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  1. da2ny

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    The Mecum audience has not been very supportive of EVs. Don't be surprised if the reserve is not met.
  2. da2ny

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Founders Edition #11 @ Mecum Kissimmee: 2008 Tesla Roadster | L122 | Kissimmee 2023 | Mecum Auctions Also 2010: 2010 Tesla Roadster | L126 | Kissimmee 2023 | Mecum Auctions
  3. da2ny

    Roadster 1.5 clicking noise from the front

    If they replaced the bushings with polyurethanes, that will account for the squeaking. Dish soap should quiet them down.
  4. da2ny

    Jacking up the Roadster, revisited

    I've been using this one for the past 4 years along with a rubber hockey puck for padding. Works great...
  5. da2ny

    Brake disc specs?

    Unfortunately in socal we don't deal with wet. I've used the EBC Yellows for years on on my 76 Jag as well. Very happy with them. Never tried the carbotech.
  6. da2ny

    Best charging practice/set up for a Roadster (1.5 in North America in specifically)

    My OVMS unit connects at home via WIFI and alerts me on my iPhone app of any problems. Also alerts me at the start and end of every charge cycle. I can see it wherever I am as located as long as I have service.
  7. da2ny

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    Per Hologram: " Monitoring - There is a currently a backlog of operations delaying SIM operations on some carriers. Backlog is processing and some customers may experience delays. Cellular network and other API services are unaffected. " Mar 23, 15:05 UTC
  8. da2ny

    Made a carbon fiber hard top

    How is the UV resistance?
  9. da2ny

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    Thank you Nybob for the excellent directions. I had to figure mine out myself as there's no documentation with board. The only challenge I experienced is that the new board does not have an ANT3 post, but rather a ANT2 post in a different location. Once I figured that out everything went...
  10. da2ny

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    Since the rollover to 5g and the discontinuation of 3g this week, I have noticed intermittent connectivity with my OVMS app. Do I need to upgrade my Hologram Sim card? I believe the current one is 3g. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  11. da2ny

    Friend on Limited Income wants to buy a roadster - give me the good, bad and ugly

    I turned 76 yesterday and I consider my Roadster to be part of my daily exercise program. I may be 76 in calendar years, but I don't feel a day over 40! A man is only as old as the car he's driving!
  12. da2ny

    Carbotech Brake compound thoughts

    I use the EBC Yellow pads on my 2010 Sport and love them. I live up in the hills, and need something that does not need heat before it starts working. Seems as though my pads/rotors are always cold due to regenerative braking.
  13. da2ny

    Single-DIN non-flip-out CarPlay headunit for Roadster 1.5?

    I have the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX single din unit with the flip out screen. I used my trusty Dreml to cut off 1/8" from the outer end of the wiper stalk and glued the end cap back on. You cannot see the modification and the screen opens and closes with no conflict. Works great. Only drawback is...
  14. da2ny

    Service in socal (orange county)

    You could probably pay Javier to come to you and remove your PEM, and then come back to replace it.
  15. da2ny

    Odometer screen fades in sunlight

    I have one of these "Shower Caps" that I put on whenever I park my roadster outside. Takes two minutes to put on or take off. It totally protects my roadster's interior. https://www.inokinetic.com/eliseexige/shower-cap-page
  16. da2ny

    Error 272

    Thank you. That's what I think. However, the error message has not returned. I think it may have been the result of too much condensation from running the a/c on high with two of the vents closed. Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't come back.
  17. da2ny

    Error 272

    Got this message yesterday after removing key: "Powertrain Problem Restart When Safe" Error Code 272 - BSM: PEM HVAC cable/pin discharge failure. Does anyone have experience with this? I could not find any discussions on the Roadster Forum regarding this error. I had been running the A/C on...
  18. da2ny

    New Roadster 4.0 Battery developement with Model S cells

    Will this require modifications to the PEM unit?
  19. da2ny

    Carbon Fiber Hood Vanes

    medlockandsons.com is making cf hood vanes already mounted.
  20. da2ny

    Tarocco Rosso

    I attribute the lack of tickets to the lack of a tuned exhaust.
  21. da2ny

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    When that happens, I "Wakeup" the car on the OVMS app, and the charge starts immediately.
  22. da2ny

    What have you done to your Roadster today (or lately)...

    I installed a Pioneer AVH-3500 NEX in my Roadster and I used my trusty Dreml cutoff wheel to remove about 3/16" from the outer end of the stalk and then glued the end cap back onto the end. No clearance problems. Can't see any surgical scars.
  23. da2ny

    Should I trade my 21 window Volkswagen bus for a roadster?

