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    Master Thread: Model 3s on the Track / drag strip- Videos, Discussion, Setup, Etc

    I spent a day at Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) in SC doing an HPDE open track event. Was point to pass, but otherwise open (no run groups). I know there are several performance threads out there, but here's my take on going to a relatively isolated track. I didn't want to drive 40+ miles...
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    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    Had the drive unit in my 2013 replaced under warranty. They told me the 'milling' noise was the only issue and it probably wouldn't actually fail. As someone mentioned, it's a minor bearing and not actual the motor that is failing. You can find Model S rear drive motors on ebay cheap. I just...
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    Test drove the Model Y, Model 3 and the Mach E back to back to back, yesterday

    When you check out the Model S, fold the rear seats flat and check out the space. It is amazing how much that car will hold. I routinely put bikes, lawnmowers, etc in with no difficulty with my old S. You can easily sleep comfortably in the back space wise (I did several times on long trips). I...
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    Stuck at a supercharger, charge cord won’t disc

    Interesting pic, had a similar scare at a new supercharger. Probably the charger cable fit is tight due to limited use. Glad you were able to get it free. I went through exactly the same thing, trying to release from inside, etc. and finally released with a good tug. You can definitely see the...
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    Warning! New Brake Pads and Discs after 13,000 miles

    Concur, this is a known problem on EV's. If you use high regen, you effectively DONT use your brakes. The problem is that the pads and rotors corrode without being cleaned every so often. I recently replaced a set of disks and pads on a Chevy Volt that became dramatically corroded in up state...
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    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    OP, Can empathize. Had a 2013 P85 with over 85k miles. Had a battery pack failure (replaced free) and figured it was a good time to sell given charging speeds, etc. I got a new M3P end of June. Have to say IT IS AWESOME. Charges unbelievably fast, way faster than my P85 even when charging...
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    Charging Concerns; Challenging Townhome Situation

    I did just plain 110v for over a year (yes, I do have 240 NEMA 14-50 now). It just isn't necessary most of the time. You get around 40 miles of charge in 8hrs overnight and if you leave car plugged in during weekend (80% SOC) you make up any additional losses. I rarely charged elsewhere, but you...
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    Does upgrading Michelin Pilot Sport 4S from stock Michelin MXM4 make sense for GTA driver

    I have the PS4S and they are excellent summer tires. I occasionally do use the tires to their potential... however most of the time I am just driving a to b. If you think you might actually use the tires regularly it is worth it, but like most performance tire purchases most people end up with...
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    Tires on New D3P

    These are phenomenal tires (for performance) and are commonly the go to tire for One Lap of America. Having said that, they are not all season tires and even if they didn't have issues with very cold temps, you should still swap out for a winter all season/snow tire if you live in areas that...
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    Replace bumper cover vs fix dent?

    My front bumper cover was replaced at delivery due to minor damage. They had some already painted and ready to go. Took less than an hour. Way faster and easier than painting. I cannot tell there is any color difference and I suspect that might not be the case if you actually had it repaired and...
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    Protective stickers for underneath ski rack?

    Highly recommend you do this, you will eventually get scratches if you don't. Just get a small amount of 3M paint protection film or similar and cut to size. I did this for multiple cars and I have replaced a few spots due to shifting/wrinkles created from repeated use of racks (took more than a...
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    Dedham, MA Tesla woes... "Hugh"

    Be patient. I also had a terrible delivery experience (and worse than what you have had so far) but the car has dramatically exceeded expectations. Others have made same point in this thread and multiple others. My take on the delivery experience is it is probably due to hiring people who are...
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    Key Fobs w/BLE = Security Issue with DoD?

    Retired two years ago, so understand what you are dealing with. It is totally on limits to restrict certain devices (bluetooth, cell, etc) and you really can't fight that. don't know exact facility you are at, but some places have lockers for phones, etc before going through security. Check...
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    2013 Model S P85

    A lot of these have already had Drive unit, handles and battery replacements. If you can find one with those items already done, you are probably in good shape. I think most of the P85s have had the drive unit upgraded at this point so I would guess it would actually be rare to find one with an...
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    Model 3 - 175 miles from a 277 mile charge?

    OP, Like others said, check your life time Wh/mi and see where you lie. I came out of a P85, got a M3P and am currently getting 273 Wh/mi lifetime with 6k mi exactly. Obviously I am putting my foot in it quite a bit :) The good news is, 1) I was happy if I hit 290 lifetime in the P85 so M3P is...
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    CPO model S and what to expect?

    I was considering buying a CPO in June to replace my existing S. Ended up buying a new P3D which I am happy with. Part of the problem is the CPO cars (at least near me) are NOT kept at the Tesla store and you cannot physically see the car prior to purchase. The are kept is some storage lot off...
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    Tesla Model 3 DM Performance - Autocross/Time Trial Build for USCA (Optima)

    Keep up the good work and posts! This is the type of stuff we should be reading (not surveys on which color should i buy.. ha, ha!).
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    Self-referral supercharging miles?

    same here, june purchase, self referral. Looks like someone who I don't know got use of my referral code- their name is in loot box as a referral (but I didn't get anything in return). Wondering if a Tesla employee is the name in question and they got some free miles out of this? I reached out...
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    Issues with an inventory P3D

    I bought a P3D in June that had a scratch in the front bumper down to the plastic (new car, happened during transport). Found at delivery. The popped the bumper cover off and replaced with one they had on standby in an hour. I suspect the new bumper cover had some type of blemish that was...
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    How to remove clear-coat/paint overspray from windows???

