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  1. awww

    ColorNDrive Pearl White PPSW Touch up chip repair kit

    New. I bought the kit, but my friend had enough left over to let me use the left over. One kit does cover a lot of chips. Colour match is decent (although it can take many attempts.) Paid $40US, asking $30US shipped to continental USA. Local pick is possible in Toronto/Oakville. Does not...
  2. awww

    Sales Rep Recommendation at Lawrence Ave Tesla

    Not sure if he still works there, but Farhad Naveed at Lawrence is also useless.
  3. awww

    Winter RIMS-Model 3 SR+

    If you want to use the aero covers, you have to either get a set of aero rims (new or used - I think they are $275 each?). I bought a set of replica aeros from Wheelsco last year.
  4. awww

    how many inch of snow on ground will make rwd undriveable?

    I never measured, but last winter I would say I was able to drive through 5-6" of fresh snow without a problem. RWD with Continental Viking Contact tires.
  5. awww

    Upgraded SR Partial Audio to Full Premium

    The A pillar or mirror tweeter? The A pillar speaker is 2W of power, I can barely hear mine. The mirror tweeter is a bit overpowering, but the harshness did go down after I installed bass blockers on it.
  6. awww

    Upgraded SR Partial Audio to Full Premium

    Hope this helps... The Alpine amp first: 1. Are you using a line out converter or are you cutting off the RCA plugs on the amp harness? I think the red=right channel and white=left channel still applies if you choose to cut off the plugs or T-Tap these. 2. I see your diagram that you have the...
  7. awww

    No more TOU electricity in ON! Charge whenever you want

    After Oct 31, you can decide to go with TOU or fixed. Ontario will allow hydro customers to opt out of time-of-use pricing I think for most EV owners, TOU might be cheaper overall depending how much they drive and how they run other things in their home.
  8. awww

    Regen dots on SR+ never go away.

    I noticed this too thinking it’s odd since the weather has finally been warm for a week.
  9. awww

    $200 Registration Fee in Ontario - What does this get me?

    The fee is pretty much the plate fee and the sticker fee. I picked up my car September 2019 and my sticker expiry is October 2020.
  10. awww

    Upgraded SR Partial Audio to Full Premium

    I plan on using 3M mounting tape to stick the Alpine KTP445 under the side bolster of the rear seat. Before I can get to that... wondering if anyone can help me out. I'm having a lot of hissing/static on the passenger side speakers. I disconnected the input signal on the left side and even when...
  11. awww

    Enabled the rear speakers and added Sub to my SR+

    Hey - wondering if you can help me out here. Where did you ground the amp? I'm thinking I have a grounding problem. I have static and hiss on the passenger side even with no input wired. Driver's side has no problem. Thanks in advance!
  12. awww

    Enabled the rear speakers and added Sub to my SR+

    I'm working on mine right now, just waiting for some more posi-taps to come in so I can finish it. I chose the Alpine KTP-445u as the amp because it's small enough to hide.
  13. awww

    when is good time to swap to all season tire from winter tire ?

    I finally swapped my tires today. I know the aero cap can cause some rubbing on the rim itself, but this seems excessive for only 7000km. It's on every rim and pretty much all the way around. These are the replica aero rims. Maybe the fit isn't as good at the genuine Tesla ones. Not that it...
  14. awww

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    I logged on to my account this morning. Looks like premium connectivity monthly fee is coming to Canada. I'm probably going to pass on this - the only thing I seem to use frequently is Spotify.
  15. awww

    Chrome Delete Project: Materials Sourcing & General Questions

    There are pros and cons to buying a pre-cut kit. For me, doing it this way, I didn't have to spend time aligning up all the pieces. My savings isn't that much because the first time, I bought a roll of 2" vinyl and a 1x5' piece. But if you find 2 other people, you can wrap 3 cars for $150 or...
  16. awww

    Possibility that prices will go up with weakened dollar?

    I think the Model Y went up in price too, starts at $75990 now.
  17. awww

    Chrome Delete Project: Materials Sourcing & General Questions

    Mirror wrapped with 3M 2080 and cut using knifeless tape if you want to try it out. Just note, there are many possible ways to wrap it and not sure if there are any differences between the 3 and the S. Video for your reference.
  18. awww

    when is good time to swap to all season tire from winter tire ?

    Snow might be in the forecast for next week. Not driving much these days, so I don't feel too bad about driving on the winters for short distances.
  19. awww

    Elon: Wi-Fi-based garbage-door opening coming soon!

    I wonder if there will be a charge to activate this feature if and when we can get it. And how much are you guys willing to pay?
  20. awww

    This message brought to you by COVID-19 Quarantine

    Is that Trump photoshopped behind the fence?
  21. awww

    Rust in wheel well, is this normal

    I think I read that Tesla says that rust proofing isn't recommended for the car. Now I'm going to check my car when I change over the winter tires next week. The suspension components on my last car had rust in that pattern as well. Try spraying some corrosion free on the area. If you have a...
  22. awww

    Supercharger - London, ON

    I can't wait to try this one out. Will be the first v3 supercharger that I will use.
  23. awww

    Most recommended DIY Chrome Delete?

    Use a whole sheet instead of the 2" tape. Less seams the better. The 'V' is tricky, but it just requires a bit a patience. Skip to the 6:50 mark.
  24. awww

    Chrome Delete Project: Materials Sourcing & General Questions

    If you are interested in satin black, I have enough for 2 cars left. I bought a 5x8' piece. You actually only need 1.5" wide strips. I can cut you a couple of 1.5" or 2" wide strips for the top arch, doors and cut you like a 1x5' piece for the back window and mirrors. Door handles can be wrapped...
  25. awww

    Filling the Quarantine Time with Model 3 Projects

    I like too! I already wrapped the back bumper black plastic part in the same satin black vinyl as my chrome delete. I'm going to try this too. I also want to try wrapping the Amazon/ebay mud guard with the satin black vinyl - but not sure how long it will actually last. I just bought an...
  26. awww

    Most recommended DIY Chrome Delete?

