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  1. Wattson

    Supercharged Podcast

    In Episode 3 of Supercharged Podcast, David talks about how your face lights up at night on Cadillac Super Cruise, Angela dreams of going for a run at a Tesla Supercharger stop, and Ryan helps us understand how Tesla is not going bankrupt. Hope our listeners enjoy!
  2. Wattson

    Supercharged Podcast

    Everyone can check out Episode 2 here. In our second episode Ryan compares his experience with autopilot in airliners and Teslas, Angela shares a cool new app for charging, and David bores everyone to tears with EV purchase incentives including the new one in Oregon. Hope you enjoy! FlyinLow...
  3. Wattson

    Supercharged Podcast

    Hello Tesla Fans, With a little attrition going on in the Tesla podcasting world, some friends and I thought we would like to take a turn at sharing some thoughts and keep the conversation going. With all the news swirling around Tesla in particular right now, this seems like a great time to be...
  4. Wattson

    How many folks got a second mobile connector bundle?

    Ditto. While traveling on a trip that requires charging at an RV park, the second UMC provides me peace of mind.
  5. Wattson

    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    Based on all the recent loaners I've had from the Service Center (35000+ VINs) the stitching in new cars is much lighter than the stitching in my car (7000 VIN). So it appears if you have a new Model S, your stitching will match, and if you have an old one, it will be off.
  6. Wattson

    Educating other Model S owners

    As others have said "took some power" is a bit dramatic. But it is true, when I arrive at 20 rated miles left my car is able to pull 120kW. And when someone arrives immediately after me, they reduce my power to 90kW. It delayed me a few minutes. No big deal. More important was they didn't listen...
  7. Wattson

    Educating other Model S owners

    brianman, I agree that TMC can be a great resource for owners, and I too send people this way when they have not heard of it. As Tesla grows larger, they will be selling to non-enthusiast drivers. I believe these non-enthusiast drivers need info from Tesla directly. I propose that a "map" of...
  8. Wattson

    Looking for people's experience at Superchargers in the Midwest

    I've used all of the Superchargers you asked about. The only one I would be concerned about is Pleasant Prairie if you are visiting in the middle of the day on a Saturday or Sunday. On the weekend during peak shopping hours, the parking lot of the outlet mall can fill to such extreme capacity...
  9. Wattson

    Supercharger - Salina, KS

    I agree, I don't fault the ICE drivers right now. There's no signage indicating the need to leave any of them open for charging purposes.
  10. Wattson

    "The Watchtower" at Tejon Ranch SC

    I noticed these solicitations/litter on my trip west, and threw out the one at the stall I used. Then, a week later, I was headed east, again through Tejon Ranch and the solicitations had been replaced. I foolishly threw away a few. Upon reflection, maybe it may have been best to leave them...
  11. Wattson

    Supercharger - Salina, KS

    On my road trip home, I decided to take the new I-70 Superchargers. Below was Salina this morning when I came through. Just sharing that the theoretical ICE-ing is becoming practical. Fortunately two spots were available when I arrived. None of the cars moved in the 1h 15m I was there (I wanted...
  12. Wattson

    Most Superchargers Visited

    I went to update my count and discovered I had been removed from the list. I'm just wrapping up a big road trip vacation, so I put up my now 38 visited superchargers on the list in order of usage: Normal, Rockford, Highland Park, St Joseph, Mishawaka, Angola, Maumee, Aurora, Pleasant Prairie...
  13. Wattson

    Chicago to Portland, OR road trip via superchargers starts June 26

    I've been planning this road trip in detail for months, and it's about to start. If you're interested in updates and photos, follow @davidzygmont on Twitter. I decided Twitter is the best place to post updates as I'll need to be brief by necessity. I'll be leaving Chicago area on June 26...
  14. Wattson

    Supercharger - St George, UT

    Denarius, did you see any progress in St George during your visit?
  15. Wattson

    Brand new Tesla has a weird sound (video included)!

