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  1. BrianS85

    Leather Seat Cleaning - Need Help!

    I’m pretty sure it’s coated leather. When I got my 2016 used, Tesla had put some awful shiny, greasy stuff all over everything, including the seats. I used 303 multi purpose cleaner and an actual scrub brush to get it all off. The amount of dirt that came off was amazing. I literally scrubbed...
  2. BrianS85

    San Diego Tire Shop

    Has anyone had any good experience with custom wheel / tire shops in San Diego? I have custom 21 inch wheels on my car but discount tire won’t touch the front tires due to the load rating being higher on the 19s that came with the car. (As stated by the door placard). It’s ironic because it’s...
  3. BrianS85

    Leather Seat Cleaning - Need Help!

    Ah, so actually I agree with you on the magic eraser. That’s pretty abrasive and should be done with caution. That would be last on my list of things to try, if at all. A good horse hair brush really just agitates the cleaner to help lift the stain. Curious to see if he can get this out. Keep...
  4. BrianS85

    Leather Seat Cleaning - Need Help!

    He should definitely start with that but if it’s not working then he won’t have much choice but to try other methods. I thought scrubbing leather seats was insane when I first read the article but it worked.
  5. BrianS85

    Leather Seat Cleaning - Need Help!

    How aggressive did you get with the scrubbing? I clean my leather with 303 multi purpose cleaner and scrub the crap out of it to get all the grease and dirt off with a scrub brush. This article was very helpful (I am not affiliated) when I was trying to figure out how to clean a leather seat...
  6. BrianS85

    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    Those will look pretty flush. My +38s in the back with 3mm spacer are equivalent to +35 and it’s pretty flush as you can see. The +32 in front is way off though and not flush at all. I’m running Michelin pilot super sports
  7. BrianS85

    How to install 2way components with standard audio? Looking to install an AudioControl DSP/amp (D-4.800).

    What do you guys do for tuning? I use an iPhone app but feel like it’s not very accurate. It was showing relatively flat without me doing much of anything.
  8. BrianS85

    How to install 2way components with standard audio? Looking to install an AudioControl DSP/amp (D-4.800).

    That’s a nice clean install. Probably a good call replacing the tweeters too. I remember the drivers side A-pillar was difficult for me as well. I ended up just getting really annoyed and yanking it off with a quick pull. I was to the point where it was either going to release the clip or just...
  9. BrianS85

    How to install 2way components with standard audio? Looking to install an AudioControl DSP/amp (D-4.800).

    I have an Audiocontrol d6.1200. I had an installer do the wiring for round 1 in which he tapped the front inputs from the foot well but he ran the outputs back through a separate speedwire. When I installed the hertz component set up front I had to rewire it since the tweeter and woofer are now...
  10. BrianS85

    How to install 2way components with standard audio? Looking to install an AudioControl DSP/amp (D-4.800).

    Round 1 of my audio upgrade was close to that actually. At first I had my amp/DSP powering the OEM speakers plus a subwoofer. That held me over for a few months and was 10x better then stock, but I couldn’t get the tweeters to sound right no matter how much I messed with the EQ. My personal...
  11. BrianS85

    How to install 2way components with standard audio? Looking to install an AudioControl DSP/amp (D-4.800).

    Have you considered just getting a pair of good two way components for the front? That would likely sound much better then the LH midbass/stock tweeter combo. I opted to leave both my center channel and rear speakers alone and just concentrate on the front speakers and a subwoofer.
  12. BrianS85

    Booster Seats -- Recommendations?

    Whoa, that Hi Fold seat is awesome and reasonably priced. I was never able to get the back of my high back booster flush with the seat due to the headrest. Luckily, I’m out of the harness booster phase now and the $15 cosco rise booster works great. is there some reason you need it to clear the...
  13. BrianS85

    Subwoofer Options for Model S (standard Audio)

    I have the CS110LG-TW3 powered by an Audio Control d-6.1200. The whole setup is super compact. It doesn’t even take up the entire lower trunk compartment.
  14. BrianS85

    Subwoofer Options for Model S (standard Audio)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that sounded better then the NVX. Fosgate always made good stuff. But the custom NVX box will look a little cleaner. That was one of the reasons I went with the JL power wedge, it fit in the lower compartment so my trunk could stay clear.
  15. BrianS85