    Use a new razor blade and just scrape the paint off. Angle it sharply and advance the sharp edge. It should come off easily. Be carefull at the edges not to scratch trim or other painted areas.
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    Attempt at having Tesla install wall connector.

    Concur, peace of mind is important. That's why I *did* eventually go to 240V.. even though it really didn't change my driving much. I agree, I can occasionally show up to house nearly empty and not hit the Supercharger which is nice. I did have free unlimited with my last Model S.. so that made...
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    Attempt at having Tesla install wall connector.

    Also agree with above post; NEMA 14-50 and mobile connector makes way more sense if you go 240V. Cheaper and possibly useful for other things or home sale. I understand a HPWC looks nice.. but unless you have a 'dual charger' Model S (which I did incidentally), you still can't charge much faster...
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    Attempt at having Tesla install wall connector.

    If you drive 40 miles a day you will easily recharge that on just 110V. Just keep your range around 180-200ish for the days you might drive more. You will catch back up on the weekend. If you have Supercharger nearby you can just hit it when convenient and top up as needed or just prior to a...
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    Buying Tesla Model 3 while owning Model S

    Did my order over phone with an actual store. I think there may have been a problem doing this as I have yet to see any referral miles and the person taking order had a few questions on how to do it. I also think they used my code to give to someone else (not me) as there is an unknown name that...
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    2013 Model S P85 Red with Carbon Fiber $27250

    Just to close out thread: I did sell the car to original buyer as above. It took a while to get financing sorted which I wasn't anticipating, but in the end it was fine. Yes, I probably could have gotten a bit more for car but honestly it wasn't worth a bunch of showings and haggling. I got...
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    Model 3 Tearing it Up at the Track

    Awesome! More details please: brake pads, tires, any thing you have changed other than weight loss. Obviously car is very fast already, curious how brakes stand up for longer sessions.
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    2013 Model S P85 Red with Carbon Fiber $27250

    My understanding is the refurb battery just takes me to the end of the 8 yr / unlimited mi life span. I did not buy it, it was a warraty replacement.
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    2013 Model S P85 Red with Carbon Fiber $27250

    So I posted at around 7 am... showed car and took a deposit around 12:30 today. Sale is being finalized, will update if something falls through and car becomes avail again.
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    2013 Model S P85 Red with Carbon Fiber $27250

    Not sure why the thumbs aren't showing on all the pics but they are all there if you click on files.
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    2013 Model S P85 Red with Carbon Fiber $27250

    2013 Tesla Model S P85, excellent condition. 88xxx mi. Always garaged (at work too). Multicoat Red with Carbon fiber interior and Carbon fiber spoiler. Selling because I have ordered a new Performance Tesla :) Front end and wheel arches and rear bumper protected with Clear Bra. Some limited...
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    120 v. or 240 v.?

    240v is just hype. don't spend the money unless you have some other reason to have 240v outlet. It is impossible you will drive enough on Maui to not overnight recharge with just 110V (about 40-50 mi in 8-9 hrs). I used a standard 110v outlet for three years stateside and never had any problems...
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    Early drive unit milling noise FIX

    fantastic write up. thank you for doing this!
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    P85 need front brake pads after 180k miles, need advice

    With that many miles, you don't want to just compress the calipers and push the old fluid in caliper back into system. That is a common reason for later abs unit failure (small particulate gets into valves). If you do not flush/ bleed, you should at least open bleed screw when you are...
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    Ton of Inventory

    Despite the posts above suggesting excess inventory, this is not true. I had service about a month ago and the lot was packed. I asked about it- they are literally *all* customer cars waiting to be delivered. I also later considered getting a M3 Performance and called to see if it could be...
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    Converting 110 outlets for home charging ?

    I have also gone three years on 110V and literally never had a problem. I usually drive 40-45 mi/day. You will easily charge that back overnight at 110v. If you keep your car around 75-80% SOC you can still do 200 mile days every so often and you will recover in a couple days at most. 220V is...
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    Tax in Georgia

    Yes, you pay on total cost. What's worse is GA now charges approx $200/ yr more for tag renewal as someone finally figured out we don't pay road use (gas) taxes. That was a little surprise when I renewed... The good news is: there are free county chargers and EV parking spaces where I live, so...
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    CPO pictures

    I also got pictures of the car I purchased CPO. At first they were a little hesitant as the car was going to be reconditioned and had a few flaws. The pictures were of a slightly dirty car in a lot with other cars, but definitely the car I bought. The sales person took pics of the flaws (curb...
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    Any concerns about a very low mileage S whose warranty is about to expire?

    new to forum, but buy a fair number of used cars trying to find cars that won't sell for various reasons. Literally just bought another last week. As near as I can tell this car doesn't sell because no one wants the smallest battery in a RWD only, non AP Tesla. I think it is priced a little...
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    Model S OEM Floor mats

    I'll take the used ones. New to forum, is there a way to pm to finalize details?

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