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    Accidently ordered the Y a while back - can I transfer the reservation to others?

    I gave it to a relative, sorry. FYI: Even though the car was with my parent's name, the Tesla advisor was able to change it to another name.
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    Accidently ordered the Y a while back - can I transfer the reservation to others?

    So back in Feb or so my dad accidentally ordered a model Y. Reservation is still on hold and it seems to be holding the 48k price for dual motor white / black interior. Can I actually transfer this reservation to someone else? Maybe I can make some money off it given the increased car price?
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    Proximity sensor just went inside the bumper

    Got this fixed today for free and got a free carwash. There are slight scratches from the carwash though.. normal when it is a free car wash. just fyi if you are ocd and looking through the sun in an angle.. you know what I mean. wait time: around 2 hours
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    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    Right now it is $200 monthly but there is a long ass waitlist. (reasonable parking price compared to other garages in the area (esp covered))
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    Proximity sensor just went inside the bumper

    Thanks guys! made appointment to service center for next Friday.
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    Proximity sensor just went inside the bumper

    Ugh - my proximity sensor just went into the rear bumper at 1k miles. Bleh. Anyone knows how to fix or I need to service this? (I also need a carwash) Now it always tells me to stop when I am reversing because the sensor is saying no more room in the back and there's a big hole in the rear...
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    Woodpecker Inspects a Model 3

    All the swirls from the woodpecker... I would have killed it before it touched my m3.
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    Easy DIY dash cam install

    I use 2 aukeys as well. The video image is acceptable. Although the back is kinda odd because the field of view is small?
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    Has anyone gotten their $3.5K back?

    Yes, my friend tried to get the refund of 3500. It was within several days of config though. He got 2500 back. The original 1000 still pending lol.. any exception w/ Tesla will take time to process. Good luck
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    My Delivery and Initial Performance Thoughts

    I got a lot of info from these forums and I felt I should share my experience w/ the M3. Delivery Sign up: 3/31/16? - line waiter first day Config: 4/15 ISA / VIN: 5/11 Delivery: 5/19 Location: San Diego Black Premium Long Range ISA experience - The guy was nice, but I did not get the final...
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    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    Other folks are installing their own charger in their apartment/Condo. It's going to be complicated and you'll have to pay $$.. Talk to HOA etc.. anyway, maybe I'll see you around in the DT supercharger when it is built. Going to put my name on the parking waitlist...
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    4/15 invites

    delivery 5/18
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    4/15 invites

    Configured 4/15. just got my vin today. Black Aero 207XX No isa yet.
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    Tesla threatening my deposit

    If for some low probability, Tesla "forfeit" your pmt, then you can call your credit card to get your money back. You did not buy the product or use the product so you can get your money back no matter what the heck the tesla contract says. Read your credit card agreement (not the tesla...
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    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    My guess on why they don't open on weekend is that it is too expensive to have someone there guarding... The area isn't that great (DT sd isn't that great). Just 2-3 blocks away I park on Fridays and I had someone defecated in front of my car. fml. Paid a much cheaper 15$ parking though.
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    Getting questions answered after your number comes up

    In my experience with installing solar panels w/ Tesla, communication is always the biggest issue.
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    Let's talk financing rates

    me too - 1.5 % for 48 or 2% for 72.
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    Let's talk financing rates

    I called them Friday. I should apply soon. 2% for 60 months as well if you can meet the cred req
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    Process for using a Tesla solar credit for Model 3?

    I was looking for this exact info!! I have 2 pending credit for solar and I am not sure if I should order away or wait.. definitely want it applied to the purchase price.
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    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    Not much going on... I think they are working on the back end.. the stalls seem good already.
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    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    I just went here to check it out in person during lunch time. usual parking is $200/mo, there is a waitlist no deal between ace parking/Tesla has been set in terms of how much Tesla owner have to pay for parking Est May-July opening First message in the forum.

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