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    How to change Tesla name in iPhone Bluetooth list

    that basically the bluetooth key
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    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    Sorry about all the questions, but can someone with the cc2’s compare the handling of those tires with the oem mxm4? Is it better or worse?
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    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    is there anything wrong with putting 98v tires instead of 98w for the cross climates 2?
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    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    Hi, can you share how your efficiency has been after a couple months now? I'm deciding between these and the pilot sport 4 all seasons, and I would like to go with the tire that gives me the least range loss
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    Supercharger - Hines, OR

    Oh God, please let this happen. I seriously cannot wait for these to open up. Would open up so much highways.
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    Supercharger - Hines, OR

    does anyone know if they're gonna use the "preinstalled/prefabricated" pedestals for this install?
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    Supercharger Prices

    they haven't been updated since like sometime in 2019, before that they were pretty accurate
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    Aggressive Snow Driving Dynamics, Winter Recharging

    Slip start "turns off traction control" in the sense that it severely reduces tc at low speeds. But at speeds above 25 or 30(i dont remember which) slip start does nothing as it increases traction control to an almost normal level.
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    Where do you want a new Supercharger?

    ely,nv completes vegas to boise cascade, ID Stanley,ID salmon,ID Mcdermitt,ID Kalispell,MT Lubbock,Tx
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    Tesla Parts

    they were trying to show a difference between 2 different companies' service dept.
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    Navigation without cellular reception?

    routing works, you just need to know the full address. dont expect to be able to zoom the map tho.
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    Is preconditioning necessary before charging in mild climates?

    if you dont want to precondition, dont navigate to the supercharger, just navigate nowhere close to there. Or, not sure if this works, you can click on the actual preconditioning message and it might go away.
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    Tesla legal claims MCU is a wearable part, like tires

    hahahahahahahahahah that is so typical of Tesla. No Tesla, its not a wearable part, it is a critical piece of the car. If you cant see the screen, how do you turn on the heater? The defroster? For model 3 and y, how do you see the speedometer? They should think a lot more when advertising how...
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    Tapping into ambient lighting

    I know it's not the answer you're looking for, but I have the same ones and I just leave them plugged in. I use the app and schedule them to turn on at a certain time and turn off at another time(like turn on 6pm turn off 11pm). it works for me.
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    2021 Model 3 Air Filter different?

    s supposedly. But I still get it, even after changing the filters and spraying the little foaming thing. It just smells less than it did pre update.
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    Electrify America

    I love that channel lol. But Its good to see that EA has come a long way from the sparse amount of chargers they had.
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    new DC FCs along state highways in central CA

    I used the one in the fall brook I-15 park and ride and they were the 100amp chademos, not 125, so I was only getting 37-38 kw. Still very cool, and free, but I wish that they would install fast dc chargers, not these ones, as cars are able to charger faster and faster, and these essentially...
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    Can I leave the wall connector cord/plug on the ground in the rain?

    side note, is the mobile connector waterproof? Like can I leave it plugged in outside during rain or light snow?
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    Electrify America

    if you have a contactless card, you can just go and tap your credit/debit card on the charger and charge, without having to make an account. Its dumb, but -_-.
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    Supercharger - Boise, ID

    Tesla recently fixed that stall that wasn't working and now all 8 stalls work
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    14 Hours to cross 800Km with SR+...[complaint about range in winter]

    I know but when you buy a car, you should at least be able to get close to that rating, which for me almost never happens, despite being below the rated wh/miles
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    14 Hours to cross 800Km with SR+...[complaint about range in winter]

    I just wish they would come up with a more accurate rating than the epa rating, as most people will never get close to that rating.(most not all)
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    2016 Model S P85D for sale

    is the supercharging throttled? have you tried it out by any chance recently, cause I keep hearing that Tesla keeps throttling older teslas to keep the battery from being "ruined"
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    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    this type of steering wheel is only good for like race cars or f1 drivers, not the majority of the people who will drive an s. While it looks amazing, its just not functional enough to be used for daily driving.
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    Supercharger - Wells, NV

    there's a new supercharger in the remote part of Norway called Skaidi, Norway(supercharge.info and go look a the pictures) and that location only has 3 v3 superchargers. its the first time I've seen anything like it. Maybe Tesla's gonna start using something like this for very rural areas that...
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    What are you guys using your 12 volt socket for?

