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    Auto high beams still comically bad

    It would be nice if Tesla would just, dare I say it, give enhanced autopilot, for FREE😆 Maybe tweets to the big guy are in order
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    White "smoke" coming from car while Supercharging

    Thanks for that Father Guido Sarducci clip! Had forgotten about that SNL bit. Anyway, seems like this issue is nothing to get steamed about.
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Ah I think that’s a Merry Xmas everyone
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    FSD beta safety score survey

    Feeling unlucky at 95%. Of course I want that beta button be not wanting to drive like a complete grandma. Anyone know if Tesla is going to share the safety score data for the fleet with the general public? I actually applaud this whole idea as it motivates safer driving and I see my own...
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    Blog NHTSA Announces Another Autopilot Investigation

    I don’t disagree at with this. Unfortunately there are all kinds of numbskulls out there and it ain’t all about just their drivin. Don’t get me started! Recently bought a Subaru ascent. The eyesight tacc with stay in lane is pretty close to plain autopilot. Except it gives up a lot on secondary...
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    FSD subscription announced by Tesla

    Just a quick update after I’ve had a few drives with this FSD puppy. First, very happy I didn’t decide to plunk down $5k. Now I will say that the 1000ft or show warning that the car is approaching a 🛑 or 🚦 is a good extra. It can be annoying in lots of ways; pick up on a 🛑 that is from a side...
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    FSD subscription announced by Tesla

    Here’s the feature update screen… I may post my impressions here after I try it out.
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    FSD subscription announced by Tesla

    Since I have had EAP for 10 months and have done two 2000 mile road trips, I am gonna try the $99/mo. I really like EAP features especially on long trips and believe it or not, to help with questionable interchanges in the map display on navigation. Like a high speed interchange with 3 or more...
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    Rhode Island needs more Superchargers

    Referring back to the original post, East Greenwich seems way oversubscribed and it is, to be honest, dirty(saw empty food containers when there on Tuesday afternoon of this week) and poorly placed. There is a rather dangerous blind corner around the back of the building that is heavily used. A...
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    Rhode Island needs more Superchargers

    So right! And it doesn’t look like there are any plans to add any for RI. Westerly is a prime destination and Watch Hill area always has plenty of Tesla’s. The money and the market is there, Tesla. Lots of expensive euro ICE luxury/sport, Lamborghini, Maserati, Jaguar, owners to covert!!! Taylor...
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    Gen3 HPWC disassembly, with overheating issues explained!

    just to share my experience: I was getting the three red blinks a month ago. Went through all the the 2nd guessing that my installation was clean. Right conductors, breakers, torque on the terminal block; the whole nine yards. Then called Tesla support. They basically said we need to replace...
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    Supercharger - Lisbon, CT

    Thanks for the reply. I report that SC bay to Tesla
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    Supercharger - Lisbon, CT

    I was very excited to know about this SC! Regularly travel from Worcester to Westerly RI which is on route. Was a little disappointed when ABRP said 250kw will be 5min to get me from 22% to 45% and it to 20 minutes to get halfway to 2/3rds of the way. Was only getting 37-40KW with no other...
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    Fix the Fold [auto folding mirrors]

    From m3 owners manual. You can fold the mirrors inward for parking in tight spaces by touching Controls > Quick Controls > Fold. The mirrors remain folded until your driving speed reaches 31 mph (50 km/h), or until you touch Fold again to unfold the mirrors. Another thing is setting up the...
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    Fix the Fold [auto folding mirrors]

    They auto unfold at what, 30mph? The annoying thing for auto fold at this location is they fold about 15 feet before the garage and on approach while backing in. I use the right and left mirrors to line up. Backup cam view doesn’t do it for me. Now I think I will be happy with the freaking...
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    Fix the Fold [auto folding mirrors]

    I too like the originators idea of auto fold in Park. And I believe in the “having cake and eat it too” principle. I also need to back into a tight garage to charge. I want to use both the backup cam and the mirrors and have them folded so I can squeeze by with that 40 lb bag of garbage. So how...
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    Rear Camera Screen White

    seeing similar or a grainy image that looks like reduced frame rate on my M3 LR. I haven’t gone for a drive yet. Wonder if dialing back some less important video stream the the FSD chips? Probably bad speculation on my part.

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