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    Shocked from gutters after Solar Roof activated

    Went through this about six months ago and learned a lot. System is 21Kw solar roof with six powerwalls and three Tesla inverters. Gutter guys came over and two installers received an electrical shock. We determined that the entire roof was hot on all four sides. Tesla updated the firmware...
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    Signs of FSD Beta for legacy Model S/X with MCU1 (2022.8.10.8)

    We went through this a few weeks ago..... Here is the link Unable to get FSD betas due to camera upgrade
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    Tesla App shows cameras need upgrade on vehicle that has MCU2 and new cameras for FSD Beta?

    What they are saying is that there will not be any more with the current camera set. I should have also mentioned that the updated cameras provide a better 360-degree view versus the current units that are installed which is the reason for the change.
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    Tesla App shows cameras need upgrade on vehicle that has MCU2 and new cameras for FSD Beta?

    For those of you that have been following along I got clarification from my local Service Center. I have the most recent cameras installed. The cameras however will need to be upgraded again in order to run the final production FSD software. So just to be clear.... The AP2.0 cameras were...
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    Tesla App shows cameras need upgrade on vehicle that has MCU2 and new cameras for FSD Beta?

    I have been patiently waiting since November 2021 for the FSD beta for my 2017 MS P100D when my cameras were upgraded and the MCU2 was installed. The vehicle was delivered with MCU1 and AP2.0. Safety score has always been 95 or above. Recently the Tesla app version 4.14.2 allows the user to...
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    2019MS: Acceleration and top speed reduced, vehicle may not restart

    Just had this same issue two weeks ago. It ended up being the inverter SCR(s) which is replaced as an assembly with the rear drive unit (RDU). A rear drive unit used on Ebay is more than $6,000. Thank goodness it was under warranty. My beef is that there should be a notification that your 12V...
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    Duke energy usage app (FL)

    Had my system installed a little over a year ago. Duke has never shown the credits and I have yet to get a true up that I am aware of. I used to think they would do it at the end of the year but now have resigned myself to not getting them at all. Granted I do not give back very much so I am not...
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    3 inverters, 6 powerwalls, what to do

    Yes you can. I have the exact same thing installed running a 22KW system. The three inverters are Tesla 7.6KW With respect to whether you need six powerwalls the answer is whether you can generate enough energy daily to fully charge them after you factor in your normal power usage. My gut tells...
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    Looking to buy a used Model S. Looking for clarification on years.

    There have been literally a dozen threads on this subject. HW2 came out in the fall of 2016. Free Unlimited Supercharging ended for cars ordered after January 2017 which means the VIN could extend into roughly late February early March 2017. If Tesla ever took title to the car (trade in...
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Got the camera upgrades on December 3 and still waiting for the FSD beta software. What a scam!!
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    Do you still have those Good Year 19" tires available? I am looking for a set of four. I live in...

    Do you still have those Good Year 19" tires available? I am looking for a set of four. I live in Florida but will be driving to Orange County in a week or so. Keith
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    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    My car was there for a few days however I think that assuming they have all of the parts it is about a four hour job. Picked up car on December 3 and still waiting on the FSD beta with a safety score of 100. Not happy......
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    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    For those that are anxiously waiting for their camera upgrade it appears as though updating the cameras does not provide you with entry into the FSD beta program. I am not aware of anyone (including myself) at this point that has had the camera update and received the beta software regardless of...
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    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    Picked the car up from the Tampa SC today right on schedule. Got the camera upgrade. Gal said three items of interest. 1.) My vehicle was the first one to be done at the Tampa SC. 2.) There were several other cars waiting for parts. 3.) The reason for the delay is that the triple camera is not...
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    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    Long story. I live in the Tampa area. The Tesla APP on the 9th of November only showed Sarasota as being available. I initially took the appointment slot in Sarasota on November 16th even though I usually take the car to Tampa. They moved it to November 18th and then to November 30th. At that...
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    Camera upgrade required before FSD for 2016 MS

    2017 P100D with MCU2 and HW3 upgrade already installed. My camera upgrade is scheduled for Friday December 3rd. Waiting on the triple camera. Apparently they have the side cameras in stock.
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    Tesla Solar Roof - Gutters NorCal

