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    Hitch installer near Phoenix ?

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    FSD Beta 10.69

    Tried out FSDb in Phoenix today morning. Streets to freeway back to streets. It only got confused once when it missed the right turn lane. I didn't dare letting it do left turns yet, too scary for me. These are new, well marked, well maintained streets and highways, pretty easy stuff to navigate...
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    Tesla Is Finally Updating Its Autopark Feature by The End of This Month

    I thought the summon, autopark and NOA would be updated with FSD V11 when they go on single stack? Given how much progress they made on FSD, I would think porting that code for simple summon or parking would be relatively easy, as they are essentially part of FSD function. FSD is dodging moving...
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    MTB with front wheel on fits in the Model Y

    Finally figured out how to fit my medium frame mountain bike without removing the front wheel (and moving up the front seats). The trick was to open the rear left door. I backed in the bike at angle and laid down the bike chain up. Twist the handle bars and front wheel towards the car. Walk of...
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    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    I agree. I was looking for Subaru Outback couple of a weeks ago and bunch showed up on True Car inventory... called the dealer to find out that these were customer orders and real wait is about 6 months.
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    Lock Icon on the dashboard

    Searched the internet and couldn't find any info on this. My Tesla Model Y with Version 2022.2.5.1 (most up to date) has a lock icon on the top of the dashboard and on top of the car visualization. The Tesla Model S with the version 2022.4.5 does not have the icon. Wife drives the S and it's a...
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    New house address does not appear on maps

    I think I tried that. What is weird, that my car recognizes my home but navigates to a place 5 miles away when I navigate home.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I ended up using a hairdryer and the fishing line. The buffing of the adhesive took some paint off the bumper. Oh well, time for the paint kit, I live in AZ so I already have small chips in the hood anyway.
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    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    Little investigation reveals the reasons for the blatant BIAS... Roadshow partners with truecar and truecar partners with car dealers..... all except Tesla. Zero incentive for them to include Tesla in the rankings. Wow, the misinformation is just sickening. I feel sorry for typical uninformed...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Perfect, I have a industrial Jiffy Steamer to steam my suits (saves me a ton of money and it's convenient). Where do you apply the steamer on the plate holder? In a crevice?
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    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    Wow, 17 categories for the Best electric cars and EVs for 2022 and Tesla not mentioned once... not even as a runner up. The bias is absolutely blatant. Apparently Tesla is the best selling EV in the world for no good reason at all. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/best-ev-electric-car/ Best...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Got my Model S LR BLUE with white interior delivered yesterday. Gaps and paint looks great. No quality issues that I could see. It was missing a rear well top cover 🤦‍♂️, the doors take some force to close - not sure if that's normal. Why do those cars come preinstalled with front plate...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Congrats ! I got same color MOdel S delivered yesterday. Did Tesla remove the front plate holder for you or did you do it yourself?
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    New house address does not appear on maps

    Software update to set home location as pin on the map would solve so many of those issues.
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    New house address does not appear on maps

    How to you the I'm home now location?
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    So the delivery date got changed back to March last week and today I got more specific date range again January 26th - February 5. WTH? My son got T-boned on a intersection coming back from school and his car his totaled. Now I actually need another car, take the Model S and give him my Model Y...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    My Model S was ordered in November. Delivery went initially estimated in March, then changed to a specific date range Jan 16th-30th and today changed to June. Whatever. I am not in hurry. Hoping they will add matrix LED's and refresh taillights by then. I am also thinking that with Austin...
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    Poll on V11 interface

    I hated the old interface cuz any time I wanted to change temp I ended up turning on a seat heater... and I live in Arizona, NO NEED for seat heater shortcuts for me.
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    2021.44.30 Rolling out

    You can wait before installing any new updates you know. Wait few weeks and see if other users are reporting any issues. Heck, you can even wait until Tesla rolls out a fix for those issues. Or just buy a legacy car any and not worry about any bugs with updates cuz you won't get any.
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    Charging interrupted issue

    My charger doesn't interrupt after the update, but it drops charging from 48A to 24A every night after less than one hour. What the hell was the point of 60 amp circuit if I can't charge the car at max 40 mph?
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Are they rolling out FSD Beta to more people?
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Similar to many human drivers.
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    THere will be a ton of videos of FSD in the next few months. Exciting times.
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    Enhanced Autopilot Vs. FSD

    You need to apply force to a wheel or confirm with stalk to complete the lane change on Navigate on Autopilot.
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    Enhanced Autopilot Vs. FSD

    I have the full FSD and here is my quick review of the features: Summon - useless other than a party trick, can't connect to the car half of the time Autopark - cannot get it work Navigate on Auto-pilot - I hate it, even with the update it keeps wanting to get behind much slower cars on the...
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    Tesla Releases $2,000 Model Y Acceleration Boost, Shaves Half Second

