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    Speed Sensitive Volume Control?

    I'm still on 2017.50.12 b707518 and the speed sensitive volume option is there. This is an example of the clunky UI in the Model 3 - to access the control: 1) Fully expand the Music player window by tapping the arrrow in the upper right corner two times 2) Tap on the Equalizer control button...
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    USB Hub for Model 3's front ports?

    I have a USB stick in this and it works https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JX1ZS5O/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I can charge two iPhones and play USB music in my Model 3. I haven't done any testing to see what the charge rate is at when the USB port adaptor is plugged in, but...
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    Model 3 Traffic Aware Cruise/Autopilot touchscreen controls

    I agree with your assessment based on my experience in my Model X over 30,000+ miles logged on it. However, in the Model 3 manual, this is what it says: ===================================== 'Adjust your following distance To adjust the following distance you want to maintain between Model 3...
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    Model 3 Traffic Aware Cruise/Autopilot touchscreen controls

    I believe the numbers on the following distance setting are supposed to approximately correspond to the number of seconds of space between you and the car in front of you, so it does adjust based on speed. At setting '1' that should be about a one second distance gap based on the speed you're...
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    Model 3 Traffic Aware Cruise/Autopilot touchscreen controls

    I haven't seen anyone mention this so I thought I would post my observations on the Model 3 TAC/Autopilot touchscreen controls. When the touchscreen shows a speed limit sign, if you tap on the sign in the touchscreen display, the TAC speed will adjust to the speed limit on the sign (plus any...
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    Model 3's Sound System--How good is it?

    I received my Model 3 this week and finally had an opportunity to take an extended drive in it and listen to the Audio system. For a frame of reference, I have a Model S with the top tier Reus audio package (2 subs, amps, new tweeters, center tweeter mounted behind the rear view mirror) and a...
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    APR for Financing Model 3

    Financed my Model 3 today with Tesla. Received a 2.99% loan for 72 months ($53,000 financed). Loan provider is US Bank for my loan thru Tesla. I looked around a bit and was seeing local bank and credit union rates around 3.45% to 3.99% with the recent rise in rates.
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    Order to delivery in under 2 weeks!

    Yes! I was quite surprised. I was expecting about a month. My theory is that Tesla had sent the car up here and either someone ended up not taking it or that Tesla is stockpiling cars on their best guess of what models will be popular. Maybe the 18 inch aero wheels with a loaded package in...
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    Order to delivery in under 2 weeks!

    FYI - Configured car on January 11th. Pickup scheduled for tomorrow (January the 17th). Vin 2754 - Midnight Silver, with 18inch aero wheels. Bellevue, WA delivery center.
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    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Here is some more data for everyone to kick around. I received my invite this morning to configure my M3. As recently as yesterday, my page was saying that dual motor delivery for me could be expected to be July-Sept 2018. Now on my live config page it says Dual Motor in Spring of 18. It...
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    Questions about Seattle

    My quick answer is a yay. My wife would like us to move there from Redmond, but the commute would be a bit too much for my job, so we stay put.
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    Supercharger - Lynnwood WA

    These are the Tesla 'Urban' Superchargers. They are marginally slower than the version of the Supercharger that is primarily deployed right now. The difference is that each Urban Superchargers provide a dedicated amount of power to each car that is not impacted by another car charging on the...
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    Supercharger Speculation - The Village at Totem Lake (Possible Tesla retail store location???)

    I noticed on the Tesla Supercharging map that there is a proposed location for Kirkland, WA - Totem Lake, that is to be installed by the end of 2018. I have a strong suspicion it will be at The Village at Totem Lake - the new shopping area that is going in where the old Totem Lake Mall was. It...
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    2012 Model S Signature Cars

    FYI - I have a Sig Red P85+ With parking sensors, power folding mirrors, tire pressure sensors that display PSI on the instrument cluster, LTE, Sig Red paint and Sig white interior. Jerome helped me get it modified and I am so grateful. It is an awesome setup.
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    Supercharger - Arlington, WA

    Wow, that's amazing how fast it went up. I was at the Angle of the Winds on Wednesday, June 7th - 12 days ago) and there was no sign of any construction. Maybe I missed it, but I drove right next to that area of the parking lot and I think I would have noticed it. BTW - the pub they have in...
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    Tesla Semi

