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    Realistic Delivery Dates

    I am not waiting for a CyberTruck so I am a little less biased. 2020 is not done. I would be SHOCKED if they don't select and break ground on a CyberTruck location in 2020. Honestly, I would expect an announcement on the final location rumored to be in Austin in the next weeks. Figure the...
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    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Good info, but to be honest I put my M3 stuff in the tracker and so did my friends. We were so excited and obsessed. I haven't even opened the MY sheet ever, so I think there is a certain excitement gap that is lacking for the Y. I am excited for my Y as well, just not the same as the 3.
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    1,000,000 Tesla sold

    You are correct. I was going off of the 921k produced by end of the year. But sales were below that, so they should reach the 1,000,000 in the next weeks. I would think end of March or early April?
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    1,000,000 Tesla sold

    By my calculations, this should have happened by now? Do we have conformation that this has happened? I would have thought they would have made a bigger deal about this?
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    Starlink IPO

    I don't understand the industry but I have a question. they say that Sprint/T-Mobile is way behind on 5G. But could someone like Starlink partner with them, put the pizza box sized receiver on all their cell towers to get them caught up? Or is getting high bandwith out to the cell towers not...
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    Updated CARB certificate for Model Y Performance

    That plus if they make any motor or software changes that allows for greater efficiency, they could reduce the kWh capacity and because they were smart and did not call the Model 3 by the kwH size like M3 75, they can make these changes and none knows.
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    Updated CARB certificate for Model Y Performance

    It was 441.91 before so a slight increase.
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    Is Tesla Model Y coming earlier than expected?

    I think there is a lot of detail here for it not to be at least partially accurate. Plus they make a strong case for the Y to come sooner than expected.
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    Noob Buying Questions

    I would just go into a service center or store with your list of questions and let Tesla answer them. I think it is pretty strait forward but better to hear from them. If you are not close to them, just call and get your questions answered in 5 minutes.
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    Model Y will arrive sooner than expected

    The biggest thing I think Tesla is keeping an eye on is cannibalization. They want people to keep buying the 3 in record numbers, and when they start making the Y, they will ramp it up very fast because many potential 3 buyers will jump over to the Y. The target of "Fall 2020" allows them to...
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    Supercharger - Altoona, PA

    Yep have used it a couple times.
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    How many Teslas you see a day?

    I live in Cecil twp (western PA) and I drive 30 minutes in back roads every day and I actually have been seeing different Tesla's it seems like every day. I probably average seeing 1 every day now, and they are different.(not the same people all the time).
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    Supercharger - Altoona, PA

    Thanks Mark! Still might stop there just to see things for myself but now I know not to count on it.
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    Supercharger - Altoona, PA

    I am driving by there tomorrow and will check out but I would like to know if it is open?
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    Supercharging Revenue

    I know Tesla has said that Supercharging Revenue would be used to pay for the cost of supercharging. Obviously a lot of M3 owners need to "fill up" in order to cover the cost for the energy for S and X owners. But now that Tesla is doing away with free super charging for life, and at the same...
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    Model Y Timeline

    Agreed that the Y will be a completely new animal, but lets remember 2 important parts that will be the same from the 3. The motor and the battery pack. Both Tesla made, both were brand new design's for the Model 3. Early on there were reports of high motor failure rates and even today we...
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    Blog Tesla Delivered 55,840 Model 3 Sedans in Q3

    Lost in the Model 3 euphoria. Best selling Model X quarter EVER. 3rd best selling Model S quarter ever. People that think demand is an issue have no clue. People tend to focus on the USA but the Model 3 demand in Europe will be much much stronger. Model 3 is a lot more attractive in Europe...
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    Amazed by model 3 LR supercharging speeds

    Yes, I usually add about 100-150 Miles in around 15-20 minutes.
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    Amazed by model 3 LR supercharging speeds

    I posted something similar earlier, and I agree 100%. Just got back from another road trip and I am still amazed at how fast the M3 charges. I easily make up the charge times with driving faster than the speed limit, so that now when I google map something and it says 5 or 6 hours, I know that...
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    28,578 produced and 18,440 delivered in Q2

    Or to make their balance sheet look better for when they report in August.
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    Supercharging with a Model 3 thoughts

    Maybe you misunderstood me. Since you have both the S and the 3, do you not find the 3 charges a lot faster? In a Miles added per minute/hour sense?
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    Supercharging with a Model 3 thoughts

    I have had the car now for over 2 months and have supercharged 6 times in 3 different states. I will say I have been overly impressed with the Super Charger. I can honestly say with my wife and 2 kids, we have never had to wait a minute for a Super Charger. In that I mean that we always had...
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    Let's discuss Dual Motor range

    The one thing I think people are forgetting is that with the Model 3, you are buying a LR version. Not a 80 or 75kw version. In theory, Tesla could increase the efficiency of the motor/software in the next couple of years and release the same EPA rated 310 LR version of the car with less...
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    Calling any Pittsburgh model 3 owners

    I would be happy to, however when I went to pick up my M3 last week in Wexford, I found out that mine was damaged during shipment and it would take 2 weeks to fix. (waiting on a spare part). Tesla did hook me up with a loaner MS, so I am pretty happy. That said they had 2 M3 ready for delivery...
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    Are you in PA, and have you been able to order yet?

    On the Tesla Pittsburgh Facebook group a guy mentioned a movie asking to use his M3 during a shoot in Pittsburgh. He mentioned them adding some stuff to it. Sounds like it could be it.
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    Model Y: Tesla targets November 2019 for start of Model Y production

    Exclusive: Tesla targets November 2019 for start of Model Y...
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    VIN disappeared?

