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  1. morrisdl


    My AP1/TACC is not slowing before curves in road anymore. It starts slowing at the apex of the curve in the road (too late). Very scary. Coincidently with S/W update: My battery pack warmer error went away, but now I have random TPMS fault errors. Maybe its just old car quirks.
  2. morrisdl

    Backing into charging spots

    Backing into ALL parking spots is proven safer (better visibility when pulling out). My company has required this as a safety standard for company cars. I try to avoid using the pull-in superchargers and save those for the occasional Tesla with a trailer or bike hitch. You know about the A/B...
  3. morrisdl

    BMS_w035 alert popped yesterday and this morning

    Despite much colder weather here, I havnt gotten anymore BMS errors since latest s/w update. Fingers crossed
  4. morrisdl

    What is reasonable super charging speed degradation

    I have a Oct 2014 P85 RWD w/AP1 and starting to notice the supercharging is taking longer. Everyone asks me about total range degradation but it slower charging speed is bigger PITA. Maybe just recent colder temp related and my occasional batter heater failing warnings, but I thought I would...
  5. morrisdl

    BMS_w035 alert popped yesterday and this morning

    I got this same message(s) yesterday too. Definitely coldest weather our 2014 P85 has seen in long time. Mine went away after 10min of driving and supercharged 45 min later no problem. Software (2021.44.6) glitch ??
  6. morrisdl

    EV Car/My Tesla - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    Amazon Cloud has been experience some outages today...might better to try again tomorrow.
  7. morrisdl

    Tesla Gateway 2

    still have this for sales?
  8. morrisdl

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    Sorry, dont know windshield cost. Service replaced it for free due to an accident during 12v battery replacement. VERY IMPRESSED with almost ever Tesla service visit -- as opposed to stealership service visits almost never impress.
  9. morrisdl

    Cybertruck production likely delayed....Post your best guess of WHEN for the record!

    That might be an outdated mindset that works with frames or engine/transmission combos. With giga-pressing and exoskin folding already more efficient. The computers and motors are already crossing over from 3>>Y>>S>>CyberTruck. IF these are truly just computer-on-wheels, then the are all...
  10. morrisdl

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Common misconception due to marketing double speak: The F-series (including F150, F250, F350,SUPERDUTY...) is best selling "VEHICLE" (if you can call it ONE vehicle). --- I think if that's a thing, then all the VW/Audi A-series cars should be lumped together too. --- The F150 maybe the...
  11. morrisdl

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    One full day. Last week Tesla Sterling, VA upgraded my AP1 to MCU2 and replaced a windshield in one full day. The MCU2 upgrade includes new screens (both dash and map screens). New screens are noticeably higher resolution and contrast even to my old eyes. Service almost spilled over into...
  12. morrisdl

    DEC 2014 P85D+ W/Ludicrous & MCU2 upgrade

    Best 2014 I have ever seen! GLWTS
  13. morrisdl

    FS Tesla UMC with 20 foot cable

    Now thats a good deal!
  14. morrisdl

    FS Tesla UMC with 20 foot cable

    No thanks. I found a brand newish (40A) gen1 with 3 plugs for $350. GLWTS
  15. morrisdl

    oops typo - [email protected]

    oops typo - [email protected]
  16. morrisdl

    I would like the Gen1 UMC. Whats your preference, paypal ok? My email is [email protected]

    I would like the Gen1 UMC. Whats your preference, paypal ok? My email is [email protected]
  17. morrisdl

    FS Tesla UMC with 20 foot cable

    YES. Your charger: Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle - Gen1 chargers came with S&X until 2018 are up to 40amp and have interchangeable tips - Gen2 chargers come with 3&Y are up to 32 amp and have interchange able pig tails, thinner cords, - New "Corded Mobil Connector " looks to be 40amp, but...
  18. morrisdl

    FS Tesla UMC with 20 foot cable

    YES they are! I didnt notice the drop-down before. Thank you Gen 2 NEMA Adapters
  19. morrisdl