    I had a '61 VW Bus and now I have a 2010 Roadster Sport. If memory serves me correctly, I think the Roadster has slightly faster acceleration.
  24. da2ny

    Single DIN Radio Options

    I'm happy with the screen -- except in bright sunlight. But very happy with the sound. I chose the fold away screen because I keep the top down most of the time, and think a ever-present screen would be an invitation to vandals.
  25. da2ny

    Single DIN Radio Options

    I went with the Pioneer 3500 and am very pleased with it. I used my Dreml cutoff wheel to take 1/8" off the wiper stalk and the screen clears with no problem. On very hot days I'll retract the screen so the a/c vents are not obstructed. The sound is awesome.
  26. da2ny

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    I have a black hard top in very good to excellent condition that I'd be willing to sell. PM me if you're interested.
  27. da2ny

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    I replaced mine with one from Amazon (blood pressure bulb). And the release valve works much better than the original -- it does not leak...
  28. da2ny

    Today's Roadster Orphan

  29. da2ny

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    The mirror covers that I got are 3k. Perfect match.
  30. da2ny

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    I ordered these from GRP and they fit like a glove. They look great too. Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover Panels For Elise / Exige
  31. da2ny

    Custom Tesla Roadster 2-Piece Slotted Rotors, NEW batch for 2020

    When I bought my 913 two years ago the rotors were covered with rust. I immediately replaced the pads with EBC Yellowstuff. These are street/drift/race pads which do not require heat buildup to work. After 500 miles the noise was gone along with the rust. I haven't seen any rust since, and I...
  32. da2ny

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    me too!
  33. da2ny

    Head light bulb replacement

    This looks like it is the Xenon upgraded unit. Medlock or Gruber should be able to provide you with the correct info or even sell you the bulb.
  34. da2ny

    OVMS v3.1 install

    Yes, I have auto refill. But I just checked my amex account and the January 2019 $20 was the only charge!
  35. da2ny

    OVMS v3.1 install

    In January of 2019 I prepaid $20 into my Hologram account. I just checked and my current balance is $19.73!
  36. da2ny

    Parting Out Roadster Sport 945

    To clarify the above post, I bought those parts from Moe and Brent back in December for my Roadster Sport 2.0 #913. These are great guys to deal with. Just bought the windscreen wiper switch from them today.
  37. da2ny

    Parting Out Roadster Sport 945

    I got a snow shield, CF Front Spoiler, CF Rear Lower Spoiler. All in excellent condition and at very fair prices. Wish I could use more parts.
  38. da2ny

    Greetings and a Q about range and highway speeds

    Microphone for Blu-tooth hands free phone via JVC head unit?
  39. da2ny

    Greetings and a Q about range and highway speeds

    Congratulations! And welcome to a great group of enthusiasts.
  40. da2ny

    Need help with Radio install

    I spliced in the new Pioneer harness. That way I have a color-coded road map for any future upgrades. I just hopw that the SC will continue to service the car with a non-Tesla harness. Once again, thank you.
  41. da2ny

    Need help with Radio install

    Got it done with many thanks to drewski. I have no idea why Tesla did not color code their wires. Everyone was b/w b/grey. Or at least use the JVC harness.
  42. da2ny

    Need help with Radio install

    Good point. Thank you. Now I just need to use my grey matter to sort out the grey wires.
  43. da2ny

    Need help with Radio install

    Thank you all for your input. For whatever reason, Tesla decided to have all the speaker leads on my car in grey/black and white/black. I'll need some sort of audio signal generator to suss them out. Or just have Javier complete the install. It's bizarre that NONE of the wires follow any...
  44. da2ny

    Need help with Radio install

    I have changed dozens of head units in my cars without any problems. I decided to upgrade the JVC KD NX5000 in my 2010 Roadster with the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX. It has a fold out LCD screen and CarPlay and a Back Up camera. I ran the back up camera wires through the passenger side channel...
  45. da2ny

    Proud New Owner of #432 in Glacier Blue!

    Congratulations! I'll keep my eye out for you.
  46. da2ny

    My Roadster Odyssey - Joined the Club

    The MB B250e was done strictly as a California Compliance Vehicle.
  47. da2ny

    Replacing the 12V aux Battery

    I went this route back in June. No rproblems. I like the terminal connectors. Much lighter than the OEM.
  48. da2ny

    Roadster Service E-Mail

    Received mine today as well. Purchased my Roadster Sport 2.0 in July, 2018.
  49. da2ny

    What did you park next to? (Or what makes the Roadster look tiny?)

    Will my roadster fit in the back of the pickup?
  50. da2ny

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    It's not loud enough for that crowd.

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