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    Do you need conduit for in wall 4-awg thhn?

    In addition, just about all the Chicago suburban area requires conduit. I think it's Cook, Lake, McHenry, Dupage, Kane, and Will counties...and maybe more.
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    Charging 2 tesla 3's in same 50 amp circuit in garage

    Can't have a 6-20 with a breaker that isn't 20A. OP should just install two wall connectors set up in power sharing mode and be done with it.
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    20 or 30 amp breaker for tesla wall charger

    Ask your electrician to do a load calculation for your house to determine the largest car charging circuit your existing service can accommodate.
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    what wire is this?

    It looks like 8-3 to my eyes. I'd just replace the breaker with a 40A one and call it a day. 40A breaker is still plenty fast unless you routinely need to pull into the garage with a nearly flat battery and then expect to drive 300 miles five hours later without a Supercharger.
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    8 gauge wire implications with a Tesla Gen 3 Charger

    If your electrician used Romex it can be on up to a 40A circuit. If they used individual wires in conduit you can have a 50A breaker. If you decide to buy the wall connector, you'll just put that on the wall instead of an outlet. There are no drawbacks. An electron is an electron. You will...
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    Mobile Charger no longer included

    No you don't, it will work with anything from a 15-60A breaker.
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    70amp main breaker - what can I install?

    No, a 14-50 needs to go with a 50A or 40A breaker. The 40A is allowed because there's no such thing as a 14-40 outlet. On a 30A breaker you'd use a 14-30 outlet (if you have a neutral) or a 6-30 outlet (if you have no neutral)
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    Mounting TWC or Other EVSE on a Post?

    At our last meeting our condo board all agreed that we should put in electric car charging circuits for the four units. We are leaving the choice of EVSE up to the individual unit owners, so the board is just going to put in the wiring. There is a convenient steel post adjacent to each parking...
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    Home circuit breaker 208 volts?

    For some reason you have 3 phase power (well, two of the three phases are connected to your house). It's odd that they would put a residential neighborhood on 3 phase power. Do you live in a condo or other multiunit building? Generally larger buildings (say, anything bigger than a 4-flat and all...
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    What type of outlet is this?

    Generator inlets do have male plug ends, so that you aren't holding a cord with a live male plug attached to your running generator. :) Besides, then you'd need a double-male cord to connect your generator to your house, which is called a suicide cord for a reason. (example)
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    6/3 NM-B on conduit

    I don't want this thread to become a "romex in conduit" thread but this isn't really relevant. 312.1 (2020 edition, free access at nfpa.org) states the scope of section 312 is to cover "cabinets, cutout boxes, and meter socket enclosures" below 1kV and not branch circuits. Section 334 covers...
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    6/3 NM-B on conduit

    There is no rule against using romex in conduit (contrary to popular belief) but if you are using conduit you should use individual wires. Running 6/3 romex through conduit will be more trouble than you may realize. It's incredibly stiff and difficult to maneuver. If you use wires in conduit...
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    Confusing outlet vs breaker

    Yup, that's loose wire in conduit so you can use a 50A breaker. But the fact that there isn't a ground wire doesn't matter since the NEMA 10 outlet that was there already does not have a ground connection, and they didn't run a ground wire. You can see it's conduit because you can see the...
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    Confusing outlet vs breaker

    If the breaker for this circuit is in the main panel (i.e., the first panel immediately after your meter) then the neutral bus and ground bus are connected together at that panel and the neutral is effectively a ground. Well, it should always effectively be a ground - that's why pre-1996 code...
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    Does preheating the car (climate option in app) also precondition the battery?

    mmm...horizontal bacon... sorry, couldn't resist
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    Charging thoughts in condo

    None of those is the case. The "jacuzzi" circuit is for the (regular) bathtub in the hallway bathroom that has jets. It just uses water from the water heater like a normal bathtub. I understand that outdoor or full size hot tubs would have their own heater but this isn't one of those. They...
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    Charging thoughts in condo

