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  1. Mensrea

    FS: 19" OEM Model S Sonic Carbon Wheels/Tires/TPMS

    Very interested, I can come pick them up tomorrow. You can text or call me at 602.550.9407
  2. Mensrea

    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Non-Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    Curious to the process and cost of enabling Ludicrous on my P90D, my car has a Ludicrous ready pack that was put in by tesla. How would that affect future updates?
  3. Mensrea

    WTB 90D/P90D or 100D/P100D in SoCal

    Asking $50k for my 2015 P90D, 67K miles link to my Autotrader listing Autotrader - page unavailable
  4. Mensrea

    Supercharger- New River AZ

    You are correct, it is in the shell parking lot on the north side that is located North East corner of I-17 & New River Rd.
  5. Mensrea

    Supercharger- New River AZ

    That car looks familiar... lol
  6. Mensrea

    Good deal on used P85D?

    I paid about $10,000 more last year, for pretty much the same car, so from my view its a good deal. I personally think that the Titanium color is the best, because the color is so dynamic, it can appear light brown to black in different lighting. Best of luck with the new car!
  7. Mensrea

    21" Black Arachnids and 19" Black Slipstreams

    Might be interested in the 19"s I take it you had them powder coated black. Is the finnish matte or semi-gloss?
  8. Mensrea

    Wiki Battery table

    I had the battery replaced back in Dec. 2018 under warranty (for fault in battery) on my 2015 P85D with a 90kWh pack type 1088790–00–A 096536 SNT18F0241021 1088790–00–A 07/15 Unknown delivery date P85D 120kW Replaced with no noticeable reduction in range Rated to 280 miles @33,430 miles...
  9. Mensrea

    OEM Center Console Black

    yeah yeah yeah rub it in...
  10. Mensrea

    Vendor New Window Tint Blocks 98% Infrared Heat by XPEL

    You (XPEL) installed it, however the car is no longer in TX anymore, could the car be retinted in PHX under warranty?
  11. Mensrea

    Painted my Headlights! DIY [Video] + lots of photos

    Thanks for the video, I didn't know you could buy the glue in a roll form that's awesome.
  12. Mensrea

    Looking for Installation for OEM Front Bumper Refresh Body Shop in LA Area

    There is a thread with a parts list on what you need, and more or less how to do it. It can be done without replacing the hood, but is not 100% the hood is not as easy as it appears.
  13. Mensrea

    Model S OEM Center Console, NJ

    I stand corrected, after quite a bit of digging https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2016/SB-10081582-5448.pdf
  14. Mensrea

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Did you mistake this thread for a game of Where's Waldo?
  15. Mensrea

    Model S OEM Center Console, NJ

    It will fit over your yacht flooring, however, it's not an OEM Tesla part, but a remake by Taptes. Center Console Insert for Tesla Model S June 2012-May 2016 Note the sliding door, an OEM Tesla part would be one piece but the Taptes is two pieces.
  16. Mensrea

    OEM Center Console Black

  17. Mensrea

    Tesla Model S or X Carbon Fiber Dash Trim set

    Bump for a great seller.
  18. Mensrea

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Does anyone know when was the MCU 2 introduced, e.g. build date?
  19. Mensrea

    Lowered my car this morning with adjustable links: Key steps that ensure precision

    How are your tires handling the lowered stance, correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no way to adjust for the increased negative camber associated with the lower stance?
  20. Mensrea

    P85 Dl: 399 Kw In Ludicrous+ At 55% Normal?

