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  1. J

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    Well, that wasn't in the original European manual I used as a guide! I was expecting a 91Kg limit.. but.. the Thule VeloSpace XT2 I'm looking at, is 18.5Kg.. and thankfully my wife and I have fairly light road bikes, and my little boy won't have any heavy bikes for a long while yet.. so we're...
  2. J

    Help me set up my automation schedule please?

    Although once you have Tesla Remote - it works brilliantly with well-placed NFC tags/stickers and the iOS ‘Shortcuts’ app :)
  3. J

    Help me set up my automation schedule please?

    If it helps, this is what I do with Stats: Background, I leave for work at about 07.40 and it's an 8-mile round trip. Over a 24-hour period, including driving and sentry - I lose about 10%. Mine is an LR and on my 7/8kW home charger, it does about 10% per hour (handy - makes it easy to work...
  4. J

    How efficient can you get!

    Model 3 owner of three weeks here. Did a bit of a road-trip holiday and over 720 miles, I managed 257Wh/mi.. but most of that was motorway, and most of the mileage was on Navigate on Autopilot. Not sure yet whether that's good, or decidedly average.. but it had me on 111% efficiency with a...
  5. J

    UMC Gen2 Questions

    ‘Not only will electricity kill you, it will hurt all the time you are dying’
  6. J

    Model 3 Data limit

    I’ve been re-watching ST:Voyager when stopped for any time at all so far. Luckily that’s in standard def. though.. so not a lot used :)
  7. J

    V10 - Car moves to the right side of the lane when passing trucks on AP?

    I wouldn’t mind betting that what we’re all talking about, are lorries.. :) I’ve only driven with v10, and not noticed it liking the right-hand side of the lane.. but it does love a phantom brake when something is at 11 or 1 o’clock. It *really* loves a good hard brake when a vehicle is...
  8. J

    How often do you charge?

    Yeah, I’m finding pretty much that!
  9. J

    Leaving the car, is this correct?

    I’ve only had mind since Sunday, and yeah - it’s difficult to get used to not actually locking it, let alone leaving the music playing etc.!
  10. J

    UK customer service gone insane?

    Without seeing the actual, full text of the message, it’s difficult to judge anything about it.. context is everything!
  11. J

    Service appointment photos

    I booked a service appointment in the app during collection last Sunday as there are a few bits to sort. Next day I received a text with an email address to send any photos etc..
  12. J

    Model 3 Long Range Miles

    There are certain aspects of the car that still need to be powered while it’s parked, so unless you keep it plugged in, it’s normal to lose a few miles overnight..
  13. J

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Hi @Rimigo - you're probably better off starting a new thread on that, as you may not get the visibility, or number of replies you'd want here (people are coming to this with regards to order/delivery info, and the tracking of them etc.) Cheers, James
  14. J

    Homelink - UK

    Hi Martin I’d really appreciate that as well if possible? Certainly a feature that was available when I ordered (1st May and changed order on 8th May - still there).. and it’s an option I was planning on making use of. Didn’t honestly think I’d need to take screenshots of everything to prove...
  15. J

    Stats or Teslafi

    I used an app called 'Road Trip' on my phone, to log every.. single.. fill-up in the last nine (NINE!) years for my ICE car. Stats ahoy! I believe, if all goes to plan.. I made my last entry, last week. #DullMan
  16. J

    Body Shop Nicked the Badge

    @dst87 Wonder if I can get replacement badges from the Service Centres. I'm thinking about PPF, and if I do - I'll ask the guys to remove the badges, place the film, and put them back on top rather than have cut-outs around them (which is the default XPel method apparently).. there's always the...
  17. J

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    I have a delivery date next Weds. They are flapping between locations, mind you. I asked for Dartford, they scheduled me in Heathrow via email. I called them to say it was supposed to be Dartford, and they said changing it now might mean I don't get that car. I received another email today...
  18. J

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    You did order it nearly 3 months after the doors opened, so worst case, don't be surprised if you are behind somewhat. That said.. the spec you chose may be a popular one, in which case you may get lucky..!
  19. J

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    I got the email/text, and confirmed it by calling them (wanted to check they had my trade-in on file).. my Unicorn Combo of LR AWD, Red/Black, 19”, Tow-Hitch will be ready to collect next Weds. 25th at Heathrow.. blimey!
  20. J

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Oh keeper of the scrolls; I forgot to say I have a (hidden) VIN and an ETA from Tesla of first week in October. I don’t think it can be on any boat other than the Glovis Courage. Got the VIN last week (Tues AM)..
  21. J

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    I have a hidden VIN, and an email from Tesla saying it’s due for delivery first week in October. That puts it on the Glovis Courage I believe (due in to Panama later this-evening). The reply about October wasn’t a delivery-specific email, it was bonus info in an email about something else. The...
  22. J

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    I had an email today that said mine was due first week of October. It would seem that VINs are allocated when cars are on boats.. so any from Philly would be out, as they’d be here sooner than October if they’d already left. My money is on Glovis Courage. I also think - depending on Service...
  23. J

    Would anyone trade their 19" Sport wheels for 18" Aeros?

