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  1. EclecticCitizen

    Adhesive dripping from under the touchscreen

    Anyone else seen this? 2013 Model S Since it got hot this summer (3 weeks), I have had clear sticky fluid (like an adhesive) dripping from below the screen, into the cubby, and down into my center console. At first I thought it was from the rearview mirror after my windshield had to be...
  2. EclecticCitizen

    Official Model S Child Seat Thread - reviews, pictures, and discussion

    How about protective covers that are safe for tan leather in the MS? Has anyone found a protective cover for use under a child car seat that won’t stain the tan leather? We bought one off Amazon, but it is black and I worry that over time it will stain the leather.
  3. EclecticCitizen

    Smart preconditioning vs. phone app

    I get no battery heating during Smart Preconditioning or app use when I am unplugged at work. Smart Preconditioning has only come on twice in the last 6 months, I assume because my schedule differs each day (even though week to week it is nearly unchanged). I have tried repeating the climate...
  4. EclecticCitizen

    Sound equalizer keep on resetting by itself

    Me too on the equalizer resetting. Mine keeps defaulting back to 0 across all the columns daily now. I'm in communication with my service center for mechanical repairs and I'm including this in my email in case they can relay it back to headquarters to de-bug. My balance/fade control is...
  5. EclecticCitizen

    Headlights will not turn on, help!

    Got my car back temporarily while they order a new cup holder assembly and drive unit and possibly axles too. They replaced both halogen bulbs. And Cyclone was correct, no separate bulb/filament for high beams. No fuse blown, so they are saying both burned out simultaneously, and one...
  6. EclecticCitizen

    Headlights will not turn on, help!

    Car diagram has them off too... So got a text from service. They just said they replaced both regular headlights (conspicuously left out mention of high beams although those weren't working either). Sooo, something blew both lights simultaneously or did they supposedly just burn out at the...
  7. EclecticCitizen

    Headlights will not turn on, help!

    I hope it's as simple as a fuse, thanks! Would be nice if we got spare fuses like spare fob batteries at annual inspection/service. Would fuse issue be obvious if I look at that panel? I've never dealt with car fuses, but if analogous to home fuse box, should be obvious which one blew, right...
  8. EclecticCitizen

    Headlights will not turn on, help!

    I have a early 2013 S, and over the weekend the headlights stopped working. DRL work but headlights and hight beams will not turn on using Auto feature or manual override. I can hear the high beam clunk when I pull on the control stalk, but no lights. Park lights work. I called roadside...
  9. EclecticCitizen

    Supercharger - Columbia, MO

    Great, I need to pass back through there on my return to Virginia in a few weeks...I hope by some miracle the power is connected by then!
  10. EclecticCitizen

    Model X Mule Sightings

    As an owner, fan, and stock holder, I hope and pray you are correct and the final design is much better looking than this. I was about to sell my Model S a few months ago to start saving for an X...then I saw those awkward mule photos. My excitement and anticipation faltered. Tesla hit a...
  11. EclecticCitizen

    Funny 007--Model S hybrid Easter Egg

    I was showing my boss the 007 Lotus Easter Egg on the suspension settings yesterday. When I put the 007 code in again to try to change it back to normal, I got this fused image. Anyone else get that? It has persisted so far. I imagine a screen reboot will fix it. Sorry it is upside-down...
  12. EclecticCitizen

    2013 Model S 85 kWh for sale in DC, Original Dolphin Grey! - No Longer Available

    2013 Model S 85 kWh for sale in DC, Original Dolphin Grey! Do not miss your chance to own this Tesla Model S in near-new condition! Only 22,550 mostly highway miles. Limited Edition original Dolphin Grey Metallic Paint (no longer available). 19 inch Wheels, All Season tires. Tan nappa...
  13. EclecticCitizen

    Check my math - guaranteed value and TCO

    Well said....and with that being said, I'm selling my S 85, 21 months old, 22,400 miles, but only 8,000 on new drive unit. PM me anyone who is interested. I'll be posting it online for sale later today!
  14. EclecticCitizen

    How rare are Model S' without the Tech Package

    I was also an early buyer who lucked out and got all the options I wanted without the requirement of the tech package. Tech package was about $4k---for navigation I have on my phone, HomeLink and I don't have a garage, auto-presenting doors. I still got air suspension, stereo upgrade, door...
  15. EclecticCitizen

    New Grey for Model S

    I have had the dolphin grey for over a year. I still like it over all the other options I had, but I have to admit that as it rolled off the delivery truck, I actually said "oh...crap" when I saw how much blue there was in it. I wasn't expecting that at all. It should be called blue-grey...
  16. EclecticCitizen

