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  1. J

    SiriusXM on Model Y

    Drive from Colorado Springs to Steamboat Springs and let me know how that works out for you. Or give it a go over Loveland Pass to Winter Park. Couple that with a cell phone plan that doesn't have unlimited data (Google Fi for me -- even my home is in a cell phone hole and I appreciate the...
  2. J

    SiriusXM on Model Y

    See this thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/factory-oem-siriusxm-nearly-working-in-tesla-2022-model-3.271704/ There is a lot of information including MY specific installation information. For me, the hardest part is acquiring the Model S/X radio. I have been unable to get one...
  3. J

    How important are regen settings in snow and ice ?

    Does anyone know how regen affects antilock braking? In other words, do you need to press the brake pedal for antilock braking to be active or will antilock braking activate while the car is braking regeneratively? I suspect that you need to press the brake pedal for antilock braking but I...
  4. J

    Snow tires for 2022 Model Y

    19" Hakkapelitta R3 on Replika R241 wheels for my Model Y in Colorado. I am very happy with them. On my Model 3 I run the Michelin Cross Climate 2. This is my first winter on the Cross Climate 2 but I had the Cross Climate+ before that and was happy enough with them to buy the next version...
  5. J

    Anyone have this issue, square mark when fog, wondering if its something from manufacturing side effect

    I learned about "McKee's 37 MK37-640 20/20 Cockpit Glass Cleaner" on some TMC thread. You can probably find it with search. Anyway, the stuff is stupid expensive but for me it worked when nothing else did. It cleaned up marks like these as well as what I assume was outgassing grime on the...
  6. J

    PPF in Colorado Springs?

    I used Precizion Auto Film down by the World Arena. I do not know anything about PPF but I thought that they did a nice job and they were great to work with. I would use them again.
  7. J

    Any owners that have owned both the black and the white interiors? Have questions

    Nothing really to have done. I bought the wood dash from Tesla and the wood interior pieces from RPM Tesla. Installation was easy. I like how it came out too.
  8. J

    soon will be looking for Michelin CrossClimate 255/45/R20 for winter tire

    I just replaced my CrossClimate+ on my M3 with CrossClimate2. I got 26,000 miles out of the CrossClimate+ (40,000 mile warranty, got $140 back for mileage). For my MY, though, I went with Nokian Hakka H3's. The MY makes the trips to Summit County and Steamboat and I prefer the Hakkas for...
  9. J

    SXM and "next/previous" left steering wheel buttons

    There is a long thread in the M3 forum where this is talked about around page 20. Factory OEM SiriusXM nearly working in Tesla 2022 Model 3 Why in the M3 forum? We do not have SXM in the M3 but it has been discovered that a MX SXM radio will work in the M3. The hard part is getting one's...
  10. J

    Android 13 update phone key not working

    Google has an issue tracked at Google Issue Tracker
  11. J

    Android 13 update phone key not working

    M3 and MY here with a Pixel 6 and Android 13. Wish that I had read all of this before updating. Adding my 2 cents here so that I follow the thread. I experienced this but did not put together what was going on. Thanks @JD M3 for the putting it together for me. I will keep an eye on the lock.
  12. J

    Factory OEM SiriusXM nearly working in Tesla 2022 Model 3

    That wouldn't help me. I am often in areas without cellular data.
  13. J

    Factory OEM SiriusXM nearly working in Tesla 2022 Model 3

    @PhilCaps, would you mind posting a picture of where you mounted the antenna in the MY?
  14. J

    Factory OEM SiriusXM nearly working in Tesla 2022 Model 3

    I have been lurking here hoping to see a cookbook with a parts list and pictures. I'm more interested in installing in my 2020 MY which appears to be the easier use-case than in my 2018 M3. I checked with the Colorado Springs Service Center on part 1143711-00-C and received this reply: "Is...
  15. J

    WiFi Not Connecting

    Just another data point and so I am on the thread. My wife's 2020 MY has started doing this as well. WiFi does not connect. I only noticed this because the last two software updates were "pending" and did not download when the car was home. Rebooting the car solved the problem both times...
  16. J

    Remote climate triggering sentry mode 2019 3P

    There are other threads about this issue. I have the same issue with my 2018 LR AWD. My solution is simple: (1) Turn off Sentry Mode (2) Turn on climate Yes, this means that I leave my car without Sentry Mode for 5 to 10 minutes as I wrap up whatever I am doing and walk to my car. I'm...
  17. J

    MSM paint fade?

