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  1. tomot

    Problems changing wheels from summer to winter

    Each winter when I change my wheels from summer to winter tires, Its impossible to remove the wheels from each wheel hub. I have to use a short 2x4, place it along the inside edge of the wheel, and bash it with a 10Lb hammer to break the wheel free from the hub. This must be an undocumented...
  2. tomot

    Tesla flops in 2021 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Survey

    Thanks..., looking at the topic list I was unsure under which topic to place my comments
  3. tomot

    Tesla flops in 2021 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Survey

    You can read more about it here: www.teslarati.com/tesla-2021-jd-power-vehicle-dependability-survey/ Here are a few things I'm adding to the list: Battery Degradation, Rust, & Condensation When I first got the Model 3, I was getting 490km of Battery range per charge. I only performed a full...
  4. tomot

    Loot Box Looted!

    Mine expired 1 year and 1 month after my purchase so now my loot box looks like this
  5. tomot

    Loot Box Looted!

    True to the definition of loot. My loot box was raided, of my 15,000 miles of Free charging went missing today. What will Elon Mush think of next next? I have an Idea: Make the accounts accrue negative mileage when not using the Tesla charger, then make owners pay to keep the balance at Zero...
  6. tomot

    Not enough regen braking

    For the man that needs more projects....Elon! a Battery Heating Blanket for cold climates! :rolleyes:
  7. tomot

    Not enough regen braking

    Short drive to store yesterday, its about 4C outside, car was garaged, fully charged. On the way back home, down a 10% grade road, there was no regenerative braking at all. You could really feel how heavy the car is as it tries to accelerate going downhill under its own weight. Its quite a...
  8. tomot

    Thoughts on Tesmat camping mattress for Model 3

    Its actual size is 28" x 74" x 3" (which you can't make out on my small posted image)
  9. tomot

    Thoughts on Tesmat camping mattress for Model 3

    FYI: Here is a single person mattress available at Costco
  10. tomot

    3D Maxpider Mats

    IMO Rubber Mats are a poor insulating choice in winter conditions. The Rubber mats always stay cold. I've tossed mine, I'm back to carpet, Carpet keep my feet warmer in my shoes, while I'm driving.
  11. tomot

    Basic summon?

    Ok Thanks everyone! FYI: here is part of my purchase agreement
  12. tomot

    Basic summon?

    In Addition a "Tesla Model 3 Summon set-up and demonstration" you tube video shows an autopilot screen where you enable summon. I DON"T have that entry in my autopilot menu yet there are 3 entries in my notifications app about Summon. Do you see why I'm confused?
  13. tomot

    Basic summon?

    This goes back to someone else that was asking a related question How can I tell if I have FSD? I don't see any information in my purchase agreement
  14. tomot

    Basic summon?

    When I scroll down my Notifications page on my app I can check mark Summon Started Summon Complete Summon Failed Does that mean I can Summon my car ?
  15. tomot

    using Tesla Card to restart driving after sitting in car

    I was stopped for 5 min. due to traffic congestion. Fumbling for a damn card in my back pocket to start driving again is simply insane.
  16. tomot

    using Tesla Card to restart driving after sitting in car

    Thanks for the responses! looks like I have to get Tesla to get this checked out. My Model 3 remains in P. I can't put car in D, no matter how many times I step on the brake.
  17. tomot

    using Tesla Card to restart driving after sitting in car

    One of the great benefits of the Model 3 with entertainment mode is not having to go shopping with wife, thus avoiding finding a seat in store while wife does her thing. Problem is when wife comes back to car, you can't just put the car in D and drive away. you have to take out your wallet out...
  18. tomot

    That is One Ugly Truck?

    that's a great observation! Every police department and swat team will want one or more, all in the name to keeping the peace..
  19. tomot

    That is One Ugly Truck?

    I would NOT be embarrassed to be seen driving that thing! If I had no life, no wife, no kids, no friends, no peers, this would be the perfect truck for me, if I were a loser?.... a cyber loser!
  20. tomot

    Walk me through the design decision for the cybertruck

    A niche market:This truck is perfect for those that take the kids to Monster Truck Rallies
  21. tomot

    Who has ordered?

    I'm still laughing at the steel ball used against the glass window, I was honestly expecting that THING to be unwrapped exposing the real truck underneath......Its hard to believe someone actually spent time designing a peace of crap.
  22. tomot

    Poll: Unusual pickup truck features

    I want a Pair of fuzzy Tesla Dice hanging from the mirror disguised as a Taser.
  23. tomot

    Poll: Unusual pickup truck features

    each customer also gets free inflatable cybertrk doll
  24. tomot

    Tesla Cybrtrk

    Yikes! If it ends up looking like that, I wont be standing in line!
  25. tomot

    Wheel Wells & sound deadening

    I was interested in determining the mechanics of sound deadening. I installed a new Dishwasher this weekend. My wife was less than pleased I chosen a $600.00 model vs $1500.00 model even though I had researched the noise difference was very little, to justify the price difference. So once...
  26. tomot

    Would you still have bought your model 3 if it never had autopilot?