    417kW??? What?? Charge to at least 80% or 90% and redo testing with max battery/Ludicrous+ on Because my non-Ludicrous P90D puts out 412kW @ 80%, you should be well above that.
  21. Mensrea

    2nd gen Mobile charger with nema 14-50

    Efficient would have been starting out with $300.
  22. Mensrea

    2nd gen Mobile charger with nema 14-50

  23. Mensrea

    Power limits by Driving Mode

    It will only reduce the available throttle. You could get the same range in sport mode if you're disciplined enough.
  24. Mensrea

    2nd gen Mobile charger with nema 14-50

    Of course it's his prerogative to set his own price, but it's not very competitive.
  25. Mensrea

    2nd gen Mobile charger with nema 14-50

    First off his initial post was for $400, it seems a little high but I've digressed, do you think that a 11% discount is enough? here are some other listings that are listed for less, one you should be familiar with. Your listing for a Gen II Is listed for $285 FS:UMC GEN II Here is another...
  26. Mensrea

    Vendor New Window Tint Blocks 98% Infrared Heat by XPEL

    On a side note, do you warranty tint against bubbling?
  27. Mensrea

    2nd gen Mobile charger with nema 14-50

    Sorry I hurt your feelings...
  28. Mensrea

    Bubbles along edge of windshield

    I took my car in for the window to be replaced (after making me wait over a month to order the glass), they turned me away stating that they wouldn't replace it under their warranty guidelines. Any tricks? I mentioned it was a safety hazard, and that the glass is delaminating but to no avail.
  29. Mensrea

    Custom made carbon fiber splash guards

    I would also use some PPF wrap to protect it from rocks. (I'm surprised that SunTek didn't suggest it)
  30. Mensrea

    DIY wrap

    From personal experience if doing PPF wrap wear polarized glasses to inspect the film for oils after laying it down and before squeegeeing....
  31. Mensrea

    Tesla Model S or X Carbon Fiber Dash Trim set

    Center console lid/door SOLD Bump for a great seller!
  32. Mensrea

    2nd gen Mobile charger with nema 14-50

    It would be $310 straight from Tesla (Gen 2 connector $275 + Nema 14-50 adapter $35) just saying.
  33. Mensrea

    Tesla Model S or X Carbon Fiber Dash Trim set

    if you decide to part it out, how much for the center console piece (sliding door)?
  34. Mensrea

    2016 75D - CPO with a major heart-wrenching issue

    I saw your thread... get a lawyer. I hope it works out for you.
  35. Mensrea

    Power limits by Driving Mode

    My P90D will put out the same max kW when in Sport and Insane modes, it just ramps up the power at a slower rate. However, I think that chill mode is limited to a max output of 200kW though.
  36. Mensrea

    2016 75D - CPO with a major heart-wrenching issue

    Do you happen to know if you have a V1 battery? Because that is the amount of time that my non Ludicrous P90D will do 0-60. (Im running a V2 pack that puts out 415kW max)
  37. Mensrea

    2016 75D - CPO with a major heart-wrenching issue

    Option 3, after good will and possible litigation, you could severely mistreat the battery pack, with deep discharges, lots of time (90 at high SoC (state of charge) and as much supercharging as you can. I would guess in a year or two you would need a new battery pack and at that time demand...
  38. Mensrea

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    Superchargers bypass the on board charger as the Supercharger is already DC power. Therefore, the dual chargers do not affect the charge rate when Supercharging.
  39. Mensrea

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Here is some great information about the batteries in our cars as well as how SoC and temperature affect the life of the battery its a little long though... at almost 2 hours long. its really cool how he explains what is happening in the battery that causes the damage and why it happens...
  40. Mensrea

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    I'm at 364Wh/mi over the course of 27k miles in my P90D.
  41. Mensrea

    The $150- Rattle Frustration

    Yeah I recently took my 2015 P90D in for a rattle under the dash and they informed me about the $150 charge And i was pissed. However, I was able to get them to fix it after fighting with them. In my case it was caused by them replacing the passenger air bag (recall) and they must have broken...
  42. Mensrea

    Anyone else use plasti dip for protection on long road trips?

    Plasti dip come in clear by the way...
  43. Mensrea

    Taptes Center Console Delivered Today

    The carbon wrap looks good
  44. Mensrea

    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    I would be in for one of these once you start pumping them out (no rush, I don't have the other parts yet) does this part fit really tight, or is there room for a rubber seal?
  45. Mensrea

    Taptes Center Console Delivered Today

    Can anyone confirm that the Taptes CCI could be installed over the Yacht flooring? I know the Tesla one requires that the yacht flooring be removed before installation.

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