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  1. Phantom3

    Installed OEM mud flaps - found this bolt under my model 3. Any ideas?

    Thanks - but only installed the two OEM flaps on the front Of the vehicle.
  2. Phantom3

    Installed OEM mud flaps - found this bolt under my model 3. Any ideas?

    Can’t jack up the vehicle at present - but visibly cannot find any evidence of a missing bolt after inspecting the undercarriage... Anyone else have this happen, or know where it would come from? Thanks in advance.
  3. Phantom3

    anyone received 2020.12.5 update yet in Canada?

    Got it this morning too
  4. Phantom3

    HW3 Upgrade

    Just picked mine up after hw3 upgrade. Only took a couple of hours, but....lost settings previous posters indicated including profiles and total power usage (kWh/km)! Cones visible but need more driving before auto pilot will kick in and I can judge any improvements. Also noticed that the f/w...
  5. Phantom3

    HW3 Upgrade

    Scheduled for my HW3 upgrade next Wednesday.
  6. Phantom3

    Model Y Receives EPA-Rated 315 Miles of Range

    Sorry if this has already been asked or has an obvious answer, but will the model 3 aero wheels fit on the model y, and if so, will they give any additional range performance? I’ll be upgrading once my Model Y is available and contemplating keeping the aero wheels in the event that they increase...
  7. Phantom3

    Cybrtrk RN #

  8. Phantom3

    Cybrtrk RN #

  9. Phantom3

    Did you reserve the cyberTruck?

    Yes. Hoping the prototype will morph into something slightly more mainstream for production - my wife isn’t convinced!
  10. Phantom3

    Tesla Cybrtrk

    Ordered! Let’s hope the design does get refined...
  11. Phantom3

    Kingston SC construction - 3 of 6 stalls closed (EDIT: 6/6 BACK ON-LINE)

    All 6 back up and running as of Sunday
  12. Phantom3

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    You have FSD? I have FSD and advanced updates selected but no notification yet!!
  13. Phantom3

    What's your rated range again?

    35000 km LR M3 - 512km via Tesla stats app
  14. Phantom3

    The cost to fill my Tesla each day

    That surprises me? My experience is like most others. Spending 30 to 40 percent of fuel cost in electricity- including periodic supercharging here in Ontario. BC and Ontario energy rates aren’t too different but fuel is quite a but more so all things being equal it should not be a wash. Might...
  15. Phantom3

    Temporary Maintanence Error

    Same issue
  16. Phantom3

    Replika R-187 or R-171

    R-187 and yes.
  17. Phantom3

    $1k Refunds on FSD Start March 11

    Finally also received my refund on my credit card today!
  18. Phantom3

    NEMA 14-50 Installation in Canada

    I’m sure it’s already been noted but if one uses a 14-50 outlet with the 14-50 adapter from Tesla the adapter and car senses it and will try and draw 32 amps. I had originally installed the 14-50 plug on a 30 amp circuit and manually adjusted the max charging amps in my model 3. After a month...
  19. Phantom3

    What's your rated range again?

    Charged to 100% this morning before a trip - 100%=508km
  20. Phantom3

    Update 2019.16 Release Notes and Discussion

    Got mine today while at the office.
  21. Phantom3

    Are the Tesla Service Centers bad enough to cancel my Model 3 order?

    Only my opinion, but I Love mine and have only had good experiences with service centres. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned.
  22. Phantom3

    Is all the SuperChargers in GTA are 150kwh now?

    Charged at 150kw at Port hope and Burlington last weekend. FW 12.1.2
  23. Phantom3

    Ontario Insurance Discussion

    Sonnett 1430/yr 2M liability, 500 deductible,
  24. Phantom3

    Red Brake Calipers - incredible work and price!

