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  1. Jrzapata

    rear bike rack question.

    I actually experience longer range with the roof rack than the hitch rack. I guess because my bikes have a pretty flat profile?
  2. Jrzapata


    Sooo Once you have the 98+ For 100 miles how long does one have to wait?
  3. Jrzapata

    Any problems or challenges in having two Model 3's in the same household?

    My house we have a model 3 and a model Y Model 3 under my email with my wife as an authorized user Model Y under my wife’s email with me as an authorized user All our keys cards setup to use either car so we both each carry a key just in case something happens to our phones. We have a Tesla...
  4. Jrzapata

    New M3LR stuck on firmware 2021.3.103

    New Model Y LR delivered 7/30/2021 on 2021.3.104
  5. Jrzapata

    Jeda Issues with iPhone 12

    I’m using the Apple clear case and fits fine. Only problem is if you close the lid, when you open it again the phone slides down
  6. Jrzapata

    Jeda Issues with iPhone 12

    The 12 Pro Max fits with the nomad
  7. Jrzapata

    Jeda Issues with iPhone 12

    Glad to report Nomad charger and Apple clear case works. Only issue is if you close the lid of the console. When you open it, the phone rolls down
  8. Jrzapata

    Rain-X / Aquapel for front wind shield

    I use rain x without any issues Rain-X 1gal +32 Degree Windshield Washer Fluid
  9. Jrzapata

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    Once the bikes are on, the trunk is shut. No access to it.
  10. Jrzapata

    Best Song for Premium Audio?

    Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody
  11. Jrzapata

    YouTube Music after Spotify?

    Tesla should consider to integrate Android Auto and Apple Carplay and forget about that side of the infotainment system. Want Google music? OK Want Spotify? OK Want Apple Music? OK done!
  12. Jrzapata

    Putting on and Removing bikes from Roof rack (model 3)

    I’m 5’4” I lower windows, open doors and step up on frame
  13. Jrzapata

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    As long as is secured. It’s not rubbing, it stays steady
  14. Jrzapata

    Sleeping at super chargers?

    I just made a 36 hour trip Texas to Wyoming with the wife. Spent 2 nights at holiday inns express close to the SC for about $100 a night. NicE places and we disinfected the rooms ourselves (Covid concerns). One of the rooms was like it had never been cleaned and the other was impecable. Yeah...
  15. Jrzapata

    Recommendations, please: kayaks, trailers, hitches, advice for Model 3

    This is a 14’ kayak and the front line does touch the car. The line came with some rubber protectors that “stick without glue” to the car and don’t let it move. the lines are from a kayak carrying kit from my 2009 Mini Cooper
  16. Jrzapata

    Carrying a kayak on the Tesla bars, which brand do you use?

    @Biscuitman I am paranoid so I put the tie downs. Easier to tie the kayak than picking it up from the freeway @TX_M3P+ ties to hitch lock
  17. Jrzapata

    Carrying a kayak on the Tesla bars, which brand do you use?

    I have one that was from my Mini Cooper
  18. Jrzapata

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    I use a hitch lock. I’ll get you a picture to show. Easier than explain.
  19. Jrzapata

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    4 bikes. And a 14’ kayak
  20. Jrzapata

    What app do you use for an Apple Watch?

    Remote for Tesla
  21. Jrzapata

    First ever Model 3 software update looks stuck

    This might be the map update which is quite large and won't come down over cell that easily. Follow directions to reboot car as above remove your wifi and add it again also as a just in case reboot your wifi router
  22. Jrzapata

    Is the Model 3 on death row because of the Model Y?

    Personally the model 3 is already a large car for my taste. Is the biggest car I have owned. My previous car was a Mini Cooper to put it in perspective. I don't need extra space, If I need to take cargo I can rent an SUV or buy lunch for one of my many friends with trucks here in TX. Each car...
  23. Jrzapata

    Car Parked Outside temp 68f / Inside 98f. Normal?

    I think I remember seeing a warning video about leaving people and pets in cars where they run this experiment and it reached 145F. How to Protect Your Car From the Florida Sun - Hollywood Kia Blog.
  24. Jrzapata

    Any unauthorized person can use the car during charging?

    I’d say do your test again But either turn off Bluetooth or turn off all phones set as keys in your house
  25. Jrzapata

    tesla hate.

    I think the reasons are simple and not so simple at the same time. 1. Misinformation: a lot of people are told that this company is going to eliminate a lot of car manufacturer jobs, that this is a left wing company trying to push environmental propaganda, blah blah blah. 2. Human nature...
  26. Jrzapata

    Any ideas how to retrieve... (don't laugh)

    quick question on this where exactly is the opening where the M&M went into?
  27. Jrzapata

    Anyone using the Seasucker Mini Bomber bike rack on their Model 3?

    hello, sorry for the delayed reply. I only out the rack on when I am using it, if it is on the screen shows a warning about proximity sensors being blocked and that the lane departure warning won’t work correctly, even when using a single bike setup. The rack is a 1up USA bike rack, I got the...
  28. Jrzapata

    Importing a Tesla into Colombia (South America): any missing features?