    Found a roadster charger on ebay (mislabeled UMC Gen1)

    Tesla Gen 1 Mobile Connector 1P NA Charger 40A UMC Charging Kit PN: 1015786-99-B | eBay Not mine. I was looking for a new cord for my Tesla-S and found this 'odd' looking connector. Not sure if these are hard-to-find, but figured someone might want it. Cheers!
  20. morrisdl

    FS Tesla UMC with 20 foot cable

    This looks like less powerful Gen2 (32a) charger at OG (40a) prices. Both types are in stock at Tesla.com and the Gen2s are only $275 brand new (plus ~$60 for the 14-50 adapter). Best offer $225 (incl shipping to 24121)
  21. morrisdl

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    under $20 to track. I use one at home for years. +/-1.5% accuracy with my utility meter. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K3L7M29/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  22. morrisdl

    Powerwall Gateway v1 for sale

    random question...can tesla gateway be used to monitor grid tied solar -then add a Powerwall later?
  23. morrisdl

    Drive History

    Another endorsement for TESLAFI here too. Im a sucker for maps, graphs, and data
  24. morrisdl

    Supercharger - Colfax, NC

    Thanks for reporting...That will be convenient for me !
  25. morrisdl

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    Does you S have a 2nd onboard charger? If not 40A is the max. Have you had and eMMC MCU1 problems? Mine would sometimes default down to 12A before it was replaced with the new 64G version Lastly, maybe it is just a bug in the current S/W that MCU1 Tesla dont negotiate with 60A HWPC.
  26. morrisdl

    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    Did font change on MCU1/AP1 cars also? probably not many that can answer that.... Checking TeslaFi: Of the 1,600+ cars to receive Version 2020.48.26, only 23 are AP1 cars.
  27. morrisdl

    Is anyone impressed with the overly-hyped "holiday update"?

    There is a screen shot in the X forum: 2020.48.12.26 fonts are smaller? I also hope this does not impact AP1 cars
  28. morrisdl

    Free supercharging

    Its actually cut&paste from TeslaFi charging history, but I should have checked the math. Sorry.
  29. morrisdl

    P85DL+ for sale

    You dont need the monroony...it is all listed in the car under the software menu/additional options. ALSO can see most options listed (maybe all) on tesla.com /owner/manage/details. GLWTS!
  30. morrisdl

    Just received this warranty email

    There seems to be some flexibility on the 100K limit...my dead eMMC was just replaced at 113k miles for free. I was expecting to pay a fair $400 for the service, but they did it "good will / no charge" :-D
  31. morrisdl

    Free supercharging

    Its not like you are hand-cuffed to a gas pump...that could be 340 very productive supercharging hours!
  32. morrisdl

    Tesla Covering Some MCU1 Issues for Some Owners

    JUST got my 1st email notification last night (3am) about the eMMC warranty adjustment period. Still states "8 years/100k miles" but they already replaced mine for free at 113,000 miles last month. Tesla is not perfect and not all mistakes are nefarious. I am still REALLY enjoying 2014...
  33. morrisdl

    Free supercharging

    Free super charging isnt all that valuable, but it is weirdly enticing to go on "free road trips". We have done 3 family road trips just because its "FREE". In the my past 50,000 miles...168 Charges At 105 Locations (total 5,607.00 kWh) only $184 worth of charging.
  34. morrisdl

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    You might be 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months for complete failure to boot. Good luck!
  35. morrisdl

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    As a longtime owner, I have been to a few different service centers...some service centers are definitely better than others. Dallas, TX and Sterling VA being my favorites! My couple disappointing experiences could just be one-offs, but lets say I feel bad for the Raleigh, NC tesl owners...
  36. morrisdl

    Preventative eMMC Repair - options

    BTW - Tesla replaced my dead eMMC @113k miles for FREE under warranty. I was expecting to pay ~$400.
  37. morrisdl

    Tesla Covering Some MCU1 Issues for Some Owners

    Tesla shocked me and replaced my eMMC under warranty for FREE @113k miles! Happy Thanksgiving :-D New MCU rolled me back to 2020.36.11 from 2020.40.0.4. The swap also added a couple bubbles at the top of my screen - no charge :-/
  38. morrisdl

    16 17 or 18 FSD differences. Please help me understand.

