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  1. jsanford

    Registration in Wa now more than insurance?

    Just received my registration renewal bill and to my horror, it’s over $700–$225 just because the car is an EV. It’s more than my last insurance premium. Anyone other Tesla owner see a big increase this year over last?
  2. jsanford

    Insurance discount for COVID-19?

    Amica says they’re offering 20% discount, pending approval: COVID-19 Auto Premium Relief Program | Amica
  3. jsanford

    New SR or Used LR??

    I vote new, if you’re talking 40k miles on the odometer to save $2k. We have a 2018 and that seems like a lot of driving—if it’s a 2019, almost certainly with some supercharging.
  4. jsanford

    If you get door dinged while sitting in the car...

    Eloise’s first scratch was when some lazy fool left their Costco cart in the parking spot next to us, and the next car that pulled into the spot pushed it into her. The incident predated Sentry Mode. Now we park even further away. Each situation is different. I voted insurance, but for me, it’s...
  5. jsanford

    What did you name your Tesla?

    All Teslas need names. Even the Model S I had as a loaner was named: Sloaner the Loaner. Made me think of Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend.
  6. jsanford

    Power seat switch broken! $1.10 for the part. 6 minutes to replace.

    My teenaged nephew kicked off the levers in our passenger seat adjustment switch. We bought the switch assembly at the Tesla parts counter (be sure to bring in the broken one to match against the replacement to ensure you’ve got the right side) and installation was pretty easy. Was just as cheap...
  7. jsanford

    Body Shop Cannot Preorder Parts

    Same experience in Seattle last year, just a few days. Painting was more time-consuming. Nothing about Tesla being fussy and wanting proof, but it was an approved shop.
  8. jsanford

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    We’re finding the update to be an improvement in our milqueoast PNW rains, but with some hyper-wiping of dew and real snow when first driving off.
  9. jsanford

    Help me identify license plate on Sentry hit and run video

    How Do You Look up License Plate Numbers? Keep in mind, in my situation, I was certain of all but one plate character, so I was using the online resources to match a vehicle year, make and model to the possible values of the character I wasn’t sure about. It was easier to find out, for example...
  10. jsanford

    Help me identify license plate on Sentry hit and run video

    I caught a hit-and-run driver striking my neighbor’s car and was sure of all but one plate number—and very sure of the year, make and model. Googling around, I found a website that matched plate values with the year, make and model registered under it. Not sure if your state has this, but it...
  11. jsanford

    Water in the trunk when opening fix

    We’ve had the trunk/frunk liners since day one, and I never worried about rain in our May 2018. A few weeks ago, we noticed a smell—and investigating found water pooled under the hidden bay, with our neoprene charger adapter bag, tire pump, and snow chain cases coated in mildew. She’s going...
  12. jsanford

    Video: Driver left scene of an accident / Update: driver caught

    I was in a my-fault accident while in college. When I graduated and bought my first car, my premiums cost more each month than my payments, for three years. It certainly hammered the lesson home, monthly. 36 times. I don’t know this young woman’s story—although I buy it, people drive terribly...
  13. jsanford

    Accident on Brand New Model 3

    That s—ks, really sorry this happened to you. But also glad you weren’t hurt. Research authorized Tesla body shops in your area, and their reputation with the owners. I’m not sure how important it is to use them with the 3’s steel body.
  14. jsanford

    OEM Replacement Tire Alternatives?

    Last year, there was some press about Goodyear and someone else (Conti?) were introducing new tires for EVs designed for the heavier vehicle weights, torque, and lower rolling resistance.
  15. jsanford

    Definitive List Of Things To Buy After Delivery

    We bought our tire flat kit at Griots—same thing without a Tesla logo for $30 less. Windshield shade, HPWC at the house. USB splitter cable and sticks. Charging cables for passengers in the back seat. Went with the Tesla mats frunk and trunk and Maxpider for the interior. Stuff we bought but...
  16. jsanford

    Delivery Anxiety?

