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    Current owners of 40 kWh configuration

    Well, I’m finally pulling the trigger on the battery unlock due to the lower price. Appointment made for next week. Now, I just need to decide on supercharging.
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    No Cell Connection - Line through Cellular Bars

    If you have anything plugged into one or both of the USB ports, remove them, then reboot. That is what they finally did for me, and it worked.
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    No Cell Connection - Line through Cellular Bars

    Interesting, rebooting last night didn't work. I'll try again after work.
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    No Cell Connection - Line through Cellular Bars

    Last night and this morning, I have had a line through the cellular bars with no connection (see picture below). I called Tesla Service, and they said others have been having this problem, so I should wait to see if it goes away. However, I didn't see any posts here about it which I would have...
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    Random Model X sightings

    Spotted this brand new X towing a boat today (just got off I-275 N in Tampa).
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    Model X Founder Series - Facts

    Yes, I believe that is correct: Founders, Sigs, then General Production
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    Model X Founder Series - Facts

    I think I remember a number like 17 for the Model Ses.
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    Model X cheaper than expected.

    Bottom line, for 2015, if your Taxable Income is greater than $46,825 (Single or Married Filing Separately) or $56,150 (Married Filing Jointly), you will get the full $7,500 rebate.
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    Conflicted. Help me decide :) Tesla, or wife?

    Wife vs. Model S? Wife... no question. However, your real question is even easier to answer, because you are in a win-win situation. You will not regret it if you buy the Model S, and you will not regret it if you don't. Simple as that. I agree with others that used or CPO is a great option...
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    S40 Max range change with SW 6.2 (2.4.239)?

    I don't think they put much thought into it since it was less than 400 cars. The flip side is that full charge for us S40 owners is a great state for the battery. I almost never have less than 20% when I plug in, so the batteries usually stay between 20-66% charged. I would be happy to...
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    S40 Max range change with SW 6.2 (2.4.239)?

    It's my understanding that it is 0% to 66% (67 or 68% in reality). That is, my battery pack would be out of juice if I went to 0% (plus the normal additional reserve). I think they took the easy way on the software side and just limited the "Set Charge Limit" slider to a max of 68%.
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    S40 Max range change with SW 6.2 (2.4.239)?

    So, on my S40, I switched the display to remaining battery % instead of rated miles at the beginning of the year (I believe when we got v6.1). So, I am unsure if my max charge rated miles dropped with the latest software version, but it still charges to the same max percentage (67 or 68%), so I...
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Yes, it's been that way for a while for me (iPhone 6 Plus as well). My map screen doesn't work either - it displays the map and car location plus the speedometer if the car's in use, but neither the car nor map move when the car is in drive.
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    Pick one: Premium Sound OR Smart Air Suspension

    I have both options and feel that neither is a must-have. If I was to purchase right now, I would likely not get either and spend the money elsewhere. Air suspension is nice if you regularly need to raise car for steep driveways or will be driving in deep, unplowed snow, but I have found that...
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    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    For now, you can get there through the Canadian forums page (http://my.teslamotors.com/en_CA/forums)
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    Tesla continues to list price with gas savings/incentives and offer odd bundles

    I also don't like that you now have to order a $5,000 package, including the Alcantra headliner, just to get the power liftgate. This reminds me of normal car industry option packaging as well.
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    March 19, 2015 press release

    Although the operator doesn't seem to know who is speaking, so maybe this dial-in isn't correct.
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    March 19, 2015 press release

    It did for me. They took by name and company name, and I'm on music hold.
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    007 Submarine Easter Egg

    I had the same issue, and instead of rebooting, I closed the Controls screen, then repeated the 007 process, and everything went back to normal.
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    Loaded 85D or skinny P85D?

    Completely different end of the spectrum (and a slightly different trade-off), but I originally had to decide between a fully-loaded S40 vs. stripped-down S60, and I have been very happy with my choice to get the fully-loaded S40. The options you use every day, so they are worth it.
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    D = Dimension It's a Model S time machine! The DeLorean was so last century.
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    "Something else" is really getting me excited for the lighted vanity mirror reveal (in this case, "V" may be the other letter).
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    What battery in 40 kWh Model S

    Yes, exactly what Sacrament055 said.
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    Has anyone willingly returned to the ICE-age?

    We will likely remain a split EV/ICE family for a while longer. Our Model S replaced my 10-year old car last year. My wife's van is also coming up on 10-years old, but I think we will stick with an ICE for its replacement vehicle. The main reasons are: 1. We still need a vehicle for long...
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    Looking for a 40KWH Model S

    I agree that my 40 will likely never be a collector vehicle; however, at the current selling prices, it does have me wondering whether I could sell it and buy a new 60 for minimal difference. It may be a way to upgrade at a fraction of the cost. The downside is that most of the options I have...
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    What battery in 40 kWh Model S

    I have a 40 (VIN#10103), and it has an "A" pack, but as others have said, the 60 "A" packs are not like the 85 "A" packs, so no worries. However, I have not unlocked the battery pack, so I cannot give you any insight on Supercharging speed.
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    Remote Access Problem and Firmware v5.9 - any troubleshooting thoughts?

