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  1. ImEric

    Coolest Features of the Model Y - Thoughts

    It will be summer soon and my favorite feature might become yours, too: climare keep (similar to dog mode, I guess). Particularly on hot aummer days, being comfortable either leaving my AC on while I run inside for groceries or a quick bite or turning it on five or ten minutes before I get in...
  2. ImEric

    Cybertruck Redesign?

    Barron's picked up the story today, including the part about it not being due out for a few years. The also quoted an analyst whi they said fiest tank TSLA and claimed that millennials use the term "nothingburger," so maybe we shouldn't pay too much attention to Barron's.
  3. ImEric

    What should be 80% SOC is only 68%

    I was told by tesla to run it down (past 10%), then back up (past 90%). I took it down to roughly 2% (about 5 miles remaining) and up to 100%. Since then, my reported range has been what I'd expect using similar calculations to yours. Sometimes off by a couple of miles, but nothing drastic...
  4. ImEric

    Does tinting the roof reduce the heat?

    I Tinted all windows in the car with 3M Crystalline, including the large rear window. But I did not tint the roof because the shop owner told me that it wouldn't help. Well, I can feel a noticeable difference between the roof and the tinted portion of the rear window -- the part that comes up...
  5. ImEric

    same motor LR vs SR

    I imagine that the performance model might include a large, rear induction motor. I have nothing to base this on, it's just a guess. But if you want to do Ludicrous mode, it seems like a higher power option might be the way to go, even if they even it out with a permanent magnet in front. IDK...
  6. ImEric

    Poll: Model 3 Phone Key Failure Rate

    I have a Galaxy S7 (android 7.0.0), and a couple of days ago, I turned on "Maximum Performance Mode." It increases the screen resolution and brightens the screen by up to 10%, as well as turning off the processor throttling, but I think it also keeps the Bluetooth Low Energy beacon (which, I...
  7. ImEric

    New HOV Stickers

    Has anyone had this done for the in Southern California? It seems simple enough, but also seems like something that I wouldn't want to mess up...
  8. ImEric

    Poll: Model 3 Phone Key Failure Rate

    For what it's worth, we have two Model 3s. She has an iPhone 7 (iOS 11.3) and I have a Galaxy S7 (Android 7.0), and I estimate that my phone key works about 65% of the time, while she has virtually no issues with using the phone as the key. Meanwhile, inside the car, I have had virtually no...
  9. ImEric

    Chill mode!

    Or "So much traffic I can't enjoy the car so I might as well extend the range of my battery" mode.
  10. ImEric

    3/22/2018 New M3 Invites

    Man, those first 23 months were a piece of cake. This last month has me scratching the walls!
  11. ImEric

    Under-appreciated aspect of Tesla vs other cars

    But what about things that weren't promised (or even considered) but were just good ideas? Creep is a great example of that. The early 2012/2013 Models didn't have it, but it was requested by customers and now it's on all of their post-roadster cars. Valet Mode is another great example...
  12. ImEric

    Buying reservation on Ebay, anybody has done that?

    Hit me up if you don't find what you're looking for.
  13. ImEric

    Will Tesla let me do this?

    Just so I'm clear on what you're saying. You put down the 1000.00 reservation on 2/19 or you configured and paid the other 2500.00 on 2/19? because if that's the latter is the case, I'm pretty certain that you won't be able to switch it at this point, as it has probably already been built. I...
  14. ImEric

    How long is the wait from Order to delivery?

    Just to be absolutely clear, you ordered and then three days later, you had your car? I'm in southern California too, but I haven't heard of anyone getting their cars in less than a week after placing their order. They must've had your exact configuration already on a truck when you ordered, lol.
  15. ImEric

    How long is the wait from Order to delivery?

    DId he even get his vin number yet? 7 weeks seems a bit long. I've been hearing that CA wait times have been like 2-5 weeks for delivery, and just wanted a larger sample size. I would call Tesla and ask about it. That's good to know! Mine is Deep Blue Metallic with Aero Wheels like your...
  16. ImEric

    How long is the wait from Order to delivery?

    If you have already gotten your Model 3, how long did you wait once you place your order? The online estimate says "3-6 Weeks," but of course we know that Tesla's timeframes can be... let's say "hopeful." And of course 3 weeks is already a big difference from 6 weeks. I'm curious how long...
  17. ImEric

    Need Car Insurance Tips

    Oh, and there's this now: InsureMyTesla
  18. ImEric

    Need Car Insurance Tips

    Geico Quoted me 1040 for 6 months, AAA quoted me 14,000.00 for 12 months, along with my CTS, which was already at 88/month. That sucks because I like AAA and wanted to stick with them, but there's no way I'm paying 25% of the car's cost every year to insure it. Just got a quote from Mercury...
  19. ImEric

    Why I am okay with losing the $7500 tax credit

    Nothing like a supportive spouse!
  20. ImEric

    What aftermarket accessories are you ordering?

