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  1. K

    3 Car Seats - Twins due in September

    Are these all Radian 5? Can you do the two outer rear facing and middle forward in the model 3
  2. K

    Bubbling headrest

    I don't actually rest my head on the head rest. So I wonder if it's some kind of issue with the glue used, anyway, will see what they say
  3. K

    Bubbling headrest

    That's the thing. In these threads from the US people have had this issue on bald heads too. I'm not one for using anything in my hair so can't see it being hair product, although it does look like some kind of chemical reaction
  4. K

    Bubbling headrest

    What's Soul Glow? I wouldn't use much "product" other than shampoo
  5. K

    Headrest bubbling and other issues, theories and testing

    Anyone else have this covered under warranty? I'm having similar issue. Booked service appointment.
  6. K

    How reliable is the 3 key app?

    No issues in six months. But I still keep my key card on me incase my phone battery died
  7. K

    Bubbling headrest

    Anyone else experience issues with the vegan leather, any bubbles in seats or headrests. This just popped up overnight. I've booked a service appointment, but looking to know if anyone else has experienced this and if warranty covered it. I know nothing was spilled on it
  8. K

    Spotify and streaming data SR+

    There's no plan to remove the features only the free data connection that's currently there. See the bottom of these notes Introducing Software Version 10.0 where its stated that all these features have been released to standard model 3 but only over WiFi. Its a bonus that they're free now...
  9. K

    The 5,000 mile review (M3 SR+)

    Just hit 5k miles yesterday myself. Drive a return trip to work each day of 140 miles and I still can't wait to get in the car every morning!
  10. K

    Upgrade to Premium Connectivity?

    You still need your own personal spotify and netflix subscriptions. But right now the connectivity is free on sr+, so you can use them over the cars network. They've enabled all that, don't know why they can't just show the traffic on the maps too, until they introduce the subscription.
  11. K

    Help me set up my automation schedule please?

    Anything like teslafi for android?
  12. K

    Running Tesla app on a desktop/laptop?

    Galaxy s6 onwards or iPhone 5 onwards all have WiFi calling, so long as the network supports it. Not sure about other phones. Most networks have gotten rid of those devices you attach to routers it seems as they now support WiFi calling through the phones, which they didn't before
  13. K

    Running Tesla app on a desktop/laptop?

    I'min a similar situation. No cell coverage at all in our areas but the car connects just fine to the home WiFi and I use the app via my phone. I'm also on a network that supports wifi calling for the last 7 months and it's great. Now I can receive calls and sms on my phone via the WiFi. Have no...
  14. K

    Got final invoice now what?

    I paid mine once I got it. Messaged them a few days later and got them to confirm money received. Got delivery date a week or two later. Ordered May 1st.
  15. K

    If you are in Ireland, and interested in FSD option, don't buy it until AFTER delivery

    Interesting. I was hoping they'd do something like that. For me I don't see the point in forking out for fsd if it's limited on steering, lane change and summon features as well as whatever else is being limited.
  16. K

    If you are in Ireland, and interested in FSD option, don't buy it until AFTER delivery

    But the price of FSD is also going to go up by 1k early November. So you'd need to get your car by then in order to save.
  17. K

    Northern Ireland Tesla

    I ordered online from Podpoint and they sent out their NI contractor Baird Electrical too install. They sent me an email asking if install date suited. Cost me 350 in the end, paid online.
  18. K

    Stockport Email Address

    Call them. I picked up my car from there. Was able to get through to them within 30 seconds each time a I called.
  19. K

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    You can add my delivery date 22/08/2019
  20. K

    Model 3 CCS Charger Compatibility

    I couldn't get ecotrictiy to work with CCS on my model 3 also.
  21. K

    Tesla-Manchester South Email Address

    Picked up mine from manchester last week. I called them twice before hand, both times they picked up within a minute by doing what eddycrim says. They're really nice to deal with there, both on the phone and in person. My pickup wasn't until 12, but I arrived at 9 to see if there was any...
  22. K

    SR+ heated rear seats and front fog lights

    No rear seats, just two front seats and the back is flat like a van.
  23. K

    Model 3 SR+ pickup day tomorrow!

    No they told me they tried to call in the confirmation mail they sent me yesterday. Just got email with my reg there now
  24. K

    Something anyone who's owned a Tesla for more than a month will roll their eyes at

    Do you have one of the new raven cars? There's an adaptive air suspension update rolling out this week Electrek: Tesla releases new software update with adaptive suspension damping improvements and more. Tesla releases new software update with adaptive suspension damping improvements and more...
  25. K

    Model 3 SR+ pickup day tomorrow!