    Being from Colombia and knowing the status of the roads I can imagine autopilot is pretty much useless if you don't have street markings. I can't imagine how the car behaves with all the motorcycles coming out of nowhere around it.But @ecarfan has the most valid point on the lack of service. The...
  29. Jrzapata

    Pre-2019 HW3 upgrades

    I did the experiment of scheduling a service to upgrade the computer. I was told to **** on a very nice and polite way, I've seen that some people have gotten it upgraded as part of other service visits. We shall wait
  30. Jrzapata

    Charging with a gas generator?

    There’s something I saw in some videos about having to modify the generators to be “stable enough” for the car not to blow it. It is extremely inefficient in the mileage per gallon you would get
  31. Jrzapata

    J1772 Adapter Storage?

    I bought an extra one. the original I keep it in the bag with the cable in the trunk. the second one I bought I keep it in the center console for when I need to charge. I trend to lose things, in case I leave one behind at a charging station, I have a reserve. I do like that one from the post...
  32. Jrzapata

    TM3 new range for LR AWD car: What about us with 3 months old cars?

    the 322 is probably post a new update we don't have yet.
  33. Jrzapata

    Assume FSD was fully functional....

    I had my Model 3 for 15 months already. Done a few road trips in it and put 23,600 miles on it. I would easily say about 80% of those miles have been on EAP. I love the idea of driving but I find it boring in the real world. Traffic is horrible! and most drives I do are in east Texas, meaning...
  34. Jrzapata

    Supercharger - Atascadero, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    I had the same issue happen to me in a supercharger in Austin, TX. I even changed to another stall making sure I was in a different circuit. Same result. I ended up charging just enough to go to another supercharger and charge up to continue my trip. Second supercharger worked as expected. I...
  35. Jrzapata

    How do you carry your bike?

    Rack1 by Jrzapata posted Jan 29, 2019 at 4:51 AM
  36. Jrzapata

    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    When did Elon say everyone with FSD gets in the early access program?
  37. Jrzapata

    Use Rainex on Model 3 windshield?

    I've used it from day 1 and never had any issues from it. What I read from the interwebs is that some products cause annoying noises from the wipers.
  38. Jrzapata

    Glass Roof Cracks

    I just dropped my car off at the service center, BUT mine is crack because of impact. Rock flying down the freeway hit it. It took 2 months to get the parts available. I am not angry at Tesla for the wait, but If I find that rock I have a few words for it.
  39. Jrzapata

    My Model 3 Needs Yet Another Windshield

    Every time I visited the state of Louisiana in my Mini Cooper on my way to FL from TX I get a rock hit on my windshield with the respective star. now I have a crack on my roof and been waiting for a new glass panel for 3 weeks
  40. Jrzapata

    Anyone using the Seasucker Mini Bomber bike rack on their Model 3?

    I have a hitch and a 1up usa hitch rack (up to 3 bikes). Installation looks intimidating but it really isn't that hard. I also have the roof rack, but I use that one for my kayak Rack1 by Jrzapata posted Jan 29, 2019 at 4:51 AMRack2 by Jrzapata posted Jan 29, 2019 at 4:51 AMRack3 by Jrzapata...
  41. Jrzapata

    Starting to regret my purchase

    Wowza, sorry to read you had such bad experience. I got my LR RWD a year ago and have had 0 problems with it. I broke one of my sun visors cleaning the car but had it replaced. now a rock hit my roof and I need a new roof, @$%$ rocks flying on the FWY. I would suggest that when you have issues...
  42. Jrzapata

    How to transport a Canoe with a Model 3

    The roof rack is not that hard to take off, but I personally like the look fo the car with the rack on. it makes it look different to all the other M3s in my neighborhood.
  43. Jrzapata

    How to transport a Canoe with a Model 3

    @GreenMtnM3 and @adam5858 sorry for the delayed response. I used a pin across the lock of my hitch. Back Hitched by Jrzapata posted Jan 29, 2019 at 4:51 AM
  44. Jrzapata

    The one thing my Model 3 is missing

    Elon said this is coming on V10 so be careful wha you wish for... Elon Musk on Twitter
  45. Jrzapata

    Concerns about installing a bike rack on a Model 3

    Rack4 by Jrzapata posted Jan 29, 2019 at 4:51 AMRack3 by Jrzapata posted Jan 29, 2019 at 4:51 AMRack2 by Jrzapata posted Jan 29, 2019 at 4:51 AMRack1 by Jrzapata posted Jan 29, 2019 at 4:51 AM 1up USA Bike rack, 1up bike rack addons Bike Racks – 1UP USA | OFFICIAL SITE ecoHitch 2018-2019 Tesla...
  46. Jrzapata

    Model 3 tries to engage autosteer when shifting into drive - unintended acceleration

    Interesting. I usually get into the car pressing the brake pedal, this moves all from easy-entry to my profile. By the time the seat stops moving I’m buckled up door closed and ready to roll
  47. Jrzapata

    How to transport a Canoe with a Model 3

    Tesla Roof Rack FTW
  48. Jrzapata

    Bug wash windshield wiper fluid isn't okay?

    The caution explains why: Caution: Do not add formulated washer fluids that contain water repellent or bug wash. These fluids can cause streaking, smearing, and squeaking or other noises I use RainX fluid and don't get any of these issues. I can imagine is Tesla not wanting to endorse any...
  49. Jrzapata

    Does anyone drive Model 3 in Venezuela?

    Gas $1 Food? Impossible to find

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