    Gas forced air. The furnace/blower has its own 120V 15A circuit. Here's the panel The dryer is also gas.
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    Charging thoughts in condo

    I recently moved to a condo in Chicago. There are 4 units in the building. Each unit has 100A service. The building itself has a separate 100A service for things like the garage doors and stairwell lights. All units have all gas appliances; the only 240V circuit is for the A/C. For some reason...
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    Tesla ranks 2nd worst in Consumer reports reliability survey

    I'd like to share my thoughts here because this ranking from CR has given me pause. I have been wanting a Tesla for a while now but held off because there was nothing wrong with my car (a 2015 CR-V). Now it has about 83k miles on it (still nothing for a CR-V) but I'd like to get a new car that I...
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    Chicago Electricians for EV Charger Install

    I've been keeping a list of electricians people here mention good experiences with. Kapital is on the list. The other one I have is Howard Simons, in Skokie. My dad recently used Current Electric (www.currentelect.com) to put in a circuit for a lift in his garage. They charged $1500 for two...
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    Wall Charger Amp Setting

    Oh, hehe then I was working backwards from 60A to 48.
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    Wall Charger Amp Setting

    Maybe harder than you think, since you need to multiply by 0.8. :)
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    Any options that charge two cars at once?

    Each wall connector needs its own circuit. I have never understood how it would be legal to have, say, two 60A circuits on a 100A panel. Even if you don't plan on using them both at once I don't think NEC recognizes the wall connector power sharing, but I guess I don't know...
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    Any options that charge two cars at once?

    Clipper Creek also makes some, at varying power levels and plug types/hardwired. Here's an example: https://store.clippercreek.com/level2/dual-ev-charging-station-nema-14-50-plug
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    Car won't charge on 120v or 240v but will still fast/Supercharge

    If we're being pedantic then the device in the car is a rectifier.
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    Tesla Build Quality Video du jour

    Well, that's fine. I'm not suggesting getting news from there. But whether that particular video is posted on TikTok or CNN, it's still clearly documenting issues that range in my mind from "who cares" to "yikes". If I'm spending $60k on a car I expect a $60k car. Heh, fair point. I'd buy one...
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    Tesla Build Quality Video du jour

    Not sure if this is already being discussed, but an auto detailer did a TikTok video review of Tesla build quality that's gone viral today. I was wondering how real these concerns are or how this squares with Tesla's current quality levels. I don't know that I'd notice or care about minor...
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    I've heard rumors of potential new EV incentives at the federal and state level but can't seem to find anything concrete. I can't even remember where I saw it, but I was reading an article about this week's price increase for Model Y and the article speculated that it was because a new federal...
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    Any US CCS updates?

    They're really doing something in two weeks? Or a new development is always two weeks away?
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    Charging shows +1a more than amp limit set

    Not sure about your particular case, though I remember someone posting recently that their car was charging at 33A instead of the standard 32. But as I recall voltages above 240 nominal are not really supported. Some Teslas have a hard limit of about 280V and "277" can be above that. 277 is...
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    Street parking / charging - is the 220V adapter a good choice?

    I have a friend who has a model 3 and parks on the street. She installed a Tesla wall connector on the spiffy aluminum post they sell, and runs the cord across the sidewalk (under a cord guard thing so people don't trip) when she wants to charge. Her neighbors are nice and don't park in front of...
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    Any US CCS updates?

    I haven't seen anything so I assume not but thought I'd ask. DOes anyone know whether Tesla is going to start shipping US cars with a CCS adapter, or otherwise provide CCS support? I know you can buy a $750 knockoff CCS adapter that may or may not work but I'm surprised Tesla hasn't started...
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    Brand new; first thread. Charging station for Model 3 for wifey

    I've noticed that the power company transitions from PVC to metal when they run primary power underground. I think that if it's galvanized it won't rust. They probably do it so that if there's an issue with the cable it shorts to the metal and trips a breaker instead of leaving several thousand...
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    6-50 question

    The mobile connector that comes with the car has a 32A max. If you want the full 40A of charging you'd need to get a wall connector or other Level 2 hardwired connector.
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    Connecting between meter and panel?