    I have two MSM cars, a 2018 M3 and a 2020 MY. The color looks great when it is freshly washed. After 5 to 7 days it will start looking more like dirt than MSM. Wash it again and it looks new. That's my experience, anyway. I use ONR Wash & Wax. I have not had the cars detailed nor have I...
  18. J

    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    FWIW my 2018 LR M3 (AP 2.5 with radar) also "swings wide" on turns. Note that I am typically 5 mph over the speed limit so maybe if I were traveling slower it would take the turns better. If I see that a car is going to meet me at the turn's apex I will disengage AP and manually turn tighter...
  19. J

    Remote A/C triggers sentry mode alarm

    No fix that I know of. I toggle off Sentry mode, turn on the A/C, wait for it to drop a few degrees (at least 5F), and then turn Sentry back on. I find that if Sentry is turned back on too soon it will still set off the alarm. Apparently one needs to wait until the A/C throttles back a little...
  20. J

    Any owners that have owned both the black and the white interiors? Have questions

    I have a 2018 M3 with black and a 2020 MY with white. I put a wood dash in the MY and added wood trim over the switches and center console. I think the white seats are stunning and wish that I had them in my M3. I do not notice any comfort difference between them. I have a couple marks on...
  21. J

    Model Y roof rack - replacement end caps

    I am looking for a replacement end cap as well. Does anyone know if the Model 3 end caps are the same size as the Model Y end caps? I know that the cross bars are different but I do not know if the end caps are. There seems to be replacement options for the Model 3 roof rack end caps on eBay...
  22. J

    Second 14-50 outlet

    ^^^^^ This. It all depends on your driving habits, of course. My wife and I have an M3 and an MY and a single Gen 3 Wall Charger. We used to have a 20amp Clipper Creek EVSE. Even at 20amps we never had an issue keeping both cars charged enough to do what we needed to do on any given day. On...
  23. J

    Hansshow kick sensor issues

    I have noticed this too. Annoying as hell but I like having the sensor enough that I am living with it. If sentry is on the car does not sleep and it works as expected. For me this is only an issue in my garage.
  24. J

    Replika R241 Wheels

    The Hakkas have performed great. I would buy them again. I am thinking about getting a set for my M3 as well (no mountain driving for it since we got the MY so I have put it off). There does not appear to be a significant range hit. Crossbars plus Yakima ski rack plus skis plus 80mph does...
  25. J

    You maniacs without PPF, how is your paint holding up?

    2018 MSM LR AWD. I have a few dings on the hood and bumper. Nothing worse than any other car that I have owned. The paint still looks great to me (when I wash it - it takes about 3 days for MSM to start looking dirty. That's not the fault of the paint but of the color). I hand wash (ONR) so...
  26. J

    2 Tesla's One App

    Widgets exist in both Android and iOS that do exactly this. They show status as well, like lock state and SoC. The widgets on Android do not update enough for me to be useful but I have them on a screen anyway.
  27. J

    2 Tesla's One App

    My wife and I have two Teslas and two accounts between us. The app was updated some time ago to make it so that you no longer need to select what car you want to drive before driving it. It all works very well and I have not experienced any negatives associated with having two accounts.
  28. J

    Replika R241 Wheels

    Yes they work fine.
  29. J

    Model Y OEM roof rack + Yakima grand touring 16

    The Sky Box 16 did not fit on my MY. The spread of the cross bars was too far for the clamps. I took my cross bars off for summer and reinstalled them last weekend. When I reinstalled them I noticed some play in where the rear bars attached. As the sky box was very close to fitting when I...
  30. J

    Replika r241 Space Grey / Gunmetal Touchup Paint?

    Did anyone find a paint color that matches? I know a guy that just curbed a wheel :rolleyes:
  31. J

    No need to switch between multiple cars in the app anymore?

