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    Auto pilot on navigation on high way sudden slow down, van behind me almost rear ended me

    Same thing happened to me driving across I90 between Buffalo and Schenectady. On at least three occasions, while driving at 75 in a 65 zone on FSD, the car abruptly slowed down. It seemed when this happened the max speed set decreased to 65. Other comment, FSD takes exits way too fast.
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    Tesla Model Y build quality, manufacturing refinement and assembly

    I bought a 2022 Model 3 AWD back in June - very well put together and a lot of fun to drive. I miss the “thunk” of a bmw or Audi door and that feeling of luxury. This is different, but no less enjoyable for me though. The interface, software, and performance have been great. I am...
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    What are your most common intervention scenarios?

    I had my first drive with FSD beta - - as a new subscriber. Right turn from side street onto 45mph multi lane road - Tesla did not seem to see oncoming grey car so I braked before it could turn - it seemed to have moved beyond creep line. Drive to a destination 7 miles away was...
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    Upgrading to FSD beta - starting subscription until FSD beta

    I only had 10 or so autopilot miles when the FSD beta came down. My safety score based on that 36 hour period was 98 but I do not know if that mattered.
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    Upgrading to FSD beta - starting subscription until FSD beta

    The release of - the version of FSD beta with Apple Music and the first version ahead of my software - lead me to start a subscription. My car is set to “advanced” software updates. I started the subscription on Friday Dec 21 at 1:00 am and selected the request to join...
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    2022.44.25.1 > 2022.44.25.5

    I am on and subscribed to fsd at around 100 am and requested the FSD beta. Still waiting for 25.5.
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    2022.44.25.1 > 2022.44.25.5

    How did you do the service request for the software upload? Was this the option under service > infotainment > software update through the Tesla app?
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    FSD and Phantom Braking on the Highway. It is Insane.

    I think this may be something. I drove from NJ to Albany last Saturday night on 287/87. I experienced several mild phantom braking events near illuminated overhead signs. Otherwise flawless on 2022.24.6 - this autopilot not FSD for me. I also experienced what I first thought was pb when...
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    FSD and Phantom Braking on the Highway. It is Insane.

    Is the FSD phantom braking problem the same as the autopilot only one? Or does having FSD open more occurrences possibly because it is predicting other car behavior (someone about to enter your lane for example) and is taking action to avoid a threat autopilot alone doesn’t see?
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    FSD and Phantom Braking on the Highway. It is Insane.

    I have a 2022 model 3 AWD but do not have FSD. Highway autopilot - lane and speed maintaining - has been nearly flawless for me. I had maybe two phantom braking events on an 800 mile trip from Albany to Toronto and back. I did have a phantom event outside Coopertown in a section of road...
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    When should we sell our Model 3 P before our Model Y is delivered?

    Your vroom experience was what my carvana one was. Carvana responded quickly when I was selling my Infiniti G37 convertible prior to picking up my model 3 and, their offer was 4k over Teslas offer. Pickup and payment looked the same - just replace the vroom sticker with a carvana one. I was...
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    Birds eye visualizations after latest update?

    The overhead view that shows your car against its surroundings as remapped from camera data is very useful but was patented by Nissan. My Infiniti had this - it was very useful for parking and it would be useful in a Tesla for avoiding curb rash. Nissan cars with this feature have downward...
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    Ok, I tried Tidal, and…(and “premium” audio too)

    Hopefully Tesla will add airplay so an iPhone can stream music at a higher bitrate than over Bluetooth. Right now I use an SSD loaded with FLACs, tune in for news, and occasional streaming for other stuff. The only problems with usb FLACs is that it tends to be older music rather than new...
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    Birds eye visualizations after latest update?

    Bird eye view is a projection looking forward that shows the horizon - what you would see from the cockpit of an aircraft looking forward rather than straight down. It has the advantage that it shows objects close to you in detail but includes distant information at a coarser scale. I would...
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    What are some alternatives to buying homelink?

    I installed a Refoss smart Wi-Fi garage door opener with HomeKit. I can use Siri from my watch or phone and have an automation that automatically runs when I arrive at home. It has been very reliable so far. As a plus, we can see whether the door is opened or closed remotely. I believe it...
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I'm getting whiplash following my estimated delivery date! OD 3/28 M3 Red / White / Aero / No FSD EDD 3/29 06/03 -07/10 EDD 4/9 06/10 - 07/15 EDD 4/30 08/25 - 10/10. ARGHHH EDD 05/25 06/10 - 07/03. I will empty myself of expectation.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I checked yesterday and again today at around 1:00 pm. Yesterday check was the original EDD and was around 2:00 pm - the date had moved around by 5 days over the last month. Today it took the big jump later. I don't know when it updated other than sometime over the past 24 hours.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    M3 LR / Red / White interior - no FSD OD 3/29 original EDD 6/10-7/15 just updated EDD 8/24 - 10/05. Arghhhhhhhh I hope it comes earlier as my wife and I are sharing one car at the moment.

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