    I also do not have the air suspension and my car makes the exact same noise when it switches from "Car off" to ready to drive. I believe it is the brake compressor, correction: vacuum pump.
  16. Wattson

    Ran out of juice, 12V and main pack drained, need info.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles Islandbayy! Please remember that after 8-12 hours of the 12V being low, the car will lower the driver's window. It will happen right before the 12V goes total dead and the car stops responding to the mobile app. You might want to use some plastic and tape to seal...
  17. Wattson

    List of 120kW Superchargers

    All of these charged at 120kW for me: Rockford, IL Normal, IL Highland Park, IL St Joseph, MI Mishawaka, IN Angola, IN Maumee, OH I would say all those installed including and after Normal, IL are 120 kW.
  18. Wattson

    Tesla Supercharger network

    crazybit: I've been through Normal 10 times on Chicago-St. Louis trips. I would say 6 of those times I've been the only one, three times there was one other Model S, and once there were two other Model S. On one trip I met a driver who lived in Normal, and said charging there was cheaper than...
  19. Wattson

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Cottonwood - Were you able to confirm that adjacent stalls share (1A-1B and 2A-2B)? Normal, IL is also labeled like Cheyenne: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B. The pairing at Normal is 1A-2A share a cabinet and 1B-2B share a cabinet. So the physical arrangement of pairing is like most other superchargers, but the...
  20. Wattson

    Most Superchargers Visited

    Visited the Detroit auto show yesterday, using the Maumee, OH and Angola, IN superchargers. That would make my total 7.
  21. Wattson

    Well, I have departed on last minute road trip!

    Stevezzzz, a fair question. I considered calling, but all I have to say is that someone else said it needed plowing from a forum on the internet. Figured it would get more attention from a user that the data logs showed just visited.
  22. Wattson

    Well, I have departed on last minute road trip!

    islandbayy.... Did you happen to call the Tesla customer support phone number to report the unplowed conditions at Angola? I'm hoping you did as I was planning to use Angola on Monday.
  23. Wattson

    Indianapolis - Tesla Store Keystone Mall open 12/13

    Cessna182, I've had some great experiences with Tesla stores in Oakbrook and Old Orchard malls (Chicagoland). Running a retail store is hard. I believe in Tesla, and have had some great experiences with their people. Please reach out to the Tesla Keystone Store Manager and share your experience...
  24. Wattson

    Supercharger - Cheyenne, WY

    Thanks for the great update cottonwood!
  25. Wattson

    My experience with buying an inventory car

    Khans, that sounds like a loaner that was at Villa Park, IL a month ago. If it's the same one, I admit to driving your Model S like I stole it.
  26. Wattson

    Tesla Supercharger network

    I saw the same clues you listed. The rail cars, hoppers, looked well worn... so when I went looking for the railroads of Toledo I was looking for non-main line stuff. My other hobby is trains, so it wasn't too hard. Once I found that virtual gold mine, a stone quarry with a small yard of...
  27. Wattson

    Toledo Supercharger Location Poll

    Sorry to cross-post. I found the location based on michiganmodels' pictures. 1333 Conant Street, Maumee, OH 43537 I posted the rest in the Tesla Supercharger network thread.
  28. Wattson

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Found the Toledo Supercharger location at 1333 Conant Street, Maumee, OH 43537. Here is a Google Maps link. Restaurant pictured is a Donatos Pizza I look forward to the story when michiganmodels is able to share.
  29. Wattson

    Most Superchargers Visited

    Mostly west coasters on the list. Put me down for five in the Midwest: Normal, IL, Rockford, IL, Highland Park, IL, St. Joseph, MI, and Mishawaka, IN.
  30. Wattson

    Garage Wiring Fire

    I agree with SteveH. The Tesla Stores actually recommend owners install a 14-50 outlet and use the UMC.
  31. Wattson

    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    You are correct, they are three distinct Superchargers.
  32. Wattson

    Michigan Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    Temperature at StJoe SC was 35ishF on Friday. The cords were manageable, my charge port connected with the cable first try. I believe Ron had trouble bending the cords at 20F or below. Definitely something to watch out for.
  33. Wattson

    Supercharger - Mishawaka/South Bend IN

    Checked today, no power, but the orange cones are gone.
  34. Wattson

    Michigan Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    Stopped at the St. Joseph Supercharger today. When I plugged in, I was the only one, when I was finished at Moe's Southwest Grill, I had company, an early VIN black Model S. Here are some photos of the site:
  35. Wattson

    Muskegon Area, looking for a charge cable. Forgot mine at home.

