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  1. paco3791

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Well, it took almost 3 years and roughly 57k miles but it has happened, I need another new drive unit. See post here for the original replacement not long after I got the car. Went down to the service center yesterday and had a tech take a listen and they made the call to replace the drive...
  2. paco3791

    IFTTT and Model S

    Thanks! My plan is to get a Rasp. Pi to install it on and run that 24/7 for this type of application. Just waiting on the Rasp. Pi. official touchscreen display to come off back order since there are some other media hosting things I have in mind if I'm going to set it up anyway.
  3. paco3791

    IFTTT and Model S

    Looking into specifically what I want to do and I think I'm going to try Node Red. I was able to find connections to both Tesla's API and my utilities (comed) hourly pricing program. http://nodered.org/
  4. paco3791

    IFTTT and Model S

    I've thought about trying to use IFTTT in combination with data from my utilities hourly pricing program and the Tesla API to try and optimize charging times throughout the day/night but I haven't taken the time to really dive into it. If anyone has other suggestion on how to do this I'd love to...
  5. paco3791

    Snow Chains Alternative

    If it were me I would put them on the rears, regardless of where the propulsion is coming from I was always taught to put the better grip tires on the rear. Looking forward to a report when you get back!
  6. paco3791

    Comed RRTP (at least in Chicago area) is great!

    I have had... mixed results with RRTP. The main problem is I charge at work 90-95% of the time for free now, which wasn't the case when I first signed up. Without the EV to help time shift usage to the early morning hours I've had 0 luck saving money. In fact RRTP has cost me slightly more...
  7. paco3791

    Subtle "clunk" from rear when accelerating from a stop

    Yeah that's my fear as well, I've had it replaced once already for a different reason, thankfully the battery warranty also covers the drive unit now.
  8. paco3791

    Subtle "clunk" from rear when accelerating from a stop

    Got the car back from service again yesterday. Noise is gone, again, we will see how long it lasts this time. fix as noted by Tesla service center is shown below. "Corrections: Driveshafts - Lubricate at Hubs LH/RH Remove rear drive shaft nuts and washers, partially remove driveshafts to...
  9. paco3791

    Supercharger - Cadillac, MI

    Nah, Sheboygan is a separate thing, but Green Bay has been heavily hinted at in that thread and other places, I think @cottonwood hinted that the grocery store chain that's hosting in She-Vegas is a good candidate to host in GB. Timing is totally up in the air though, it's on the 2015 map but...
  10. paco3791

    Will other brand vehicles be able to use the Supercharger?

    Not to mention that Tesla could make their SCer protocol just a little bit smarter and greatly increase the capacity of the over all system. They know where every car is already, they know how many cars are using any particular SCer and what their SOC is already, they could easily throw up a...
  11. paco3791

    Supercharger - Cadillac, MI

    Greenbay is already on the way, now we just need the Mackinaw City and Escanaba SCers and we can do the whole trip around lake Michigan!
  12. paco3791

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    configuration and location, having a winter to deal with really does a number on your long term average.
  13. paco3791

    Subtle "clunk" from rear when accelerating from a stop

    Well, it's back. In fact a noise was back after about two weeks after it came back from the shop although it's different than it was before. More of a /click/ than a /thunk/ now. I'm scheduled to take it back in next week. Though the service manager said something interesting when I called in...
  14. paco3791

    Saugatuck MI charging

    Had a great trip, with beautiful weather and 120 charging at our VRBO rental worked great and was fully supported by the owner. Gave us plenty of range for the day trips we took up to Holland and to the beach.
  15. paco3791

    How Much? 2012 - 85Base

    Is California a State where you only need to pay sales tax on the difference when your trading in a car? If so, $1k may not be enough of a sweetener. Since he is planning to buy another Tesla the sales tax savings from doing a Trade in might be significant.
  16. paco3791

    Saugatuck MI charging

    Yeah checking the Allstays App it looks like Holland State Park has some 50A service camping sites that, if available, would be a great way to charge up while spending the day at the beach. We are also doing the VRBO thing for our stay and if we have trouble with plugging in at where we are...
  17. paco3791

    Saugatuck MI charging

    Small world, I'll also be in the area from Sunday to Wednesday. I'm planning on using 120 charging to cover any driving we may need to do while there. Unless you plan to spend the day in Holland to grab a charge at one of the public chargers there, it doesn't look like there are a ton of options.
  18. paco3791

