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  1. J

    So people give Tesla a hard time for missing deadlines.....

    Some people really can't follow a train of thought.... or maybe they just like distracting from the point. The fact is that anyone who makes a promise to deliver AND takes people's money who paid for that promised delivery has a problem when they don't deliver timely. Period. There's nothing...
  2. J

    USB Hub for Model 3's front ports?

    Just to add to this discussion. From what I have read, an iPhone (model 5-10) can draw up to 1.7 amps when charging from low power levels. Just like a Tesla, as the amount of charge gets higher, the amount of amperage draw goes down. I have a usb plug which shows how much amperage the device...
  3. J

    2017 90D Model S 12,200miles-$78,200

    I am interested. How do we communicate privately? John
  4. J

    Summon and garage level

    Mine has no problem exiting 'down' the elevation, only up as you noted. I tried a 3/4" PVC pipe (10 feet long) and that did not do the trick. I think that a 1x4 might make a difference. Perhaps even a furring strip. I don't really need summon, but would like it to work. Thanks.
  5. J

    Summon and garage level

    Very interesting. I have the space to pull in at an angle (turning to the left on entry). Thanks for the idea. John
  6. J

    Summon and garage level

    Thanks but... I don't have an angle grinder or diamond disc. And with "summon" just able to move forward and back and not drive to me, it's not worth the effort. And when backing out of the garage, it drives over the grass on the side. It's a nice trick, but not fully developed enough. I...
  7. J

    Summon and garage level

    Summon does not completely work in my garage because of the elevation difference. There is a 1.4" lip from the driveway to the garage floor (up). When summon hits this going forward it sometimes stops when the front wheels hit the lip. It never clears the back wheels. I had considered...
  8. J

    2016 S 90 D Sticker $111,200 Fully Loaded Ask $75,000 9,500 miles

    Sorry to rain on the parade but anyone check KBB.COM for current value. One may be surprised!
  9. J

    Odd Shutdown of Car overnight

    I pulled in to the garage, it was connected to WiFi and plugged it as usual. I didn't notice anything odd last night. This morning, I walked to the car, the door handles presented themselves, but both displays were black. Off. That was odd. I sat in the seat. Still BLACK. I pressed the...
  10. J

    My P90DL is speed limited to 84mph?

    Call Tesla to remove the restriction. It takes 5 mins.
  11. J

    AP2/EAP Lane lines wiggle

    LuvMyS - no need for an appointment for the lines. I concur with all others. Better but not perfect on the display of the lines. 80% is a good description of improvement.
  12. J

    First-Timer Question about Updates/Wifi

    Sheenn... this was happening with my S when I got it in 2016. I found a post which told me how to configure my wifi for better connections. If you can find that post, follow it and it will do the trick. Obviously, the closer the router the better, but this is also a G only connection so use...
  13. J

    Firmware 8.1

    TeslaFi reports it is being sent. Anyone have it here? Not on EV-FW yet. Inquiring minds...
  14. J

    Selling 2016 all Black brand new tesla 90 D Type S with Dual Motors

    We should all applaud the vagueness of the offer. Skillfully deceptive to any newbie, but newbies don't come here to buy. NEW means new, so should we assume it has 50 miles on it or just driven to the grocery store a few hundred times? It's got to be a HW1 car with no AP because Loving says...
  15. J

    Cat hid the key fob

    Yep, I am a Tile person. Even glued one to the universal (Harmony) remote. I hate losing that in the bed, in the pillows, on the counter in the next room when I ran in there for a reason I forgot before I got there. Got ADD? These are great for, hey, look at the birds outside the window.
  16. J

    Tesla Elon Musk Says Update 8.1 Coming in 10 Days or So

    Elon engaged in a TWEETSTORM this morning. Maybe he needs to spend more time explaining why he charged me for EAP and it didn't function at all when I left the showroom. No there was no 'waiting for approval'disclaimer on my papers. Great car. Trumpesque owner. He's just a misleader...
  17. J


    This is reported on ev-fw.com Presumably an AP1 car. Anyone get this? Any info on what's new in it?
  18. J

    17.7.2 downloaded - parallel parking

    not really a useful update... : (
  19. J

    Autopilot for HW2 rolling out to all HW2 cars today!

    17.7.2 received. Local streets auto steer to 35 mph and parallel parking... Infrequently useful.
  20. J

    17.5.36 AP2

    Hang in there. I was told that an update for HW2 cars is due for release today/tonight to correct a problem with my AC (and others'). Don't hold your breath but...
  21. J

    AC died - firmware blamed - new firmware 2/20

    Just a report... S90D HW2 Deivered Dec 2016, 2500 miles, Left car in parking lot, back 30 mins and no AC. Called service (local). She identified 'chiller off' at her end, and had to re-start the car (not just power off at the car). Parked the car, POWERED OFF on control screen, exited. She...
  22. J

    AP/AS I finally get it

    I am new to AP2 hardware having tested an AP1 in December of 2015. The speed of approach to stopped traffic at a setting of 7 is alarming and wasteful. It is clear to me that the brakes engage and not all of the slow down is regen. It does not appear that a setting of 6 or 5 makes it much...
  23. J

    Software Update Available! HW2 car!

    Zonehawk - Thank you. You are/were correct. A 2 minute call to Tesla verified that the restriction was in place and was removed. Thank you again.
  24. J

    Software Update Available! HW2 car!

    I have received 2.52.120 and just drove on the expressway. My speed was limited to 85mph. Anyone else seeing this?
  25. J

    Has everyone received the lastest software update?

    2.50.15 is out there. Don't know much about it. My S90D was delivered 12/17 with 2.48.204 in it. No AP functions. Anyone else with AP2 hardware get 2.50.15?

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