    Probably one of these wireless phone chargers once I see that they work: Tesla Wireless Pad It's kind of easy, low-hanging fruit that they just missed with this initial iteration of the Premium package. Almost everyone has wireless charging on their phones now.
  21. ImEric

    How Secure is the Key Card?

    In particular, one thing has been bothering me about the key card entrance method. It's not the functionality or the actual security of the card itself. Rather, I'm wondering if there is a way to "Lock down" the card's functionality from being used on other phones. I understand that you use...
  22. ImEric

    "Tesla is a SCAM!!" - BMW Dealership

    Not all of her crowd are getting Model 3s, and you pretty much can just waltz on over and get a Model S or X. In fact, if you purchase inventory vehicles, you could be driving your car in about a week or so. As for my fiance, she should have her Model 3 by January. her co-workers are also on...
  23. ImEric

    "Tesla is a SCAM!!" - BMW Dealership

    My Fiance currently drives a 2014 BMW 328i on a 3 year lease. The Van Nuys BMW dealership, where we had it serviced once, has been calling her and mailing her stuff lately to try to get her into a new 2018 330i. She answered today and a woman started offering her all of these incentives to end...
  24. ImEric

    How many model 3 reservations will cancel out of 400,000?

    Based on most recent filings (Q3), the Model 3 reservations are estimated to be around 600k. You can look up the numbers, but essentially, they list money from deposits, and they list cars in transit/in production. You can extrapolate from the data that they have about $600M in non-S/X...
  25. ImEric

    Any info on the Mira Loma Substation project?

    Addressing Peak Energy Demand with the Tesla Powerpack Back in Mid-September, this project was announced. At the time, Tesla said that it would take 3 months to complete. For the last couple of weeks, I've been looking around, hoping to read something about its completion, but I haven't seen...
  26. ImEric

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Did anybody else get the email from Tesla saying that for "Model S & X Cars ordered after the new year," they'd get 400 kWh per year? I noticed that the language from the blog post didn't change - it still says "Teslas," not specifically "Model S/X." Does this mean that, perhaps, Model 3 won't...
  27. ImEric

    Buying P85 from dealer

    Prime Example: Check out this 2014 Tesla Model S on Autotrader The listing says 2014 Model S Signature. But weren't all of the signature editions gone in 2013?
  28. ImEric

    Bolt EV EPA range = 238 miles combined!

    We Drive the $30K Chevy Bolt, GM’s Tesla-Walloping Electric Car This guy says that he put 239 miles on it and still had 23 to go. Though, the route he took probably had negative elevation, which undoubtedly helped him out... Still, he said he was keeping up with traffic on the 101, and never...
  29. ImEric

    Current lease is up soon - what do do between now and Model3?

    I'd say look into a used Volt or Leaf. If the range of a Leaf will work for you (plus Enterprise or Avis for long trips), then it's a super-cheap option.
  30. ImEric

    Steve Wozniak looking to "Bolt" from his Model S

    This was my first thought, too: "GM pays his company to use CarPlay and Tesla doesn't. That's the User Interface that he's talking about!!!" I initially dismissed it.. then I thought about it for a minute. There are a lot of people out there with iPhones and, now, even more with Android...
  31. ImEric

    Wow, big price difference

    I don't know what options you chose on your car, but I just went to the design studio and configured an Insane Mode P90D for 112,000.00 before options. When I add the things I would want on the car (Including the luxury package, charger upgrade, pano roof, SAS, HiFi, and a host of other...
  32. ImEric

    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    Looks like this is where we're heading at least for the Model 3 (and possible future Models S/X customers who have not already been promised "Free for the life of the car" by Tesla) and I think it's a really good thing. Tesla Model 3 'Supercharger Credits' discovered on 'MyTesla' page
  33. ImEric

    How would you prefer to pay for Supercharging?

    They're already capable of this, and I thought the "End of range anxiety" update was supposed to integrate that into the OS Nav. Guess not.
  34. ImEric

    How would you prefer to pay for Supercharging?

    He said not a subscription. He specifically said that it IS prepaid. Subscriptions are more like Netflix, where you pay a set amount and use whatever you can during that time period. Once your time is up, you pay to continue using. This is more like buying tickets to the movies in bulk...
  35. ImEric

    Volkswagon - 300 mi in 15 min...

    Looks like you beat me to it. Anyway, my thoughts exactly. And not just the Model 3, but the Bolt, the next i3 and the next Leaf should all be long-range vehicles and should all be on the roads for at LEAST 5 years before this car.
  36. ImEric

    Volkswagon - 300 mi in 15 min...