    Subwoofer Options for Model S (standard Audio)

    The NVX kit is probably the cheapest option if all you want is more bass. I went with a 6 channel amp/dsp so I could upgrade my door speakers and power a 10 inch JL power wedge but that increases the cost quite a bit over that NVX kit.
  16. BrianS85

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    IMO, the 20s look good when they’re dark or black with meaty tires like the car above. If your wheels are going to be silver or come with a polished lip, I think the 20s might look small, like the vehicle with the 20” LMs.
  17. BrianS85

    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    While this is a crappy situation and it sucks that Tesla can’t give you a straight answer, try not to let it detract from how awesome the car is and how much better it looks then a model 3, IMO. I upgraded from an older rwd 85 that did 0-60 in 5.5 seconds to an uncorked 75D that does it in 4.2...
  18. BrianS85

    6.5" Speaker Adapters

    Those spacers on thingiverse only work for some speakers. They were too small in diameter to fit my Hertz CPK 165s. I ended up making some out of the stock speakers by shaving off the lip and epoxying a universal ring on top.
  19. BrianS85

    How to Sell Model S

    I sold mine through Carvana last year. Their offer was higher than Vroom and Tesla. I didn’t want to deal with people and test drives and all that other nonsense that comes with a private party sale. You enter your info, they come with a flatbed and cut you a check or do an ach transfer (your...
  20. BrianS85

    Charging @ home

    Personally, I would get a wall connector installed. I had to have an electrician run a line from my breaker, up into the attic, over the living room, and down into the garage but I think it was worth it. The wall connector is just so clean looking. I leave my mobile connector, adapters, and an...
  21. BrianS85

    Weak Headlights: Fact or Fiction?

    I would say “fact”. The LED headlights are ok and they do the job, but the old HIDs were better and the headlights on my five year old Lexus are superior to both. The LED headlights on my model s don’t seem to spread the light very well.
  22. BrianS85

    21" BC Forged HC010 on 2016 P90DL - a photographic journey (thread)

    I love bc forged wheels. I’ve got HCS04s on my car in the same specs. Same tires too actually.
  23. BrianS85

    Used Delivery Experience

    I stand by the YOLO. Make an appointment and they’ll fix it. No reason to think otherwise at this point.
  24. BrianS85

    Tesla Used (NOT CPO) taking a HUGE step back (bye-bye pictures).

    I’ll be curious to see how this plays out. Does this mean they will actually be fixing more imperfections? For example, when I was looking at used inventory back in June I kept skipping over an otherwise perfect car because the rear seat leather had some weird stain/scratches on it. I imagine...
  25. BrianS85

    Retrofits and Upgrades that we have done! Any other retrofits you have done or like for us to do?

    Have you ever tried modding a new DRL strip into the refresh LED headlights? One that doesn’t burn out like the OEM ones.
  26. BrianS85

    "Refresh" Headlights, separate and repair DRL?

    Rockwell (evfixme) recently posted something on the forum about mods we would like to see. Maybe ask them about modding the led headlights with DRLs that don’t burn out.
  27. BrianS85

    Used Delivery Experience

    I agree with this. If the air suspension is actually broken they will fix it under warranty.
  28. BrianS85

    Anyone paint their headlights but not every surface?

    I always thought this would look good and was actually about to do it. My Lexus GS has headlights like this and it looks pretty cool. I even got cores to play around with but I ended up just getting a newer car. I was basically going to leave the chrome and only black out the satin silver areas...
  29. BrianS85

    Rear CF Spoiler Opinion

    Roughly how many hours per day is your car outdoors in the sun? I have one of these spoilers sitting in my garage but I’m not sure if I want to bother putting it on or not.
  30. BrianS85

    Models S - Window Tint Film/Prices Paid?

    yeah, percentage wise the price difference between La Jolla audio and Tintlab was ridiculous, but in the grand scheme of things it was a couple hundred bucks and it was just too convenient since the car was already there. The audio install was probably also over priced to be honest.
  31. BrianS85

    Models S - Window Tint Film/Prices Paid?