    One example is if you have a tear drop roof in the front of your house preventing access to the roof above it. There are also issues with landscaping that prevents a ladder from being set close to the house.
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    Tesla Solar Roof - Gutters NorCal

    My brother is the operations manager for a gutter company in the LA area. As stated above gutters are priced by the linear foot. Downspouts are quoted the same way by the linear foot. Measure how many linear feet of gutters and downspouts you need. The going rate in LA is about $8.00 per linear...
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    Tesla inverter DC wiring

    Well I heard back from Tesla Energy regarding the jumpers. For those that have lost track I started this thread a few months back wondering why the jumpers were installed on my Tesla Inverters as shown in the attached photo above. I was also curious as to why my production dropped nearly 60%...
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    Tesla inverter DC wiring

    I have a question regarding how DC connections are established on the new Tesla branded inverter. I have a 21KWhr solar roof with several powerwalls and three 7.6Kw inverters. Shortly after installation I noticed that one of the three Tesla inverters seemed to take a very long time (hours) to...
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    Massive PTO Delay

    I have been waiting for PTO since my system was installed the beginning of March. As of today my utility still has not received anything from Tesla. I have been paid in full since March. Join the club.....
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    Solar Roof Underlayment Change?

    I live in Central Florida and had my solar roof installed the middle of March. The installers stated they only use the Tesla brand now and discontinued the Firestone stuff around the first of the year. Not sure if that is nationwide or just in this area.
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    Solar Roof, big price increase

    I agree they should honor their existing contracts. However don't take this the wrong way but I just had a 22kW system with a half dozen powerwalls installed I would qualify as a medium install since I have a small front porch roof in addition to the main roof. They had Tesla employees (not...
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    Tesla Inverter Issues

    I just had a 21.5kW solar roof system installed that uses two 7.6 and one 3.8 Tesla inverters. These are not Solar Edge. They are the new Tesla units. All of the strings and inverters have been online for about two hours when Tesla was here testing so far in the first week without something...
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    Supercharger - Saint Petersburg, FL

    Went by again yesterday. No progress. Still an empty concrete pad awaiting Duke to install their gear.
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    Supercharger - Saint Petersburg, FL

    Hey Larry, The answer to your question is that the Tesla hardware appears to be installed and ready to go. The utility provided hardware typically identified by large green boxes is no where to be seen. I live on St Pete Beach so this is right around the corner for me. Keith
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    Supercharger - Saint Petersburg, FL

    Went by a little while ago. Everything appears to be ready to go. There are white canvas Tesla bags covering the charging stations. Perhaps we are waiting on the bureaucracy?
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    Extra part after replacing Bio Defense Mode Filter

    Wow thanks. This should give me a start on where to look.
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    Extra part after replacing Bio Defense Mode Filter

    Earlier this morning I set out to replace the Bio Defense Mode filter on my early 2017 Tesla Model S P100D. When I picked up the Frunk casing to reinstall it I noticed this part on the floor. No idea where it came from. Anyone have any ideas as to what it is and where it goes? You can tell in...
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    2017-2020 P100D differences

    I went through this exercise in 2019 and ended up purchasing an early 2017 (February) P100D model. The primary reason why at the time was unlimited free transferable supercharging which I have certainly taken advantage of. I believe the original free charging offer ended in March 2017. Recently...
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    CPO model S and what to expect?

    Here is my experience. CPO experience (Long but good read) Bottom line as was stated above...you are not buying a CPO, you are purchasing a used car.
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    CPO experience (Long but good read)

    Great question and like you I drove into the delivery center thinking there was no way I would ever hand over a cashiers check until I could view the vehicle. The vehicle was not in sight when I walked in. Rachel stated that the vehicle was being detailed and would be ready in about fifteen or...
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    CPO experience (Long but good read)

    Dogging it or to put it another way I continuously brought it to the attention of each correspondence I had whether it be written or verbal. The service center stance was they would not fix anything without written authorization from the delivery center. The delivery center seems to not be able...
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    CPO experience (Long but good read)

    Hi Everyone, I have been lurking around here since last September and I must admit this is my first post. My wife and I began toying with the idea of replacing the roof on our home with Tesla solar tiles and Powerwall technology last summer. The existing traditional roof will need to be done...

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