    In version 10.2 "AP1" was renamed "Highway Autopilot" on the mcu software screen (same page as release notes). I support the name change and clarification as long as the dont disable my ability to use AP1 everywhere with lines.
  39. morrisdl

    16 17 or 18 FSD differences. Please help me understand.

    Production year means nothing (no concept of model years). Tesla perpetually makes updates all the time. The various iterations on autopilot hardware are called AP1, AP2, AP2.5, AP3. Until recently not much was functionally different. more dealt on AP version: This website lets you...
  40. morrisdl

    Tesla Covering Some MCU1 Issues for Some Owners

    My MCU is 100% DEAD for 10 days and counting...frustrating, but not stranded. Wife still daily-drives it.
  41. morrisdl

    MCU died, car now charging slow. Is this normal?

    Are you sure you can connect AND that the MCU is dead? Seems implausible. Do you happen to know what version were you on? There is different default/limp mode behaviors depending on the version. I sub to teslafi, so I could see mine was on 2020.40.0.4 when it died. Fulltime backup screen...
  42. morrisdl

    NHTSA Investigates Failing MCUs

    Have to disagree: I am also 2014 w/110K and a dead MCU, but ~$400 seems like a reasonable repair price. Less than $2k for a new upgraded computer also seems fair. I think there were was definitely a programming design flaw (logging level) that abused the eMMc and also a little under spec'd...
  43. morrisdl

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Maybe it is 2020.40.0.4 fcbbf892 MCU limp-mode default behavior? The climate defaulted to ~70'f / auto The backup camera is full-time onscreen The max charge level limited to 80% The max charge rate is limited 240v/8A Performance output is limited to 200kw / Regen is set to minimal The very...
  44. morrisdl

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Made an appointment yesterday to get fixed...just missed the cut off at 109K miles :-( Mine is permanently displaying only the backup camera now and never goes to sleep. Consumes 4% battery /day Seem like most people get 100% black screen, anyone else seen backup cam?
  45. morrisdl

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Just joined the the dead MCU club. "Center display unavailable" 2014 P85 w/110k miles. Seem like this would be something mobile service could fix, but wasnt an option.
  46. morrisdl

    Teslafi - battery report. Should I be concerned?

    Thats a cool new teslafi feature! We have not been particularly gentle and still running strong after 106k miles:
  47. morrisdl

    Life before your S

    Tesla replaced two ICE cars: Cayenne Turbo and Scion xD The Cayenne was a bit of a unicorn w/factory lockers, tree sliders, disconnecting sways. If I didnt have the Land Rover, I would have wheeled it.
  48. morrisdl

    TeslaFi - Battery Degradation Reports (upload your data)

    It only matched me with 1 one other P85 with >100K miles. Im winning! ;-) Our annual mileage and and battery degradation are pretty liner (so far).n SO, In 10 years we would have 350K miles on the odo, and a usable range of only 100-140 miles.
  49. morrisdl

    Renewing the debate on the best Fridge/Freezer for 6 seater MX

    CF3 looks sweet! My parents got the NEW cheaper version that: Dometic CC 40 - Electric Cooler Much lighter! Only Refrige - No freezing options. Maybe less efficient and not as durable, but way cheaper.
  50. morrisdl

    "No Battery Performance" -Tesla.com

    Thanks kkillebrew and BPeter - both seem plausible explanations. Weird those are the only two options displayed, but maybe the website designers didn't bother to go back and add all the 2014 and older option codes.

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