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    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    There have been multiple claims that no other car maker has ever dropped their prices so dramatically.
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    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Between 1908 and 1916 Ford dropped the price of a Model T from $850 to $350 while introducing significant improvements. Talk about screwing the customers (not).
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    Price Drops: Do you think Tesla should offer FSD for Q4 2022 buyers?

    No. Something of value would be much more appreciated.
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    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    I bought one during the bubble because I didn’t have much choice. I’d cheerfully buy again at a more reasonable price. Last year’s car is a sunk cost, there’s no point in fretting about it. The question is always whether in the moment the product offered is worth the price to you.
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    How's life without Premium Connectivity?

    I couldn’t find anything useful it provided so let it drop after the free trial. The live traffic view would be nice, but routing seems to be traffic aware anyway. I trust Waze and google more anyway. I have weird taste in music so the streaming sites are not interesting to me, plus I can get...
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    Steering wheel not able to drive straight

    Definitely not normal. Our Sept 22 Y tracks like crazy and steering is very smooth. (I do have it set to "sport" mode, haven't tried anything else.)
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    Wet rear camera

    In our part of the world cameras, especially the rear ones are covered with ice, salt, water, and who knows what from about November to April, rendering them effectively useless. Learn to use your mirrors, they are much more reliable. Wiping cameras off at this time of year is a cure for maybe...
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    Tires seem to require very frequent air addition?

    Rate of pressure loss is pretty dependent on the size of the tires. (probably actually the surface area to volume ratio). Skinny tines go down pretty quickly (like a pound a month or more), the big tires on my F350 can go a year without dropping a pound.
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    what PSI do you inflate your tires to

    It's the answer to life, the universe, and everything, so why not tire pressure? I sincerely doubt that I have access to any device capable measuring tire pressure to better than +/-5%, so yes, somewhere between 40 and 44.
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    Trade-in Drama, should I just walk away?

    Great! So sell your car to them. Why deal with someone whose business terms and practices you dislike? It only irritates you and encourages their behavior. ( I certainly did not sell my old car to Tesla!) fortunately there is a robust open market for used cars, you have many choices.
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    Trade-in Drama, should I just walk away?

    Selling your used car (which is what a trade -in is, no matter what you call it) is just like selling anything else. You have a price in mind, you talk to potential buyers, and you negotiate a deal with one (or more) of them. As my M&A colleagues liked to say, there's no deal until there's a...
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    2022 Tesla owners really got the shaft!

    Try feeling happy for the good fortune of others, it's a much healthier attitude.
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    Sensitivity of “auto” wipers

    Sure, but the slowest setting is way too fast most of the time.
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    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    For the vast majority of people who bought cars in the last 6 months, no one is going to care what the MSRP was for these few months when they go to sell their cars. Sales price and value of used cars is primarily determined by auction and recent (ie in the last week) sales data. That reflects...
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    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    So, if I can summarize, lowering prices on an opportunistically overpriced product is a Bad Thing, especially if you then lower them again later. How often do humans need to re-learn the economic lessons of buying on a bubble? I probably should have waited a year or three for the market in EVs...
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    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Best thing to do right now is probably buy a second car, then your average "loss" will only be half as much. :rolleyes: I was pleased that Tesla honored the price I ordered my car at even though the price rose substantially between order and delivery-- they didn't have to write their contract...
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    Auto headlights don't work during fog (video)

    No idea, but those places that have legislated headlight use in fog must have defined some criterion.
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    Auto headlights don't work during fog (video)

    A vision based system has very little excuse for not knowing it's foggy out.
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    Sensitivity of “auto” wipers

    But there's no way to set a low speed by screen, voice or anything else. I want it to wipe every 30-40 seconds in light mist, there's no setting I know of to do that without having to manually push the button every time. My 25 year old truck has more readily controllable wipers than the Tesla...
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    Why do people always park next to me?

    Some folks are OCD and can't stand to not fill the spaces in order.
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    Why is the rear view mirror so dang dark? (2023 Model Y)

    The rear window is so small it's almost useless. Get friendly with your side mirrors. I've driven so much in vehicles with no rearview mirror that I just use the side mirrors instinctively now. Unless someone is right on your tail you should see them.
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    Idiots charging

    How do you know which chargers are paired? It seems like half the time cars parked next to each other will be on the same source, half on different ones. Are they marked in some way?
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    How to delay delivery

    Just cancel and reorder when you want to get a car. All evidence is that the long wait times for delivery are over, thanks to the Chief Twit. Not sure there's much point to playing games now.
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    Snow tread = MYLR all season tires?

    Read the accounts of the Donner party if you think you don't need real winter tires and chains/cables as well for when conditions get bad. AWD is not the same as 4WD with locking hubs, though modern traction control is pretty impressive. I was happy to have chains many times driving up to Tahoe...
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    Windows opened themselves in rain storm - what to do?

    The NYE light show rolled the windows down and left them open (brilliant idea!). Perhaps it was scheduled on your car.
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    Automatic Turn Signals

    I've been finding that it works great for lane changes and doesn't work at all for forks in the road (of which there are a lot in this part of New England), the signal just runs until you manually shut it off. These are often intersections where the turn is hard enough that the old-fashioned...
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    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    Ok, I can see that, and know it’s true from my own experience, but do you really think the windshield wiper control software is done by the FSD/autopilot team or battery management, or whatever the critical rate limiting group is? Or couldn’t be worked on in parallel instead of fart noises? That...
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    MY—How do rear seat passengers adjust their seat heaters?

    I never turn the silly things on for myself, I hate having a hot butt (and believe me, no one has ever accused me of that!). I guess the phone suggestion is the way to go for the passengers. Ugh, I'd have happily payed an extra $30 or whatever for the car to have switches back there.
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    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    I think the issue may be how management prioritizes fart noises and video games vs driving functionality.
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    MY—How do rear seat passengers adjust their seat heaters?