    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    Moving my post from elsewhere to this one per Mod: 'Seems like they are walking back the delivery date month by month. I haven't followed the store website closely, but just noticed now that the CHADeMO adapter pictures are different that they used to be. Is that a recent change? Might be...
  17. EclecticCitizen

    CHAdeMO Adapter (coming this winter)

    Seems like they are walking back the delivery date month by month. I haven't followed the store website closely, but just noticed now that the CHADeMO adapter pictures are different that they used to be. Is that a recent change? Might be an indication that they have finalized design and...
  18. EclecticCitizen

    Supercharger - Lone Tree, CO

    Any update on this location from the locals? I'll be passing through the area this week on a cross-country trip.
  19. EclecticCitizen

    Car wash in Phoenix

    I've had an OK experience at Danny's at Tempe Marketplace (for the price). Always a hand wash, and I always inspect it before leaving. They all love the car, so they don't mind my high expectations. The first few times I went, they left dirty hand prints on the tan leather piece on the...
  20. EclecticCitizen

    Anyone have the new heavier rotors that fix squeal?

    I have the same experience as JohnQ. Service has always said it is normal. My car's 1 yr old now, still squealing at most low speed stops.
  21. EclecticCitizen

    Supercharger - Buckeye, AZ

    Doesn't AmpedRealtor live close to the Buckeye Supercharger? Would it be possible for you to check on it daily or every-other-day to keep us posted on when power is turned on? They usually power the stations a few days or even a week before announcing them as live. I'm just itching to try...
  22. EclecticCitizen

    Blackvue DR550HD Camera Issues

    I have had similar issues since installing mine, so I hope someone will post a solution. My WiFi connection only worked for a couple weeks and has never been able to connect since then. The GPS has never worked--it initially showed me in Winnipeg for a few weeks (I'm in Phoenix), then...
  23. EclecticCitizen

    Supercharger - Yuma, AZ

    Wow, FINALLY YUMA!! This is about the only one I really wanted since I got my Model S in March. There were 3 times already that I could have used it. Used the RV park once, ICE once, and skipped the trip altogether the 3rd time. The Tesla staff have been hinting repeatedly that it was about...
  24. EclecticCitizen

    Album Art FAIL Samples

    Hey Jomo, your links/attachments won't open. I get ridiculous substitutions also--it seems to show other artists on the same record label or tangentially in the same genre. For example every time a Kanye song comes on, it always shows Big Sean's album cover.
  25. EclecticCitizen

    Tesla Coil Plays Sail (AWOL Nation version)

    Wow, that is pretty amazing!
  26. EclecticCitizen

    Arizona Daily Star: Tucson's gets first public 'fast charger' for electric cars

    I may have misread ZBB's post, but I don't think so. He seemed to be implying that these were Frankenplug and not CHAdeMO. Like me, his priority is on immediate availability since he lives close to them. I think you're misreading the blog and article StopCrazy. These are not CCS...
  27. EclecticCitizen

    Arizona Daily Star: Tucson's gets first public 'fast charger' for electric cars

    Good news ZBB, these stations are CHAdeMO, not frankenplug. So as soon as Tesla gets the CHADeMO adapter produced, you will be able to use them. No reason to hope for a Frankenplug adapter when there's only 1 frankenplug station in the whole US right now (per other posts on TMC).
  28. EclecticCitizen

    Apartment and Condo Charging

    Thanks for posting. Those of us fighting with HOA boards and property managers can use help. I've has my Model S since March and still can't charge at home.
  29. EclecticCitizen

    Charging Station Vandalism - Downtown Phoenix

    I didn't hear about this until now. They removed all the stations at that Ecotality headquarters soon after this (per pictures online), but I assumed it was related to the bankruptcy. I'll be really pissed if this trend grows among copper thieves. Hopefully word doesn't get out about this...
  30. EclecticCitizen

    Just Released Tesla/Vossen Video featuring my Matte Blue Metallic Model S on 22's

    I think that's the best modification I've seen yet. If Tesla offered a blue close to that true blue, I would have gone for it over my grey. Very cool look with the wheels too.
  31. EclecticCitizen

    Audio crackling with slacker - sounds different from FM to Slacker

    I noticed this crackling too from the first time I got in the car. It is specific to Internet radio, does not occur with FM or bluetooth music from my phone. With fade & balance adjustment, I can get the same crackling from all speakers too. Tesla aware, sent a ranger first, he noted that it...

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