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  1. Scrutmonkey

    Ohmmu battery [question about ohmmu battery for Model 3LR]

    2018 LR with Ohmmu from March 2022…emailed Ohmmu twice…no response. I’m tempted to try reinstalling it again and see how far till the error pops up. Last time it was 1.5 days. Anyone here get a module from them yet? Edit: sorry, found a big thread on the charging section, might check that out...
  2. Scrutmonkey

    Vendor TEMAI Model 3 accessories. Free giveaways and upcoming products! [2021]

    I might have to grab me a set of filters..I guess I'll sell this normal set of filters I have sitting in the garage :D
  3. Scrutmonkey

    New upper trunk molding

    I got denied three times for the free trunk garnish upgrade on my 03/18. My brother in law made friends with a guy that works on Tesla’s that had one, gave it to me for free. Makes the trunk look complete.
  4. Scrutmonkey

    The Best way to improve your Model 3 Trunk Lighting

    I hardwired two 12v led strips and spliced them in. Plus I upgraded the two leds with Abstract oceans. Everything is lit like crazy now.
  5. Scrutmonkey

    Long Range, Rear Wheel Drive Owners - Step in Please

    I haven't seen any change...March 2018 and I'm at about 16k in mileage 80%: --- miles (haven't tried yet, I'll do it tonight. 90%: 279 miles 100%: 309-310 miles Rated Range increase to 325 miles: Yes.
  6. Scrutmonkey

    How do I disable the noisemaker in my Tesla Model 3

    Wow, I had to look up the sounds and hear what there were. The reverse sounds reminds me of a UFO.
  7. Scrutmonkey

    Model 3 rear/back rattle

    Delivery MAR2018 - Yup, i have the same rattle. it'l like a wire or something slapping against another thing. It's not a sharp sounding "Buzz" either.
  8. Scrutmonkey

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Just an Update to the DROPLOCK usage... When I first installed them, i was able to take them out easily with the removal instructions from the makers. It's been a few months now and I had to to remove them before sending my car in for service on the trunk area. It was a PITA to get them out...
  9. Scrutmonkey

    Puddle of water inside the trunk after rain!

    UPDATE : It took them a few hours of water testing and they ended up installing a new seal on my trunk (Vin 8XXX, delivery MAR 2018). We looked at before/after pics...the seal is differently shaped. They retested and refitted my trunk. The re-fitment was because me left side wasn't flush...
  10. Scrutmonkey

    saving passenger AC/vent/seat settings

    That would be a nice feature to have for Tesla to save the passenger's setting as well.
  11. Scrutmonkey

    Puddle of water inside the trunk after rain!

    We had two nights of water here in California, Bay Area, took delivery March 2018. it happened once before earlier this year, but i thought maybe I just didn't have the trunk closed completely. Here's my water in the trunk, i wiped a little before i figured I should take pics. I'm glad i...
  12. Scrutmonkey

    1 year ownership - "Air" noise perspectives

    So it's been a year now and the Model 3 is basically my daily driver. When we first bought it, there was an issue with road and wind noise. But coming back a year later...it seems much quieter than when we first drove or even the first few months. I thought maybe I was just accustomed to...
  13. Scrutmonkey

    center console 12v outlet - constant power now

    Posters have stated before, ever since Sentry Mode was integrated, the 12v no longer switches off. I wish we had a toggle on the SETUP. My dashcam gets to be unplugged every night now.
  14. Scrutmonkey

    Unplugged Performance Moderate Springs on my Model 3

    Juts to add, what version of the Model 3 do you have?
  15. Scrutmonkey

    Front windshield sun shade

    I have this one too...my only gripe, I wish it was just a few inches longer..maybe 3 inches. But it's been very good at keeping heat out.
  16. Scrutmonkey

    Turn Signal Stuck Flashing

    Weird, might just be a rare bug. Hopefully the reboot keeps it from happening. if not then maybe on the next update. I would probably think it would be a mechanical issue then if it sticks after the next update.
  17. Scrutmonkey

    Right wand not engaging AP?

    just to double check, make sure the little "auto-steer (Beta)" is ON in the AP menu. other than that, maybe it needs to auto-calibrate more? If not, then hopefully it's just something simple as recalibrating the cameras.
  18. Scrutmonkey

    do you have every minor defect fixed?

    Nope, my trunk still is not flush. But whatever...
  19. Scrutmonkey

    City Council Candidate hits Model 3, then flees scene

    He's so dirty... Ex-Traffic Court Judge Willie Singletary booted from City Council ballot; former LG Mike Stack withdraws
  20. Scrutmonkey

    Do you get water inside your car?

    Only when it rains and I need to open my trunk. That water just goes right off the rear window in right into the trunk. I had condensation i some rear lights that were replaced.
  21. Scrutmonkey

    My new Model 3 with Tints/Door handles

    Maybe a color changing vinyl on the logos. Maybe one that goes from a Dark Blue to a purple as you walk around it?
  22. Scrutmonkey

    Getting trolled by coworker about model 3 underbody scooping dirt article

    Comeback of the day..."How much you pay for gas every month?"
  23. Scrutmonkey

    Model 3 Update 2019.8.1

    Hopefully they'll fix on the next update. I'm on 5.15 and it doesn't seem to slow down and not necessarily brake more than usual, but the car following distance has been pretty consistent on my end. My BIL (Brother in Law) was in his coworkers car yesterday and it just slammed on it's brakes...
  24. Scrutmonkey

    Can Model 3 keep 12v on without going to sleep?

