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  1. GaryRudolph

    New supercharger map

    Noticed it is now shown as "2014".
  2. GaryRudolph

    New supercharger map

    A little discouraging as it appears they are not going to do the 385 / Mammoth Route any longer that was originally planned for this past fall / winter. That would kill getting a Model X and we'd need to stay gas. Understand the tradeoffs, but kills that for us.
  3. GaryRudolph

    $5000 install for 100 amp service.....

    I spent the money on a second meter to add the HPWC as SCE rates are horrible for the amount of electric we use and I had them wire it now for a 2nd HPWC (cost $4.4k in total not counting the HPWC itself). I would "probably" do it again today, but there have only been 2 times in the life of...
  4. GaryRudolph

    Any way to get a valentine 1 to work with Model S?

    How is that working for the arrows and rear detection in that location? Curious how it compares in signal detection being lower in the nose cone vs. being higher on the upper part of the window with the window coating reducing the signal (haven't confirmed it's worse).
  5. GaryRudolph

    Playing music from USB hard drive hangs main display

    I have the same experience with a 64GB flash thumb drive. I had about 60GB of it used, then added one more album and it would freeze. I then proceeded to remove that album and it still froze the display. I've now reformatted the thumb drive as well as recopied the music and it still freezes...
  6. GaryRudolph

    P85+ in the real world

    I agree, the current P85 is no M5 in handling. More of an MB E-class with sports suspension.
  7. GaryRudolph

    Firmware 4.4

    Upgraded to 4.4 and noticing the rear camera shows a blank screen for about 5 seconds after start. Saw this happen 3 times and trying to trace it down with consistency.
  8. GaryRudolph

    Looking for Pics with 3M Crystalline 40

    I'm trying a new installer in Moorpark to keep business local. But prior I've used Song's Tint Master off the 10 who did a great job on my 6 series, M5, E class, etc. Songs Tint Masters - Mid-City - Los Angeles, CA - - - Updated - - - Yah after sifting through that thread a found a lot of...
  9. GaryRudolph

    Tinting FRONT windshield?

    Any pics? Debating Crystalline 40 vs 50 for the side/back. Also debating 70 vs 90 for the front.
  10. GaryRudolph

    Looking for Pics with 3M Crystalline 40

    Looking for any pictures of cars with 3M Crystalline 40 tinted windows as I'm debating how that looks with a black exterior. Mostly as the kids this weekend said they got too hot in the back, back seats.
  11. GaryRudolph

    Dr Taras' Model S gets customized!

    Are they going to retain the functionality of the built in EQ for fade/balance? Would be nice to be able to amplify each channel so that 0 across the built in-EQ was what you liked and then can still tune the EQ, Face, Balance as appropriate.
  12. GaryRudolph

    Model S - Window Tinting

    I've done a 70% ceramic tint on an a few cars on the front windshield. Never had a problem with clarity or police in CA. Also considering 3M Crystalline.
  13. GaryRudolph

    Model S - Window Tinting

    Huper Optic Ceramic Tint I've generally gotten Huper Optic Ceramic Tint on my cars and was planning to do the same on the S. Anybody installed HO on theirs yet? Any issues with the car recognizing the key? Any issues with EZ Pass / Fastpass / Fastlane (outside of the usual S issues with it...
  14. GaryRudolph

    Audio crackling with slacker - sounds different from FM to Slacker

    Didn't matter if Dolby On or Off. - - - Updated - - - When I'm on FM or XM it says "Dolby not supported or similar" when I go to the settings page to switch it on. I also tried with both Dolby on/off to no affect.
  15. GaryRudolph

    Audio crackling with slacker - sounds different from FM to Slacker

    So, only appears to happen on Slacker (With Dolby Off, haven't verified with Dolby On). Did not seem to happen on FM or XM.
  16. GaryRudolph

    Audio crackling with slacker - sounds different from FM to Slacker

    Happening with me and I've added it to my "service list", but I've only been listening to Slacker. I'll try on other sources.
  17. GaryRudolph

    Homelink Multiple Gates

    I've programmed our Gates remote into Homelink, but we have 2 gates. Is there anyway to have this trigger in 2 locations without programming it twice into the car? Similarly, is there anyway to move the location it triggers without reprogramming?
  18. GaryRudolph

    roof rack

    I'm waiting on the car to see, but from Yakima it looks like you can use the BMW 1 Series to find a fitment (except width of the bars) for Thule. Based on that For Thule AeroBlade bars you'd buy the following: * 460R Rapid Podium Foot Pack * ARB60 60" AeroBlade Load Bar Pair (Or maybe the ARB53...
  19. GaryRudolph

    Ventura County HPWC Electrician

    I'm reaching out to Solar City, but wanted to find if anyone had a recommendation for an electrician for an HPWC install in Ventura County (specifically Moorpark). Thanks, Gary

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