    Glad to hear it went all right. For what it’s worth, we took delivery in a rush of the last few days of a sales tax incentive. It went well, and the only issue we found, a small leak in the trunk seal a couple of months later, was fixed at a service center without issue.
  17. jsanford

    Can Someone Explain To Me Why The LR RWD Is Going Away?

    I know better than to claim the PNW has winter driving, but I found our LR RWD rather sure-footed on several ski mountain trips, and one snowstorm pass crossing in Oregon last December. Must be the weight. So I take exception to the idea that it’s a California car.
  18. jsanford

    Tesla To Charge $1k For Black Paint

    A family member who worked claims at State Farm says plain white is the cheapest paint in body work. In response to my niece being told red cars got into accidents more often, I did a little research and found that by a small margin, black cars hold the record, followed by red in third.
  19. jsanford

    Help: Bosch Icon Wiper blades - can't seem to install them!

    We also just bought the Bosch OE blades from AutoZone and replaced our stock ones. Easy peasy.
  20. jsanford

    Question on holiday travel

    I stayed at a hotel in Springfield with a destination charger. It was way in the back and not tempting for ICE vehicles, but also next to a Level 2 plug. When we arrived, there was a Leaf using it...and I’m not sure the setup supported the plugs reaching both vehicles. Turned out the Leaf went...
  21. jsanford

    Staggered tire balancing and rotation - Eastside

    Huh. I made an online appointment today for exactly that; hopefully they’ll call since I’m going to have to take time off work. I’d like to rotate tires and check alignment.
  22. jsanford

    New Model 3 floor mats

    Have ordered the Maxpiders even though I despise faux carbon fiber mesh design. Should be shipping next week, in time for ski season. Did notice that WeatherTech is listing a Model 3 specific set now.
  23. jsanford

    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    Ours was delivered with 42. A friend of mine picked his up two days earlier with 45psi. Having ridden in both cars, I can’t discern a difference in the ride.
  24. jsanford

    Before the 3, what have you owned/driven?

    1982 Honda Prelude hand-me-down from my father in high school. 1995 Toyota Tercel base, green, first car bought new. Still see them on the road. 1996 Toyota Celica ST anniversary edition. First automatic, bought used in 1998. 2003 Honda Insight, bought used in 2004. Only Insight I’ve ever seen...
  25. jsanford

    Should Model 3 been a SUV?

    Model X is pretty popular around here. I’d rather drive a coupe hatchback myself, but we have a pickup for hauling and my favorite ski resort only offers free parking if you have three or more skiers in the car. This will be our first four door.
  26. jsanford

    Credit Union asking for MSRP

    Agreed with Mista EV, find a federally-chartered credit union. Strange. Fifteen years ago, hybrids were difficult to finance, then when Prius exploded onto the market, lenders were offering discounted rates for hybrids to attract the business. You’d think the industry would have learned from that.
  27. jsanford

    Let's talk financing rates

    For those who live or work in Washington state, Inspirus Credit Union offers loans up to 72 months as low as 2.79% APR, and have been financing Teslas since 2012. Auto Loans & Vehicle Refinancing | Inspirus Credit Union
  28. jsanford

    My Model 3 Impressions - Got to Drive It!

    Interesting that many of us have Pixels; spouse and I have two Pixel XLs. They’re running Android version 8 which might be the problem. I don’t appreciate this remark. We reserved at the launch event and don’t want a $50,000 car, much less a $90,000 one. I’m sure MANY reservation holders are in...
  29. jsanford

    I just turned down 4 week delivery on a Model 3

    I wonder if there's a way to defer the invite for the premium model in advance. We can't afford a $50k car and I'd rather not have the reminder.
  30. jsanford

    When can I drive one?

