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    Drunk driving and Tesla Autopilot

    https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29427401 I wonder how this would interact with Tesla Autopilot.
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    Want recommendation for quality 5-20 male to 5-15 male adapter to use with 15 Amp circuit/12A load

    Depending on the length of the extension cord, you may be better with 12A charging anyway.
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    Thinking about it, Tesla Model 3 probably helped third party EVSE vendors the most

    Thinking about it, it probably helps that there are more choices in 40 to 48 amp EVSEs than there were in the past.
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    Thinking about it, Tesla Model 3 probably helped third party EVSE vendors the most

    Grizzl-E Classic – NEMA 14-50 – GRIZZL-E is around the same price and even has a Tesla connector as an option.
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    Thinking about it, Tesla Model 3 probably helped third party EVSE vendors the most

    JuiceBox is a bit more expensive but not all that expensive: https://evcharging.enelx.com/store/residential
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    NEMA 10-30 to 14-30 adaptor

    Consider changing to 14-30 if you can.
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    Thinking about it, Tesla Model 3 probably helped third party EVSE vendors the most

    On the other hand, NEMA 14-50 adapters had been scalped on eBay in the past: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/nema-14-50-hoarders.188310/
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    Thinking about it, Tesla Model 3 probably helped third party EVSE vendors the most

    You don't have to pay $1000 for a one, especially if you only need a 32A EVSE.
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    Thinking about it, Tesla Model 3 probably helped third party EVSE vendors the most

    Especially given how frequently the Tesla Wall Connector go out of stock. Thinking about it, I assume that Clipper Creek is the most popular among Tesla owners, right?
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    Nema 10-30 out of stock

    Consider changing to a 14-30 outlet if you can.
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    14-50 in a condo complex

    Yea, if there is any other loads on the breaker panel it would not be a good idea.
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    Gen 3 HPWC on a 110, 20Amp Circuit?

    You mean that it is not on a dedicated circuit?
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    How to Power/Charge Your Laptop in a Tesla using USB-C Power

    I wonder how much power the Model Y USB-C ports provides.
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    Gen 3 HPWC on a 110, 20Amp Circuit?

    I wonder why do you want to do this. There are many J1772 120V EVSEs for example if you want a spare one.
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    Tesla reduced price by $2k for M3, $5k for S/X

    And $45000 CAD now equal $33000 USD.
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    Wall connector charges at 22kWh but Tesla only gets 7 kWh??

    I am suspecting this may be just a software problem and real three phase charging is only supported at 230/400V
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    Free NEMA 5-20 Adapter for Gen 2 Mobile Connector

    The funny thing is that not all EVs support 120V 16A charging either. I doubt any EVs that have 3.3kW chargers for example support it. I believe it is commonly used for example for photocopiers and some UPSes.
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    11kW charging?

    On a Leaf you should be able to use a 3x32A charger at 32A, while the Tesla will charge at 3x16A.
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    11kW charging?

    This is in a type 2 country.
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    11kW charging?

    I would consider getting the 22kW Type 2 three phase unit and use it to charge both the Leaf and Tesla.
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    Electrician Recommendations in SF Bay Area?

    Which kind of wiring and conduit is used for the subpanel?
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    M3 LR granny charger not charging

    It is a EVSE that plugs into a standard BS 1363 or BS 546 socket-outlet.
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    Noob : what outlet should I buy

    Thinking about it, I wonder if there are any GFCI NEMA 6-20 outlets.
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    Noob : what outlet should I buy

    If you don't already have 120V outlets, I would consider installing one. Or if 16A charging is enough for you you can install a NEMA 6-20.
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    Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle

    Note that you should be using the 14-30 and not the 10-30 for new installations.
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    Is this commute doable?

    Note that the UK always uses 230V and not 208V, which helps.
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    Possibility that prices will go up with weakened dollar?

    The $55k CAD model is still about $38k USD anyway even at current rates. The $45k CAD models do worse I think at just below $32k USD.
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    First Crowdfunded HPWCs completed in SE NW.

    Also have a benefit that it can be installed in locations that don't have three phase power.
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    Nema 14-50 hoarders

    And as it happens 10-30s are out of stock but 14-30s are not. Guess which one I recommend?
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    New to Tesla/EVs - Home charging install options

    It is part of the NEC now. I suggested a compromise involving a disconnecting switch instead and was rejected.
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    New Lifepo4 battery for M3

    Thinking about it, LiFePO4 EV batteries are common in China, don't depend on nickel supply and don't catch on fire.
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    Supercharger - Jasper, AB

    I wonder what was the capacity of the old Palisades Power Plant.
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    More common in cities are 30 amp 208 volt = 6000 watts, even slower (I think 23 miles per hour on a Model 3).
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    NEMA 14-50 is dead - all hail NEMA 6-50

    It would only affect things that use the neutral, and EV charging don't use it.
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    Charging a Segway...

    I believe that most 12V sockets are able to do 120W, considering that it is basically 10A.
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    NEMA 14-50 is dead - all hail NEMA 6-50

    I had a thread on NEC 2020: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/who-would-like-to-charge-on-locking-nema-outlets.147964/
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    NEMA 14-50 is dead - all hail NEMA 6-50

    The NEMA 14-50 has the neutral in it, which RVs use to get 120V. EV charging don't use the neutral and instead use 208V or 240V.
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    NEMA 14-50 is dead - all hail NEMA 6-50

    Open neutral is a condition where the neutral in a split phase 120/240 system is disconnected, causing one phase to show a lower voltage and one phase to show a higher voltage. This often causes 120V equipment to be damaged. However, the phase to phase 240V voltage is not affected.
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    NEMA 14-50 is dead - all hail NEMA 6-50

    Yea, RVs uses 120V, EVs use the 208V/240V.
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    NEMA 14-50 is dead - all hail NEMA 6-50

    My attempt at adding locking outlets to the NEC 2020 was denied. Using a NEMA 14-50 outlet for EV charging means there is no risk of open neutral unlike with RVs.
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    Supercharger - Jasper, AB

    I wonder if it is no coincidence that this is just after the ATCO Electric Jasper Interconnection Project built new power lines.
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    Chargepoint 6.6kWh only reaching ~5.9kWh

    I am talking about the J1772 standard and chargers like the one in the Leaf, not ChargePoint which came later. They support higher voltages, but reduce the current when doing so.
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    Chargepoint 6.6kWh only reaching ~5.9kWh

    I wonder why EV chargers has been based on multiples of 220V since the AVCON days. Even back in the 1990s 230V would have been a better value.
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    L2 chargers in mall

    It should be noted that Model 3 is more efficient than other EVs though. You can get 22-23 miles per hour on 208V/30A charging for example and 30 miles on 240V/32A.
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    Chargepoint 6.6kWh only reaching ~5.9kWh

    I believe ChargePoint always display 6.6kW as a maximum regardless of the actual charging voltage. If you plug in your car, ChargePoint will display the actual value for a while after charging starts.
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    L2 chargers in mall

    In the LR 11kW. SR is limited to 7kW.
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    L2 chargers in mall

    Nope, the LR Model 3 can charge at 48A J1772, and some Teslas can even charge at 72A.

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