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  1. FrankTUTB

    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    And I finally have a delivery date. Sept 5th in Decatur, GA. (I'm driving from the Hattiesburg, MS area.) Just 2 weeks and 1 day to go. Original order on June 25. VIN 34xxx Blue PUP, Black & White FSD and of course a Tow. I have PPF planned for 1 week later (assuming I keep it) in New...
  2. FrankTUTB

    Mud flaps & Model Y

    After 1 look, I was thinking that too.
  3. FrankTUTB

    Überturbines wheels vs tires (sizes)

    Hi, everyone. I know the rear tires are wider on the 21" Überturbines, but are the wheels also bigger? I've searched the forums and can't seem to find the data. Also, if you give me numbers and slashes, that means very little to me so far... I have no idea what ##/##/### means. I'll learn it...
  4. FrankTUTB

    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    Got my VIN about 5 minutes ago! 34xxx. Delivery will be at the Decatur, GA SC around Sept 3. I confirmed it's new. Seems there's a waiting line for the tow hitches. Anyway, when I know more, I'll update again.
  5. FrankTUTB

    What profile to use?

    This reply is 100% accurate. If you're a little scared, you can casually bring up a "funny" conversation about the time you caught your son/spouse/friend driving over 100MPH with the app... and they'll know you check such things without having to "warn" them.
  6. FrankTUTB

    Chance to buy "test drive" model - Should I ?

    As far as people have noted "abused" for demo models, that's mostly applying to hard acceleration. With electric motors, this isn't much of a concern like it would be for a regular ICE car. There's no transmission to wear out and no timing belt to stretch. With this type of EV, acceleration...
  7. FrankTUTB

    Tesla return policy

    According to the agreement in my order (I don't have the car yet), once the vehicle is physically delivered to you, the delivery fee isn't refundable. If you heard different things, it's possible that others have different delivery agreements. Tesla has changed their delivery agreements many...
  8. FrankTUTB

    Model Y RWD 3-6 weeks?

    I received a text today with a 3-5 weeks delivery estimate. My Y is Performance (ordered June 25), but if it's due to factory shutdown and re-open, that makes sense. Good luck on your RWD orderers!
  9. FrankTUTB

    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    Hello again, all. I just got a text stating my Y should be ready for delivery in 3-5 weeks. I ordered on June 25, so it looks like my overall estimated time went from 4-8 weeks to 9-11 weeks. I don't mind. That just means I'll be getting a Y that has more factory worker experience building...
  10. FrankTUTB

    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    Still no VIN for my June 25 order... but I also ordered performance, and those aren't made as quickly, it seems.
  11. FrankTUTB

    Can you use the mobile charger in the rain?

    Thank you both for the replies.
  12. FrankTUTB

    Can you use the mobile charger in the rain?

    I know supercharging is safe in the rain, as well as Tesla-branded home chargers. Is the mobile charger that comes with new Teslas safe to use in the rain? I realize the wall-plug side isn't ideal but the car side seems like it should be. (I ordered a Y in June, so I'm just planning ahead. No...
  13. FrankTUTB

    Railcar of Model Ys? burns

    I bet my car was on there. ;)
  14. FrankTUTB

    Standing at the Georgia delivery center looking at a “Stealth” VIN 177xx

    So close.. wanted the white interior... I'd drive it home from anywhere though. lol
  15. FrankTUTB

    Standing at the Georgia delivery center looking at a “Stealth” VIN 177xx

    Nice. I'd do it, but it's a 6-hour drive for me.
  16. FrankTUTB

    Standing at the Georgia delivery center looking at a “Stealth” VIN 177xx

    Any Blue Performance with PUP there? 5 weeks since order... It's supposed to be delivered there. :)
  17. FrankTUTB

    No Dashcam icon or USB detection...EVER...anyone else have and solve this?

    On your Mac, format the USB's "primary" drive using the "Erase" command. Don't do the "sub-drive" Your screenshot included with arrows for reference.
  18. FrankTUTB

    What will you name your Model Y?

    The story of our (future) Model Y's name: My wife and I used to ride motorcycles, but since I hurt my back and will likely have a permanent sensitivity, we decided to retire the idea of motorcycle-riding. We've have 3 bikes during our marriage. 1. Honda Shadow Aero 750 named "Avril" Our...
  19. FrankTUTB

    Mud flaps & Model Y

    So has anyone found a splash guard/mud flap option for Model Y yet? Usually people jump all over things like this, so I'm surprised they're not all over the place.
  20. FrankTUTB

    Tire replacement

    Not if the hole is on the sidewall. The tire must be replaced 99% of the time... maybe 100% of the time.
  21. FrankTUTB

    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    Woohoo! 4+ months of waiting is finally almost over for you.
  22. FrankTUTB

    Red/White MY Delivered 07/22...new checklist item found???

    Thank you! Now we have reference for both good and bad. :)
  23. FrankTUTB

    Red/White MY Delivered 07/22...new checklist item found???

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Since we've all seen plenty of "bad" photos of the hatch gap on top and on bottom (mostly on top), could you show a photo or 2 of the top of your hatch so we can see what a proper spacing looks like?
  24. FrankTUTB

    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    So is anyone else still waiting? I officially hit 4 weeks today. I guess I have an "estimated" 4 weeks left to go.
  25. FrankTUTB

    Red/White MY Delivered 07/22...new checklist item found???