    I got the the AWD Perf. without PUP model Y. If I had to do it all over again, I would purchase AWD Non-performance and upgrade to boost. 3.5 seconds is overkill and 4.3 is damn fast. I probably wouldn't get the FSD either, it's waste of time and money. Standard autopilot - lane keeper and...
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    Blog New Autopilot Feature Keeps Cars in Passing Lane

    I don't know, when I used navigate on autopilot, no matter how high I set the speed, Tesla always managed to squeeze to the right and find some minivan to get behind.
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    Blog New Autopilot Feature Keeps Cars in Passing Lane

    THis is great news, I stopped using navigate to destination because of Tesla's insistence on get over in to right lane even though it gets behind slower cars...I drive fairly fast, if there is a faster asshole out there I am more than willing to let them pass.
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    Found this little gem on my $55K Model Y

    If they just painted the piece black it would look OEM and no one would question anything. But because it's wood trim, it looks jerry-rigged.
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    Be aware! Missing Control Arm Nut: Potential Safety Issue

    Wow, that's scary. Thanks for posting this. BTW just for perspective: here are the manufacturers that had the highest number of recalls over the past five years, according to ISeeCars.com: General Motors Recalls: 213 Vehicles affected: 54,942,962 Ford Recalls: 209 Vehicles affected...
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    Sudden Accleration

    One pedal driving can get confusing because if you just let up, the car starts slowing down... it essentially engages regen and brakes if needed. There are people that almost never touch the brake... so sometimes I wonder if they get so used to one pedal driving that they try using that one...
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    Model Y Tire Question

    probably would steer clear of performance and just get AWD with higher suspension, more rubber and cheaper. I imagine roads get torn up there after each Winter, so 21 inch wheels may work on California dry roads but not over potholes. 4.8 seconds in still plenty fast.
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    Blog Report: Model 3 Inspired Compact Hatchback Planned for Europe

    I don't like big SUV, Y is a perfect utility sport cross-over.
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    Software update 2020.32.3

    I think it also fixed the back up camera with homelink obstruction problem. It's definitely semi-transparent now.
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    Black Model Y

    Black is less visible to other drivers also, there are stats on this. Google it. Black color cars more likely to be involved in car accidents. Black color absorb all light spectrum so it heats up more. The nicks, scratches,fingerprints and hard water spots are more visible on black color. My...
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    Love the Y. Hate the S

    Man, you would really hate my previous lexus rc 350 f sport, my trade in for TMY.
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    Stick with eGolf or trade for MY?

    Look, you know what issues to look for at the delivery on TMY, check the hatch, check the paint, alignment - something not to your liking - walk away - what you got to to lose? The build quality is getting better and they are recognizing the common issues. My TMY just needed the hatch realigned...
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    Tesla Dashcam

    get a SSD and honk every 10 minutes
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    wall connector gen 3 wi-fi problem

    A unique SSID Wi-Fi network name and WPA2 password for connecting to the Wall Connector are printed on a label at the rear of the main unit, just don't ask me how to remove the unit. I am in a same boat. Somehow I lost the WIFI connection on Gn3 TWC and cannot find my quickstart manual. I am...
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    Slow speed tire noise (sticky sounds)

    it goes away
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    Is Homelink Location Aware?

    Yes, any location can be set for community gates, garages, etc. in addition distance setback can be set for any given location.
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    Anyone's back up camera sucks?

    pretty sure Y uses HD rear camera, my looks way better. this one looks a lot more pixelated
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    Keycard cracked, vehicle stuck

    When I go riding my MTB I much more worried about losing the Key Fob. BTW, how the hell did you manage do damage the key card but have your phone intact? I cracked my screen before biking but never damaged any of my credit cards.
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    What's Normal Front Motor Sound for Model Y?

    The only time I get a high pitch whiny noise from my motors is when I floor it in MY DM-P
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    Model Y rear door closing THUD vs CLUNK

    My Model Y is due for its Service to fix the rear hatch door which rubs against the light housing and has to be pushed close. I imagine the gaps will be re-aligned when the hatch door is fixed. The spoiler is coming unglued at one spot and needs to be glued in. Everything else seems to be OK...
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    Model Y - does it need a tint for heat?

    Hello from sunny Phoenix, it reached 119 couple of days ago. I was concerned about the glass roof before I got the car - I had the car a car for a month and no issue for me. Even my wife was surprised how well it rejects the heat. My car is garaged and I park under roof at work. If I had to...
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    Tesla Service on new Y

    I owned multiple ICE cars and got stranded on highways for various reasons: slippling clutch (my very first Nissan Sentra), engine overheated due to leaky radiator (Toyota Corolla), engine stalling due to faulty crank sensor - that was misread by the system as camshaft sensor failure - so wrong...
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    Keycard cracked, vehicle stuck

    ? Authenticating the phone was just about the only thing that Tesla helped me with when I picked up my Y. Never even had to use my card.
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    2020.28.5 update

    When is the side camera for lane changing update coming? ANyone know?
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    2020.28.5 update

    Just got 2020.28.6, getting more updates than iPhone and Windows combined

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