    Had my calipers done today at same time as installing Replica 187s... can't believe I waited so long. Spence was really busy at end of the day but took good care. It was worth the couple of hours (and a long drive from Burlington)!
  25. Phantom3

    $1k Refunds on FSD Start March 11

    Canadian dollars
  26. Phantom3

    $1k Refunds on FSD Start March 11

    Called the number and now my refund of $1400 plus tax will be in 30 to 60 days via cheque.
  27. Phantom3

    $1k Refunds on FSD Start March 11

  28. Phantom3

    $1k Refunds on FSD Start March 11

    Thanks - which email address responded to your request? I’m waiting as well and haven’t had any luck via the customer support email list a few posts ago.
  29. Phantom3

    $1k Refunds on FSD Start March 11

    Got hold of them on an online chat and was told refunds will be done by end of next week.
  30. Phantom3

    [Poll] - Are you ordering Model Y?

    Yes. Ordered.
  31. Phantom3


    Look in your account - mine showed up already.
  32. Phantom3


  33. Phantom3


    I pulled the trigger! Super excited. Long range, FSD, blue with 19 inch wheels.
  34. Phantom3

    Price will increase 3% on March 18, 2019

    Will certainly cut down on the chatter around the FSD option price though. ;-)
  35. Phantom3

    Model 3 FSD Upgrade Price is $4,000CAD

    Indeed feels like good value. Just went for it! Helps that I got my rebate cheque two weeks ago.
  36. Phantom3

    Price FSD Canada

    I pulled the trigger! Can’t wait for the new updates!
  37. Phantom3

    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    Vehicle rebate - June 4th submission - cheque received today February 15th. Only a couple of weeks shy of 9 months wait...
  38. Phantom3

    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    June 4 th submission - I feel like I must be the last June 4th applicant left! After poking them a few times and going to the ombudsman, I received an email last week indicating that my file was under review. Today I received a query to resubmit my registration as my package wasn’t complete...
  39. Phantom3

    Tesla Model 3 Pricing Info & Range Rating Released For Europe

    544Km in Europe vs 499Km in North America for Long Range Model 3. Probably a simple reason for almost 10% extra range, but couldn't find anything online. Ideas?
  40. Phantom3

    Point Claire Supercharger - Off the Highway from Toronto to Mtl?

    Normally you’ll end up on highway 20 vs highway 40 coming off of the 401 from Toronto, which means about a 5 minute detour to Fairview for the Pointe Claire SC. I’d recommend that one as it has more slots and good availability plus traffic is a bit better. In fact both PC and St. Laurent are...
  41. Phantom3

    Who has lost regen with winter tires?

    Had issues with regen starting as soon as winters installed. very inconsistent as well. Reported issue to Tesla as indicated and they responded with an acknowledgment that they are working on a solution.
  42. Phantom3

    Anybody use the stock rims with their Winter tires?

    Had my new X-ice3s installed on the Aero rims last week by Cody at mobiletire.ca. They came to me. Very professional. Would highly recommend!
  43. Phantom3

    Who has lost regen with winter tires?

    Same here
  44. Phantom3

    Who has lost regen with winter tires?

    Same thing noticed right after install of my winter tires today.
  45. Phantom3

    Anybody use the stock rims with their Winter tires?

    Bought the Michelin xice 3s. Will be installed on my stock rims Tuesday. Once that’s done I’ll start looking for new rims and Tpms for the summer.
  46. Phantom3

    Supercharger - Casselman ON

    That’s me in the back behind the Semi. He parked blocking 10 of the 12 spots... not very considerate and a massive open parking lot right beside. He’d never do that at a gas station. Oh well. More education needed.
  47. Phantom3

    Summon is coming!

    Fingers crossed!
  48. Phantom3

    Highest Software on a Canadian Model 3

    42.2 here
  49. Phantom3

    Flo Charging Network - Trip to Montreal / Bell Centre

    I do the drive every couple of weeks. On the way, I’d recommend Belleville SC over Kingston due to limited availability in Kingston (only really valid on the weekends - never had to wait in Kingston during the week) then Pointe-Claire as others have stated either on the way in or out of the...
  50. Phantom3

    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    What method of contact/number did you use? Haven’t made it anywhere close to an analyst yet.

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