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    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    @Tsportline - any chance you will make the TY117 wheels in a 19" version?
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    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    I’m not aware of any new features. The vertical light behaves the same as my gen 2 HPWC. No other lights on the unit.
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    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    As a follow up, signature HPWC installed. Also note how the handle is black (it's silver on the non-signature ones).
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    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    No, 2018. Yes, extremely lucky!!!!
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    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    My referral was delivered June 21, and I sent an email to Tesla customer auppprt on June 28 requesting a swap for the non-signature given the delay. Tesla responded July 14 and said they would send me a non-signature one, and I would receive it in about 7-10 days. I then received a signature one...
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    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    The biggest variable will be the length of the run from your breaker panel to the HPWC. My run was about 50’, and the install cost was approx $625.
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    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    Good observation. I no longer have the box for my non-signature Gen 2 HPWC, so can't compare. My 2014 S 85 has the dual charger. I'll test the max amp on my S once this signature HPWC is installed (scheduled for tomorrow). Both of my HPWCs will be fed from a 100 amp breaker (and communicate...
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    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    I installed a Gen 2 HPWC about a month ago (brand new, direct from Tesla) and the part number for that manual is the same as the manual for the signature one - so I assume no new features. The install for the signature one is scheduled for this Monday. As for delivery, I was going back and...
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    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    Here are some pictures. Packaging (I believe) is the same as a non-signature HPWC. Note serial number sticker - item identifier includes 'BLK'
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    Signature Black Wall Charger Award Date Sliding?

    I received mine (black signature) on Tuesday (7/7). I live in Texas. I requested a non-signature one, but received the black signature one. Install is scheduled for next week.
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    iPhone X phone calls (no sound & ppl can't hear me)

    I'm having a similar issue ------- 317Kevin - when you say volume for voice calls, are you saying the volume on the steering wheel (scroll wheel), or is there a volume setting on your iPhone X? Just trying to figure out which one I need to adjust.
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    Vendor Tesla Model X tire service jack pad adapter

    FYI, I don't change my own tires, but use Discount Tire. I purchased these pad adapters both from my S and X. Prior to such purchase, I would spend 10 minutes with the Discount Tire tech explaining where the jack points are located and to avoid hitting the battery, and still carefully watch...
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    Climate control algorithm V7.0

    The SC installed that for me about 6 months ago.
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    Climate control algorithm V7.0

    The HVAC works fine for me, but this morning, while sitting in the car while in Park, I noticed a sound (slight vibration) every 10 seconds (and it would last for a few seconds) -- as if a pump or fan was starting then stopping. This sound and vibration would stop if I turned off the HVAC. I...
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    19" stock tire life?

    @Cosmacelf Do you have air or coil suspension? I'm interested in changing my Primacies to the Cinturato P7s to get improved ride quality. I assume with the lower speed rating, the Cinturato sidewalls would not be as stiff as the Primacies, and would better absorb road imperfections, leading...
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    Tires make a big difference

    @jhs_7645 - Which 19" Pirelli's do you have?
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    Anyone bought Pirelli Cinturato P7 AS tires yet? 70k warranty!

    I too am interested in comparisons between the Primacys and the Pirellis. Specifically, how they compare in regards to driver/road comfort. At times I drive in a spirited manner, but 95% of the time is highway. Curious to know whether the Pirellis absorb road imperfections better. Based on...
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    New 19" tire on tirerack for MS

    Thanks, rdrcrmatt. Do you have coil suspension? If so, do you find these tires absorb road imperfections and transmit less through the car?
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    New 19" tire on tirerack for MS

    Bumping this thread hoping there would be further updates as to experiences with the Pirelli Cinturatos. I have an S85, coil suspension with the stock Michelins. Specifically, I was wondering if the Pirellis provided an increase in road quality/comfort (less road feedback) when compared to...
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    Trunk Opens By Itself?

    This actually happened to me this morning while at a red light. I'm stopped, car in D, foot on the brake. The trunk opens (which freaked me out). I immediately go the controls to close it and see that the trunk button is greyed out - which it should be given that the car is in D. I put the...
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    Tesla to J1772 adapter

    Do you know if this program is available for office businesses (i.e., non retail, restaurant or hotel)? Or, can you provide a contact info/e-mail so that I could get more information about this program?
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    Frunk Dent (Frustrating...)

    The Owner's Manual was updated early June, and in such update (on page 11), a revised 'how to close frunk' section was included:
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    tiblot -- I too just finalized with DCU, but was told my entire net paycheck must be direct deposit. How did you get them to agree to only $500 per month? Any special request I need to ask for?

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