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  1. scottysize

    Traded my M3P for an RS3 - My thoughts on both cars for what it's worth

    This one I just don't understand. I've had mine since 2018. I've put 125,000 miles on it with 2 years of no travel to work during COVID. So for 2 years, the only miles I put on it where traveling 650 miles to Albuquerque NM from Sanger, TX. During COVID< I would go check on my then 73 year...
  2. scottysize

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Tezz Got the customized plates for it as well.
  3. scottysize

    6’6” tall. Is the M3 for me?

    I'm 6' 0" and I cannot put the seat all the way back. I'm probably 2-3" from all the way back. I have driven plenty of S's (non-plaid) and the seat goes to pretty much the same spot for me in them as well. (Also) I cannot stand the position of the B Pillar in the S. I find the S seats and...
  4. scottysize

    Tezz hit 100,000

    My Tesla Model 3 hits 100,000 miles. I talk about it here:
  5. scottysize

    Powerwall firmware expiry?

    There you go. I was about to say the same thing. The PWs have to stay connected to the Internet to keep working.
  6. scottysize

    Tesla Energy has the worst Customer Service. Regret getting Tesla

    Typical for any solar part that is defective. Any company that installs solar products has to wait for the part to arrive, then schedule tech to come install it. I had an inverter go out. Took 3 weeks for the part to arrive and then 2 more weeks for the tech to come install it. This is why I...
  7. scottysize

    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    I don't have Tesla Solar, because they won't do ground mount installs, but I do have 3 PWs. I'll post pictures of both though.
  8. scottysize

    Powerwall 2 and Central Air question

    I can speak for my Trane Xi20. It requires 3 PowerWalls to run along with the Soft Start. MY AC guy measured it and it pulls 65A on power up, which is 5 more than 2 PWs can handle. (I've got a bad PW and waiting for a replacement. That's why I know I cannot run the HVAC on 2.)
  9. scottysize

    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    My car at the charger. The little store inside is neat too.
  10. scottysize

    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!! I cringe every time I leave the house to head to Albuquerque knowing that I have to drive from Sanger to Childress at 60 MPH. NO MORE!!!!!!! I leave Thursday morning. This will be my first stop. Thank you all who participated on the Henrietta SC!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. scottysize

    Is it really worth it?

    My experience. Ordering online is great. No salesman! Delivery was changed twice and delayed once, so it sucked. Finally receiving my car, the experience was wonderful. Tesla rep showed me around the car (or actually I showed him), I signed a couple pages and off I went. One month after...
  12. scottysize

    Tesla service with the App really sucks!

    Weird. I've scheduled two service calls this month using the app. Once for new wiper blades and once for my steering wheel vibrating when it moves out of the way. Both times, they call within a few hours and scheduled to bring mobile service to me the very next day.
  13. scottysize

    what is your preferred autopilot setting for every day highway commute?

    Dallas/Fort Worth traffic = 1 if you want to live. Navigate on AP = Off MPH = 90 52 miles each way. Speed limits are 70-75MPH. Most of the traffic is around 80-85, so 90 keeps me right up next to them. Any space between cars causes someone to move over and cut you off.
  14. scottysize

    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    Woke up, went in Tesla.com, and plopped down my $100 to say my place in line before seeing any video of any of it. I want the 3 engine 500+ mile version, so guess I'm waiting until 2022 for mine, buy I will definitely get that version.
  15. scottysize

    Beta Testing and You

    Here's something for everyone who uses a beta product on their Tesla to keep in mind: Autopilot - Beta and has yet to be released Navigate on AP - Beta and has yet to be released Summon - Beta and has yet to be released Smart Summon - Beta and has yet to be released In order to use any of...
  16. scottysize

    Navigate on Autopilot is Useless (2018.42.3)

    I'm not reading all that, but here';s my take. Summon was useless when ti first came out. Now it's almost good to play with. While Navigate on AP isn't the greatest yet, it will be. Give it time. Sure are a lot of people mad about beta products in this forum lately. You know you're an...
  17. scottysize

    Auto Pilot Is Dangerous

    If you truly have video evidence, then Tesla cannot turn you away. I use autopilot everyday. The only time my car acts that way is when it cannot see the lines in the road, or when there are no lines. However, mine kicks out of AP when that happens. ALWAYS drive with a hand or two on the...
  18. scottysize

    Does the Model 3 have 3G connectivity or just LTE?

    I have 3G on the way to my dad's. The switch is good. I never lose my radio.
  19. scottysize

    How are the 3D MAXpider floor mats holding up?

    Bought mine when they first came out. No issues. Love them.
  20. scottysize

    Improved Wipers

    Nope. Mine still suck. I have to push the button all the time, or turn off auto.
  21. scottysize

    is tesla going bankrupt?

    Idiot FUD packers.
  22. scottysize

    Beeping after v10 update

    Take it in to your service department. Mine does not beep. I SUperCharged yesterday and watch NetFlix. No beeping.
  23. scottysize

    New Update 2019.32.11.1 is moving fast

    As long as they don’t take away my SmartSummon. I love it! anyone who’s crashing their car, they’re not watching what the car does. You have to watch it closely and don’t be stupid.
  24. scottysize

    18" OEM Tire replacement choices?