    Picking mine up tomorrow too. Still no reg. I have insurance sorted already just have to call them with reg when I get it so that it becomes active. Note if you still have to sort insurance even with the reg you get today it will probably not show a car assigned to that reg in the insurance...
  26. K

    Autopilot capability

    And it will still auto steer in stop and go? Let them get frustrated, you just sit back and let the car do its thing!
  27. K

    Autopilot capability

    How well does the basic autopilot work in stop and go traffic on a motorway?
  28. K

    Final Invoice Scheduled Delivery Date

    My final invoice had 28th Aug. Then on 15th Aug I got email with updated delivery date of 22nd Aug.
  29. K

    Any UK inventory orders yet?

    I think there's enough of a backlog at the minute that they'll just reassign the car to next on the list with same spec. It'll be a while before have any model 3 inventory
  30. K

    What Charge Cables Are Supplied With The Car?

    Thanks all. She had told me that they didn't have any in stock but that it wouldn't come with the sr+ anyway. So I'll see what happens when I get there and argue my case if needed.
  31. K

    What Charge Cables Are Supplied With The Car?

    Moderator comment - thread merged from "Any sr+ deliveries come with type 2 charge cable" Supplied cable specifications may change over time. Hi, I was wondering if anyone that has taken delivery of an sr+ received the type 2 charge cable with their car? I was on to the service center today...
  32. K

    PCP - Blackhorse how long for the application to be processed

    I ordered may 1st and didn't get a reply until 24th May to say it wasn't successful. In the meantime I sorted my own finance as wasn't getting an update from them
  33. K

    Got final invoice, what to expect next?

    I went ahead and paid mine, delivery window of 26th Aug - 2nd September - Final invoice has 28th August listed but no delivery date in the account page as above. I mailed them last Thursday to check payment was received and if delivery date was going to be 28th as in invoice. Response below...
  34. K

    Type 2 Charging Limits on Model 3

    Anyone know what length the tesla supplied type2 cables are?
  35. K


    Is it a requirement that you have to NI plates in Northern Ireland for a new car? Half of the existing cars in NI are driving around on GB plates? I was hoping I could just keep a GB reg if that's what I ended up with.
  36. K


    Northern plates? So the car came with the 61 plate and you switched? I've been interested to know if I'd be getting 61 or Northern plates. What kind of charge did you have when collecting? Oh and congrats. Looks class
  37. K

    Delivery delayed

    This is what I'm worried about. Have pickup in Stockport and will fly over from NI, plus take day off work and hopefully return on the evening ferry. I can't spend the week in Manchester waiting for the car.
  38. K

    Type 2 Charging Limits on Model 3

    Yeah, exactly my thoughts. Like there are some things you could live with for a while but not much use if I can't charge
  39. K

    Type 2 Charging Limits on Model 3

    No way? That's pretty poor. I'm not going to be able to charge at work or home without one.
  40. K

    Type 2 Charging Limits on Model 3

    What length is the included type 2 cable?
  41. K

    Delivery call - WARNING

    That's really poor. I'll have to arrange flights and a ferry back as I'm based in Northern Ireland and won't allow Dublin to be a collection point either. As well as having to book a day off work if midweek.
  42. K

    New email today

    Got this mail this morning Estimated Delivery Date & Location 26 August 2019 - 02 September 2019 Tesla Manchester-South Checked for VIN just after but nothing there. Just checked again and I have one now. May 1st order blue sr+
  43. K

    Model 3 delivery for those in N.Ireland

    I ordered may 1st from Northern Ireland. Had choice of Manchester or Edinburgh. Went for Manchester, still waiting for VIN.
  44. K

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Haven't updated mine :(
  45. K

    More Uk-bound Ships?

    I got two emails today with "Confirming your Model 3 update", both had the updated price order agreement attached and it's now updated on my tesla account too. But only one Order Agreement on the account, not 2
  46. K

    latest (July) Tesla price changes

    Yeah it was for standard plus model 3
  47. K

    latest (July) Tesla price changes

    Try Allianz for insurance. I got about 700 from them. They don't quote online
  48. K

    latest (July) Tesla price changes

    You need to make sure that you're logged in first and then edit the link to your own RN

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