    I'd love a test drive at the end of January. But I really wonder when they'll start making the standard battery.
  31. jsanford

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    White? That just makes coffee take a dive...
  32. jsanford

    There is a DOG

    There needs to be a "jealous" ranking...
  33. jsanford

    Consumer Reports predicts average reliability on Model 3

    I’m spoiled...owned Toyotas where I just changed the oil twice a year, replaced tires, responded to service bulletins, and never anything else. The one Honda I had was traded in as soon as it started being a pain. I’m hoping the Model 3 will be about the same.
  34. jsanford

    Blog Model 3 Owner Shows Off Autopark Feature

    Questions: Will Autopark also back into a space? Could it be used to back out of a space? Still debating this feature, as I want to back the car down a sloped driveway and will have just 10” clearance on the sides.
  35. jsanford

    List of “Upgrade Later”

    As an owner of an '07 iBook with SSD...well, you know. I'm sad to hear this about the inability to swap out the battery. One of my favorite Tesla demo videos was battery swap vs. LA gas station fill up. I hope they haven't abandoned that idea altogether--especially on the electric commercial...
  36. jsanford

    Urban living owners: how are you charging your M3?

    This is what we're planning to do, even though we won't be out on the street, just down our driveway. I had a neighbor who parked his model S on the street. If he charged it there, it wasn't obvious.
  37. jsanford

    Model 3 pricing spreadsheet

    Thank you for the super spreadsheet. Is there a place to put electric vehicle fees? WA has one, among others: 10 states are now charging fees to electric vehicle owners, ranging from $43 to $300
  38. jsanford

    Changing wheels, put the Tesla TPMS sensors in them?

    I think TPMS are regulated. I was just thumbing through our truck manual and the section on it had a bunch of Compliance code statements in it.
  39. jsanford

    Tesla Offering Car Insurance??

    Since vehicle insurance is state regulated, I wouldn't see them offering it everywhere. Truthfully, I'd probably pass since multi-policy discounts, loyalty credits, etc. reduce our rates. GAP (guaranteed asset protection) insurance would be a nice add-on with Tesla financing.
  40. jsanford

    What information would you want to know about Model 3?

    Thanks so much for offering to do this. Is the FM radio HD? What is the life expectancy of the tires? How is the visibility in a sea of SUVs? Paint quality?
  41. jsanford

    Interesting video from Saul on the model 3 in Freemont.

    Ha! He framed his gift just like we did, except we didn't frame the letter.
  42. jsanford

    What do you think of this? Early buyers of Tesla's Model 3 get two choices: color, wheel size

    I will be miffed if I have to wait for red. Red is already a color on the other models. o_O
  43. jsanford

    Anyone else have practical questions about ownership after a year?

    Since we made our reservation, I've been thinking about the real-world consequences of owning an electric car. I was an early hybrid owner, and weird stuff came up, usually at inconvenient times. - Since our streets are riddled with potholes, we get our cars' alignment adjusted twice a year...
  44. jsanford

    What Configuration will be produced 1st.?

    How much later? We're planning on a pretty standard configuration, I'm curious to know if our car will be delivered weeks or months after the first ones. My spitball guess was Q2/2018.
  45. jsanford

    Why are you waiting for the Model 3 instead of getting a CPO Model S?

    Too expensive. That and no amount of luxury will change how driving through downtown Seattle during rush hour is stressful misery.
  46. jsanford

    What kind of options/upgrades are you considering and why?

    Still need to research. Does a larger battery increase it's usable life? and all that. I really like the idea of the car backing itself down the driveway, especially in winter when it's dark. Our only absolute must is red paint. We're not spending that kind of $ without getting the color we want.
  47. jsanford

    Brakes? Tesla branded Brembo's?

    Brembos? Like on my motorcycles? Kewl.
  48. jsanford

    3 Car Seats in Model 3?

    I grew up one of three siblings in the back of a 1980 Toyota Tercel. "I'm not touching you!"
  49. jsanford

    What are you going to dump.....

    Also a Yaris, 2009 hatchback.
  50. jsanford

    Once my 3 is ordered, what about financing / car loans?

    My credit union has financed a Tesla. We had to modify the list of vehicles in our loan software to include the make and model when the S was new.

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