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  1. Runebane

    Is Tesla working on a Sentry/dashcam viewer?

    I believe the OP meant in the car without having to take the memory card out. Also to add to that some file management options to delete old saved stuff would be great as well.
  2. Runebane

    Tesla app not available on Play Store

    Someone did an oopsies. Either that or Elon forgot to tell us something :P
  3. Runebane

    B Pillar inside cover popping off

    I had this issue, took it to the service center. They said the snap points broke off, and claimed it was because I hit it too hard getting in. I explained, this is the first car this has ever happened to and I haven't changed the way I get in a vehicle. They replaced it under warranty...
  4. Runebane

    A/C and Mileage

    I think that hit may be more for a LR RWD as we usually are much lower wh/mi to begin with. Assuming it's a relatively steady 16 wh/mi to run the AC that is.
  5. Runebane

    Almost Got Into Crash - Took Over from Auto Pilot

    When I view the first video it says it's 29 seconds, but plays for a full minute. Which is funny to see the progress bar at 100% and the video still playing.
  6. Runebane

    Reverse made my car go forward...

    If you're in HOLD mode, all you have to do to get out of it is to tap the break again. It'll cycle between hold and not hold. You never have to hit the accelerator to break hold mode.
  7. Runebane

    TotalTesla: New Tesla Vehicle Registry

    Any reason you require the VIN to register a vehicle? Personally, I'd rather not post it even if it is hidden.
  8. Runebane

    Should I buy the "full self driving option"?

    Honestly, it depends on how you feel about waiting a year or 5 before getting a return on your investment. Musk says 2020, but he's been telling early adopters that it's just around the corner for years. So I would take that with a grain of salt. Based on Enhanced AP, I would not buy it...
  9. Runebane

    Buying a Model 3 on Friday

    I drive a similar range. I charge daily to 90%, that covers me those rare times I forget to plug in overnight.
  10. Runebane

    Buying a Model 3 on Friday

    Don't skimp on your home charging station. Get the 60amp circuit and have the outlet placed so that it will be convenient for you to plug in at night. So not say it's ok if I have to do x,y, or z every night to plug in, it WILL get old very fast.
  11. Runebane

    US Sales of Model 3 vs Nissan LEAF is now 18.4 to 1

    I think it's great that both numbers are going up. While Tesla is certainly beating the leaf, it's good to see the leaf doing better.
  12. Runebane

    MASTER THREAD: Funny smell inside car

    In previous cars that's usually been the cabin air filter needing replaced. Might want to check that before scheduling service.
  13. Runebane

    NEMA 14-50 Location

    We have the Tesla 25' (or is it 20'?) at the front of the garage. That's a lot of cable to wind up. But we have 2 model 3s and we were hoping to reach both of them with the location, but we failed on our measurements and have to swap garage locations anyway to charge. If we had to do it...
  14. Runebane

    It’s financially insane to not buy a Tesla Model 3

    Don't forget here in California the Air Pollution Control Districts each have incentives. For San Juaquin Valley, it was $3000.00 per EV you buy, while they money lasts. I assume (I know, I know) that the others have something similar. But yes, this thread is very biased towards California...
  15. Runebane

    Hit and run - rear camera footage?

    Not if he did a U-turn behind him. OP call Tesla and see. Since Sentry Mode is currently not using it, they may not be recording and taking samples. But they may be in preparation for adding it to Sentry Mode.
  16. Runebane

    How long did you spend at Service Center for Delivery?

    When I got there, they had been trying to get a hold of me to try to reschedule since they found a alert on my car. When they found out that I was already half way through my 4 hour drive to get there, they tried to have it fixed for me that day (it turned out to be the driver's side seatbelt...
  17. Runebane

    Ideas For Showing The Model 3

    Anytime someone comes up to my car asking questions the first thing I do is open the frunk then the trunk. Then they ask "Where's the engine!?"
  18. Runebane

    What Would Autopilot Have Done?

