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    Summon with Key Fob - Model X

    Apparently that is referred to as "Park Seek Mode"...
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    Firmware 8.0

    I've been seeing this for quite some time. If the the lane to the left or right is divided, lines will appear as will cars located in those lanes.
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    HVAC Running by Itself

    Interesting.... Oddly enough, I didn't think of that. Some of the computers are running constantly. So, venting the cabin probably helps.
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    HVAC Running by Itself

    Before you ask. I have smart preconditioning turned off. I was washing Sparky today and as I'm doing it (not plugged in), the HVAC blower turns on high. No AC as the compressor didn't appear to be running nor was the condenser fans. Either it was trying to determine the real cabin temp or it...
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    Firmware 7.1

    This is the first time I'm going to do this on a forum and is not meant to be disrespectful in any way... Can we please take this back to discussion of relevant 7.1 firmware issues, features, etc.? I'm a geek just like the rest and love to read hacking/reverse engineering info, but I'm more...
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    Firmware 7.1

    I too had the charging amperage cut in half. You'll find that if you set your amperage to anything above 40 it will cut in half (master charger maximum perhaps). If you set you amperage at 40, you should charge at 40A. Anything above will result in 1/2 of the amperage setpoint. Anything...
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    HPWC outdoor install?

    I've had mine for just under 2 years. I just had to replace the whip due to a damaged wand. I opened it up and it was perfectly dry and there was no sign of corrosion. I would say you'll be fine.
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    Issues connecting/disconnecting from WiFi

    I had it installed at the service center. The cost was $500 and it was well worth it. Not so much from the web browser perspective, however, the map re-draw and Slacker are very responsive. Signal strength also appears to be higher as well. Perhaps something you may consider? They change...
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    Issues connecting/disconnecting from WiFi

    I've never had an issue with WiFi and I did have the LTE upgrade installed in my P85D. I noticed something interesting. When I switch from Park to Drive, the car switches to LTE even though I'm in my driveway and haven't moved. One thing you want to make sure is that your SSID is not the...
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    LTE Upgrade, Did YOU Do It?

    Well worth it. App connectivity seems mildly faster. The web browser is hit or miss although it still appears to be hit or miss. And the map refresh and slacker are through the roof. Voice recognition seems to work faster as well.
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    My charge port has dementia

    I know this may sound odd. But it actually does make sense. Whether it's actually the problem is another matter. Firmware is updated on a module by module process (this is why it takes so long). Apparently they check to see what the module level is and if it meets the current levels, it...
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    My charge port has dementia

    I know it's annoying, but I would try a reboot.
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    My charge port has dementia

    I hope it doesn't spread to the rest of the car... It might drive off in the middle of the night and forget where it is... I know, bad, bad, bad. But the devil made me do it...
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    LTE upgrade issues?

    I think it may have been a little overzealous with the bars. Watch the caching, it's just as fast. I think they just more accurately report the signal strength. Remember, the strength isn't always about your ability to receive (as the tower has more power), it's about your ability to transmit...
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    Are winter tires needed with the "D"??

    This is a very good question. Considering this myself.
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    Auto lane change

    I'm not sure of this. However, I believe here in Ye Ole Republic of Massachusetts, there is a particular amount of time you are suppose to complete a lane change. May not be true, but, it's something I heard. To that, I believe there have been studies showing a quick(er) lane change is safer...
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    How Satisfied Are You With Autopilot?

    Absolutely! Yes! Yep! You got it! I just drove to Boston (actually Natick) and back today. Autopilot behaved flawlessly. There was one exception where the dashed lines disappeared and there was staggered white blocks in a zigzag. It felt like I was in a slalom for a moment until I...
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    ~15% reduction in range after v7 update on S85

    So, I have been giving consideration to putting on snow tires (here in New England). You find it necessary to put them on in TX? Last year (on a P85) I drove on the all season and thought it was okay.
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    ~15% reduction in range after v7 update on S85

    I too have noticed a significant decrease in wh/mi. This was yesterday and the temp was in the high 50's. This is on a P85D.
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    v7 firmware with autopilot and new UI first impressions

    Abso-freakin-lutely amazing (Yep, I'm a New Englander)! All of it. I like the cleanness of the display and the AP works really well. A couple of minor issues where it darted over into the right lane (which I expected). Quite a bit of white knuckling when I didn't think it was anticipating...
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    Firmware 7.0

    If you have an iPhone, you will get a software update complete.
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    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    I have absolutely no idea why I keep looking at this thread... So much negativity! Let me reiterate what I said earlier: This is a car. Not an iPhone. My reference has significance. A phone (Android or IOS) can present to it's user an over abundance of information all at once. That is...
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    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    Agreed. Let's not deluge the email address with idle complaints about a "proposed UI" when we really should be using it for critical service issues. It's just going to slow down service requests for legitimate issues.
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    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    I like the "toy car" reference. :smile: And, yes, I'm referring to the one on the right. With a glance, it can indicate a great deal of data. Lights on, car on left, car on right, car ahead, etc. It can also indicate AP's intent to change lanes and overtake. As well as indicate to you what...
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    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    You're right. I probably should have posted on the Beta v7 Thread...
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    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    I don't usually do this, however, I'm making an exception. And I know this is going to bring a great deal of angry comments... But... I review the forum semi-religiously and am finding the v7 discussion threads to be a bit annoying. I largely agree with AIMc above. My thoughts for whatever...
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    What Do You Do During the Wait? Anticipation ~

    You need to: Make a list: Things to bring (thumb drive with music, cleaning cloths, cell phone, etc.) You probably will be so excited the day of that you'll forget the essentials. Questions to ask Verify the VIN with your order (bring ALL of you paperwork you've received thus far). Make sure...
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    LTE upgrade issues?

