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  1. Rifleman

    Supercharger - Fairfield, OH

    finally a supercharger on the 275 loop! This has been sorely needed for a long time, as the supercharger in the cincy area all currently require a substantial detour off the loop. Great if you are coming into town from the west or south, but terrible if you are passing through and bypassing the...
  2. Rifleman

    Off topic galore

    Clearly you have never supercharged a 2014 S60, lol.
  3. Rifleman

    Question For those that paid 69,420

    I am still kicking my butt for not upgrading one of my S60's at that price, would have been very happy with a pre-refesh, 400+ mile range model at at 70k. The current S pricing is simply more than I can justify, will probably end up buying a Y in a year or two to replace on of my S's.
  4. Rifleman

    12V Battery Replacement Discussion

    My '13 and '14 S60's are both on their second 12v, I suppose I simply have done better than most, but I received 5+ years out of the original battery on both cars. My 2006 Chevy Trailblazer, on the other hand, is on its 6th battery now.
  5. Rifleman

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    Both of my S60's are essentially useless for road tripping at this point, the throttling is so bad as to rarely allow us more than 30 kW, and slows down to 20 or less once the battery it at 50%. A charge from 10-90% (typically needed to make it to the next supercharger in a 60) is a 90 minute...
  6. Rifleman

    Model S gets $3K price drop then a $2570 drop to $69420!

    The price drops certainly make the S more compelling. Up until recently, I had assumed that when it is time to replace my '13 and '14 S60's, a model y would be the most likely choice due to the significantly lower price. The price point of the S is getting close to the point where it is easier...
  7. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    FastPark and Relax (offsite airport parking) also has free ev charging (about 20 EVSE's). I park there every time I fly.
  8. Rifleman

    Range is quickly dropping, any suggestions.

    Any 60's made post facelift have this, but 2013 and 2014 60's have a true 60 (actually 58) kWh battery
  9. Rifleman

    Current S60 owners - how’s battery/ supercharging?

    My assumption is that they tweaked the supercharging taper rates through software on the classic 60's. I know alot of early 60 packs had very bad range degradation (my 2014's origonal pack was down to 159 @ 90% when they replaced it, although it was replaced for a different issue). If high...
  10. Rifleman

    Current S60 owners - how’s battery/ supercharging?

    I have to classic S 60's. The 2013 is at 87,000 miles, and its 90% charge is currently sits at 177 The 2014 is at 88,000 miles, and its 90% charge is currently sits at 181, although it had a warranty battery replacement at 40k miles. If the cars are below 40% state of charge, they both...
  11. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    As JRD1 said, there are 2 double rows of parking spots that have been torn up, but they are not in the place I would expect a supercharger to be, and the footprint is bigger than I would expect. Hard to say what they are doing there.
  12. Rifleman

    Supercharger - Cincinnati, OH (Marburg Ave.)

    Great find! This station will likely take a lot of load off of the service center, as I understand it has been highly utilized for deliveries lately.
  13. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    I will be driving right by this location on Saturday, I can do some snooping to see what I can find.
  14. Rifleman

    Charging help in Sevierville, TN

    I know there are some tesla destination chargers in the pigeon forge/gatlinburg area, they should at least charge at 40 amps, if not faster, probably a bit better than the blink 30 amp chargers that around that area.
  15. Rifleman

    S60 battery range

    my 2013 S60 (74k miles) get 179 @ 90%, and my 2014 (76k miles total, 30k on the current battery) gets 184 @ 90%. We bought the 2013 as a CPO with 32k miles on it, and at that time its showed 181 @ 90%. I am very happy with how the battery is aging on this one. The 2014 actually had a main...
  16. Rifleman

    Supercharger - Chillicothe, Ohio

    This location, while a little bit off the normal travel routes, is really needed, as this part of the state is a complete charger desert. Glad to see this is happening.
  17. Rifleman

    AM radio in model S

    Both of my Model S's (2013 and 2014) have AM radio, works pretty well overall
  18. Rifleman

    Supercharger- Merrillville, IN

    I made the trip between Country club hills and Ft. Wayne without issue (still had 40 miles left when I arrived)
  19. Rifleman

    Supercharger- Merrillville, IN

    I stopped by this location today on my way to Chicago. The station looks complete, but the chargers are not powered up yet. I charged at country club hills, and made it to my desination without issue. Hopefully this one lights up tomorrow, as on my return trip I need to go to Lima Ohio, and it...
  20. Rifleman

    Supercharger- Merrillville, IN

    Any updates on this one? It would certainly make my trip to Chicago next week a little bit easier.
  21. Rifleman

    Destination Chargers - Mackinaw City, MI

    This is an ideal spot for destination chargers. Mackinaw is a destination, and these charger will be within easy walking distance of hotels, restaurants, and the ferry to the island.
  22. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    I stopped by this station last night. The meter has now been installed, but the signs are still missing, and the construction fencing is still up. We are close, but not quite there yet.
  23. Rifleman

    Door Handle microswitch source?