    1st: Glad you recovered from the virus. The car looks great! This gives me hope for my MY order. Congrats!
  26. FrankTUTB

    Tow Range

    I suggest you join the Facebook Group "Tesla Towing Club Worldwide" It's all about towing stuff with your Tesla. Not a lot of Model Y users in there yet, but a couple have started, so you'll get more answers in there. Here's a link. Tesla Towing Club Worldwide
  27. FrankTUTB

    Best Suspension replacement for the MY?

    I've seen many forums in here where people state that swapping to smaller (usually 19") wheels and a slightly lower tire pressure helps a TON! My order has PUP (still waiting on a VIN), but since I'll be using it mostly for business and LOTS of road time, I ordered 19" wheels to replace them...
  28. FrankTUTB

    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    Hello, 10 days after the last post. Looking at the order & delivery spreadsheet, it definitely seems like tow hitch orders, specifically on performance models, are being delayed. My order from 6/25 is a Blue/White Performance (PUP) with, of course, a tow hitch. Does anyone else feel like the...
  29. FrankTUTB

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    That's great! I ordered on 6/25. No word yet on mine, but definitely post again when you get it with pictures!
  30. FrankTUTB

    How many people have 2 MY orders still pending?

    06/25. No VIN. Tesla has all the required documentation, so I guess I'll just be here waiting until... who knows how long. :) Oh, and it's Blue/White Performance with PUP and FSD... and a tow hitch... and a secret $100 bill in the glovebox. That last option would be sweet.
  31. FrankTUTB

    Interesting new item??

    That's such a bad idea... very bad.
  32. FrankTUTB

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    On June 25 I ordered a MY Performance with a Tow Hitch... but I'm also in Mississippi; literally the last US state to have someone purchase a Tesla. I don't anticipate a quick turnaround time for me.
  33. FrankTUTB

    Putting Uberturbines on non-performance

    After swapping the wheels, it's simply a matter of selecting the proper wheel size from your menu. If 21" doesn't appear as an option, putting a call in to Tesla service can solve this. They can switch your system to show and calculate for 21" wheels. You'll have to drive them for a few miles...
  34. FrankTUTB

    Just got my VIN

    That's good news. I still have no VIN. I ordered on June 25. Blue Performance (PUP... not that it matters anymore) white interior and a tow hitch I'm also in Mississippi, and there are very few around me.
  35. FrankTUTB

    Cancel Pre-Order & Reorder with Referral Code?

    Well, if you do, here's one. :) Earn Free Supercharging Miles or a $250 Cash Award In reality though, you might be able to call get the price changed.
  36. FrankTUTB

    Rotating Tires with Überturbine Wheels

    One thing that concerns a lot of PUP option purchasers is the long-term use of the Uberturbine wheels. I ordered the PUP due to the upgraded brakes as I intend to haul a trailer a LOT with it. I'm still a few weeks away from getting mine, and I'm still narrowing down replacement wheels & tires...
  37. FrankTUTB

    Caught by Sentry

    It'll be like BC and AD. BM and AC. Before Masks and After Covid
  38. FrankTUTB

    Caught by Sentry

    At least they were wearing masks. ;) It was rude, and I teach my kids not to do this. I can still remember when I did this once when I was a kid. I also remember how my grandfather saw it and quickly made me realize that I was being rude. (ouch!) While I did no damage (other than a dirty...
  39. FrankTUTB

    Still expecting June Delivery?

    Congrats! It looks great! It gets my hopes up for when I get mine in the next few weeks or months.
  40. FrankTUTB

    Email Subject - "Tesla Model Y Order"... I have questions.

    Looks like I'll be the first from Mississippi to add my data to the spreadsheet! Thanks for the feedback.
  41. FrankTUTB

    Email Subject - "Tesla Model Y Order"... I have questions.

    So, a few minutes ago, I got an email with the subject, "Tesla Model Y Order" welcoming me to the Tesla family. It notes 5 things to prepare for delivery. I have everything prepared and just need a VIN assigned. I'm wondering, how long between getting this (or similar) email and VIN assignment...
  42. FrankTUTB

    Maximum charge level for daily use

    I haven't received my MY yet, but I already have a plan to limit the nightly charge to 75% and only max out when I have a large trip planned. This is based on my own knowledge of how these types of batteries work. (engineer for 10 years)
  43. FrankTUTB

    Very annoying

    At least it wasn't the front driver seat. You may not be able to have a front seat passenger, but at least you can still drive it until the appointment.
  44. FrankTUTB

    Good Delivery

    I'm very familiar with PPF, but when I search Google for PPG, I get nothing. What is PPG? (Other than personal protective gear)
  45. FrankTUTB

    Phone Slipping off Charger Shelf - Unusable

    Well, I'm adding this to my inspection checklist!
  46. FrankTUTB

    Still expecting June Delivery?

    Pardon me as I get my wife to help me get my jaw off the ground... Congratulations!
  47. FrankTUTB

    Still expecting June Delivery?

    That's bad customer service. The "we" versus "they" mentality across departments within the same company should never exist. Someone needs to train them on proper customer service. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  48. FrankTUTB

    Another sad Model Y delivery today

    I figured it out. Fixed the link... (Not my video... I just figured out the link problems.)

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