    Reinstalling the firmware worked for me when I had this same problem; however, they cannot push the firmware to the car OTA if they cannot see the car (i.e. if it's in deep sleep); therefore, a service center visit was required (even though I offered to stay with the car to keep it awake while...
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    Remote Access Problem and Firmware v5.9 - any troubleshooting thoughts?

    Next time your car goes into deep sleep, and you are unable to wake it, then you should call Tesla Ownership and asked them if they can connect to your car. If they cannot, then they will take you seriously and troubleshoot. Make sure your car has a good cell connection before going into deep...
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    IPass install under nose cone

    This is where I have it mounted (although I hear if you have the proximity sensors, this location might not work). Look at the first picture on the following post: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/15978-IPass-install-under-nose-cone?p=355149&viewfull=1#post355149
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    Fog Lights Gone?

    I just told the service center that I wanted them, and they did everything (including ordering the parts), so you should definitely call them ahead of time.
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    Has anyone received the replacement NEMA 14-50 adapter?

    Just received mine this past weekend. Is everyone really sending their old adapter back?
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    Remote Access Problem and Firmware v5.9 - any troubleshooting thoughts?

    You were right Jerry, the firmware did not install 100% correctly, even though the car displayed the "update completed successfully" window. The service center reinstalled (and I went from 1.51.88 to 1.51.94 as well). Now, remote access works again!
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    I am currently at 374 Wh/mi with 7,293 miles on the car. It has been a really tough winter in the Chicago area, so energy usage was extremely high over the past 4-5 months. I have not kept track of monthly usage, although I wish I had to see the volatility this winter.
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    Remote Access Problem and Firmware v5.9 - any troubleshooting thoughts?

    So far, all my efforts to fix have been in vain. It doesn't appear to be a deep sleep problem since the lack of connection starts soon after exiting the car (one minute or so). Also, I have the same problem if I turn off Energy Saving for the display which should prevent any sleep mode. I...
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    Remote Access Problem and Firmware v5.9 - any troubleshooting thoughts?

    Thanks for the suggestion Jackie. Yes, the 3G symbol does appear. Also, I have tried on WiFi as well.
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    Remote Access Problem and Firmware v5.9 - any troubleshooting thoughts?

    Here is my issue: I updated to v5.9 (1.51.88) early yesterday morning, and ever since I can only connect with the iPhone remote app if I do it in the first minute or so of leaving the car. After that, it will try to connect for a long time and then display "A Connection to the Vehicle Could Not...
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    Tesla Dealership Idea

    This is what they said on their blog post regarding NJ yesterday: In any case, they can still be fully in charge of the sales chain.
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    Tesla Dealership Idea

    First off: I know nothing of the legal aspects (which I expect would be huge) nor of the requirements for owning a car dealership, so this is very far-fetched, and I also expect this is not Tesla’s preference, but… I am sure that, for every Tesla store or gallery (current and future), there is...
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    For those owners unhappy with drop in maximum charged range

    My 40 started in the 144-145 rated miles range, but now charges to 127-130 max rated miles (~7,000 mi on car). I have always assumed it was some combination of #1 and #3 above (i.e. part real battery degradation and part revised algorithms with firmware updates). However, after reading many...
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    Illinois rebate

    I submitted my application on July 2nd (just after the 6/30 batch) and just received my $4k in the mail today.
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    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    Oh, I didn't realize that all 60s had the "A" battery designation. Have there been any 60s that are limited to 90 kW or can they all charge >90 kW?
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    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    I understand what you are saying; although, all* of us 40s finalized our orders prior to Tesla's software-limited 60 announcement. So, we all finalized our orders with the complete expectation that we would be receiving 40 kWh battery packs without the possibility for Supercharger access...
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    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    Even though I have a "40" kWh version of the Model S and have not unlocked the additional battery capacity or supercharger access yet, I went ahead and checked, and I have an "A" battery pack as well. So, VIN 10103 was delivered in mid-May 2013 with "A" batteries (as I suspect all 40s were)...
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    All but one supercharger spots used for hotel parking

    The problem is that I don't think it is illegal in many/some states, so calling the police or tow company wouldn't help. I have searched pretty extensively here in Illinois (including reading the Vehicle Code), and I cannot find anything stating that it is illegal for an ICE car to park in an...
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    WTB : 40 kWh Model S

    Here's a 40 for sale in Denver (although it has a lot of options/add-ons): http://www.teslamotors.com/forum/forums/40-kwh-model-s-sale-denver
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    Wisconsin Tesla Sightings...

    I find this quite funny if true.
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    Small request from a non-Californian

    Can you call Tesla as an Alaska resident and get them to send you pamphlets?
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    Ordered 60kw and having some doubts now.

    Seems like a sound decision to me. High power charger and twin chargers make sense only in very specific situations and are not really needed (especially in the Midwest where we currently do not have a network of high power public chargers). The 60 would be very adequate for your commute in...
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    Telsa Model S 40kwh model, lots of options - SOLD

    For a fair comparison, shouldn't the total current replacement cost be reduced by $7,500 for the federal tax rebate?
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    How did you Justify 95k car purchase?

    I do it all the time.

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