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    Tesla dealership locations

    Does anyone have a contact? Has anyone done a build to suit for them? I would pay a referral to anyone that can help me out. Thanks!
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    Extended Warranty for my Model X - Is it worth it?

    $2900 for 2 year $5300 for 4 year $200 deductible per visit (not per problem) removes wear and tear replacement like seats.
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    rear fender flare removal 1035291

    Was able to remove trim piece by using a flat head to “pop” off last click under the car. Service center has been impossible to get a hold of. Any other way to get the part? If I was to replace that the damage would almost not be noticeable. Side note : my driver window fell into the door...
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    rear fender flare removal 1035291

    Thank you! Did you order a part via the 1800 number? I see them used on ebay but might as well compare with new. You install yourself?
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    rear fender flare removal 1035291

    Fender bender 2 questions. How can I remove this piece? One clip left at very bottom. and best way to buy this piece is ebay or tesla? I have a mobile service visit in 5 days. Is it something they could bring? Thanks!
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    Cyber Stickers

    Anyone know where I can get driver side stickers for both windows for cyber truck? Want it to mimicking glass breaking. This is serious question. I think it would be a cool decal for a bit. TIA
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    Model 3 Center Console Wrap

    How often does matte black come back in stock?
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    Clearly should have been totaled... what is the car worth after depreciation?? 30K of damage + 6 month wait time / rental + depreciation of frame damage. What’s the percentage to total?
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    My Model 3 Punished Me Yesterday

    I was joking and just poking fun. Nothing about post was EAP specific though.
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    My Model 3 Punished Me Yesterday

    Why do people call it EAP? Having both ap1 and ap2.5 I am still in the camp that it is not reached parity. “AP” will suffice.
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    Really feels like AP2 > AP1 to me

    I was going to post the opposite. Model 3 ap2.5 Vs Model X ap1.0 (sept 2016 still not sure if all ap1.0 is made equally - or if last few were better then 2015 for example). Ap2.5 can not handle an intersection. Just know recognizes other cars. Etc. Parity might be considered, but it’s give...
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    Nissan Leaf to complement our Tesla Model X

    That’s my set up. Except add another leaf and a 3 (between 2 drivers). Leaf gets more driving time unfortunately, but it’s so practical and spacious I can’t help it. All cordless lawn equipment as well (greenworks). The economics alone are worth it.
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    Reports of slower accelleration after latest update.

    LOL. Consistency is what people are looking for. If they achieved everything they “marketed” then I would be ok with this too. We will find out in due time.. maybe 3 months, definitely 6 months.
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    Is now a terrible time to buy an EV?

    9. He doesn’t have electricity or he lives in a condo? Used Tesla with gas savings makes sense or even new one with fed tax credit and gas savings can make sense.
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    Where exactly is the microphone?

    Most shocking part of this thread... Amount of people with a tech leading $100K car and still have an IPhone 6!
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    Dual Fatality Model S Crash/Fire: Fort Lauderdale, FL May 8, 2018

    Not sure we will see all cars on the road have level 5 automatous cars with no driver interferences allowed by Law in our life time. These kids were more than likely joy riding... and wouldn’t have been sitting lettting a car drive them the speed limit.
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    Uncorked X100D

    Did you just take their word for it that it was done? I was told 4 times it was done... it was only really done the last time. First threes. In service. In service. Mobile tech. All failed. OTA worked.
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    New latches are wonderful and much quieter/better than old

    Did you ask for them? Or was something wrong with them?
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    Model 3 or cheap Bolt?

