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  1. dwooder

    Model Y makes hum noise all the time

    I have 2 Ys, august 2020 is quiet, every once in a while you can hear that noise just barely. Jan 2021 Y has that humming all the time but it has gotten better(around 5k miles now). I don't hear it near as much anymore. I always thought maybe it was missing sound sound insulation somewhere...
  2. dwooder

    Weird Noise What is it???

    I think it is the heatpump. Mine is alot louder in my SR Y than my wifes LR Y. It gets quieter as the car and batteries warm up.
  3. dwooder

    Random opening & closing of frunk on screen

    Needs a new sensor, have an appointment tomorrow to get ours fixed.
  4. dwooder

    2021 MY Standard Range Boombox

    Yep my SR is installing the latest update now, yay! been waiting on this for a few weeks
  5. dwooder

    Where is 2021.4? [2021.4.x Release]

    omg it's just minor bug fixes!!
  6. dwooder

    Where is 2021.4? [2021.4.x Release]

    2021.4.2 also downloading here
  7. dwooder

    How many MY SR are actually sold, don`t see many people talking about it

    As far as I can tell, the premium interior is exactly the same, speakers and heated seats but with the inclusion of a heated steering wheel
  8. dwooder

    How many MY SR are actually sold, don`t see many people talking about it

    Yep, I picked mine up this week, feels and drives just like my wife's LR Y
  9. dwooder

    SR Y paper says 2 motors?

    I drive 20 miles to work and 20 miles back, that is pretty much all I'll do in this car(My last vehicle, 6 years old, 66k miles). So I dont need much range. The wife has a LR Y for our trips and stuff. The trip to work is taking 10% battery. So it looks like around 220 miles range real world...
  10. dwooder

    SR Y paper says 2 motors?

    vin 104xxx , no new headlights or console or HEPA but I did get heated steering wheel and USB in dash
  11. dwooder

    SR Y paper says 2 motors?

    Uh, nope, how would you so that?
  12. dwooder

    SR Y paper says 2 motors?

    Picked up my SR Y today(pretty much perfect) and just noticed it calls out a front and rear motor.
  13. dwooder

    VIN Assigned - in the 100Ks

    I think some do, here in ATL when we picked up our Y the delivery person told us about a bad paint spot they fixed and told us where it was to see if we were satisfied with it, you could barely see it, if you knew where to look and was looking from the right angle.
  14. dwooder

    Model Y Standard Range Delivery

    My pickup is the 26th, glad to hear everyones are looking good, then again this will be my 3rd and the other 2 have been great.
  15. dwooder

    Aggressive Regenerative Braking in new RWD?

    Give yourself sometime to get used to it and you will love it, going to another car feels backwards afterwards. Coming to a stop sign is now just slightly letting off the gas until you stop, instead of let off gas and slowly press in brake.
  16. dwooder

    Pre-cool remotely?

    User name checks out Cooling and heating the car from inside a restaurant or store is one of our favorite features, you can also keep the climate on while you make a quick store run or something.
  17. dwooder

    RWD MY Waiting Room

    Congrats? Did it come with a USB stick?
  18. dwooder

    why I (we) didn't get the Boombox in the last software updates?

    June Ys didnt have the external speaker
  19. dwooder

    Model Y standard range is here

    Haha oh man that is awesome, except if you arnt quite ready haha. This is my third Tesla, 1st one was 4 weeks, 2nd one 8 weeks and if it really comes on jan 26th, this one will be the quickest at 2 weeks.
  20. dwooder

    Model Y standard range is here

    Delivery manager called today, said mine will be in ATL around Jan 26th
  21. dwooder

    Model Y standard range is here

    Still says 2-5 weeks if I try to go build a new one. My order page says Jan 22-Feb12
  22. dwooder

    Model Y standard range is here

    Ordered one yesterday, we already have a long range awd Y, now this will be mine for 40 mile round trip daily commuter. We had a SR+ 3 before the Y and never had problems with range.
  23. dwooder

    Selling to Carvana, they want the MVPA

    I got order agreement but carvana is saying thats the MVOA, it doesnt have the vin number on it.
  24. dwooder

    Selling to Carvana, they want the MVPA

    Im selling to Carvana since I got my new Y, they want a copy of the MVPA but its not in my glovebox documents on my account. I thought it used to be there.
  25. dwooder

    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    Picking up in Decatur GA, Sept 4th, White on white, inductions and tow, Ordered 7-18
  26. dwooder

    Max speed stopping with TACC

    TACC is not accurate with stationary objects, sometimes it wont stop.
  27. dwooder

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    At least yall got a second text, my first one 2 weeks ago was 5-8 weeks(had already been 3 weeks then), didnt get another one yet.
  28. dwooder

    Any after market for Hitch Cover Plate?