    Another interesting disruption to the fossil fuel industry as well as our economy. Imagine dropping the operating costs of shipping goods (Consumer goods, raw materials etc.) by long haul trucking. Eliminate the driver cost and drop the 'fuel' costs to the price of electricity. Then imagine...
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    Seattle Hotel's with charging stations

    You can look at the Tesla website for destination chargers as well: Destination Charging | Tesla
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    Performance Plus (+) Upgrade

    I think he can probably tell you approximately the range of VIN's that had the '+' suspension even though they were just standard production cars. Or alternatively, he might be able to give you the approximate production dates of cars that had the '+' suspension. I don't think he would have...
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    Performance Plus (+) Upgrade

    Ask Lolachamp on the forum, he may be able to tell you based in the VIN # of the car what suspension is in it.
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    Performance Plus (+) Upgrade

    I'm not sure, but I think it is. Lolachamp on the forum would be the best person to ask about the suspension, he has a great deal of knowledge about this. From what I remember some, if not all, of the + suspension was adopted at some point in all the cars coming off the line. But then I...
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    Performance Plus (+) Upgrade

    Yes, I had the upgrade done on my Signature P85. I love it. I opted for the 'identical refit' that changed out the entire suspension and rear subframe to be exactly like a factory built P85+. Unfortunately I believe Tesla discontinued the program at their service centers. Probably because they...
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    New rear space design (end of hope for cargo cover?)

    It's an interesting trade-off. I can see how the redesign is more comfortable for the third row passengers and for cargo capacity. But the parcel shelf I have is very nice when we are in the 4 seat configuration (I have the 6 seat version). On road trips I'll install the parcel shelf and we put...
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    Chris Lattner in and Sterling Anderson out...

    Elsewhere in the forum, a very well respected and informed member, Bonnie Norman, indicated that it was all on good terms and that Sterling has some interesting opportunities he wanted to pursue. Basically Sterling accomplished great things with the Autopilot program and it was time for a new...
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    New Equalizer In Version - Please Share Settings

    I did the measurements with Dolby set to off, but my thought is that turning on Dolby with the base EQ settings should be a good starting point as well. I will do a measurement with Dolby on to see what adjustments need to be made to the EQ to smooth out the system response.
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    New Equalizer In Version - Please Share Settings

    Here are some preliminary thoughts on the new 5 band EQ. I measured this with my iPhone and only spent about 5 minutes on this so it's subject to change once I have more time to analyze: These readings were taken with my volume set to the first '6' level (Going from 5). Also I have the...
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    Supercharger - Aberdeen, WA

    I drove by the Aberdeen location at about 5:00pm last night. Still not available for use, but I did note that all the charging pedastals had the "Tesla' letter lit, so they appeared to have power. Also on the updated tesla.com supercharger website, they show that Aberdeen is 'opening soon'...
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    Supercharger - Aberdeen, WA

    Any updates on the Aberdeen Supercharger? I'm planning a family vacation December 17th out to the Washington Coast and it would be nice to have a Supercharge in Aberdeen.
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    While Elon and crew talked with all the big institutions back in July and they may have verbal expressed to Tesla/Solar City their approval, maybe what has happened to lighten his mood is that the proxy vote tabulator has reported that enough shares have now been actually voted affirmative to...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    The Tweet storm Elon had been producing recently seems to indicate he's in a playful and relaxed mood. I'm guessing that he has heard back from enough of the institutional investors saying they will support the SCTY merger. That added to the ISS seal of approval is anecdotal evidence that the...
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    How do you erase a GPS location for auto air suspension change?

    Yes, the car should be able to remember multiple locations where you adjust the suspension. If it's not doing it, then there may be an issue that should be looked at by Tesla. The car uses GPS to remember the various locations you have changed your suspension height. But I think it only...
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    Audio Change in 2.36.31?

    Try doing a reboot on the car and then see how it sounds after that.
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    Center console for back seat of 6 seater Model X?

    Anyone out there with an X have additional suggestions for something to go in between the middle row seats? We have two kids and they keep putting stuff between the seats and everything rolls around and gets the floor all messy.
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    Washington State Good To Go Pass - best installation location?