    Where’s the get a 2017 Nissan Leaf option? Assuming you can charge wherever you park during day... you could get a used one for about $10K. I bought one $14,5 new.
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    My New Model X rear ended only 2 hours after picking it up in Fremont

    Did you get GAP insurance? I was scammed into it. ($400) so seeing if it had any benefit here.
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    Has Tesla already saved lives? Autopilot

    Agree. In the short term HUD could solve much of that distraction with very little hardware.
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    Has Tesla already saved lives? Autopilot

    I believe texting and driving / distracted driving is an epidemic. Look around next time driving or especially at red lights. Old young and everyone in between is doing it. I know there are some holier than thou types on here that have never looked at their phone, but I think Tesla’s secondary...
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    Tesla Rip Off- Full Self Driving

    Do you the money? Following FSD option on a 3 year lease with ~13kw upgrade with 1.5 years left?
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    P100D Model S Crazy Lease Deal

    @fataldeadlock this would assume it’s not a business expense and that your home loan has a lower interest rate than 3.5. Lot of assumptions. I just don’t look at anything as stand alone, but see your point.
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    P100D Model S Crazy Lease Deal

    HUH? What does depreciation have to do with cost of capital?? Where are you getting $10K in interest without knowing the rate?
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    Uncorked X100D

    Remote S App. Might take a while to get logged in though and definitely after sale
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    1st annual check up fee? $450??

    So do people do it or just skip?
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    Yes Of Course Tesla Will Sell A $35000 Model 3

    I can’t believe there will so many people that want a Tesla with all the AP hardware and not switch it on..
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    Lug cap cover

    Very Martin Shkreli..
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    Lug cap cover

    This price increase is the most annoying yet. Would be one thing if it’s been in stock
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    Letter to Mr. Musk from a 1-day old outdated Model S owner

    Not a big fan of the disagree button, but I’m not sure how that statement could be more different. In 5-10 years there will not be one company without OTA updates. Tesla has also used OTA updates to make car worse (nags, throttling launches, throttling superchargering, etc.) to save their...
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    Model S/X deliveries with Intel-based MCU

    If that is priced right. No one should accept delivery of old MCU if all they are forfeiting is $2500 deposit.
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    Model S/X deliveries with Intel-based MCU

    Tesla pushed up my estimated delivery date up by 2 weeks resulting in me missing AP2.0. I was literally one of the last deliveries before AP2.0 was announced. It’s tough, but AP2.5 coming out and AP2.0 not reaching pairity has lessened the blow. It gets easier with time.
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    Model S/X deliveries with Intel-based MCU

    Be very careful throwing words like “throw a fit” around here. Those are fighting words. Unique issue. Is later VIN better?
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    Model S/X deliveries with Intel-based MCU

    No wonder they easily changed my MCU a last month during service for a noise. Old MCU was about to be obsolete soon!
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    Unique issue. Is later VIN better?

    Great reply. Main question I have now is why you disagreed with OP? Lol. I just asked two questions. This will be my 4th electric car. I am in zero rush.. also I think it’s note worthy that I missed AP2 on my X by less than 1000 cars.
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    Unique issue. Is later VIN better?

    Interesting. I thought the throw a fit comment would clearly be taken as humor. I am joking. Calm down.
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    Unique issue. Is later VIN better?

    long story short. I wanted to downgrade from 19” to aero. They said they would try. I said I didn’t want to go lower in VIN to do so 94XX. Today they said they changed it and I go to Mytesla and I’m 85XX. Throw a fit? Or does it not matter?
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    Model S/X deliveries with Intel-based MCU

    A retrofittable Tesla? El oh el Jk.. hope that’s true.
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    Model 3 production suspended from Feb 20-24

    Wonder what VIN cut off before and after delay is.. or if there is anyway to really know?
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    Losing enthusiasm for Model 3

    Should I short the stock because of this thread?
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Great post
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Our cars must be brothers. MSM 19” 94XX GA delivery. Configured 2/16 vin assigned 3/4-3/5. I bet they catch a ride together to the east coast.
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Anyone see a vin greater then 94XX? Any make changes to wheels afte VIN was assigned?
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Silver metallic 19” (trying to change to Aeros). Ordered 2/16 vin assigned 3/5 Decatur, GA SC
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Everyone must be getting AP3.0... I’ll probably get let one made with AP2.5 ha
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    I’m surprised I got a VIN today being as east coast as you can get. And ordered after some of you. 94XX is also later then most I have seen
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Is there a spreadsheet with current VINs?
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Decatur, GA is SC No sorry. Decatur, GA silver metallic with 19” but trying to switch to Aeros.

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