    I plan on making one and selling it as soon I get my Y. Probably be powder coated ring that hides the tabs and leaves the opening open for the hitch.
  29. dwooder

    Factory Pick Up delayed

    And its awesome!?
  30. dwooder

    We expect your delivery in 3 - 6 weeks (LR AWD)

    You just make us sadder haha. Yeah I figured the people on the phone really have no clue.
  31. dwooder

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    Whats the Wh/Mi you been getting pulling the utility trailer?
  32. dwooder

    We expect your delivery in 3 - 6 weeks (LR AWD)

    I got 5-8 week text today, white on white with tow hitch. Ordered 7-18
  33. dwooder

    On week 3, too late to cancel tow hitch?

    Just got an automated text saying 5-8 weeks..., its already been 3, hopefully it was just late and doesnt mean 5-8 from now.
  34. dwooder

    Near perfect White VIN 33XXX

    Congrats! Thats my exact order also. How long it take you to get it?
  35. dwooder

    On week 3, too late to cancel tow hitch?

    Congrats, hope you have a good pickup. Well I called them, they said it wont make a difference taking the hitch off now, said I will will receive the car in September...I didnt push anything harder....sad face...oh well
  36. dwooder

    On week 3, too late to cancel tow hitch?

    Haha yep, I want to call them too....you call first.
  37. dwooder

    On week 3, too late to cancel tow hitch?

    Im on week 3 of waiting and Ive been thinking, I'll probably never use the tow hitch...is it too late to help my Y come quicker? Gah I thought waiting on my second Tesla would be easier!
  38. dwooder

    Sold Car to Carvana Experience + Used Tesla Purchase Experience

    Heck yeah, great deal. Im looking to sell my 2020 SR+ to carvana (15K miles) when my Y gets ready, $35k would be great. Come on Y!! Should have not added the tow hitch.
  39. dwooder

    Standing at the Georgia delivery center looking at a “Stealth” VIN 177xx

    They got a white on white Y with induction wheels there?
  40. dwooder

    Looking for a Tesla hat

    Anyone seen or know where to buy a fitted tesla hat? Im mainly trying to find one with the T on the front and then the 3 horizontal bar E on the back or opposite that.
  41. dwooder

    Cybertruck satin/brushed stainless steel only?

    Thats aluminum though...
  42. dwooder

    Tesla Solar in Georgia?

    I noticed in the drop down menu on the website GA isnt listed. Anyone know whats up with that?
  43. dwooder

    Build quality

    Go to any other car forums and you would be scared to buy one of those cars too, you hear the worst and hardly any of the best. I took delivery 3 weeks ago to a perfect car and its been awesome.
  44. dwooder

    Diameter of of corded mobile charger cable.

    Thanks everyone, as it turns out the cord fits under the weather seal from the door to the garage so it will just go through that until the electrician makes it out in a few days.
  45. dwooder

    Diameter of of corded mobile charger cable.

    Anyone know the diameter of the charger that comes with the new car. I am designing and 3d printing a through wall solution. My extra dryer plug is through the wall into the laundry room from the garage so I want the drill a 2.5" hole in the sheet rock on both sides and make a sleeve and...
  46. dwooder

    I see my VIN. How long before I get the car?

    Ordered 11/26. I didnt expect this until late december. Woops didnt answer whole question SR+ White with black outside and aero wheels
  47. dwooder

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Same as mine in ATL too, got source vin yesterday and delivery schedule today. I bet yours will be coming soon.
  48. dwooder

    Price Quote Online

    Thats right, fine print somewhere says prices excluded tax titles and fees.
  49. dwooder

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Wow, just got my scheduled pickup date for next wednesday. From order to pickup will only be 3 weeks, makes me mad for some of you. It has to mean they are churning these things out now and will have every ones soon.
  50. dwooder

    I see my VIN. How long before I get the car?

    Got my vin yesterday, just got the text to schedule my pickup. Next Wednesday 12-11. In Atlanta

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