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    VIN Assignment

    And my VIN notification of early this week was for 67XX for Midnight Silver / Aero wheels, suggesting the cycle through all the colors/ wheels combinations is about 1500-1600 cars. So, between Monday and Thursday of this week, they made 1500-1600 cars?
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    VIN Assignment

    Configured 2/7/18. Got my VIN assignment notification by the delivery specialist yesterday. 67XX, midnight sliver, 18" wheels, autopilot. So far, the DS is projecting delivery to the Charlotte / Matthews, NC store around the 24th of March but she said that is fluid and could change. Add 3 to 5...
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    APR for Financing Model 3

    I contacted them and they will no longer do business this way. They are limiting memberships to people in the Shenandoah Valley VA area as described on their website. Oh well.
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    Need advice on recurrent rotor problems with 2014 Model S

    Brake rotor warp can be diagnosed with a dial gauge. Pulsating brakes can be due to brake pad deposit on the rotors, as someone previously suggested, but if you have OEM pads on your Tesla, I highly doubt this as it would be a common problem. A failed or sticking caliper can cause rotor damage...
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    Disappointed with Tesla's all weather mats

    I have success with Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner, D10101,diluted 1:4, which I buy in the gallon concentrate form for around the same price as those two spray bottles that other people mention. I use the same product at 1:10 dilution as my interior (including leather) cleaner. I got the ideas...
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    Caring for leather

    Meguiar's Detailer All Purpose Cleaner, D10101, which I bought as a gallon concentrate, has worked great for me. I use it diluted 1:10 to directly spray on my leather seats which had developed a blue jean "patina" and I rubbed with a clean microfiber cloth, and it works fantastically for me. I...
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    Autopilot and TACC off, Model S corrected turn to avoid barrier

    Right, Except there were no cars or people. (cue Twilight Zone theme)
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    Autopilot and TACC off, Model S corrected turn to avoid barrier

    When I was driving last week, with TACC engaged but not autopilot, 45 mph, 5 lane counting center left-turn lane, non-divided highway, there was no traffic. I was looking left at an old industrial site wondering what it used to be when my S hit the brakes fairly firmly which immediately got my...
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    ICE mechanics HATE Tesla!

    Like some of the others have said above, I use a local, independent shop for all my inspections and the work that I don't personally perform. I recently took my Model S in for NC inspection. I consider the proprietor a personal friend, and he was very interested in the Tesla. He even took pics...
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    Cleaning Grey Next Gen seats!!

    Megualres All Purpose Cleaner D10101 in a 1:10 dilution worked fantastically well for me recently. I sprayed it on and wiped it off with a microfiber cloth. I learned about this stuff in an online detailing forum, bought a gallon (It is a concentrate and you dilute it however you'd like) and...
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    Garage Prep

    As you can see, I have an unfinished, detached garage (3 bay) with open trusses and stud walls. So I started with a couple sheets of plywood to create a "surface" to work with. My electrician ran power (60 amp service is what I had coming to my garage, on the opposite side of the structure)...
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    Firmware 7.1

    Hmm, I'm still on 2.12.126. I'm just not clear on how (why) these updates go to some and not others.
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    HPWC installation

    I also live out in "the sticks" and had a local electrician do my installation. At the same time, I had him install a 14-50 outlet, and a welder outlet right below my HPWC. He installed a small sub-panel box with circuit breakers as a service disconnect and so I could keep the power off to those...
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    7.1 Perpendicular Parking Video and Comments

    I disagree. Try turning a "dead wheel" on a vehicle with manual steering (not power assist) or even a riding lawn mower, gator, or ATV. You'll feel the difference. MUCH easier (less force required at steering wheel) when the vehicle is moving as opposed to stationary.
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    Road Trip Advice - Inexperienced Driver

    Pre-heat it, fully charge it, and send her on her way knowing she is in the safest car on the road. That alone is worth the other concerns which get better with experience.
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    Thinking of getting a Tesla