    It sure was a stealth supercharger. Opened on Monday, details here.. Bring a shovel, lots of snow dumped on StJoe/Benton Harbor.
  36. Wattson

    Muskegon Area, looking for a charge cable. Forgot mine at home.

    Do you have your J1772 adapter with? There are several easily accessible public charge points in Muskegon. If you can get enough charge to get to St. Joseph, MI, there is a supercharger available there.
  37. Wattson

    Tesla Supercharger network

    The first Michigan Supercharger opened today in St. Joseph Michigan. I don't think anyone knew the specifics of this location before it opened.
  38. Wattson

    Michigan Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    Michigan Superchargers Hi all- St. Joseph / Benton Harbor Supercharger rumored, but I think we all missed the details of the St. Joseph supercharger. It's up and ready on the Tesla Supercharger page. 8 stalls 3260 Niles Rd, St. Joseph, MI 49085 Located behind a small strip with a Panera...
  39. Wattson

    Firmware 5.8

    My apologies. I guess my wiper control software didn't get the message till 5.6 or 5.8.
  40. Wattson

    Firmware 5.8

    A quick search didn't turn up anyone mentioning a new quirk I found in 5.8, although it may have been in 5.6 and I didn't discover it. When washing the windshield, the car will spray and wipe for the duration of you holding the button in. Then a few seconds later it will perform one more...
  41. Wattson

    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    islandbayy was also killing me... but I just checked his YouTube account and his update is posted here. Basically he was saying the same crew is doing Madison, Mauston, and Eau Claire. Delays are expected on all because pulling large gauge wire right now is next to impossible.
  42. Wattson

    Tesla Supercharger network

    credit islandbayy: Mauston, WI about to go live, Madison, WI under construction. Rapid City, SD: permit issued.
  43. Wattson

    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    islandbayy: Great job finding this new Supercharger. Knowing that you have a family business in the Dells, it's a huge bummer that Mauston was chosen over the Dells. Maybe you can celebrate how it still makes the Dells very accessible to Minnesota Model S owners? Thanks again for making the...
  44. Wattson

    South Dakota Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    I haven't seen the site for the Rapid City, SD posted yet, but I found it online in the Rapid City building permits at Rushmore Mall. Rushmore Mall (Simon brand) 2200 N Maple Ave. Rapid City, SD Permit issued: 10/29/2013 Contractor: Overland Contracting Inc. Rapid City Building Permits...
  45. Wattson

    Firmware 5.8

    Just adding to the learning with wiper maintenance mode, wipers have to be in the off position on the turn signal stalk before wiper maintenance mode will work.
  46. Wattson

    Yakima Whisbar Rack on Model S

    I was visiting the Seattle area recently. The Bellevue Square Tesla Store had a Whisbar rack on their in-store Model S with two snow boards attached. It felt like the store was getting ready for a winter merchandising set (I'm a retail geek). Any way, I asked about it and the employee didn't...
  47. Wattson

    New Delivery: two problems (but what a car!)

    Hi Argelius, [1] Yes [2] Yeah [3] Yep [4] I have software 4.5 so I don't have this capability added in 5.0. I hear 5.6 fixes the upside down street labels. [5] Yeppers Since you live in Chicago area, please consider joining our group at teslaowners.com Cheers, David
  48. Wattson

    Got my Model S - 2 days early. Story and pics!

    Love the blue in the sun!!! Some thoughts on your issues: -I experience the same issue with the front passenger door, and I've heard it from many other owners... I think this is as designed, not sure the cause, but it seems to be common. We could call it a design defect perhaps? I don't...
  49. Wattson

    NHTSA Opened Up the Model S Battery Pack - Pics

    In figure 15A, you can see the exposed area is just half of the pack. See the butterfly construction, there's another mirrored side. Multiply your counts by two. - - - Updated - - - Replied at the same time. Brianman beat me to it.
  50. Wattson

    P85+ Black/Black. Just Picked Up in Austin - It's Amazing!! (Pics)

    Congrats Texex91!!! Could you share which version of 5.0 software you recieved? .104? Someone on the 5.0 thread said .104 had iTunes Radio feature. Were they confused with TuneIn or is this a software addition you can confirm?

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