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    Has anyone received a 100D?

    Will be taking it to the Service Center. @Pinot.Noir its the sliding center arm rest.
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    Has anyone received a 100D?

    Spoke too soon. Just noticed that there's a fairly large gap between the carbon fiber trim to the dash where it meets the center screen. Also, they left the protective plastic under the arm rest which can't be removed without taking out the armrest. Neither is a big deal. I'm posting more for...
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    Has anyone received a 100D?

    Picked up my S 100D at Costa Mesa yesterday. DS said it was the first 100D he had seen delivered. No QC issues other than they forgot to remove the plastic cover under the arm rests.
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    Air Suspension Longevity and Frequency of Use

    After four years and daily use of the air suspension, never had a problem. Have a new Model S on the way and have air suspension on order. I think it's very useful in Southern California.
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    A senior tesla executive's comforting answer to concerns re: "loss of range"

    If you click on the battery icon, it gives markers for every 10th percentile of charge. It's easy enough to determine the percentage that way.
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    Reinventing service...

    I got the annual service since my car needed an alignment anyway. With that said, I don't think there's much value in paying for the service in the first year at least. If you take out the cost of alignment, I feel like I paid $400 for wiper blades and key fob batteries. All other items that...
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    if you didn't buy a prepaid service plan

    Just got my annual service, not prepaid, and the alignment was included. Was specifically told that an alignment is included in the annual service, prepaid or not.
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    How have you handled accident damage (as in I'm looking for other's experience)

    May I ask how you went about getting the Trade-in offer from Tesla (e.g. thru service center, ownership, etc.)?
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    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV - Bridger Ave.

    I really hope that they put one in Primm. LV to Barstow in a 60kwh could be very difficult if the conditions are not right.
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    Rear jump seats

    Picked up my car today and to my surprise, I got the leather(ette) version. So I guess the service center lied to me but in a good way =) I do like this version much better but still think the cloth version is pretty nice as well.
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    Rear jump seats

    Dropped off my car today to get the seats. They showed me the seats they're putting in and they're all cloth. Slightly disappointed but just happy I'm able to get the seats. Honestly, they don't look as bad in person...or maybe that's just me rationalizing. Also, the loaner I have (vin 21xxx)...
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    How Did You Hear About the Model S?

    Had a CLS AMG guzzling 14 mpg and was in the process of searching for a Plug-in Prius. Colleague at work told me about the Model S (he's not even a car guy...just read an article about it). I was aware of the Roadster but never looked into Tesla. That was this past October. Put a deposit in...
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    Rear jump seats

    The reinforced bumper was standard on all cars up to VINs somewhere through 6000. Mine is lucky enough to be within the range. After that, I think the reinforced bumpers were only installed on cars that ordered the seats during configuration. I believe it holds true for the 2nd row seats...
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    Rear jump seats

    I've heard from others that it's all cloth now. However, I'm scheduled to get one installed next Tuesday and was told they have the leather(ette) ones. We'll see. I'll update when I have it.
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    Wiki List of Strollers that Fit in Frunk

    Yeah the whole thing fits: folded stroller, two seats, and the removed back wheels. It's fantastic. I thought I was going to have to buy a different stroller.
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    Rear jump seats

    I don't question that they have a fix but I do question how effective it will be without vents being installed.
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    Wiki List of Strollers that Fit in Frunk

    Sorry haven't had time to take pics but you would need to remove both seats, fold the stroller, then remove the rear wheels.
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    Wiki List of Strollers that Fit in Frunk

    I just tried our City Select Double Stroller and it fit. The only caveat is that you'll need to remove the rear wheels first which is very easy to do.
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    Rear jump seats

    If you've recent taken delivery with rear seats or had rear seats installed, please share if they were the "leather" version or the new all cloth version. Thanks.
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    I love my obeche matte. Great feel to it. I fell in love with matte wood dashes when I had my CLS AMG. Had a loaner with carbon fiber and was not a fan. Felt cheap to me.
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    Our 85 has arrived almost as expected.

    Not exactly a minor oversight but nevertheless not a big deal. More curious on how that passed QC. So you don't feel too bad, there was a post a while back of a car that came with one front fender with different paint. I believe George Blankenship was made aware and it was fixed immediately...
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    2nd Row Cup Holders from Tesla

    I give it to them for an imaginative idea (although Tesla should've thought of this as part of the initial design) but the price is ridiculous. I can't wait to laugh at whatever price they place on the center console.
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    Really hot for the rear facing seats

    Not sure how to do it but can someone add a poll to see how many owners with the seats are actually able to use them and how many have them but because of the heat/air flow issue is not able to use?
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    Rear jump seats

    Mike, was it the L.A. service center that installed the seats?
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    The Factory Still Does Not Have the Frunk Lid Sorted

    My hood was misaligned as well with the passenger side sticking up noticeably. The Service Center sent it to their body shop and they were able to get it back close to normal but not perfect. They indicated that was the best they could do.
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    Want to buy 3rd row kids seat in Southern California