    It sounds like they’re pumping out the Unicorn Combo with black innards at the moment. There really can’t be long left for the white - absolutely the last combo left standing, surely.. so I really don’t think it will be long. I’d wager a week or two behind us at the most - I’d hang on in there...
  24. J

    Unicorn Combo Movement (LR 19” Tow)

    @RjbT3 I was too.. but while it’s a drag, and Tesla are extremely dire in terms of communication.. for the sake of a few weeks, even months, and considering I’ll have the car for years - I wasn’t about to cut my nose off to spite my face and compromise to get it a bit earlier. Won’t be long...
  25. J

    Unicorn Combo Movement (LR 19” Tow)

    Update: I’d emailed, called, and texted Tesla over the last couple of weeks to try and change the delivery location (the only way I didn’t try to contact them was hiring a plane and sky-writing). They finally replied - apologised, changed the location for me, and as a bonus.. told me I was due...
  26. J

    Unicorn Combo Movement (LR 19” Tow)

    Finally, some movement on the Unicorn Combo! LR AWD, Red/Black, 19”, Tow-Hitch. Nothing official, just a hidden VIN - which may just be a placeholder with a few more weeks to go yet.. but at least it means they’re thinking of me, which is nice. 5YJ3F7EB4KF490XXX
  27. J

    PPF - Pre-Cut or Wrapped?

    Thanks guys - appreciate the feedback. It sounds like any XPel partners are out of the mix, as they only use pre-cut panels, so there will always be edges (bummer, as the nearest XPel partner is approx ~100 yards away from where I work). Any recommendations on PPF installers that do in-fact...
  28. J

    PPF - Pre-Cut or Wrapped?

    Cheers - that's what I'm worried about. Lot of money to have dirty edges 'appear' after a short while. Must be someone who does a decent PPF 'wrap' rather than uses pre-cut..
  29. J

    PPF - Pre-Cut or Wrapped?

    Hi Folks I 'was' up for getting PPF when my Model 3 Unicorn-Combo (LR/19"/Tow) decides to make an appearance.. and I 'was' going to use a well known, very reputable firm near me. They use XPel, which is pre-cut sections, aligned with admittedly meticulous care on the panels.. but - there are...
  30. J

    Sentry Mode works

    Sorry to hear this @Jez013. While it won’t protect a really deep keying, I’m seriously considering PPF myself when my Model 3 dares to arrive. Why don’t people like others to have nice things. I’m also in Bromley by the way.. quite a bunch of us have cropped up on here and the FB Owners Group!
  31. J

    Tow Hitch Waiting Room

    I just got off the phone with Tesla - I actually called to find out how to trade-in my car post-order (easy as it happens- Trade-in Value | Tesla).. but I did of course ask what the score was with delivery and that my config seems to have put me at the bottom of the pile (LR, 19" as well as...
  32. J

    More Uk-bound Ships?

    We were early adopters when it came to reservation, but early adoption is not an excuse anymore - they've built over 300,000 Model 3s now..
  33. J

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    @RjbT3 - feel free to add me to the sheet: 1st April Reservation, May 1st Order, LR AWD, Multi-Coat Red, Black interior, 19", Tow-Hitch, FSD. No sign of 'owt at the moment.. Bottom of the damn pile!
  34. J


    Hey! Where are you in Kent? A few of us popping up in Bromley from the sound of it :)
  35. J

    Model 3 UK Radio

    No, even closer (they moved a few months ago, thankfully :) Thanks for the offer but I'm not around.. and even then - I want to experience it in my own when the time (finally, whenever that may be) comes..! Good to know there's a Bromley contingent!
  36. J

    Model 3 UK Radio

    I'd just been in and had a look (this-morning) before I spotted your post here.. I work next door to them :)
  37. J

    UK Model 3 order page open!

    The Tesla rep told me today that he thinks all the initial 200 VINs have been assigned already.. so if I didn’t have mine yet, it won’t be on the first boat. Ah well.

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