    The white S is the one I mentioned in this thread. It has 15 in back and 50 in front. Llumar CTX. I had Jason at Tintlab in scripps ranch do it. He did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him. The blue S is 35% all around, Llumar IRX. I had that one done at La Jolla Audio when I was...
  32. BrianS85

    2015 P85D Needs Facelift!

    If you’re willing to drive to SoCal there’s a place called evfixme that will do it. I’ve only seen pictures but it looked like excellent work. They even have a solution to get the facelift hood on there.
  33. BrianS85

    Oem Refreshed bumper retrofitted on 2016 Model S

    There’s also a guy in OC or LA who sells custom hood strikers to adapt the facelift hood to the double latch. His forum name is Rockwell or something if I recall.
  34. BrianS85

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    That looks amazing IMO. I love BC Forged wheels and especially this classic ten spoke design. I went back and forth between the HC010s and HCS04s. Ultimately chose the latter but these look awesome too.
  35. BrianS85

    Need advice on buying a used Model S from Tesla

    you might want to do some research on Full Self Driving. At this point, the only place a Tesla can kind of drive by itself is on a mostly straight freeway with good lane markers, and even then there are still issues.
  36. BrianS85

    Oem Refreshed bumper retrofitted on 2016 Model S

    That looks good. The black upper grill makes it blend in better with the old hood in terms of visually minimizing the underbite.
  37. BrianS85

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Same wheels but on a newer car. BC forged HCS04 21x9 +32 21x10.5 +38 (plus a 3mm spacer)
  38. BrianS85

    Tesla just lost one customer, i know they dont care but i do !

    That sucks you had a bad experience. I think it’s just the luck of the draw in who your advisor is and which SC is handling the delivery. Some of them suck and some of them are great. I’ve had two great used car delivery experiences so far with the San Diego service center and Carlsbad service...
  39. BrianS85

    Working From Home - Charging During COVID

    I leave my car plugged in and let it maintain itself at 70%. On my 75D that gets me 169 miles which is more then enough for whatever random place I may need to go. Pre-Covid I would charge daily to 80% daily. it’s my understanding that it’s best to leave the car plugged in at a lower SoC (60%...
  40. BrianS85

    75D battery degradation

    291!!?? That’s more then 30 miles above rated range brand new.
  41. BrianS85

    My Carvana Experience

    Great experience with Carvana picking up my car on Saturday. The whole process was about 5-10 minutes. The inspection consisted of the guy looking at the car, then moving 3 feet to the right, leaning back to look at it again and proclaiming that it was in good condition (granted, the car is in...
  42. BrianS85

    Second hand 2016 75D

    That is all very minor. When buying a used car from Tesla one should be prepared to have to spend some money to fix little things like that. No other dealer operates this way but it’s currently the way Tesla operates their used car business. The coronavirus deals were happening in March and...
  43. BrianS85

    My Carvana Experience

    carvana is picking up my Tesla on Saturday. I’ll let you know how it goes. So far it’s been easy. They quoted me $1500 more then Tesla and over $3000 more then vroom. So far it’s been easy, just uploaded pictures of the requested documents. They require a screenshot of your original Tesla motor...
  44. BrianS85

    Buying a used Model S- what must have features should I hold out for?

    One thing to keep in mind is mileage. Anything over 50k and the warranty is reduced to 2 years or up to 100k miles, whichever comes first.
  45. BrianS85

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    what offsets did you get?
  46. BrianS85

    Buying a used Model S- what must have features should I hold out for?

    I agree AP1 will definitely not see any new features while AP2 will continue to get more advanced. However, their homegrown autopilot is 4 years old and STILL has reported phantom braking and lane centering issues. With how advanced the system is supposed to be in regards to learning, it's...
  47. BrianS85

    Buying a used Model S- what must have features should I hold out for?

    I'm still torn on AP1 vs AP2. I know AP2 is supposed to be better and it has more features, but if you read through the forums it would appear that phantom braking and lane centering are still a huge problem for AP2+. Those two features (TACC + Autosteer) work beautifully on my AP1 car. I've...
  48. BrianS85

    My 100D model S regularly brakes hard for no reason at all when in FSD. Have others noticed this?

    I’ve been thinking about upgrading my 2015 AP1 to something newer, with FSD, but all of these posts about phantom braking and lane centering are starting to make me think I should stick with AP1 for now. It would be very annoying to spend a bunch of money only to have a worse autopilot experience.
  49. BrianS85

    Headliner dye?

    Is the fabric still soft? Or does it feel a little crispy. That looks awesome btw.

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