    By the way, I am still interested in anyone looking to sell their 3rd row kid's seats in the Southern California area. You can send a PM or email me at [email protected] Cheers, Lou
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    Want to buy 3rd row kids seat in Southern California

    I've always been told by the service center that they can get the seats but they don't have a timeline. Looking to get sooner and hopefully cheaper as well. Note that Tesla Headquarters have always said that the seats are only factory installed but obviously for those that have them on their...
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    Want to buy 3rd row kids seat in Southern California

    Appreciate the input guys. I was at the Costa Mesa Service Center and was told by the Service Advisor that my VIN is able to get the third seats and that they would be able to install it (not free of course) if I can source a seat from another owner. He said removal is only about five bolts...
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    Want to buy 3rd row kids seat in Southern California

    If you are interested in selling your third row kids seat and is in Southern California, please contact me ([email protected]). The Costa Mesa Service Center says its an easy removal. Cheers, Lou
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    Interior Nitpicking (Headliner & Center Screen Trim)

    Have around 5,000 miles on my Model S and just noticed two small interior issues. First, the headliner where it meets the windshield is not tucked under the trim. Over time, I'm sure this will start to fray. Second, the silver trim around the center screen, on the top right side there is a...
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    No wait - buy it now - P85's?

    Was told by the Costa Mesa service center that they had two new loaner cars that were purchased shortly after they received them.
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    Pulled Over By A State Trooper!

    Todd, don't feed the troll.
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    Night/Day Display Preference auto resetting?

    Prefer "Night" mode as well. I quit changing every time I got in the car after a week.
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    Rear jump seats

    Any further updates from folks waiting on their rear seats? It would be good to hear from both those still waiting and those that have recently had them installed. Please include how long you waited or how long you've been waiting.
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    Had an Accident.... (Collision work for Model S)

    Glad to hear that. Did they just repaint after fixing the dent? No issues with blending in the paint? I was told by the body shop that they think they can repair it without having to replace but the dent is right on the corner which I would think would be difficult to just repair.
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    Had an Accident.... (Collision work for Model S)

    Any update on the cost to repair? Mine backed into last night and has similar damage on the driver's side.
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    Seat post wear?

    I think we all need to email Ownership Experience. It's not a matter of if but when your car will have wear on the seat posts. Wear started showing on my passenger side only after a few hundred miles.
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    Seat post wear?

    Picked mine up in mid-Feb and immediately had signs of wear from the passenger side. Driver side is still good since I knew about the issue and have been extremely careful. Unfortunately, with the number of rides I've given, I can't prevent the passenger side from getting worn. Very...
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    3G Pricing - Speculation

    As someone else said earlier, the Tesla grin is slowly turning upside down. Need to step on that "gas" pedal to get it back. Unfortunately, as we keep getting nickel and dimed, I may have to just start sleeping in the car with the foot on the pedal.
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    Rear jump seats

    Ownership Experience called me yesterday after I sent an email. Was told that there is no vin cutoff. ALL cars delivered and in production, regardless of vin, cannot order the seats. Very disappointed.
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    Rear jump seats

    Anyone have an update on ordering seats post delivery? I've emailed Ownership Experience and haven't heard anything back.
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    Rear Seat Entrance Leather Wear

    I applied Skuff as well which gives my black leather a shine even though I used the matte version. It's somewhat noticeable on the front driver/passenger sides because it's more open. The rears are not as noticeable. I don't know how well it works yet though.
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    Car Care: @#)$(*!% Curb rash...

    ffffffffffffffffffffffff me! I feel like an idiot. Got a curb rash on my front right wheel. Never got a curb rash on my last three cars over 8 years. Tried to be overly cautious with the Tesla but it only takes one distraction. Called the Costa Mesa Service Center and they said they have a...
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    Car Care: @#)$(*!% Curb rash...

    Anyone have before and after pics of wheels fixed by the service centers?
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    Opportunity Console - New Photos, Poll

    Now that's what an interior should look like. I would pay an extra $1500 for that console.
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    Any thoughts on the seats?

    I'm going to preface my statement by saying that I love the car. With that said, seat comfort and leather quality is quite subpar for the car. I may be a little biased coming from my CLS AMG. The AMG seats are far and away at another level as far as comfort, quality, and functionality. I do...
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    How often does Tesla miss their delivery window ?

    Took delivery within my window. Not only that, took delivery 3 days earlier than the scheduled delivery date. 3 months from reservation to delivery. No issues at all with the entire process.
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    Total Delivery Experience Poll

    Took delivery on Sunday. Well within my delivery window. Absolutely no issues from reservation to picking up at the Costa Mesa service center. Two things on the due bill: chrome insert on the charger cable and changing the wheel on the display from 19" to 21".
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    Gauging interest on "Redisigned Sun Visors"

    Low on my priority as well. More interested in a solution to the b pillar leather wear.

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