    One of my door handles is broken (again), and as my car is out of warranty and I dont feel like paying tesla close to 1k to fix a broken wire, I am going to attempt to fix the door handle myself this time. Does anyone know of a source for replacement door handle microswitches?
  24. Rifleman

    What are the prospects for a battery upgrade for the P85D

    I am certainly interested in upgrading one of my classic 60's. I very likely will be hitting up wk057 once one of my cars is completely out of warranty.
  25. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    I had dinner at the longhorn near this charger 2 days ago, and it looked like nothing had changed since my last visit.
  26. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    I stopped by to check out the progress today. The stations looks essentially complete, but there is no meter on the meter box. A few other odds and ends like the "Tesla charging only" signs are missing, although the posts for them are in place already. Should be ready to go any time now.
  27. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    I stopped by the supercharger station today to check out the progress of the build out. It looks like this is going to be a 12 stall station, with 11 back up stalls, and 1 pull in stall. It looks like they are making solid progress, here are some pics.
  28. Rifleman

    Good body shop in Cincinnati?

    Blue Ash Auto body did a good job on my Model S after a minor fender bender.
  29. Rifleman

    Battery upgrade / replacement.

    When my classic 60 needed a new pack 6 months ago, I got a classic 60 pack. They told me my battery will be refurbished, and this pack is a loaner, but 6 months latter I still have it.
  30. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    I was able to stop by last night, but it was snowy and dark when I got there, so the pictures did not turn out. It looks like not much progress has been made since the pictures above were posted. Hopefully we will get some decent weather soon, and progress will be able to move forward.
  31. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    If you are coming in on 74, this one is actually not as far off the way as you think it would be. Going through the city on 74 actually only adds a few minutes vs. taking 275 around to bypass the city (assuming you don't get stuck in traffic). Once you hit the supercharger, just continue along...
  32. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    I will be driving by this location today when I go to pick my kids up after work, I will stop and get some pictures.
  33. Rifleman

    Battery upgrade / replacement.

    I may be looking to either upgrade one of my s60's batteries or swap out cars in the not to distant future as well. My new job has me spending alot of time of the road, and the bigger battery would mean much shorter supercharge stops. I have not talked to Tesla yet, as I have a feeling they will...
  34. Rifleman

    2014 MS60 Rated Range

    I have 2 classic 60 model S's. The 2013 has 68k miles on it, and charges to 178 @ 90% My 2014 at 55,000 was down to 156 @ 90% before a separate problem with the battery (would not supercharge above 20kw) caused tesla to swap me out with a loaner battery while they re-furbish mine. I dont know...
  35. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    This is a good location, and is very much needed for people making the trip from west of Cincinnati. Right now, a trip from Indy->Cincinnati->Indy requires a significant detour to blue ash if you cant find destination charging while you are in town. I agree that Florence would be a great...
  36. Rifleman

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    I drive past this location a few times a week, I will keep everyone updated on the progress
  37. Rifleman

    Anyone Have 2 Model S's?

    My wife and I each have a classic 60 Model S. No regrets at all about buying 2 of them (although the 2 of them do just barely fit inside our garage)
  38. Rifleman

    Location of the Whitestar Plant

    Whitestar, now thats is a name I have not heard in a long time... A long time.
  39. Rifleman

    Clunking sound is costing me a bundle to fix out of warranty

    It is still 8 years.
  40. Rifleman

    Clunking sound is costing me a bundle to fix out of warranty

    It was actually 100k for the 40, 125k for the 60, and unlimited for the 85. As an owner of 2 classic 60's, this is the one area where telsa kind of screwed us over (all newer cars, even at lower price points have the unlimited mile coverage, but we all know the issues the early cars have had...
  41. Rifleman

    Key Fob Low Battery Alert Won't Reset

    when I had a low battery alert, the only thing that would clear it was to change the battery on the other fob as well. Does not make a ton of sense, but it works.
  42. Rifleman

    Old Meets New

    A few years ago I took a ride on a B-17, definitely one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.
  43. Rifleman

    Advice needed..

    One of my cars has premium audio, and the other does not. I can hardly tell the difference. The bass on the premium is a little bit more pronounced, but not by much. If you are an audiophile, you are going to want a better system than what the premium offers, and if you are not, the standard is...
  44. Rifleman

    Poll - 60 to 75 upgrade

    If I could upgrade my classic 60's for 2k each, I would do it in a heartbeat.
  45. Rifleman

    75 price cut and 60 upgrade follows!!

    well, my classic 60's just lost even more value, but good for those that have the new 60's. I would pay that upgrade cost without hesitation if I had one.
  46. Rifleman

    Is there a way to add DRLs?

    I asked this question to tesla once, when I was looking at a CPO that did not have them, and was told that it would require completely new headlight housings and a new wiring harness, and would likely cost upwards of $5000 out the door. Of cource, Tesla does not like doing stuff like this, so...
  47. Rifleman

    Supercharger - Lexington, KY

    Has any one else experienced slow supercharging at this location? I supercharged here twice last week, and both times never saw a speed above 30 kw. The first time I pulled into the charger with 15 miles range remaining, and after an hour and a half on the charger, I gave up and went back to my...
  48. Rifleman

    At What Point Do I Contact Tesla?

    My 2014 S60 is down to 159 @90%. My wife's 2013 S60 is holding strong at 182 @ 90%. I asked Tesla to run diagnostics on my pack, and they did, but they insist "everything is fine". I fear that getting them to replace a pack is going to be a challenge if the car is still capable of forward movement.
  49. Rifleman

    Older seats vs Next Gen seats

    My preference is the 1st gen seats, although I know I am in a minority on that one. I find the next gen seats to confining.
  50. Rifleman

    I'm going to Bid on a 2014 Model S P85 - (parts only) - Does anyone need parts?

    Is that obece wood matte trim? If so, I would be interested in the trim piece around the cup holders (my wife managed to chip hers somehow). I would also be interested in the matching yacht floor.

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