    Ingenious use of your Model 3...it's like a smaller output mobile powerwall.
  25. Scrutmonkey

    Should Sentry mode be the default setting when car locks? Poll

    It’s nice that they have Sentry Mode on our mobile apps now. I probably wouldn’t set it if I was...let’s say, parked in my garage. But a public parking lot or on the street is a different story.
  26. Scrutmonkey

    How effective has Sentry Mode been?

    nah, it was me opening the trunk, putting in groceries, then closing the trunk without opening the car to disarm Sentry Mode. At least we know it works. :D
  27. Scrutmonkey

    How effective has Sentry Mode been?

    I just found out the Trunk/Sentry mode thing when it started blaring music when I was shopping at a Grocery Market. i think it's a good addition. It would have been good to have some sort of motion function integrated with the internal facing camera, but disabled if Dog Mode is turned on. not...
  28. Scrutmonkey

    protecting against break ins

    I would think maybe they carry one of these that has a spring loaded glass breaker. https://www.amazon.com/Ztylus-Stinger-Emergency-Life-Saving-Cigarette/dp/B079YX18KB/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1548977377&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=emergency+glass+breaking+tool&psc=1
  29. Scrutmonkey

    Tire Inflator/Deflator/Pressure Guage for Tesla Model 3...

    I use something like this. I’m too lazy to go down stairs to get my particular brand. It has auto 12v plus, battery and charger with digital gauge. Just set, plug in, turn on, and it’ll auto stop when it reaches the set pressure. Mine has a small light and backlit LED screen. Portable Air...
  30. Scrutmonkey

    Front Trunk Rubber Stops

    Yeah, compression in the trunk, just bump adjusters in the Frunk area.
  31. Scrutmonkey

    Frunk stickers gone after service

    I have a friend that works on the 3...he said they they don't do the stickers in the front anymore. Either they ran out or they just phased out that step and replaced that entire piece during your car's stay.
  32. Scrutmonkey

    Closing Two Front Doors - Need to slam it?

    I took delivery in march...my doors are much easier to close now. There's just a break in period for all the seals IMO. I noticed it a week go that my doors required a lot less effort than the first few months.
  33. Scrutmonkey

    Slight issue with 46.2 and how I fixed it.

    I too had the same issue this morning. i also did the reboot (no brake, that does nothing) and you can unlock form the center screen. but i learned something this morning (referencing above posters :D). We have a manual cable release in the trunk.
  34. Scrutmonkey

    USB Hub for Model 3's front ports?

    I'm using this one with the Nomad and TeslaCam in one USB slot. Everything works. I even have another apple charging cable in the extra slot in case the wife needs to charge, but needs to use her phone while i"m driving. I have the Samsung 32 gig USB drive in the far slot with the DOT...
  35. Scrutmonkey

    The Great Key fob unboxing

    man, i just watched a video of this today where someone took the FOB apart and there's a spot you can loop a lanyard and add a keyring on the end. I need to find it again. Found it -
  36. Scrutmonkey

    One more sunglasses option

    Let us know how well the PLA+ holds up in some internal summer months. Not being sarcastic, I'm just really curious before i go buy some and print my own. ABS stinks.
  37. Scrutmonkey

    Anyone like the New Model 3 smell?

    My car just smells like popcorn chicken now...
  38. Scrutmonkey

    windows don't raise all the way after shutting door?

    You can try the auto window reset procedure: With Windows up - Push down on the two front switches so the Windows go all the way down. Pull up on the switches till the windows close and hold it up for 10-15 seconds. Hopefully that fixes it. if not, a video and pics then a trip to the SC. the...
  39. Scrutmonkey

    P 3 spoiler

    I heard they will schedule you an appointment to have a SC install? or if it's in the car, you can sell it to me :D
  40. Scrutmonkey

    Buying a Showroom floor Model 3

    When I was picking up my 3 in march, my Brother in law was asking about the show room models. They switch them out every quarter-ish and they will replace the parts that normally get used excessively for the demo-ing. Like the charge port door/motor. I wouldn't have any qualms about buying...
  41. Scrutmonkey

    Has anyone ever gotten pulled over for tint before?

    California - 10 years with 35% on my Altima all around...never got pulled over
  42. Scrutmonkey

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    just curious where you parked. Was it in the back lot behind the Mitsuwa? I'm thinking about just putting one of those huge bears from Costco and strapping it into the middle seat. the high back trunk makes the rear visibility poor anyways.
  43. Scrutmonkey

    Why get a dashcam?

    For me, I got rear ended in my old car. The guy said I changed lanes in the intersection. Luckily, the insurance believed me and did not place me at fault. Then I got a dash cam. I then get crashed into on the freeway about 6 months later because the guy fell asleep. It saved me $500.00 on...
  44. Scrutmonkey

    Part of my left side headlight is out.

    I had mine replaced within one day. I took it into the center in Santa Clara, CA. I drove a rental Chevy around...so happy to get the car back. It no longer has a perma-wink. just take a pic when you are behind a car and see the reflection, but most centers know this is an issue with some...
  45. Scrutmonkey

    A REAL wireless charging pad for the Model 3

    I'm not sure if it would matter. I don't think the front USBs are 3.0 on the Model 3. Unless they are a different wire for the voltage output?
  46. Scrutmonkey

    Something stands out about this Model 3..

    I wish they just kept it simple with a Capital red "D" or a "DM" in the lower right.
  47. Scrutmonkey

    Surprises for a New Owner

    I second this. I have said, "Take me to..." and either used an actual name of a a place or just spit out the entire address, Street, city, state. So far it has worked out very well. You'll be impressed with the traffic as well since it had routed me in different paths of a same trip due to...

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