    I put the pass in the hand hold of the driver side door just below the edge of the window with the pass sitting vertically. I regularly commute on the 405 HOT lanes between Kirkland and Bellevue and it works perfectly. Also it works fine going over the 520 bridge as well. I know it's not...
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    The Law vs Magnaplate

    I installed the Law on my Model X and have used autopilot extensively with it. I have experience no issues with where the plate sits. I think I've had in on the X for about two months or so.
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    Three beeps...odometer to zero...then back to normal

    Haven't ever experienced this particular issue in our X. Had it since January and are pushing 15,000 miles now. My explanation/guess would be there is either a hardware issue with your X or a firmware module may be corrupt. It is definitely not normal and should be checked out by your service...
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    Any Updates to Premium Sound in New 2016 Model S?

    I did some tests on the way in to work this morning. I rarely every turn the volume up on my system past 8, so going to 10 and 11 was a bit difficult on my tired ears and I couldn't take the SPL levels at that volume setting for very long. My quick observations were that the hiss in my...
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    Firmware 7.1

    I use the SPLnFFT app for my iPhone. I believe this reading was taken with the volume one click under '6'. I used a 192kHz pink noise file played straight from a USB stick. The pink noise file is from this website: High Definition Audio Test Files
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    Firmware 7.1

    I'm double posting this picture, but it seems as if much more discussion of the audio improvements that 2.32.65 has brought is happening here. Very happy with this frequency response. I won't type out my commentary that I posted in the thread (Any Updates to Premium Sound in New 2016 Model S...
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    Any Updates to Premium Sound in New 2016 Model S?

    Thought I would bring some life to this thread. There have been improvements to the sound system with recent firmware updates that apply to both the Model S and X. Below is a picture of an EQ plot I took of my 2012 Model S that initially was delivered with the Tesla premium audio system and...
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    Keep the DAMN car running please!

    If you want to keep the HVAC running, open up the official Tesla iPhone or Android app and turn on the HVAC. It will stay on for 30 minutes. If you download a third party iPhone app (Remote S by Regoapps), there is a 'camping mode' that will keep the HVAC running indefinitely if you want to...
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    CD quality sound via FLAC files, my experience

    Both the S and the X will play 192k/24 files. If you download quality hires music files the sound is great! I have a Reus aftermarket audio system in my S and when I play a good source material 192k file it is incredible.
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    Pressure Buffeting - Has anyone experienced it?

    A method of adjustment you can use is get a piece of paper that is fairly sturdy. Not quite cardboard but something that will be a bit stronger than regular paper. Back off all the adjusters on the car so when you put the piece of paper between the adjusters it slides easily out when the hatch...
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    Tesla Semi - Jerome Guillan back to head it!

    Looks like Jerome is back to head Tesla Semi! It's great to have you back at Tesla Jerome! Tesla tapped former Model S Program Director and Daimler’s Cascadia GM to lead ‘Tesla Semi’ -EDIT - I found the chatter over at the 'Thank You Jerome' thread about this. I'm a bit behind the times as...
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    Model X doors in garage

    You may have to move some of the stuff that is on the floor on the wall of the garage, but you shouldn't have a problem if you do that. My garage is much tighter than yours and we can open the Falcon wing doors. I posted pictures of my garage with the doors open in another thread. Search my...
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    Things you didn't know about your Model X

    I took my X to the service center at night, parked in the parking lot and it did connect to the 'Tesla Service' wifi. I parked there for about 30 minutes. Sadly, no software update notification arrived. I'm currently on 2.24.86. Have been on it since June 25th. Went to the service center...
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    NYTimes: Fatal Tesla Crash Draws In Transportation Safety Board

    The observation I will contribute to this thread is that technology has been changing the game/definition of what is called 'reporting'. With so many bloggers, journalists and others that can access an audience through the screens we carry, we are in a race to the bottom for views. When the...
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    Model X Founder Series - Facts

    Welcome to the Evergreen state Bonnie! Hope your move goes smoothly.
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    P90D Supercharging Data

    Yes. It was a bit disappointing when I took the X in a road trip from Seattle to the Bay Area in March to have such slow Supercharging rates. I also have an S and have done the same trip and it was much faster to charge thr S compared to the X. But now, on a road trip I just took from Seattle...
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    how much voltage drop do you see

    I use the Universal Mobile Connector plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet and when I charge either my S and X the voltage starts at 240 (or sometimes 241) and usually settles in at 236 volts at 40 amps. I don't know anything about how the electrician installed the plug so can't give you detail on...
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    P90D Supercharging Data

    I have an December 2015 build P90DL Model X and have also noticed with recent software updates my Supercharging rate has significantly improved. At 50% SOC in April my charge rate was only about 64 kW (I made sure I was the only car on the charger pair and the charger was working fine - started...

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