    All you need is a 5x8ft roll. The longest piece which is the top arch is a little over 7 ft. There is also enough vinyl to wrap 3 cars worth with this roll. Or make that many mistakes. The mirrors are very difficult however.
  27. awww

    Would you pay for a la carte options in model 3?

    I would pay for auto lane change.
  28. awww

    Any hack to remove the autopilot nag?

    I have done it a few times with a water bottle and I have gone as long as 100km without the nag coming on. I was fully paying attention and ready to grab the wheel at anytime, it was for testing purposes only. Fill a water bottle 1/3 to 1/2 way, then rest the bottle at either the 2 o'clock or...
  29. awww

    Winter Grime

    I mean touchless wash.^
  30. awww

    Winter Grime

    How gritty does it feel like? Sandpaper have various grits. I noticed when I go through the touches wash it's not completely clean. I have been spraying spray detailer or a waterless wash and wipe with a microfiber towel depending how much grime is left. It's the rocker panels and the rear...
  31. awww

    POLL: Aero Wheels - On or Off

    The aero caps really grew on me. I bought the aero cap kit and it’s still in the packaging.
  32. awww

    A good way of measuring accurately KWH usage?

    OMG you are using over 50kwh a day on average. Even in October where you aren't running the furnace much and likely the car is running more efficiently you averaged 46kwh per day. Do you have a gas or electric water heater? How old is your home and how is the wiring?
  33. awww

    Best DIY Clear PPF for the front of the Model 3. Please Help

    The hood itself isn't that difficult as it's fairly flat. If you want to wrap the hood, a full wrap requires a 48"x60" bulk piece and a partial wrap that goes up halfway requires a 24"x48" piece. I highly advise against using a heat gun. You can easily heat the film up too much and melt the...
  34. awww

    Is this supercharge speed normal?

    Sounds like what I experienced during the December cold spell. Around -10C outside at the Comber supercharger, arrived at 22% and charge rate topped out at 85kw before tapering. The car was plugged into a level 1 outlet all day (surprisingly got like 45km of range in 12 hours at 12A) and driven...
  35. awww

    Rated range sr plus now 328km

    A couple of reasons... it's cold out and you are checking the range when the battery is low. I seen my full range show as low as 250km when it was -15C out and like 25%. Last week when it was warmer, after a charge to 85%, it was showing 375km. I'm not going to worry about it unless it's like...
  36. awww

    Windsor & Surrounding Area for Tire Rotation

    Maybe try Kal Tire in Tecumseh. I have a 3 ton jack and the jack pads. For the weekends I am in Windsor, I will offer it for $80, doing it in your driveway or garage lol
  37. awww

    PPF by the foot

    24" x 96" is enough, but stretching it is very difficult.
  38. awww

    for current model 3 owners, where do you find most of paint chips?

    I had to wait about 2 weeks after I got the car until I had time to put PPF on it. I have the rockers and front bumper done and will do the hood and headlights in the spring when it gets warmer. I got 2 tiny chips on the underside of the front bumper so I wrapped it without touching it up...
  39. awww

    PSA: check for rust at this point

    Mine aren't touching, but the panel could be aligned better. I'm going to try this, and maybe the front bumper on the passenger side later. Thanks!
  40. awww

    Does a Model 3 plate frame come with the car?

    I think they put one on the back plate. The other cars that were picked up on my delivery date all had it as well.
  41. awww

    Side Mirrors don't automatically unfold

    Same here on the driver's side. Happened twice while driving home at night, no problem in the morning when the car was parked in my garage. Appears to happen after the last update, but not sure if it is the cold. If I go into the menus and press fold and unfold mirrors twice, it does unfold.
  42. awww

    Best door seal kit?

    I find most of the wind noise from the top of the window (maybe it's because of the frameless design).... If only there is a seal for this.
  43. awww

    Who has winter tires?

    I bought a set of replica aero wheels with VikingContact 7 tires. I had them on about a week so far, and so far so good. Time will tell about the quality of the wheels. The inside of the wheel does have DOT-T, VIA and JWL marked on it.
  44. awww

    Model 3 Mud Flaps?

    I would put ppf under them. I’m not sure if I didn’t install it correctly but my rear mud flaps has left a mark on the ppf on the area where it clips on to the rear bumper from pressure. I wrapped 3m pro around the bumper and I’m not sure if the added thickness was too thick for the clip. But...
  45. awww

    18" Aero Wheels

    Update on the replica aero rims. covers fit and mounted on continental Viking contact 7s
  46. awww

    18" Aero Wheels

    I ordered them from Wheelsco for $749 a set. I saw a few tire shops offering an aero replica wheel. I bought as part of a group buy. There was an additional $150 off. Tesla Model 3 SR+ Winter Tire Package Group Buy - GTA - RedFlagDeals.com Forums
  47. awww

    18" Aero Wheels

    I ordered a set of replica aero wheels for my winters. At 21 pounds, they are pretty much identical to the OEM wheel. I will share my thoughts on them when I pick them up next week.
  48. awww

    TPMS Recommendation - Canada

    Nice. What brand do they sell? Also anyone try the cheaper (non-ITM) ones from ebay? They are $80 or less
  49. awww

    Asked to see car first.

    That is terrible. I wouldn't take it if there was a price adjustment offered. Online inventory says there are 2 Model 3s at the Lawrence location - one with Aeros and one with 19" sport wheels. Which one is this?

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