    dash and center console fiber lights
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    Anyone selling their model s with transferable free supercharging? 2013-2017

    what the title says. Im looking to buy one. plz let me know if you are looking to sell
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    Model 3 Stability/Drift

    I think your tires are maybe to blame, cuase the stock tires on the SR+ suck in wet conditions(in my opinion). the car feels planted for me no matter what I try to do(within margin)
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    Honestly, anything that's higher than lv2 charging is perfect, im not complaining lol. 72kw compared to 7(sr+) is a big difference.
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    I wish Tesla would do this more often, like putting only a single cabinet in places where there is a lot less road traffic, but are still essential to fill in gaps.
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    Tire Recommendation - Quietest all season?

    How is the efficiency on the PS4 all seasons? Is there a big hit? Are the tires louder or have a harsher ride? Sorry for asking so many questions lol, it's just hard to find data.
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    why is there no dc fast charging of any kind in Lubbock? Its like the Bermuda Triangle of dc fast charging
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    h how are they? did you notice a big hit in efficiency or noise?
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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    im concedering getting the pilot sport all season 4 tires, but I just wanted your opinions on different tires that could also be good. I want a tire that gets good efficiency, and I would love to get good grip(hard ask lol). For those of you in winter climates, how has it fared in light snow or...
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    Supercharger - Wells, NV

    WOW!!!!!!!!! (lol can you see im excited for these?) These are perfect locations, thank you God.. Thanks dude, I wonder if there is a way to show collective interest for these chargers. Im glad they're finally looking at putting chargers on non freeways, there are so many highways frequently...
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    Weird thing happens to radio when I floor my car

    When I floor my model 3, the radio stops playing the music and it shows a spinning loading icon. Does this happen to anyone else? This only just started to happen btw.
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    Hit 50th state last year, now...

    the Idaho part worries me a little bit if your going to do it in a model 3, look up to see if there are any fast chargers, cause for me when I went, there wasn't any, only level 2, which was fine
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    Tire Recommendation - Quietest all season?

    has anyone tried the cross climate + or pilot sport 4 all season? I need to get new 18' tires and dont know what is the best tire. I live in an area that gets a little bit of snow(not a lot), and is mostly dry in the summer if that matters.
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    Tire Recommendation - Quietest all season?

    I wanted to get these tires, and I was just wondering, how are they performing now? Have you noticed a big hit in efficiency?
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    Worst Super Charger in USA?

    yes!!!!!! I just wish Tesla would start giving some love to non interstate highways now in the PNW. the 95 is traveled often, plz Tesla build more chargers there.
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    Supercharger - Wells, NV

    man I really hope they put one in ely, and with wells, it would make everything so much easier going from Vegas to boise
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    2019 Model 3 SR+ for sale

    carmax and caravan offered me a lot more than Tesla did. Carmax was 5k over and I dont remember what caravan was(I was just seeing what they would pay I love my car too much to sell it lol)
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    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

    if you are in California, try wawanesa insurance.
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    Supercharger experiences

    the problem with my car, with the fact that it is a sr+ that only realistically gets 180 miles at freeway speeds, is that in the west(id, ut, nv,mt) the superchargers are spaced out far enough that I have to charge for at least 45 minutes to make them, unless I slowed down to 60mph, which...
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    Supercharger - Hines, OR

    does anyone by any chance have an update on this? Did they break ground and start construction?
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    Supercharger experiences

    the number one problem for me, was when I arrived at the middle of the night, any bathroom close to the supercharger was closed. Most of my road trips have me driving late at night lol
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    Bridgestone - POTENZA RE980AS

    Has anyone tried on these tires for their 3?
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    120v Extension Cord Charging

    oh I moved to Idaho, I just forgot to update that lol its gets to like 10 degrees here.
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    120v Extension Cord Charging

    interesting, I do this, and my car still. charges at a rate of 2% an hr, its just that the next day I have a cold battery and snowflake icon on my battery. also for the op, I use a 50ft extension cord I bought from Walmart, and it works fine.

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