    Thanks. I think it's a circuit breaker under the plastic cover but I didn't look. I suppose the other option (if the condo association approves) is to connect to the building-wide panel down there. It's also only 100A but maybe they can upgrade service and provide everyone a 50A connection...I...
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    Connecting between meter and panel?

    We are buying a condo in Chicago. I'm thinking it would be too expensive to have an electrician route power from the panel in our unit to the garage. But I discovered that the electric meters are in a closet right next to the garage. Each meter has a disconnect for its unit next to it. Does...
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    Convert NEMA 5-20 to 6-20?

    A 6-30 is two hots and a ground. You'd repurpose your existing neutral to a hot. If UL approval is your concern you should not be doing your own unlicensed, unpermitted electrical work either. :)
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    Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3 Question

    1. EVSEAdapters has an extension cord but it's out of stock. NEW! Tesla Extension Cord – EVSE Adapters 2. The wall connector itself is weatherproof and can be installed outside with appropriate conduit and joints.
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    Can we manually set the charging speed to a lower rate in a Tesla Wall Connector?

    Though to be clear, you don't need to set the charging rate. The car will talk to whatever you plug into it and determine the max power it can draw, and will draw up to that, varying as it charges, to balance charge rate, battery life, battery condition, etc. Honestly I wouldn't worry about...
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    Can we manually set the charging speed to a lower rate in a Tesla Wall Connector?

    No, you set the charging rate in the car itself. The wall connector should be configured in line with the circuit breaker it's connected to.
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    Tesla wall charger use for other EV?

    Yes, you can buy an adapter like this one: Tesla to J1772 Adapter – EVSE Adapters
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    Do we need Charging adapters?

    You only really need adapters if you know you'll be regularly needing to charge in a location with a specific outlet. If I were going to my mother in law's, I might just buy a 10-30 so I could plug in to her dryer outlet. But otherwise, between the 5-15 and J1772 that come with the car and the...
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    New owner and I would like to understand the charge cord 120 vs 240 v

    I would also suspect that the ampacity limits assume Romex in insulation or THHN in conduit in a wall, both with limited ability to disspate heat. An extension cord is going to be out in the open air and will be able to stay cooler.
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    New Features Rundown?

    I'm sure this has been asked but don't know where to find it. Is there somewhere that lists all the new features that are coming or have arrived, and their status? For example, Tesla's website still doesn't list heated steering wheel as a feature that I see. And for the next new feature that...
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    Has anyone gotten a CCS adapter in the US?

    They're all fake copies of the Tesla Chademo adapter, from what I've seen. If you absolutely need CCS then you can try one out but Tesla may figure out how to disable them with a firmware update at any time...
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    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    I don't think anyone is whining. Look at any ampacity chart and you will see that 6 AWG Romex has a maximum circuit rating of 55A. Will your house burn down from it? Probably not. You might even be able to find some loophole in the NEC that allows you to bump up the 55A rating to 60A. But did...
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    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    But even so, you'll be able to charge at 40A with a 50A breaker instead of the mobile charger's max 32A. All is not lost! And 40A charging is about as good as it gets. The different between 40 and 48 is not much. Enjoy your car.
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    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    Yeah, the electric code is much more akin to the legal code (complex and open to interpretation) than a defined set of rules.
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    cost/ benefit of installing a nema plug vs tesla wall connector

    If you have a single-circuit plug that you'd upgrade to a 20A plug then you might as well buy a two-pole 20A breaker and convert it to a 6-20 which will give you 11-15 mph of charge.
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    Can I use a Prius Prime’s charger to charge my Model 3?

    J1772 is J1772. That's why standards are nice. Now, your Prius charger may not be able to provide as much power as the circuit it's on can provide, but it will charge your car either way.

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