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    J1772 Charging Adapter - Brand New - $80

    If you can do 70 shipped to 06790 by end of business Friday I’ll take it.
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    Vendor DIY Xpel ultimate plus or stealth precut kits

    Full wrap (don't need roof pieces) 18 Model S pano roof
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    Free Shipping! 19" Model S Slipstreams

    Are these still available?
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    FS: 21” Grey Turbine or 19” Sonic Carbon Slipstreams

    Are those 19" Sonic carbon Slipstreams still available?
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    MS 19" slipstreams w/ tires

    How much was the shipping?
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    Inventory MS P100D's: does Tesla charge to add a spoiler?

    If the $200 spoiler referenced above is similar in quality to the oem piece I don’t care about not getting it. If there is a huge difference I’ll push harder.
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    Inventory MS P100D's: does Tesla charge to add a spoiler?

    Anyone successful in getting a spoiler?
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    Inventory MS P100D's: does Tesla charge to add a spoiler?

    Very interested to hear about this - they were insistent that I couldn't get this for free on an inventory P100D. I'll have to ask my delivery specialist once he/she gets assigned. THis was the sales group telling me this. That being said - they were excellent otherwise. Top notch service just...
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    Inventory MS P100D's: does Tesla charge to add a spoiler?

    I just went through this and they refused to add it to the car. "Inventory cars come as is". The only exception seems to be add/subtract FSD/EAP and if it has 21" wheels and you are going to take delivery in Northeastern part of the country they seem willing to swap to 19's.
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    I was looking at older Demo cars and I said I wanted one with the newer MCU and they said its cheaper to buy an older inventory car and upgrade the MCU. I asked him to check on the cost and he told me service said it was $1500.
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    Snagged a P90D Inventory car for $700/mnth on the new 24 month lease

    I'm another of the few P90DL Lease deal owners. Mine is up on 9/22 and AutoVIN came out for the inspection the other day. I had a small amount of damage that I had touched up by Tesla on the rear bumper and a small scratch on the rear bumper that is hard to see even in daylight. $0 chargeable...
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    Tesla Premium Center Consol, WeatherTech Mats, and Carbon Rear Console

    If he takes cabin mats I'm interested in trunk mats
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    Winter Tires for P90DL - Alpin 4

    I live in CT where the pilot a/s 3 oem tire will get me stranded somewhere in a hurry when the snow starts flying. I've long been a fan of the Michelin Pilot Alpin 3 on previous cars and the latest generation Alpin 4 is now available in a size close to our 245/45/19. There is a Porsche...
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    Firmware 8.0

    So has anyone gone from 2.34 (release before security patch for hack) to 8.0? I just got the car on Wednesday and it hasn't even applied 2.36 yet. Anyone?
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    Picked up new MS, rear-ended the next day

    I have to say I had a Silver Subaru WRX that was a magnet for getting hit by things. Never other cars while driving but the amount of random damage to that car while parked was absurd. I used to swear it was the color. I drive a white car now and its got one door ding in 6 years and I park in...
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    My 3-day Old Roadster Towed Back to Store

    Did you buy the car private party or from a used car dealer? I dont think Tesla does CPO Roadsters so i wonder if you have some recourse with the point of sale (If a dealer). Sucks to have broken stuff but at least it wasn't something REALLY expensive.
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    Lease Cap Cost Reduction Question in event of Car being totalled

    Tax implication since the car will be for work would be the only reason. And like I said in the first post - I agree normally I wouldn't even consider it but the accountant asked me to look into it so I did. Being able to write off more of the lease in the 1st year this way even though I was...
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    Lease Cap Cost Reduction Question in event of Car being totalled

    I'm one of the lucky few who got one of those awesome P90DL Classic Fascia (2k miles) deals a few weeks ago. Car is due for delivery next Wednesday (It came from Texas). I'd like to understand my exposure in the unlikely event the car gets totaled in a accident. Scenario one saves about $600...
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    2 * Men's Corp Jacket - Black - XXL

    Have you done this yet?
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    The Death of Resale Value Gurantee (RVG)

    If i were to guess they feel the cars coming up on 3yrs old are probably showing residuals of equal to or better than the program. Elon started that program to alleviate "Fear of the unknown". We've got cars that are 3-4years old now and from what I've seen even with the it for not having...
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    The Death of Resale Value Gurantee (RVG)

    I stumbled across the death of the RVG program today when speaking with my Tesla associate at the Mount Kisko NY showroom. 6/30/16 was the last day to enroll in that program when financing with Telsa Finance. Moving forward there will be no Resale Value Guarantee anymore and the only way to be...
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    Met the X - Whats next?

    I asked this exact question. This was the first stop for 3 of the cars and two of the 3 were the ones with white interior. So make that six if the associate was right.
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    Met the X - Whats next?

    We were there on Friday and I have to say I felt the opposite about the Ludicrous mode. The X in P90DL form is faster than a P85D/P90D Insane mode sedan by a long shot when you punched it from 30+mph. Power was available on demand and felt very strong even though the X I was in was around...
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    Met the X - Whats next?

    I had the pleasure of driving an X at the Greenwich, CT "Meet the X" event this past weekend. What an amazing vehicle and a level of refinement above the S in my opinion. They had an army of associates and 5 Model X's available for driving and crawling around to help those of us who haven't...
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    Interested in selling your founders by referral x?

    Was it sad to see the MP4 leave the driveway?
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    Interested in selling your founders by referral x?

    I'm still looking for my first Model X if anyone has a founders referral they arent going to use and want to consider selling. PM Me too!
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    Working on Autopilot v2 hardware suite - Confirmation by Elon

    I would venture to guess the new hardware suite is a solid year away as they have just now really started pushing autopilot software and promised features on the original sensor suite. The longer they can support a single sensor suite in the wild the better as far as development and...
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    Hitch receiver size?

    Anyone else also notice the verbiage has changed for the accessory hitch to include "Available for install at Service Center in Mid 2016". I don't recall that delay in the initial screenshots from Signature cars.
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    Who want's a Founders Model X - I've decided to pass on mine

    I would be surprised if he can order for a region other than the one he earned the referral bonus in.
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    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Bonnie, Been watching the thread for some time now and so excited for you to get your MX and post all the details! I'm surprised Tesla wouldnt just let you transfer the 40k from the sig over to the Founders. I cant imagine they will make you wait all that long for the Founders. Then you...
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    Aftermarket Wheels for the Model X

    The TST wheels - what is the finish on them? How do they compare quality wise to the Factory wheels? I'm expecting to have to configure my MX in the next couple months (I reserved in sept 2014) and would love to know what the options are. I live the look of cyclone wheels but living in CT...

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