    So, adult rear seat passengers for the first time since cold weather arrived. How do they adjust their seat heaters? (Please don’t tell me they have to ask the driver to mess with the screen every time they want to bump it up or down— that would be just too awkward.
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    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    I’ve never closed it., it has every permission I know how to give it. And it did work perfectly for three months. It’s feeling like the early days of PCs when there were all these mysterious interactions among drivers and such that made troubleshooting nearly impossible and problems incredibly...
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    USB music - folder structure? "Embedded" cover art?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had no idea there was more useful information available if you expanded that window. Several good things hidden there, but my wish is answered! I’ll never know why it’s in the little tiny version of the controls and not the one that fills the whole big screen...
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    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    Yup, I know. I was so happy when my phone just worked as advertised though. Not having to carry keys everywhere was really nice! I keep hoping it will miraculously cure itself. I really like this car and just want the simple stuff to work— I hope FSD and the rest will come to pass, but I’m not...
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    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    The point is that it no longer works. Many posts to this effect recently. It was fine for the first couple of months and now (for the last two weeks or so) only occasionally works.
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    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    After futzing with trying to find my key card three times this afternoon, I'm adding keyless remote entry to my wish list. I'd like to door to unlock when I grab the handle when I'm carrying a phone or card key. This used to be a feature, but seemingly has been (mostly) removed in the last...
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    USB music - folder structure? "Embedded" cover art?

    That would be fabulous-- any hint as to where to find it? I've looked through every folder and menu that I can find. I can be oblivious, so it may be perfectly obvious, I just cant see it (I'm apparently not alone in this, others have commented on its lack). A screen shot showing where to look...
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    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    I'd love to have rain-sensing windshield wipers that didn't run at breakneck speed in a light mist and randomly stop cold in a downpour. Or failing that, wipers that can be manually dialed down to wipe once every 30-60 seconds by any means
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    Almost everything is priced to local markets. Big companies have a lot of MBA's whose job is to figure out how to maximize profit in each market where the company chooses to compete. It works best (for the companies) when there are legal/regulatory/shipping cost barriers that prevent customers...
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    USB music - folder structure? "Embedded" cover art?

    My kingdom for a "shuffle" button. My experience so far is that however you order your files they get played in alphabetical order, restarting from the beginning whenever the car hiccups. I've gotten as far as AL a couple of times now. Fun as it is to listen to all 15 versions of Alligator and...
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    Apple music-- can I play my own music?

    I recall early on with apple streaming that if you had and uploaded a dozen different recordings of the same song, eg concert performances, that Apple would substitute their “better” version, also that they’d arbitrarily decide you were violating copyright, even when you weren’t and not allow...
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    Running NM-B 6/2 in outdoor for 40ft in EMT conduit.

    My bad. THWN or THWN-2 (for higher temperature rating) THHN is not rated for wet locations.
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    Running NM-B 6/2 in outdoor for 40ft in EMT conduit.

    No, in general you can't run NM in conduit except brief runs for physical protection. (you can, in some circumstances, but it gets complicated, and complication is best avoided when talking with an inspector about a DIY project) I'd think you'd want to use UF in any potentially damp/wet location...
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    1400 mile below freezing Model Y LR Road Trip

    You might want to have a CCS adapter on board so you can take advantage of non-Tesla high power DC charges. ABRP will direct them to you. Unfortunately there's no way to condition the battery for charging on demand, so you have to point the NAV at a supercharger to get it to work. Fortunately on...
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    Winter tires or winter tire package with tire/rim

    This is contrary to most recent advice and to my New England driving experience. Since the advent of ABS, and especially in the last decade with improved feedback, the car will do a much better, more consistent job of "pumping the brakes" than a human can possibly do. I find letting the ABS "do...
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    Audiophiles, what gives better sound quality? Apple Music via bluetooth or the built-in Apple Music app?

    Isn't that the port people use to plug in either SSDs or USB sticks with their USB music on them? Apparently you need to partition the drive-- I haven't done it successfully yet, but have been reading descriptions of the process. Without a decent player though there's little incentive.
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    Audiophiles, what gives better sound quality? Apple Music via bluetooth or the built-in Apple Music app?

    I've been told that this version of Apple Music won't play content from the USB storage; haven't been able to test that because I can't get past the first step since I don't have (and don't want) an Apple Music streaming account. (on all my other devices Apple Music works fine with no account)...
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    Winter tires or winter tire package with tire/rim

    Remounting your tires twice a year is expensive, a pain to do, and risks damage or improper installation of the tires each time. Swapping tires with rims is relatively quick and easy, you can easily do it yourself. I don't know what the availability of cheap steel rims is for Tesla, but it's a...
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    Parking in my garage

    There's a great big window in the front of the car that lets you see what is in front of you, hence no need for a camera to duplicate that view. If you can't tell where you are by looking, get out and see where you are and what it looks like from inside. After a while you will be able to...
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    Apple music-- can I play my own music?

    Well, I can (and do) play bluetooth from my phone. I was hoping for a more integrated, hardwired solution where I could have arbitrarily large storage for uncompressed files. I guess I've been left behind by technology once more, I take it people no longer have libraries of recordings they'd...
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    how come RWD SR+ drift and fish tail a bit while driving in straight line on HWY speed on snow day?

    Slow down in snow/ice conditions! If the car feels squirrelly you're going too fast for the conditions. You can go faster and have it feel OK in an all wheel drive vehicle than in an RWD, but remember that when you hit the brakes there's no difference. Test your stopping distance as road...

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