    You can go up ot 65s on them, yup. I kinda wish I'd gone with 60s. I think that would have been perfect. Now, I can say there's been no more curb rash and I have scraped a curb since adding the 55s. And yes, I was shocked to find out that there was no noticeable drop in range on my last...
  25. scottysize

    18" OEM Tire replacement choices?

    You can go up to 65s. I went 55s and kinda wish I'd gone with 60s. I think 60s would have been perfect, but I was worried about losing range. Since it didn't impact me during my last trip, I'll probably go 60s next time.
  26. scottysize

    New Owners - Neutral is different for Car Washes!

    Yes you can. I've done it. I beeps and yells at you because of all the brushes wands, etc., but it'll roll through just fine in drive as long as creep is off.
  27. scottysize

    6 month old Tesla model 3 losses 7 miles

    We have the same car. How in the world are you getting 324?
  28. scottysize

    6 month old Tesla model 3 losses 7 miles

    Mine was 307 when I first got it. Then they did an update that pushed it up to 316, but the last time I went on a trip it only charged to 299. I'm closing in on 30,000 miles. The last trip was at 25,000 miles. I can't really say it dropped over 5% from new, because it didn't charge to 316...
  29. scottysize

    OEM Replacement Tire Alternatives?

    I replaced my tires at 20,000 miles. I love the new ones. My only concern now is longevity. My energy consumption remained the same, even thought I went wider. 1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 2. Changed to 255 / 40 ZR18 (I wanted wider tires to try and cover the wheels to protect from curb rash...
  30. scottysize

    18" OEM Tire replacement choices?

    Hard to get a good picture of them, but here you go. Like I said, it's almost perfect. I kinda wish I'd gone with the 60s. (You can see the curb rash from the OEMs.)
  31. scottysize

    Car Wash Mode PLEASE!

    Ya. Every time I go, I still have to remember to tap the wiper to turn off. I will say it seems to be easier to get into neutral now. My wife still won't take it to a car wash.
  32. scottysize

    WeatherTech or Tesla brand

    Neither. I switched to 3D mats years ago in my truck and as soon as they made them for the Model 3, I grabbed them. best mats IMO: 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Liners
  33. scottysize

    Now I’m a Creep!

    No way. I LOVE HOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. scottysize

    Rear glass cracked

    Yup. Been there, done that. Mine cracked about 3 months after purchasing. it's a defect with the robot pushing too hard on the glass. They replaced mine for free.
  35. scottysize

    18" OEM Tire replacement choices?

    I replaced my tires at 20,000 miles. I love the new ones. My only concern now is longevity. My energy consumption remained the same, even thought I went wider. 1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 2. Changed to 255 / 40 ZR18 (I wanted wider tires to try and cover the wheels to protect from curb rash...
  36. scottysize

    How are the 3D MAXpider floor mats holding up?

    Some people might be harder on mats than others, or some people might not be truthful. My mats have 10,000 miles on them and other than being dirty, are holding up just fine. Also, this is my second pair. My first pair were for in a Nissan Titan pickup and lasted 40,000 miles and still looked...
  37. scottysize

    Some people don't understand

    Same thing in Texas for Pickup Truck Owners. We always raise a figure at a passing pickup. I started doing it for other Tesla owners too, but most of my roads were I see passing Teslas are highways.
  38. scottysize

    How often do you Super Charge?

    You should have added another option for Trips only. That's me.
  39. scottysize

    How are people applying enough force in NOA steering?

    After several non-scientific methods, I found that 12 grams is enough weight to satisfy the system. So 12 grams of pennies in a sock wrapped around the side of the steering wheel is all you need to drive from Texas to New Mexico without touching the steering wheel. :p
  40. scottysize

    Best All season Mats

    Best by far 3D MAXpider Complete Set Custom Fit ...
  41. scottysize

    Fix-it Ticket : No Front Plate

    Just put the front plate on, or find a state that doesn't require one and move. There's no reason to continue to be in violation of the law.
  42. scottysize

    Battery Consumption

    Same for me. I seem to average high 200s in the summer and low 300s in the winter.
  43. scottysize

    Breaking customer promises

    Sorry, but you're incorrect. No one ever promised super charging for new cars. It's only on the car you had. That's why you can't find it anywhere.
  44. scottysize

    Does voice command feature work for anyone? particularly for maps?

    Depends on where I aim my voice. Mine's hit or miss.
  45. scottysize

    Tesla Black Signature Wall Connector (2018) for sale - $475

    Ya dude, you opened it, so it's not factory sealed. It'd cost too much to ship to me, so I'll pass.
  46. scottysize

    Pixel 3 on order - Special settings needed to work as Phone Key?

    I'm using my Pixel 3 over my iPhone Max S because it works EVERY time. (There was nothing I had to do. Just install the app and set it up against my car.) My iPhone works most of the time, but Pixel is outstanding. It even works better for Summon than the iPhone.
  47. scottysize

    Auto Wipers How Much Rain is required?

    Well, my car is almost useless with auto on. I have to hit the button on the stalk during all moderate rain showers. During heavy down pours, I can use auto fine, but under mist, no way. Doesn't work at all. I have to get a new windshield and roof, so I'll bring this up when I go in to get...
  48. scottysize

    Splitter Cable for both USB Dashcam and Charge Phone

    At $7 I'm going to give it a shot. If it doesn't work, I can always use this elsewhere.
  49. scottysize

    Car Wash Mode PLEASE!

    Nope. Touching P does nothing.

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