    Supercharger - Columbia, MO

    Thanks for stopping by! yeah looking forward to using this route to visit some of the parks out west at some point. BTW, I love Tasmania! We did our honeymoon in OZ and the side trip we took to Tasmania was one of the best parts of the whole trip.
  19. paco3791

    Questions for Minnesota/Wisconsin Owners

    2nded on the traction control being pretty amazing on this car. Growing up in Duluth I was a little worried about it being a RW drive car but I've had 0 issues over the two winters I've had mine. Winter tires or new/good tread all seasons are important on a car with wheels this wide though. I...
  20. paco3791

    Supercharging the 70D

    be careful here. As a 60 owner I have been able to draw well over the max for a 60 from superchargers when I'm at low state of charge AND running the HVAC system. Especially in winter this easily adds another 10kw of draw to what the max should be for a 60 from running heaters for the cabin and...
  21. paco3791

    Highland Park, IL Supercharger getting 6 HPWCs

    This makes a ton more sense, thanks for posting!
  22. paco3791

    Highland Park, IL Supercharger getting 6 HPWCs

    this is... surprising. I wouldn't have thought that this site gets the traffic to necessitate 12(!) charging stalls. But maybe they aren't using them that way? Since HP is a fairly major hub for CPO cars maybe they want the extra stalls to keep those cars and cars in for service charged? Anyway...
  23. paco3791

    Minnesota Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    This is what I get for not checking TMC while I'm on Vacation. I was just up visting my folks in Two Harbors area (just up the shore) this last weekend, could have pulled through and check on construction! Regardless, this is fantastic news!
  24. paco3791

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    I would check out this thread: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/40449-19-stock-tire-life and the other threads in that section of the forum that deal with the stock tires. I haven't had any issue with them.
  25. paco3791

    Model S Leads EV's in Trade in value retention per NADA report

    http://insideevs.com/nada-releases-used-electric-car-price-retention-guide/ Interesting article and linked report on EV trade in values and depreciation. The Models S tops the charts for all three model years covered in the report with average trade in values and price retention as follows...
  26. paco3791

    Subtle "clunk" from rear when accelerating from a stop

    just had my car in for service to check out a fairly subtle, but getting worse, clunk that was coming from the rear during low speed transitions from accel to deccel and Vis-versa. Below are the notes from the repair order. "Test drove the vehicle to evaluate and record the noise. Seems to be...
  27. paco3791

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    Not to take this thread off topic but, you should check these out when shopping for tires. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Goodyear&tireModel=Eagle+RS-A2&partnum=445VR9RSA2 OEM Tires do not need to cost as much as what you stated above.
  28. paco3791

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    ONE-MONTH: paco3791, 06-02-2015, 282 Wh/mi, 1523.3 mi, IL, S60, 19" (May) LIFETIME: paco3791, 06-02-2015, 322 Wh/mi, 34991 mi, IL, S60, 19"
  29. paco3791

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    Those Yeti coolers look really nice, but the price? wow! http://yeticoolers.com/hopper/. I think I would go with multiple smaller coolers, and sacrifice a little thermal efficiency if I needed to have the cooler(s) in the frunk. As always you get what you pay for, those are definitely the nicest...
  30. paco3791

    Great charging in Duluth, MN

    I can confirm that the drive to Duluth from Minneapolis is perfectly doable in a 60 in the summer. I probably wouldn't chance it if temps were below 40 though, not without an intermediary stop to pick up some range. My usual route to Duluth is via the Eau Claire SC via Hwy53, though I've done...
  31. paco3791

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    I have used it but I wouldn't say I've used it a lot. There may be other web resources that have this info but I haven't been able to find it in one place. I purchased it as emergency back up as I do a fair amount of driving through rural areas of MN and WI and there is bugger all for charging...
  32. paco3791

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    I would strongly recommend getting the AllStays Camp and RV app (http://www.allstays.com/apps/) great for camping or if you happen to need an emergency back up 14-50 charge. In the app you can filter for "50A Amp" service wihich is RV speak for a 14-50 outlet. If you are calling ahead to a camp...
  33. paco3791

    Supercharger - Council Bluffs, IA

    Great Pic! Seeing the leaf at a super charger just makes me wonder, how likely/unlikely is it that CHaDEMO comes out with a Tesla SC adapter?
  34. paco3791