    Since you're in snow country, I think a 70D would be preferred, if you could swing it. I know others will chime in that you don't need a D, but they probably don't live in Cleveland. Maybe 4 good snow tires on the base 70 would work for you.
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    I never got this aggravated driving ICE cars

    I love it. Did you see this, or do you do this?
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    Autopilot saves the day

    OH! my bad. I thought it was a sensitivity setting. Thanks for setting me straight about that. I guess the delivery specialist didn't quite cover EVERYTHING as well as she might have.
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    Tesla Driver's Group hat

    Yeah, I'm sad to say I got my 85D from the same store as Cyclone, and they were nice and friendly but not at all generous with ANY sway. I bought a $100,000.00 car and they didn't even throw in a hat or t-shirt that would cost them less than what they pay the guy to wash cars before delivery...
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    Autopilot saves the day

    Which level do you have our emergency braking set to? Of the three, mine is at the mid-level and I think I want mine set the same as yours, because Tesla saved you from injury or death, or at least a huge, inconvenient accident.
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    T boned by deer (graphic photo)

    As others have said, comprehensive covers animal strikes, whether bird, raccoon, deer, etc. Everything except a human, which is covered by collision insurance. Deer whistles don't work. Save your money. What I do is slow down, even to a stop, when I see deer if I think they could run out in...
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    What if one got this instead of air suspension?

    You might be over-thinking this whole thing. Whether the car scrapes while entering your garage depends on the clearance of the center section of the car, not the same as the stated ground clearance which might be measured at a different point. The only way to know is to slowly drive your Tesla...
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    What if one got this instead of air suspension?

    BTW, the item in your link is different than the one we used for my sister and brother-in-law's RV. Rubber Mat, Black, 4 ft. x 6 ft. - For Life Out Here This one is twice the thickness and more expensive. It it heavy and dense. I have no idea about the one you've selected at 3/8 inch, but it...
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    What if one got this instead of air suspension?

    Sorry, just saw your question. The mat won't compress to any appreciable amount. If you end up needing multiple layers, consider using some rubber cement to glue the layers together, and "step" the transition so your car more easily goes up onto the ramp you're creating. It doesn't compress...
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    What if one got this instead of air suspension?

    Yes (thanks for stealing back your own thread) I suggest rubber "stall mat" from TSC. I don't know if you have TSC (Tractor Supply Co) in your area, but there will be some farm supply store somewhere. TSC sells this high density rubber mat, which you can buy inexpensively, and cut with a...
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    Angry about HPWC replacement cost

    I can assure you that is no longer the case, and I was the person responsible for getting Tesla to remove that suggestion that the HPWC purchased "with" the car would have a 4 year warranty. That is history, you can't order "with" the car and all HPWCs have only 1 year warranty. I bought mine on...
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    Tire / Tesla warranty on tire flats?

    I buy my tires from Discount Tire (America's Tire in the western states, I think.) I just took delivery of my Tesla last week. I have no interest or business relationship so this isn't an advertisement. I just spoke with them and they are selling me "tire replacement certificates" which include...
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    P85D rear oil leak? WHAT

    Brake fluid tends to evaporate and the brake system would indicate a hazard. And it has a dual system so if one did develop a brake fluid leak, there would still be some braking through the other half of the split system. With Tesla's regenerative braking, it might be the safest car to drive in...
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    P85D rear oil leak? WHAT

    New MOTOR oil is usually, but not always, light in color. Gear oil is usually, but not always, dark in color. Transmission fluid is sometimes used for gear lubricant and is red in color. Copland can be blue, green, yellow, or red. All of those fluids, including coolant, will feel oily when you...
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    Bummer - Three weeks on train?

    My 85D entered production 6/16, completed 6/29, and shipped via train and truck to Birmingham AL then Charlotte NC. It arrived in Charlotte 7/16 and I'll take delivery tomorrow. The DS told me shipping would now take 2-3 weeks with the "new" train delivery process. I asked how it could take that...

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