    Our cars must be on the same train. I was told on a train to Alabama, which is scheduled to arrive on April 17th. I am taking delivery in Pittsburgh and they said from Alabama it would truck up to Pittsburgh. I am also tentatively scheduled for April 25th, but he said +/- 5 days and we would...
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    Tesla’s Production outlook for Q2 ??

    If there is only around 20k left, it will be very hard to hold off hitting that number. If you figure 10k MS/MX that you have to deliver if ordered in the USA, that leaves only 10k M3 in the USA. Assuming that Tesla makes around 25k M3's in Q2 than you would have to defer 15k. That is...
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    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    Got VIN assigned 3/31. Still no call? Do I start to worry or be patient? Pickup in Pittsburgh.
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    VIN Assignment

    Sorry, a little excited and a lot going on with the family and Easter. Black Aero.. no auto pilot.
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    VIN Assignment

    Just got mine. I updated the spreadsheet. 100XX... Config 2/22!!! Pittsburgh, PA
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    2/22 Configurators

    Me too! down to 28.4% of people without VINs.(Jan and Feb configurations) Today should be the top producing M3 day in the history of Tesla if you believe the emails leaked yesterday. Would love to have my car be part of a historic day.
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    2/22 Configurators

    I ran the numbers again this morning and we are down to 30.9% of January/February configs with no VINs. Down from 32.1% at the same time yesterday. Of those that have not gotten their, VIN 71% of them are outside of California.
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    2/22 Configurators

    Using the spreadsheet(I know it's not perfect) I started looking at people that configured in Jan/Feb and don't have VINs yet. It went from 34.4% on Saturday 3/24 to 32.1% today 3/27. As mentioned by others, this number is probably a little high but I will update it until at least I get my VIN!!!
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    VIN Assignment

    I am in the same boat as both of you but in Pittsburgh, PA. If the same pattern holds true from the end of Q4, 2018 then we should see a big non west coast push coming here this week/next week. I am trying to be as patient as I can and trying to realize the need to make a push at the end of...
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    VIN Assignment

    GREAT!!! Now I have to hit refresh 300000 times a day until I get my VIN.
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    VIN Assignment

    First of all, I am in the same boat as you(black/aero 2/22). It seems to be more about color than it is wheels. I had read on here last week a post and a guy pretty much had the production schedule figured out. He predicted that white/sport and then black/aero would be the next two runs. So...
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    Model 3 production suspended from Feb 20-24

    It is big news and good news and that is why the stock is up 4% today. The reason is because the obvious stop in production could have been caused by a lot of other factors(non planned outage, missing parts..ect) and Tesla confirmed it was planned. That said it is very possible in modern day...
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    Model 3 production suspended from Feb 20-24

    This just confirms what we all pretty much figured out here. I sold my TSLA stock 3 weeks ago when the VIN's slowed down. I expect the market to overreact to the bad Q1 numbers and then I will buy again. Then again I am waiting for my VIN after configuring on 2/22 so I really just want my...
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    VIN Assignment

    I am waiting for the wheels and would have paid the extra for the Areo. But to answer your question it’s because the finance guys do what they have to do before the end of the QTR. And they were hoping/expecting to be closer to 2k a week by now and they need to scramble to spin the news.
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    VIN Assignment

    I think it’s clear, Tesla is trying to maximize deliveries in the 1st QTR and cash flow. So early March a push for outside of California and then there will be a Cali rush at the end of March. In addition I see people posting about Areo wheels being a problem and the lack of black. There is...
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    Bloomberg Model 3 Tracker

    Survey Says Big Surge In Tesla Inc (TSLA) Model 3 Sales Coming Soon Above is where I read that. You actually bring up a good point. As electric car's continue to become more mainstream that number is bound to grow. The thing that really amazes me is how many teenagers(my daughter is 13) are...
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    Bloomberg Model 3 Tracker

    I am not sure if Bloomberg is accurate but it is EXACTLY what I would guess is the rate based on all the information/pictures that are here and other places around the web. So I find it very helpful and it saves me time from having to read though 1000's of post here and on twitter. As far as...
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    Are you in PA, and have you been able to order yet?

    I configured 2 weeks ago and if I get it before Easter, I will be taking it to Harrisburg. If I get it before then we can meet up. It’s a long shot but I am hoping for a production burst coming from Fremont soon!!!
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    PA non-Tesla owner, got my config invite. But I'll wait.

    I understand what you guys are saying. That said I am a PA non-tesla owner who got to configure last week and I will take the fully loaded option. I know Tesla will receive most of it as profit but I am inpatient, and Tesla is a good company. I view it as a donation. FYI- I bought it while...
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    Tesla owner configurations begin

    My guess is that all over the current owners(in the US) have had a chance to configure(or have been missed for some reason or another like a different registered account). I think in the next two weeks we will see the first invites going out to day 1 reservation holders. The interesting thing...
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    Found a LOT of Model 3's in a Tesla lot - Pictures inside

    It's clear that Tesla is running production in different "Burst builds". Their words not mine. I assume they are running in bursts and then making small changes and modifications to the line and then running it again. Lets hope that we see this lot fill up a lot in the next couple days.
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    5K/week pushed back to Q2

    Tesla has had the workforce hired for sometime now to make 5,000 cars a week. This is why they are "burning" through cash and why Wall Street is nervous. They also have the sales force, suppliers lined up and distribution channels set up in order to deliver this number of cars. What we are...
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    Poll: Tesla US EV Federal Tax Credit ends Q1 or Q2 ???

    Did you add the Roadster numbers? I came up with 159,799 based on insideev's numbers not counting ANY model 3. I figured we will know this number soon. I have total roadster 1900. Model S = 118,147. Model X = 39,752. So with that in mind and then adding another 2k Model 3, that would mean...

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