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    ONE-MONTH: paco3791, 05-01-2015, 290 Wh/mi, 1796.4 mi, IL, S60, 19" (April) LIFETIME: paco3791, 05-01-2015, 324 Wh/mi, 33467.4 mi, IL, S60, 19" Back on all seasons starting this month.
  35. paco3791

    Supercharger - St. Charles, MO

    Wow, that must have been exciting! I've been below Zero a couple times out of necessity/poor planning, as recently as this last February. Usually the best indication of impending shut down is the gradual fall of the power limit line with the go/no go cut off some where around 30kW as reported by...
  36. paco3791

    Zero means Zero - another battery depletion story

    This is what the OP is talking about, it's basically just a 12V battery with and enclosure and some jumper cables. They are handy tools to have but any tow truck worth their salt should have one, or something like it. the OP's situation was worsened because, for whatever reason, the tow trucks...
  37. paco3791

    Zero means Zero - another battery depletion story

    For whatever reason I don't believe vampire drain is linear, or at least the reporting on such range via the guess-o-meter isn't linear. I have also experienced seemingly increased vampire when at lower states of charge, in my case WITHOUT the key fob in the car. In my case we stopped to get...
  38. paco3791

    Anyone NOT buying the extended warranty?

    One thing I'm considering, with the announcement of the upgraded warranty on CPO vehicles, is getting a CPO car instead of getting the extended warranty. Since you basically get a new warranty (4yrs./50K) when you by a CPO vehicle, and since I'd like to upgrade to a larger battery at some point...
  39. paco3791

    Replacement pack cost

    lets do some quick math here. 60 battery warranty is 125k miles or about 201k km. So if you have 50k km left on that warranty that means you've driven 151k km (~94k miles)?! If so, then good on you for putting in that many miles/km on a 60 in 2ish years! Otherwise my guess is your confusing the...
  40. paco3791

    Hotwheels Model S

    I still have my HotWheels Roadster in it's original box hanging up in my office cube from 2008. The model S, and owning a Tesla, was just a dream at that point. Sometimes, if your lucky, dreams do come true!
  41. paco3791

    Cell phone holder: What a GREAT idea !!!

    As I don't have the tech package some kind of smart phone mount becomes super handy for TBT directions, and the magnet mount options noted up thread have been super useful for me. Also having a strong magnet on the back of my phone has come in handy a few other times as well.
  42. paco3791

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Hadn't seen this version of the Rials on TMC yet so I thought I'd share. I Really like how they turned out.
  43. paco3791

    pack replacement 60 -> 70

    A very interesting question I agree. But as more time passes without a formalized battery upgrade program the less likely it seems to me that Tesla will every provide such an offering. My guess is that anyone who asks will just be pointed towards the CPO program and a used 85. Not sure why but...
  44. paco3791

    Two New Destination Chargers in Northeast MN!!!

    2nded, thanks for your hard work!
  45. paco3791

    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    I mean, yes... but the usefulness of such a warning seems pretty limited to me. So limited in fact that I would love to be able to have the option of just turning it off all together.
  46. paco3791

    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    If I'm remembering correctly my home charger was listed, but my question was more "If Tesla knows that's my home charger, why is it even giving me the notification?" Seems like a pretty dumb algorithm so I'd rather just be able to turn it off if it's just going to give me dumb advice.
  47. paco3791

    Tons of Used Model S - Getting ready for CPO Program

    BTW was told by one of the guys at Highland park that Tesla is considering changing the warranty structure for CPO cars in the near future. Instead of 2yrs./20K (or whatever it is currently) tacked on to the end of the cars warranty, all CPO cars would just start fresh with a full 4yrs/50K of...
  48. paco3791

    IL Ends $4k Rebate program

    Fantastic and somewhat surprising news. Don't know if we should give them too much credit for doing "the right thing" but, my expectations are pretty low.
  49. paco3791

    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    Yes, notification showed up when I got below 20 rated miles on my way home yesterday. I was only 4-5 miles form my house so ... not super useful. No way to designate a "home location" in non-tech cars that I'm aware of, although the adaptive preconditioning beta is supposed to figure that out on...
  50. paco3791

    Highland Park Knee deep in CPO cars

    Pictures in this thread (http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/45319-Tons-of-Used-Model-S-Getting-ready-for-CPO-Program). Glad to see they are finally using the extra parking area they put in. I wonder if these are just Chicago area cars or if Highland park is serving as a CPO clearing...

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