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  1. jat

    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    So is there a shared repository for known CAN messages? I am aware of a few linked from Exploring the Tesla Model S CAN Bus - All but that doesn't cover much. I want to log all 4 CAN buses available on the diagnostic connector (along with external GPS/accelerometer/etc data and video of the...
  2. jat

    Pics/Info: Inside the battery pack

    Have you charged a whole module using your PowerLab 8? It seems like either you could hook up the cell voltages from the connector to the BMS board to the balance wires to the PL8, or you could rely on the BMS board doing the balancing itself.
  3. jat

    Vendor T Sportline 19x8.5" TST Wheels For Sale for the Tesla Model S

    I would recommend against the stock lug nuts - I swap wheels frequently for the track, and I found that the chrome outer layer gets mangled easily. I switched to Gorilla 61147CX which fit perfectly (they actually have slightly larger mating surface than the stock lug nuts), are one piece, and...
  4. jat

    Picture request: Any Model S with a nice wheels/rims set up?

    My Model S with BBS CH-R's BBS CH-R 20x9 +29mm BFG g-Force Rivals 265/35ZR20 These are my dedicated track tires/wheels (the g-Force Rivals are street-legal and 200 treadwear, but don't have much room in the treads for water to go so if you drive in standing water you will hydroplane) - I can...
  5. jat

    Model S on the Track - A Review

    I left regen on standard, though I don't really recover much energy from it since at the track you brake really hard initially and trail off. I didn't find any problem with regen upsetting the car, and in fact the regen braking serves the function of trail braking to keep weight on the front...
  6. jat

    Model S on the Track - A Review

    Funny you say that -- after it starts limiting power, I do start driving it like a big, heavy Miata -- taking different lines through the corners to preserve momentum. I went to the track (Atlanta Motorsports Park) yesterday with my new track tires (BFG g-Force Rivals), and they made a huge...
  7. jat

    Peak KW on S60, S85, and P85

    In my S85, I get 318kW. In a ~1:40 lap around the track, I am over 300kW a total of 14 seconds.
  8. jat

    20" Aftermarket Wheels - Decisions Decisions!

    I put BBS CH-R 20x9 and 265/35R20 g-Force Rivals on my car. I wrote up my experience taking it to the track on G+.
  9. jat

    Model S on the Track - A Review

    When I was at the track, I started the last session with 60 rated miles. I wasn't looking at projected range, but it didn't start limiting power until just before I pulled off the track with 17 rated miles left, so I am sure projected miles were way under 30. I really think it only limits...
  10. jat

    Anyone taken their MSP to a track day yet? Care to share?

    I took my S85 to a Hooked on Driving event at Atlanta Motorsports Park a couple of weeks ago. It was a blast, and I think more people came over to look at it/take pictures/ask questions than a Lambo that was at the event. I only charged at 120V during the event so only ran 4 of the 5 sessions...
  11. jat

    Who Gets the S?

    I'll be driving it, but I will swap cars with my wife (who will be taking my LEAF) when she needs to drive further than the LEAF will allow.
  12. jat

    Subjective Question: Minimum Annual Salary to Buy Perf 85kWh w/options

    I think it is silly to compare the price of the car with your annual salary. First, a car is not an asset -- you would do better burying money under a rock compared to buying a car just for an investment (there are exceptions, such as collector's items). What you should care about is the...
  13. jat

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    @Sparrow - I am in the Atlanta area as well (though I won't get my car until April/May). Did having to officially purchase the car in CA and have it delivered to GA cause any other problems, such as having to pay sales tax in CA? Did you elect to pay the one-time title ad valorem tax, or stick...
  14. jat

    400 Mile Range Prize

    If I were going to try it (which I don't think it is worth 10+ hours of my time), I would drive circles around an abandoned shopping mall at ~30mph - that should do it.
  15. jat

    50 amp subpanel- can volt and model S both charge?

    I had a 100A subpanel installed in my garage before I got my LEAF, with the idea that I would need to support two EVs. The LEAF draws 20A steady-state, though it spikes at 30A at startup. I can also program the LEAF when to charge, but since it charges slower and a full charge is more...

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