not a rant!! I believe this is a rare or unique problem. I am looking for advice to suggest to the service center of what has worked for others. If any on this forum have had a similar experience what did your service center tell you? What was the cause and how was it fixed? Today I had...
  34. pan

    Question regarding max amperage capability of the "old" HPWC.

    The only benefit of Dual chargers is one of charging speed. Two chargers give you a little less than 1mile/minute of additional range versus a single charger slightly less than 0.5 miles/minute of additional range.
  35. pan

    Where the Autopilot Doesn't Work (List)

    The other area auto pilot has difficulty is a somewhat new concrete road with white lane markings in late afternoon. There just may not be enough contrast for the car's camera.
  36. pan

    Incorrect outside temperature reading (way off!)

    Barry, I know the temp and the car are important...What is more important how was the skiing?
  37. pan

    Homelink very flaky

    After being in the house 23 years I decided to upgrade our garage door opener. We went with a Liftmaster 8500 and since then the car connects consistently and at longer range. Although I think the new door opener has an impact but more importantly they are both designed to work with the new...
  38. pan

    LTE upgrade issues?

    Keeping my fingers crossed -- no issues.
  39. pan

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    A new version, a new look a few new features. What more can you ask for? I'm happy just to keep driving a great car.
  40. pan

    How far away can the radar see?

    I've now used ACC (TACC) on three cars, 2010 BMW 650, 2012 BMW 650ix and Tesla P85D. The best and most consistent is the Tesla. I use it in rush hour stop and go, on highways or on roads I need to stay in a reasonable speed range to not get a ticket. The Tesla TACC has better acceleration from a...
  41. pan

    New 7 series bimmer v Model S

    If you have not used BMW's headlights you have not used the best adaptive headlight system. Amazing clarity and color representation.
  42. pan

    Tesla app won't connect

    I'm in Colorado and mine went down today. I'd originally thought it was related to my using visible Tesla app. Clearly there is a problem with the back end. I wish them luck in a speedy fix.
  43. pan

    Thinking of getting these these wheels. Thoughts?

    I think BMW makes some of the nicest looking wheels. Those are great! The Tesla center cap is quite a bit smaller than the BMWs. What will you do for a center cap?
  44. pan

    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    Two weeks after I received the car I cannot imagine you guys who don't have a console manage to keep stuff in that open tray. I had a pair of glasses in a case in the tray just below the 17" screen. I had my phone plugged into the charging connector in the console tray. Not even in Insane mode I...
  45. pan

    Mac Address of Model S

    I do want the MAC address from the car. I had looked in the settings and just didn't find it. Thanks
  46. pan

    Mac Address of Model S

    Is there a way to determine the mac address of my Model S on my network. What I have realized is that I have a number of unidentified or cryptic mac addresses on my network. Some of it is smart house stuff some is others I think I know. I think all should be there but it would be nice to know...
  47. pan

    HPWC Professional Installation - anyone get it?

    I had a HPWC professionally installed just outside of Boulder, CO. In addition I had a Nima 14-50 plug installed at the same time. Both the HPWC and the 14-50 plug where installed within 3' of the panel in my garage. Although the direct line is 3' for the HPWC it still took about 8' of cable to...
  48. pan

    Before and After

    After 12 years and Four models of BMWs 2003-745i, 2006-650i, 2010-650i and 2012- 650ix, the road has come to at least a temporary end for BMW. I had wanted to go with the i8 or possibly the i3. The limitation of these models to become an every day driver with performance was just not there. The...
  49. pan

    I Broke It

    Yesterday I picked my P85D (avatar). What a great car. I had the console installed prior to delivery and that fits and looks just right in the car. The charger for my iPhone 6 worked really well until I did a launch. I had the iPhone 6 (not the big iPhone) plugged in and wasn't thinking about it...

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