    Mine has been working perfectly. Great reception over 3G. It did lose connectivity altogether once however. I was at a car show, so I was opening and closing the door quite a bit. I just assumed that it wasn't happy with chronic on/off sequences. A quick reboot of the center console fixed it.
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    LTE upgrade is on the way

    Did it as well. Well worth it in my opinion. Reception appears to be much better!
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    LTE not working

    I really don't think it's the car. I'm having issues with my cell as well. Can't seem to be able to decide which network it needs to be on...
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    National Drive Electric Week 2015 - New England

    I'm doing the WPI one in Worcester.
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    Plugging in a car that doesn't belong to you?

    I thought you the OP said it was a J1772. You can unplug the J1772 from the adapter (which would remain locked in the car without the key). Also, you can double tap the roof of the fob which would open the charge port without the owners key being present (haven't tried it in an auto close...
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    Will other brand vehicles be able to use the Supercharger?

    Sorry FlasherZ, I was a mainframe guy at the time!
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    Big Party for Tesla owners, fans, environmentalists & legislators / fundraiser

    Well, if you're going to do that, you better bring something nice home for the wife. Lest you end up in divorce court! Or.... Arrested perhaps?!? Say hi to Brian for me if you do...
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    Will other brand vehicles be able to use the Supercharger?

    So, what if Tesla were to collect a percentage of money from each car manufacturer that would like to utilize the charging stations? In the case of Nissan, they could charge a modest sum to Nissan to unlock the Leafs ability (via an adapter) to utilize the SC network? @snort, Not being...
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    Tesla moments

    Okay, so this is a first. I, like many on here, get the standard questions and comments about the curves, lines, beauty, etc. The new one is "What do you do that you can afford that car?" Just thought it was interesting...
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    Car Automatically Turned On While I Was At Work

    Are you sure about that? I walk by the car all the time in my driveway. The handles will extend and retract and the car always shows as locked on the app later.
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    Those living in MA: electricity rates and plans

    That's what I pay out here in Western MA. I would be very cautious when looking at other providers. Do your homework. I hear many horror stories about people get the rates hiked when the introductory pricing is over. I would be very interested in knowing if there is a TOU here in MA that...
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    Phantom Start-Up??

    I would say preconditioning or cooling the pack for some reason?
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    Charge Port Door won't open - 5 day old car

    I thought I read somewhere that the new servo activated charge port door was also easier to pry open with your fingernail (or something that won't damage the paint)? Reason being is they can freeze shut in the winter months and may require a little assistance. Is this true?
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    Professions on TMC

    Wow... Vicious. If it helps, I happen to like engineers. Well, some of them. I can spin my propeller with the best of them... I, unlike some CIO's, have not had the frontal lobotomy that results in my not being able to understand technically what's going on. My staff actually let's me touch...
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    Professions on TMC

    Ah. I guess us IT guys are relegated to the back of the room again... Just not the sexy department... :crying:
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    Professions on TMC

    Why not IT? Or IT management? C-level?
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    It looks like I have LTE enabled

    Maybe food for thought: Keep in mind, Tesla does not negotiate directly with AT&T (they're going through a telematics company of which the name escapes me). It is logical to assume that if our respective vehicles have an LTE capable router, not all vehicles are going to get turned on just by...
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    Tesla moments

    I wholeheartedly agree with Tony above. Pasty-white me didn't think that I would be outside long enough. Also, it was an overcast day. Guess what? Overcast burns even worse! The FAQ sheet is cool and I've been meaning to put one together. It is always fun, however, to watch people who...
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    Nice and Clean fan made advertisement

    They're both fantastic. Tesla won't have to ever make their own commercials. Just contact anyone on this forum!
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    Model S vs. road median. Road median wins. What to do with damaged wheels?

    I'm not sure. There is a local repair shop that claims they can fix pretty much anything. I imagine a straightener would work on pretty much any rim. Although, the Tesla rims are specifically designed to handle the weight of a Tesla which is a great deal more than most vehicles.
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    Model S vs. road median. Road median wins. What to do with damaged wheels?

    There are companies that will straighten, repair and paint rims. Perhaps get them refurbished should it be needed again? Or eBay?
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    SAE J1772 Holder in Glove Box?

    While not directly related to this thread I noticed something else... The P85 had a pocket in the driver seat. The P85D with next gen does not. I kind of liked that for the chargepoint card...

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