    I think a graduated price structure could also work for Tesla. I personally don't drive 5 days a week any longer. So my yearly mileage is considerably less. Perhaps Tesla should consider adding a choice to what customers are willing to pay. Such as: Drive more pay more, Drive less pay less! ;)
  27. tomot

    Would you still have bought your model 3 if it never had autopilot?

    I was hoping Tesla would give everyone a free 30 day trial, I never one!. .....Poor marketing!
  28. tomot

    Best door seal kit?

    I agree the trunk definitely needs some seals. I'm always embarrassed how tinny it sounds when I close it. I'm sure Elon has never closed a Model 3 trunk. :(
  29. tomot

    Starship Orbital Prototype - Texas Version

    I'm not a rocket scientist, or a grain silo owner, however I am an observer of technology. I can't rationalize how its not possible to create a stainless steel surface without dents?
  30. tomot

    Best way to record myself and others when driving Model 3

    If you believe your Model 3 Cabin Camera is not currently active, then you probably also believe your smartphone conversations are not being recorded either, and all this mass data collection is being recorded to keep you safe.... Yikes!
  31. tomot

    Blog Bollinger Prices All-Electric Truck at $125K

    I pray I never get into a situation in this life where I regret I had bought that Ugly Bollinger when I had a chance.
  32. tomot

    Your guess on the build quality of the 2020 Roadster

    maybe ....but more likely Viagra!
  33. tomot

    Best Adhesive for Model 3 spoiler?

    Yikes! you sound like a you tube influencer: 3M dbl. sides tape cant even hold cardboard to cardboard without slippage over a short time. I was stopped behind a KIA the other day, half of the letters on the rear of the car were missing.
  34. tomot

    How to share video on phone via Tesla Theater?

    quote from latest v10 Tesla update: You can also send videos to play in the Tesla Theater from you mobile phone for supported theater sources. Simply "Share" the Video Link with the Tesla mobile app while your car is parked. How does this work in practice? I have several .mp4 videos that play...
  35. tomot

    Would You Buy a Model 3 Again Today?

    Not if the pickup truck ends up looking like this :)
  36. tomot

    AP to FSD Cost, what would you pay?

    There is a definite disconnect between what Tesla thinks FSD is worth, and what I thought I was getting when I bought the car. I did not get fair value for my money I spent on the product Tesla produced. The product is substandard even without FSD. Here is a list of added value issues I was not...
  37. tomot

    Anyone else have a dieselgate?

    I should have kept my Diesel Gate TDI. and take the settlement cash offer. Instead I traded in the Diesel Gate TDI for a new TSI. So that's how I went from almost 1000km/tank to 450km/tank. It drove me crazy each time I filled up the TSI. I finally sold that ICE piece of crap and went electric.
  38. tomot

    What pleases you and annoys you most about your 3?

    With all the on screen real estate available, I vote for the following: 1. Ability to adjust font and icon size. particularly the top row of icons. They are too small and impractical for an old fart like me to touch while driving. Particularly hitting the on screen Garage Door Close + Open...
  39. tomot

    Dashcam - need to delete files?

    Yes that's what I do as well. Would be better if a delete function were integrated into the USB on screen menu :)
  40. tomot

    Dashcam - need to delete files?

    Yes! I filled up 128gb SSD in no time. :) Now what we need is quick way to delete all that stuff, without taking out the SSD.
  41. tomot

    Design Proposal for Model 3 Front End

    where Have I seen this gumpy cat before? .....Yikes! its above the pick axe logo! :)
  42. tomot

    Design Proposal for Model 3 Front End

    So you like the Model 3 front end better than the 2020 Roadster front end......Yikes!
  43. tomot

    Design Proposal for Model 3 Front End

    No! its not intended to be stuck on with tape. It would be attached with threaded bolt washer and nut, and does not have to be chrome.
  44. tomot

    Design Proposal for Model 3 Front End

    I think its in recognition that European License plates are not optional and hence provide a flat place for mounting them.
  45. tomot

    Design Proposal for Model 3 Front End

    I can see that, although you see much more of that in the aggressive led headlight design these days.
  46. tomot

    Design Proposal for Model 3 Front End

    You have a point!, hard to turn a frawn into happy since the original hood lines also frawn :)
  47. tomot

    Design Proposal for Model 3 Front End

    Its always been my opinion there is something missing about the look of the Model 3 front end. I considered several designs, in keeping with the minimalist theme of the car. This is one still appeals to me after several weeks of looking at it. :) comments welcome!
  48. tomot

    Tow Hook Camera Mount

    Great idea! Here are my observations. 1. chose 1/2" longer machine screw 2. one lock-nut washer 3. double up on washers each side 4. two machine screw nuts (lock nut these 2 machine screw nuts against lock-nut washer)
  49. tomot

    Accessory Overkill

    Strawberry scented Tea Candles
  50. tomot

    Thinking about joining legal action on recent massive price cut

    Tesla did not break any laws: There are 3 basic elements to a contact. This also needs to be taught in school, its not rocket science. 1. someone makes an offer: 2. someone accepts an offer: 3. parties exchange some consideration (ie a deposit) or simply shake hands

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