    I can tell you from my 1 hour commute each way that the tesla absolutely sees Semis coming into the lane and will almost ALWAYS slow down instead of any other evasive maneuver. Semi getting on the freeway going 20mph and you're going 70? Damn better hit those breaks so they get in front of...
  19. Runebane

    What Would Autopilot Have Done?

    It definitely would slow down. It does that all the time with merging traffic, especially if the car merging is going slower than you and if you had just maintained normal speed you would have passed them with no issues. Autopilot is very break happy.
  20. Runebane

    Charging in Extreme Temps

    I don't believe letting it cool down will help you as the first thing the car will try to do is warm up the battery to better charge it. That being said, not sure what your ambient temp in your garage is at midnight. Unless the car is complaining it's too hot when you charge, I wouldn't...
  21. Runebane

    I'm scared now! Selling Stocks.

    You don't need to use his profile to search his post history. Just use the search function and search Posted by Member: and put his name in there.
  22. Runebane

    SR+ vs LR RWD. How much more pain on a long trip?

    Then yeah, winter will be minimal concern. Though it can get cold and you will lose some range, it won't be bad with either vehicle.
  23. Runebane

    SR+ vs LR RWD. How much more pain on a long trip?

    I will start his by saying I skimmed the thread. I did not notice anyone bringing up winter, since you're in Canada, winter is going to be harsher on the 3 than say where I live here in central CA. Your 3sr+ will lose a significant portion of it's range in the winter. While the same...
  24. Runebane

    Fresno Service Center

    I stopped by the 24th, they are indeed open and ready for the public. I was able to walk in and set up an appointment for my 3. But they don't have much in the way of parts yet from what they told me. Currently most things they have to order in then call to make the appointment.
  25. Runebane

    Regenerative break warning sign

    The "computer" you reboot is just a tablet set up to query the actual computer. It does handle stuff, like climate control, maps, showing speed etc.. but actual car computer is separate. It should be as safe as rebooting your phone however much you want.
  26. Runebane

    Regenerative break warning sign

    No, not full for your set limit. If you set your limit to 70% and left the house you would not have limited regen because you were at 70%. As others have said, it's usually the cold or being above a certain %. I charge to 90% and have only noticed the limited regen on colder mornings. My...
  27. Runebane

    Currently advertised: "Summon allows your car to find you in parking lot. REALLY"

    The wife and I only use it when some idiot parks too close to one side, we'll back out the car so we can get in. I told my friend at work that we'll test advanced summon in an empty parking lot once it lands. He's more excited about that than I am.
  28. Runebane

    Is the current NoA helpful or harmful?

    See for me, I get the opposite, if a car is coming quickly, NOA just aborts even if it has plenty of time to slowly move it's arse over and even it it's already halfway through the lane change. I usually end up having to take over to finish the lane change.
  29. Runebane

    Is the current NoA helpful or harmful?

    I have not read all the replies on this thread (I know I'm a horrible person). That being said, I agree with CR to a point, that NoA does require a lot of user intervention. But what struck me as odd is they said NoA cut someone off... NoA is such a granny that doesn't seem possible and I...
  30. Runebane

    How honest are you about Tesla issues when speaking to friends/family that want to buy a Tesla?

    I usually give them a ride first, show them the acceleration, handling etc... by then they're spewing questions faster than I can answer usually. But I tell them the truth, whether it's favorable or not to Tesla. And always end it, if it hasn't come up, that they send over the air updates to...
  31. Runebane

    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    Are you saying the App doesn't work with your USB drive that has the TeslaCam folder? I may be the formatting is different with the S than the 3. When you record on the dash cam does it use side cameras at all?
  32. Runebane

    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    I got my cable last night and tried it out this morning. Worked very well and the instructions to set up were easy to follow. Good job!
  33. Runebane

    After wife drove car I got in but her profile settings were still in effect. Normal?