    It says here (and this seems a lot more likely/less of a fairytale) that this unicorn vehicle that can travel 300 miles (Euro-Cycle I'm sure, so let's say 250 miles) and recharge in 15 minutes while costing about the same as a gasoline powered Golf is slated for a 2025 release. In other words...
  37. ImEric

    Bolt Delayed...

    http://jalopnik.com/chevy-bolt-ordering-delayed-by-three-months-report-1785668778 The Media Coverage of Tesla is both a blessing and a curse for the company. On the one hand, they don't have to spend money on mindless advertising (they spend money on marketing, but that's very different from...
  38. ImEric

    Media outlets really think that only certain markets want EVs...

    I actually chose Texas, Alabama and Michigan purposefully, and explicitly for the reasons that you alluded to. I believe that when Michigan and Texas, in particular, have thriving Tesla communities, all of the states (and ICE Manufacturers) will fall in line. I believe that there will be a...
  39. ImEric

    Media outlets really think that only certain markets want EVs...

    ...I can't wait for the Model 3 to come out so that the proliferation of EVs in Texas, Alabama and Michigan will prove them wrong. FROM THE ARTICLE LINKED TO BELOW: "The results point out that while some dealerships do go above and beyond to sell plug-in models, many are simply deciding it’s...
  40. ImEric

    Is the SCTY/TSLA merger a brilliant way to direct sale in MI/TX/UT, etc?

    Perhaps I was unclear. I'm not saying "TeslaMotors is going to benefit because it's just going to pop up in all of the existing Solar City stores." I'm saying that there are places (Michigan, Arkansas, Alabama, for instance) where Tesla Motors wants to open up stores, but they cannot. Other...
  41. ImEric

    Is the SCTY/TSLA merger a brilliant way to direct sale in MI/TX/UT, etc?

    You are correct. It should read "can't learn anything about *PURCHASING* the car." ... but the point still stands. This could be a fun workaround for Tesla. Though, I suppose they could just do that with powerwalls, too. They don't necessarily need a new product to do this.
  42. ImEric

    Is the SCTY/TSLA merger a brilliant way to direct sale in MI/TX/UT, etc?

    Something just hit me today. Musk is touting the savings of acquiring new Solar customers as one of the biggest benefits of this merger, but is it possible that both companies might benefit from this? Right now, in Texas, customers who come to a TeslaMotors Gallery can't learn anything about...
  43. ImEric

    The logic behind over the air upgrades?

    I saw that before I posted, but I can't help but to think that it has something to do with it...
  44. ImEric

    How would you prefer to pay for Supercharging?

    There's an option that combines pay up front with pay-per-use. The car has to communicate with the Supercharger every time you charge, either way. So if you pay a large sum up front, let's say $2000.00, and it applies kWh credits and/or time credits to your vehicle that are equivalent to what...
  45. ImEric

    How would you prefer to pay for Supercharging?

    "Pay per (insert whatever here); Assume cost is similar to 50mpg car ~$6/150 miles" Shouldn't we assume that the cost would be something closer to a 100 mpg ICE? This will be one of the most efficient cars ever produced and it's heavier, bigger, less aerodynamic stablemate is already at...
  46. ImEric

    The logic behind over the air upgrades?

    Here's one more issue that might be getting Tesla into the slightly-less-unafordable market-sector. If a car is delivered for a certain price, that's the price point of the car. Later adding on the 75 kWh option and autopilot (if you wanted those features anyway) will allow German citizens to...
  47. ImEric

    Best Way to Honor the Intent of the Tax Credit?

    The Model S outsells other cars in its class. Not just in the US, but even in Germany now. Why shouldn't the Model 3 be able to hold a similar appeal? And remember, $35k for a BMW 3 series is more expensive than $35k for a Model 3 when you factor in the cost of fuel. It might actually be...
  48. ImEric

    Best Way to Honor the Intent of the Tax Credit?

    You assume that the incentive is meant only to drive down prices. I think that the actual stated intent of the incentive is to spur adoption of zero-emission vehicles. It's been doing that. People who otherwise wouldn't have bought an EV bought an EV. People who bought Teslas probably spent...
  49. ImEric

    Why a 215 mi range?

    No, Musk and Straubel have stated that the ≡ will get at least 200+ real world miles. Here's a link to the first time he said it, during the End of Range anxiety Q& A Here's where I first read about it: Musk: Tesla Model III Must Have 200 Miles “In Real World” - Gas 2 *direct link to audio...
  50. ImEric

    Why a 215 mi range?

    1) Elon Musk said two things about the ≡: - The base model will be single motor RWD - The Cheapest base model will get at least 215 miles of range (200 real world) miles. 2) Thanks for the tip on cold weather. I knew it was less, but I didn't know it was 75%! It's always nice to...

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