    Version 4 of the Tesla App fixes this. The app can now connect to multiple cars at the same time. I can now drive away in my M3 or MY without switching cars in the app. Hooray!
  32. J

    Hansshow kick sensor issues

    I have a one to two second delay when closing the hatch. There seems to be no delay when opening it. On close, I will wave my foot and then one to two seconds later it will beep and start to close. I am guessing that this is by design.
  33. J

    Model Y "Expected Delivery Date" Craziness

    I'd never choose to order a car in person. Today is three years with my M3 and 13 months with my MY. I don't think that the Tesla Shopping Experience is for everyone but it is certainly right for me. In other news, my mother-in-law's Mercedes-Benz GLC which she ordered in-person from a...
  34. J

    Dashboard replacement cost

    My bad. I had the wrong part. Sorry.
  35. J

    6/3 or 6/4?

    I've found this thread very enlightening. I thought that I had done it right but now it is clear that I did not. I originally had an electrician wire up a 20amp circuit for a Clipper Creek LCS-20 charger that I used with a Chevy Volt. At that time I thought that I would buy a Tesla in the...
  36. J

    Dashboard replacement cost

    A new dashboard is around $200. They are super easy to replace. Contact your service center to order the part.
  37. J

    Seeking Opinions on MY vs alternate

    I live in Colorado Springs and can go to Steamboat without stopping to charge in winter. That's over 200 miles and three mountain passes (if you count Monument). And if I decide to stop for a bite I can catch a charge at Idaho Springs, Silverthorne, or Kremmling. 150 miles max? 220 miles is...
  38. J

    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    The "Hands free lift gate" can be added to the MY for about $90 and few hours of your time. I am not a big "mod" guy but this was $90 well spent for me. Great bang for the buck.
  39. J

    Model Y review after Test Drive

    Steering is Comfort/Standard/Sport -- "Chill" has to do with acceleration. There is more play in the wheel in "Comfort" and less in "Sport". I find that I switch between "Comfort" and "Standard" every now and then depending on how responsive the car is feeling and how my driving mood is. As...
  40. J

    Remote A/C triggers sentry mode alarm

    This has happened to me the last three days so if it was fixed it is now broken again. The A/C compressor is causing enough vibration to set the alarm off. Workaround is to turn off sentry mode, start the A/C, count to 10, and then re-enable sentry mode.
  41. J

    Speed Limit corrections - no luck so far

    Actually it doesn't work at all if you have 2.5 hardware like I do in my 2018 LR AWD EAP. With 2.5 hardware you are completely reliant on what the map says the speed limit is.
  42. J

    Jeda Spacer on sale 4.20

    Find someone with a 3D printer and print it yourself. Tesla Model 3 Phone Dock Spacer 6mm or 8mm by chilman408 (this is the one I use in my 2020 MY) 2020 Model Y wireless charging phone spacer by Gizmotoy (a remix for newer MYs) There are others on thingiverse as well.
  43. J

    Tesla 3 charging door won't open

    As a follow-up, I had this issue occur twice more in April. I opened a new service request yesterday with the date/time of the incidents. I could have made a mobile appointment for today but decided to make it for Monday so that they would have time to look at the logs. I do not know if they...
  44. J

    Model Y Roof Rack Question

    Just go to Amazon and buy some PPF and cut a piece. "3M Clear Paint Protection Bulk Film Roll 6-by-25-inches" is what I used.
  45. J

    Tesla 3 charging door won't open

    Tesla will want to know the date and time that the issue occurred. They can get the car log to see what error caused the door not to open. I made an appointment but canceled until it happens again so that I have this information.
  46. J

    Tesla 3 charging door won't open

    I have a 2018 M3. I had this happen to me twice in the last week which prompted me to find this thread. The first time I thought it may have been due to freezing weather. However, the second time the weather was not below freezing. I was able to open it both times (the first after waiting...
  47. J

    Hansshow kick sensor issues

    My experience has been that if the kick sensor does not work then the rear door latch will not work either. This is a function of the car going to sleep and not a function of the kick sensor. The same is true of the charge port. If the car is unlocked but asleep you cannot open the charge...
  48. J

    A Charger Holder/Holster that holds onto Tesla J1772 Adapter

    I have no idea how long it takes to print. Pre-COVID I had it printed at the local library. I gave them the file and they had it done in a week or two. I paid about $2.35 for material. I've used makexyz.com to print a cell phone tray extender and that cost around $12 shipped. That's another...
  49. J

    How do you hang up the phone

    The red button in the lower left of the screen (on the phone toast card) does it.

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