    Correction, it's not a good solution for *you*. It's a good solution for those whose households have multiple drivers with multiple phones. Which I believe, but have no proof of, is the majority of Model 3 owners.
  34. Runebane


    This is what the wife and I decided as well. We're going to wait until one of us gets ticketed for not having the front plate before we put it on. So far so good *knocks on wood*.
  35. Runebane

    FSD price change in my account

    I will only regret it if and when they finally get FSD going. Until then, it's vaporware and not worth a penny to me. I have EAP as well, and quite frankly considering have Nav on Auto works (or more to the point doesn't), it's going to be a while before FSD is here, regardless of what Elon...
  36. Runebane

    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    I downloaded the App. Now I just need to wait for Amazon to send me my cable and I can try it out. Thanks for creating this :)
  37. Runebane

    I put 7k miles in 5-6 months

    Just hit 20k on the way in to work today (20,009). Had the car for just over 9 months. Damn, time has flown. I also have a trip to visit my folks in Colorado coming up in a couple weeks, that'll add another 2.5 - 3k miles depending on how much we use it while we're there. I don't use...
  38. Runebane

    Should I be concerned about occupant privacy with the interior camera?

    I figure the NSA agent assigned to watch over me is going to need years of therapy so I win in the end. Let'em watch!
  39. Runebane

    Examples of "soul sucking" traffic?

    I should have elaborated. If we leave after 11am we will hit LA at rush hour. it's technically only 3.5 hours away, but we usually make a few stops (lunch, pee breaks etc..) along the way. so it ends up being closer to a 4.5 - 5 hour drive. LA rush "hour" usually from 3-6(?) Not quite sure...
  40. Runebane

    Examples of "soul sucking" traffic?

    I didn't record it, but wife and I took a trip to LA to visit her friends. Since we were going Friday, I told her all I want is to leave before 11am so we didn't hit LA Rush hour. We left at 11:45am and spent an hour going 20ish miles. Honestly, with the 3 it wasn't so bad. But then again...
  41. Runebane

    Just got my new vanity plate

  42. Runebane

    Construction zone autopilot.

    While I've not been through construction with those types of barriers, they are doing a lot of road work on the 99 here in central CA and yeah the car has issues when there's no markings and drifts, if there are cars next to me it helps AP stay where it needs to be. However, no cars around and...
  43. Runebane

    Any guesses on when the Model 3 hitch will be available in US.

    Even a tear drop trailer causes drag. The faster you go the more the drag. Yes, it's not quite the same as 4 wheels and a box, but there is still significant drag.
  44. Runebane

    Any guesses on when the Model 3 hitch will be available in US.

    When I pulled a trailer with my truck, my gas mileage took a similar hit. These things cause a lot of drag, now mine was a little bigger but then again so was the truck. My truck went from 24mpg to 15mpg when towing.
  45. Runebane

    Voice Command Not Working!!!

    What do you mean by not work? Not work at all or has a hard time understanding you? it works, sometimes it hears the wrong word especially if i'm dictating a bug report. However, getting it to navigate places it seems to have the best recognition, not flawless but better than doing bug reports.
  46. Runebane

    Tesla Wall Charger Installation Quote

    I paid around $800 here in the central valley. But we had the electrician run it about 25' away from the panel to get both cars able to charge. One thing to research is if PG&E will reimburse you for installation. SCE does but you'll need to get a copy of their license to send in with it.
  47. Runebane

    100 charge to 300 miles

    Normally I leave my display set to % instead of miles, but I switched to miles for last nights charge. I got 287 miles at 90% which converts to 318.888 miles for 100% charge. So I'm down 6.6 miles or 2% of battery capacity after driving my car for 9 months with an odometer reading of 19,683...
  48. Runebane

    100 charge to 300 miles

    It may. I've charged to full a few times for trips but I still get the full battery. I haven't charged to full since the extra capacity increase on the LR RWD yet, but my trip a couple months ago I charged to full 310 miles. Brought mine home mid August 2018.
  49. Runebane

    Can't decide between AWD and performance

    Since you and your wife test drove both and came away with the P being the winner, I'd say go with the P. Remember, if you buy the AWD but liked driving the P better, then you'll be regretting that after you start driving the AWD after purchase.
  50. Runebane

    New model 3 autopilot

    I believe you have to turn on autopilot first in the settings since it's still a beta feature new cars come with them off. The Tesla rep turned mine on for me before I left, yours should as well and go over features and answer questions you have.

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